Monday, June 17, 2013

He is a good looking fellow, isn't he?

President Obama's nominee to the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico has been approved by the US Senate.

Senator Grassley was the first yes vote today.

On November 14, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Gonzales to serve as a United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico, to the seat vacated by Judge Bruce D. Black who took senior status on October 1, 2012. On January 2, 2013, his nomination was returned to the President, due to the adjournment sine die of the Senate.

On January 3, 2013, he was renominated to the same office. His nomination was reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 11, 2013, by voice vote. On June 17, 2013, the Senate confirmed his nomination by a vote of 89 ayes to 0 nays. He is currently awaiting his commission.

I saw Senator Johnson show up in his power wheel chair. But, I didn't know who the Senator with the quad cane was. It looked as though Senator Warren receives a warm welcome by her peers.
Majority Leader Reed is cancelling all other work tomorrow to begin work on amendments regarding adoption of children, visa tracking and border fence.

Senator Grassley states there were questions submitted to Secretary Napolitano that he has not received answer for. The following are nine questions he mentioned on the Senate floor to be answered before debate begins on amendments.

1 Customs and board security released a report stating apprehensions are up. is the border more secure?

2  The bill calls for entry and exit at airports and seaports, what about land ports.

3  Strategy for fence deployment. Does Secretary Napolitano believe her study will call for more fencing when border security is very basic to legalization.

4. In considering the security of the northern border; is it different than southern border. She should provide proof of people that have crossed the northern border illegally excluding Canadians

5. There is a proposal of an increase of 3500 border agents - What is the division of labor in customs vs border patrol and what method is used to decide?

6. The bill provides for funding for only the Tuscon sector of border region. Why only this sector funding? Is there others needed? Please provide details.

7. Provision 1105 relates only to Arizona - other states need this please - yes or no?

8. Currently there is lack of cellular service for people crossing the border to work and then return to their homes at night. There is a grant program for cell phones to increase their safety. When will the program become unnecessary?

9. Section 1111 on the use of force in relation to border security. Would Secretary Napolitano elaborate?

Thank you. Three whistleblowers bring valuable dialogue to this issue.

The methods currently being employed are unconstitutional and there are better constitutional methods according to Mr. William Binney. 

But, why then if there is a better and constitutional manner would this be ignored?

Oh,..."There seemed to be more of a desire to CONTRACT OUT and create a money flow, than there was to actually carry out the mission..." That is according to Mr. Wiebe.

Finally, those most responsible have come forward to speak THE TRUTH one more time. This entire dynamic is a money and whom is receiving it. It has little to do with USA national security. It was about profits.

Thank you. Finally, what I suspected and wrote about here is now KNOWN. 

The money flow out is for payoffs. 

McDonald's employees need a union willing to put them first.

Natalie Gunshannon, of Dallas Township, Pa., is suing saying the McDonald's where she worked paid her through a debit card that was loaded with fees. (Natalie Gunshannon)

These Super-corporations are always up to mischief. A penny here, a debit card there. 
I am not patronizing McDonalds anymore. Not that their menu is irresistible, but, give me a break. They can't print paychecks and give Americans their freedom from corporate greed. 

Breaking the law now. I am sorry but McDonald's is about as disgusting about power over their employees to benefit Wall Street is as bad as it gets. Ronald McDonald ain't "the man" no more. 

By Susanna Kim
June 17, 2013

A former McDonald's worker in Pennsylvania (click here) is suing a franchiser owner saying she was required to receive her wages through a debit card that charged fees, resulting in some hourly employees receiving less than minimum wage.

Natalie Gunshannon, a single mother, 27, said she and other workers were paid through a JPMorgan Chase Payroll Card, which has a $1.50 fee for ATM withdrawals, a $10 inactivity fee after 90 days, and a 75 cent online payment fee per transaction and other fees. 

Gunshannon, who filed a lawsuit in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, is hoping to have her case certified as a class action on behalf of the other employees who were paid with the Payroll card. 

"It's a violation of the law," said Gunshannon's attorney, Michael Cefalo. "They're entitled to a choice to be paid in cash or check. Fees connected to this debit card which employees have to pay to get their wages which is unfair."...

The initial meeting between President Obama and President Putin is more than promising.

What always impresses me between these two global leaders is the brevity they bring to their meeting. There are always agreements to sign and understandings to solidify.

I believe that is what is occurring in regard to Syria. Time will tell, but, if the brevity of purpose between these two men are reflected in their demeanor and words during their joint press conference, the Syrian civil war will resolve. People will live. There will be safety for all ethnicities. And the Syria children will stop carrying guns and instead carry books.

A few irregular understandings.

Libya - There is still a lot of unfinished business in Libya. Hopefully, some common ground will result among all the fractured people and the country will come together.

He is accused of ‘crimes committed against Libyan people during revolution’ (click here)
Published: 19:41 June 17, 2013
Tripoli: Saif Al Islam, the son of slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and other former top regime officials will stand trial in August for crimes committed during the 2011 uprising, an aide to the prosecutor said on Monday....

Snowden and Cheney calling him dangerous.

That is basically nonsense. Mr. Snowden is disarmed at this point. I would think the USA has closed all the access he once had. Additionally, his public announcements told all the global powers something is amiss with the USA national security. Quite possibly the global web, especially considering the intent of the USA for cyber attacks. So, while every other country in the world is more than miffed with the USA, they are also not stupid. The day the breach was known other nations immediately secured their own sensitive information and prepared to defend from a 'gypsy' launch of anything from the USA. So, Mr. Snowden is not dangerous except for whatever political bounce he can provide for the GOP.


The new President has made reference to an open wound with the USA. One has to refer to a couple of facts. To begin, Iran has a history with the USA of being duped into building a nuclear reactor. The USA actually believed the deception would go on forever. ???? Right. 

Additionally, Iran has a disruptive history with the USA when they took hostages at the beginning of the Iranian Revolution.

I believe the new President sees the world very differently. He sees the relationship with The West as a series of events that has alienated any foreign policy between nations.

The USA and The West has sincerely not come to terms with Arabia and the difference between ethnicities. Primarily, the Shi'ites have been victimized over millennia by Sunnis. One is not better than the other, they are different. The link to Mohammad is different. It divides them. The Sunnies have been very powerful. The Iranian Revolution was the establishment of the first autonomous Shi'ite nation. It is that basis the USA has to approach any policy. It should be obvious the Shah or any facsimile is not coming back. I should go into the relationships between Iran and extremist groups, but, perhaps another time.

The greatest strength the new Iranian President has is diplomacy to bring about a reality The West can appreciate. I believe the new President has the ability to communicate with other nations to bring about an understanding of Iran post Shah, it's people and it's affiliations. It is only then can the divide of misunderstanding be closed and realistic outcomes to any aggression on either side to be diffused. 

In that is a real opportunity for Iran to be recognized as a legitimate government of the Shi'ite people along with Israel's legitimacy as the nation of Hebrews. 

The violence in the Middle East, I believe, is more a symptom than a desire by any nation. 

2 Pacific Place 88 Queensway
Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2878 7000

Fax: +852 2878 7000
He was fired from Booz Allen. That doesn't mean he isn't still working for Carlyle. 

Some of the political mind speak about this is really unsophisticated. There are all kinds of Private Equity in Hong Kong. Why wouldn't Snowden have taken what he knew from Carlyle and gone to work for someone else? The Chinese government would not necessarily be interested in what he knows, but, Wall Street would. 

Being a whistleblower does not require prosecution. It usually means the opposite. 

Traitor? I don't think Snowden is the traitor, but, those that facilitated his access and exposure certainly are.

...When you are standing in front of (click here) a building housing a bulge bracket investment bank, such as Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs, or a financial powerhouse, such as Citibank or JP Morgan or UBS or Deutsche Bank, you know very clearly whose headquarters you are loitering in front of, which a double skinny latte in your hand. Regardless of whether you happen to be in New York or London or Frankfurt of Tokyo or Hong Kong, these firms are very keen to let you know, in no uncertain terms, “Here we are!”...

Are there sophisticated computers and global internet in Hong Kong. Of course there are.  No different than Kuala Lumpur in Indonesia. All this fuss about finding Mr. Snowden and bringing him to justice seems rather silly. The American people need to focus on how it was allowed to happen in the first place. Focusing on Mr. Snowden as the problem will only allow it to happen again. Do citizens of the USA really want this to happen again?

Is it a crime to simply be honest?

Voters need to keep in mind the federal authority could ultimately make voting more difficult if extremists are placed in office. Justice Scalia has upheld the integrity of the American people. He simply stated there are good laws already in existence that require a voter to be honest when he or she registers. The penalty for lying is perjury. That is not enough? People have to prove their innocence before the charges are pressed? 

The Arizona challenge to the federal laws ASSUMES people chronically lie and therefore it is necessary to weed out the liars before they commit perjury. It is nonsense. Integrity is important. This entire disclosure thing is really out of hand. Name, rank and serial number before being given voting rights. Funny, I thought being born in the USA was enough.

The burden of proof when litigating crime falls to the state. Citizens in the USA are innocent until proven guilty. Stating a voter is a citizen is all that is required. It is up to the state to prove they are committing perjury. The state does not have the right to assume a person is guilty of perjury before they vote. 

A crime occurs after the fact. There are checks and balances for fraud through the court system. 

Richard Wolfe
USA Today
June 17, 2013

...The ruling, (click here) which could impact other states as well, is at least a temporary victory for liberals who want to expand access to the polls and a defeat for conservatives concerned about potential election fraud.

In a 7-2 decision written by Justice Antonin Scalia, the court said Arizona's proof of citizenship requirement -- passed by voters in 2004 -- went too far beyond the 1993 federal "motor voter" law that was designed to simplify voter registration procedures.

The federal law requires registrants to claim U.S. citizenship on a mail-in post card, under penalty of perjury. The Arizona law requires separate physical proof of citizenship. The justices' decision upholds congressional authority over federal elections and could make it harder for states to impose additional restrictions.

But Scalia said Arizona could try a different approach to challenge the federal law's pre-emption, thereby holding out the possibility that the state could resurrect its proof-of-citizenship requirement....

Congratulations. Who knew the majority of people would find someone in common with the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader of Iran has instilled confidence in the people to join together to find a new President. Very nice.

Cleric Rouhani garned three times as many votes as his closest rival. That is amazing. I wish him well.

I look forward to his cohesive leadership of the people of Iran. I am sure his election is a great comfort to the Supreme Leader. 

Rouhani won Iran's Friday's presidential election with more than 18 million of the votes [Reuters]

June 17, 2013
The Iranian government (click here) will fix the economy and reconstruct relations with the world, Hassan Rouhani, Iran's new president, has said in his first press conference since winning elections over the weekend.

Addressing the media in Tehran on Monday, he said his government will not forget their election promises.

"We need to be honest, have clean hearts... and should learn from the mistakes from the past in order to save the country," he said.

Rouhani won Iran's Friday's presidential election with more than 18 million of the votes.

The country's Interior minister, Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar, said 72 percent of the 50 million eligible Iranians had turned out to vote, and that Rouhani had secured just over the 50 percent of the vote needed to avoid a run-off.

His closest rival, Tehran mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, garnered six million votes....

Ice is ice. When the temperatures rise in the ocean it will eventually melt ice everywhere.

By Douglas Main
Thu, Jun 13 2013 at 2:30 PM 

Scientists have gained insight into the cause of the global sea level rise with the discovery that warm ocean water is primarily melting the ice shelves.

When iceberg chunks break off (click here) of floating ice shelves, it can serve as dramatic proof of melting — and this traditionally has been considered the main way that these expanses of Antarctic ice become smaller. But new research reveals a disconcerting finding that is invisible to the naked eye: These ice shelves primarily melt from below.

Knowing what is driving ice-shelf melt is important because when ice shelves lose mass, they speed up the flow of land-bound glaciers that feed them, moving ice from the continent to the ocean, and contributing to global sea level rise.

The study, published today (June 13) in the journal Science, found that on average, Antarctica's ice shelves are thinning by about 1.6 feet (50 centimeters) per year. But some of them are thinning much more quickly, by as much as 328 feet (100 meters) annually, said Eric Rignot, a study co-author and researcher at the University of California, Irvine....

Below is the Arctic Ocean (north pole). It is happening. Cold air and water in exchange for ice. Not all anymore. No cold water and air and ice. Now, it is cold water and air at the cost of major ice formations.

Major climate shifts. Yep. It is happening. There is no doubt at all. 

"Good Night, Moon"

First Quarter

54% Full

We see things differently in the USA these days. We don't take war lightly anymore. Many, many of us think there is a better way.

My sincerest sympathies to the Stokely family. 

"While he was in Iraq, at night I couldn't sleep," (click here) Robert Stokely says of his son, Michael.

Sgt. Michael Stokely served in the Georgia Army National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq in 2005.

"I used to look at the moon a lot," Robert says, "and I told Mike, 'When you see the moon, know that eight hours later I'll see it too, and I'll think about you.' "

On Aug. 8, 2005, Michael called his father, and Robert asked if he would still be coming home in two weeks. "I can't take this anymore," he said.
"[Michael] said, 'I love you, and I'll see you soon.' And those were the last words I heard from him," Robert says.

Michael Stokely, 23, was killed by an improvised explosive device eight days after their conversation. He died on the side of the road....