Friday, November 05, 2010

Even MORE corruption by the Plutocracy. Massey Energy is involved in a lawsuit regarding its poor safety history.

UMWA Journal blasts Massey’s Blankenship  (click here)

June 24, 2009 by Ken Ward Jr.

...In Don Blankenship’s world, the coal industry should hunker down behind the Appalachian mountains and do nothing but call names and make enemies. He somehow appears to think that if he can ignore the issues surrounding coal and the future of coal, or if he says enough bad things about the politicians in Washington, then they will go away and leave the coal industry alone....

The COMPANY should be prevented from changing hands.  The liability belongs to Massey Energy and the lawsuit should not be made mute or invaluable.  There needs to be an injunction against the sale or merger.

Massey Energy mulling bid from Alpha (click title to entry - thank you)

NEW YORK | Fri Nov 5, 2010 5:37pm EDT

...Shares of Massey closed up 11 percent, or $4.73, at $46.94 on the New York Stock Exchange.
Massey's board could consider an auction for the company or could decide not to pursue a sale, WSJ reported. In that case it could look at a recapitalization or a share buyback.
According to the Journal, the board has hired Perella Weinberg to advise it.
The report said that people familiar with the matter believe that Arch Coal Inc (ACI.N) and Consol Energy (CNX.N) also are interested in bidding for Massey.
Massey and Perella Weinberg declined to comment. Neither Arch, Consol nor Alpha were immediately available for comment....

Where the Plutocratic Republicans interpret into exploitive and immoral is where Obstructive Senators KILL.

Three dead as Tomas lashes Haiti  (click title to entry - thank you)

Clarens Renois
November 6, 2010 - 9:28AM

Hurricane Tomas lashed Haiti with fierce winds and rain on Friday, leaving three people dead in flooding and threatening hundreds of thousands of people hunkered down in flimsy canvas tent camps.

Although officials had urged mass evacuations, with the risk of mudslides and flooding from torrential downpours, many clung to their makeshift homes and their few prized possessions as they had nowhere else to go....

And it wasn't as though there was no warning !  The Plutocrat Republicans can KEEP their Pro-Life, it is a faux front for immorality on every front.

October 31 -- Hurricane Tomas kicked up high winds (click here) and dumped rain on the Federation Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Now a Category 2 hurricane, the storm’s track has it going deeper into the Caribbean on Sunday, where its path that could take it near Jamaica later in the week.
The storm wrecked havoc in other Eastern Caribbean islands. In St. Vincent there were unconfirmed reports of three deaths during the storm Saturday, including two men who might have been blown off a roof. Also winds tore off roofs from about 100 homes, and caused an island-wide blackout
On St. Lucia, high winds tore off the roofs of a hospital, a school and a stadium and toppled a large concrete cross from the roof of a century-old church, according to government officials.
At least 20,000 people were without power on Martinique, and streets flooded and tree branches were down. A cruise ship due to visit there carrying nearly 2,000 tourists docked instead in Dominica.
Tomas toppled power lines and damaged houses in Barbados as a tropical storm.
The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Thomas had maximum sustained winds of 100 mph (155 kph) winds early Sunday and was centered about 130 miles (205 kilometers) west of St. Lucia. It was moving west-northwest at 8 mph (13 kph).

Speaker Pelosi needs to stay on as Leader of the House Democrats.

This election was NOT a referendum on Democrats.  It is a referendum on the corruption of the Plutocracy and the corruption of the political system that allows Wall Street to purchase legislators.

What part of the JOKE doesn't everyone understand.  Corrupt through and through and it shows!

What part of REALITY doesn't the electorate get?

Go, Nancy, Go !

The Plutocrats are unprincipled and immoral.  Perhaps they never noticed but it was the Blue Dogs that were beaten up.  This is an argument between the conservatives, NOT the Democrats.  Try paying attention next time.

Where the corruption of the Plutocrats shows up best is the California elections and the O'Donnell of Delaware mess.  I mean if that wasn't 'the sale' of an image and ideolgues, don't ask me what was.                                                                      

Why is it that the most corrupt people in the nation actually believes the Democrats are suppose to change their value systems and expertise to match their LACK of same?


The problem with being unscruplous, as Murdoch's Media Circus, is; that it translates really poorly when a child needs a doctor for a fever or a person needs a good wage to support a family.  Morally it is very difficult to explain why contract workers to BP live in poverty while the stockholders and CEO are reeping exploitative dividends and bonuses.  Immoral is immoral and no matter how conservatives argue about their priorities it always equals CORRUPT to the CORE.

Plutocrats don't belong in government, they belong on Wall Street under regulation by government that is benevolent of its people, not opportunist at their educational, health or quality of life expense.

One might ask, why would Bernanke release $600 billlion to Wall Street?

Wall Street is preparing for the change in chairmanship of the House Committees, especially, that of the House Financial Services Committee (click here).

The Plutocratic House Leader of the Finance Services Committee will be Spencer Bachus.  He has already written a letter to weaken the legislation passed to regulate Wall Street.  He wants to destroy the legislation and stop the Consumer Protection Office.

THE EXCUSE Bachus is using is that it will create jobs.


The monies released by the Fed is all about liquidity for venture capitalists that trade currencies, etc.  They want to roll all the constraints back to Bush Era DEREGULATION and the Plutocrats that paid for this overturn of the House are waiting !!!

What will stop this travesty? 

The Democratic Senate and the President's VETO.

Imagine having 'raw recruits' in 118 Tea Baggers and leading them around by the nose.  The Tea Baggers are about social conservatism which has nothing to do with good government, they don't know squat about how effect job growth.  Let's face it, they are lead by a former Governor that provided TWO YEARS of service before the tempation of wealth swept her into 'cash cow' of political deception of the electorate facilitated by Murdoch.