Monday, August 07, 2017

There is something Robert Mueller has that Trump doesn't; loyalty to the US Constitution.

The Mueller Special Prosecutor status was received by the country with acclaim. He has served this country for a very long time, most of that time in high ranking offices. Robert Mueller is the single best person to carry out the Special Prosecution of issues that is very far reaching, into some of the most sensitive foreign information. 

August 7, 2017
By Bob Dreyfuss

By now, it's clear: Robert Mueller, (click here) the special counsel looking into Russiagate and related matters, is a determined, relentless inquisitor whose investigation could lead to criminal charges against a wide range of Donald Trump's staff, associates, former campaign officials and members of his immediate family. And, when its work is complete, it isn't out of the question that Mueller's team could deliver a report triggering Trump's impeachment....

There should be NO personal attacks on any American standing up for the country, including US Senator Blumenthal.

The Mueller panel is about the country. It is important he goes forward with this investigation no matter where it takes him. If the country is at risk this investigation has to be conducted. It is outrageous to think a foreign country, a powerful foreign country is persisting a fight against the USA through subverting our elections. The facts have to come forward. 

If the current president finds the investigation threatening, too bad. This is about the country. If a president is complaining about an investigation that is about the country he is automatically setting himself up for ridicule. Too bad.

...Trump, of course, is lashing out at Mueller, the congressional panels, his own attorney general and Department of Justice, the FBI and the media over what he called, in a tweet, "the single greatest witch hunt in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people."...

What is this 'of course?' There is no 'of course' here. Trump has no idea what is being found. Got that? He doesn't know what is occurring with the investigation. Yet, he is OF COURSE lashing out. What? He doesn't even know what to lash out about. The man is paranoid. There is no greater truth than that. Robert Mueller is NOT holding press conferences. He is conducting his work out of the spot light. There is no 'of course' here.

Robert Mueller has assembled a very impressive group to help him with the investigation. That group will grow with the responsibility the investigation discovers. The Special Prosecutor has a very important responsibility. He has a country at risk and it doesn't get anymore important. 

I trust Robert Mueller. The country should trust him as well.

August 3, 2017
[Washington, DC] – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) (click here) today joined U.S. Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Cory Booker (D-NJ), and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to introduce bipartisan legislation that would create a judicial check on the executive branch’s ability to remove a special counsel.

The Special Counsel Independence Protection Act (SCIPA) ensures that any action by the Attorney General or Acting Attorney General to remove a special counsel from office must first be reviewed by a panel of federal judges.

“This measure seeks to forestall a potential constitutional crisis raised by President Trump’s ominous ongoing threats of improperly firing the current special counsel,” said Blumenthal. “The specter of Presidential action against Robert Mueller – designed to stop or stymie a vitally necessary criminal investigation of the President himself – makes safeguarding the special counsel urgently necessary. Congress must act, right away, to check this potential Presidential abuse of power. Even the threat of such political interference, constituting potential obstruction of justice, undermines the special counsel’s investigation. Only judicial review can check such possible abuse and eliminate any doubt about special counsel’s ability to hold accountable all lawbreakers. Make no mistake: this investigation will continue and conclude fairly and fully.”...

This is about the country. The country is more important than any lousy politician.
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Better yet, let's look to the FCC filings regarding "Trump TV."

August 7, 2017
By Shawn Langlois

Straight, (click here) unbiased news or the type of propaganda Kim Jong Un would be proud of? That probably depends on what you think of Donald Trump.

Kayleigh McEnany, previously known as a pro-Trump political pundit for CNN, announced her departure from the network on Saturday with this tweet:..

There is a far bigger picture that involves the inappropriate use of the FCC. First Trump uses the FCC to try to control free speech in the media. The most high profile personality to be attacked by the FCC was Steven Colbert.

Then there is the protestations of Brookings:

July 11, 2017
By Tom Wheeler

There is no other industry (click here) in the world like broadcasting,” the CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Gordon Smith told his annual convention. “No other industry has, at its core, such an overarching focus on bringing communities together and serving the public good,” Smith opined. “No other media industry is as dedicated to supporting our local communities.”

That “overarching focus” on “serving the public good” is being stealthily watered down, with the industry’s support, by the Trump Federal Communications Commission. In little-noticed decisions, the agency has been removing regulatory requirements to protect broadcast localism, shield a diversity of local voices, and avoid the establishment of a dominant national broadcaster....

There needs to be a public accounting for Trump Television. There also needs to be equal time offered by a channel set up to promote Trump's agenda. 

This is still the odd and threatening world we face with Donald Trump controlling the Executive Branch. The President, by nature of the office, has a megaphone whenever he/she requests it. The media is obliged to consider the requests of the President to speak to the people when it is vital to do so. The addition of a "Trump Channel" is a worry to the traditional relationship between the President and the media.

I find it odd that the anchor is from a cable channel known to have a political focus, CNN. I don't know if this is a gift to Ms. McEnany to win her affections, GIVEN HIS REPUTATION WITH WOMEN, or if this is serious news.

The Trump Channel is somewhat not a surprise, is it? The "Lame Stream" media has been a focus of frustration for the constituency of the Republican Party. This is a political party that has complained about the media for decades. So, Trump TV is not putting up with the ? tilt ? of the mainstream media.

The Trump Channel reminds me of the other million-billionaires with their own media, such as "O." In realizing how paranoid Trump is about rivals he created his own channel simply to compete with Oprah before she announces. I am serious. There are people that see Oprah as a sincere option as a candidate, hence, "Trump TV."

The ego is bigger than anyone wants to speak to when it comes to the paranoia of 'keeping the office.' Trump has a real reason to 'keep the office' and primarily because his private concerns, including the In-laws, finds success while he is in office. He also believes the country has a transition to achieve that can't be carried out in four years. Those transitions is to remove obstructionist Republicans from his agenda, too.

I think Trump TV is a dangerous political channel that can direct the country no different than any other TV channel within the menu of Americans.

Are there commericals?

Are there rivals on the air? 

Is the news exploited for his private concerns?

Is his family promoted as authorities?

And WHAT IS BEING PROMOTED about the "All White" White House? The "Alt Right" now has their own platform to find ways to launch a greater influence. I find the Trump TV a real threat that will promote racism in it's priorities. After all, there are many ways to vanquish rivals and I don't see Oprah being asked to be anchor of Trump TV.

"Good night, Moon"

Full moon

14.3 days old

99.7 percent lit

August 6, 2017
By Paul Wesley Sullivan

Before it stars (click here) in the much-anticipated solar eclipse on Aug. 21, the moon will be at full phase two weeks earlier.

On Aug. 7, the Full Sturgeon Moon will appear. Astute sky watchers in Africa, Asia and Australia will even be able to see a partial lunar eclipse, says.

But back in these parts it’s called the Full Sturgeon Moon because August is when, the Farmer’s Almanac says, the sturgeon fish was most easily caught in the Great Lakes.  Native American tribes also called it the “Full Green Corn Moon,” Wheat Cut Moon,” and “Blueberry Moon.”...