Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The claims were made by Michio Kaku (pictured) from City University, New York. Quantum teleportation is already possible, and has been demonstrated, and Dr Kaku believes the first molecules will teleport within the next decade. He believes we could then teleport to the moon or even Mars by the end of the century

September 8, 2015
By Victoria Woollaston

Star Trek (click here) is already said to have inspired a whole host of modern gadgets from the iPad to the holodeck's 'virtual reality'.
Now a theoretical physicist believes even its teleporter is scientifically possible - and it could become a reality as soon as the end of the century.
Professor Michio Kaku said that the breakthroughs needed to transport humans instantly have already been made, and it's only a matter of time before we will be 'beaming' across the universe....

I take it the scale back of his authority didn't go well.

September 9, 2015
By Natasha Bertrand
A world-renowned Ohio State University (OSU) (click here) who had access to restricted defense information as part of his work with NASA is under investigation by the FBI for failing to disclose his ongoing connections to Chinese scientists, The Columbus Dispatch has reported.
Professor Rongxing Li, 56, unexpectedly resigned from his position in the OSU Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering in February 2014.
Li told OSU that he was going back to China to take care of his sick mother, and no one has heard from him since....

I'd start by asking China what can be done to help his mother.

I am of the opinion there simply isn't secure information where computers are concerned. Who is to say the information allegedly shared with China wasn't stolen by Chinese hackers. The cyber security of the USA has been abysmal. It is the case because there is a lie chronically part of any conversation that computerized information is secure. That lie has to be propagated by commercial companies seeking the respect of people that pay them for internet access. Besides the money for paying for service there is the "Terms of Service" that sells every aspect of their private life for profit.

So, if there is some kind of idea thumb drives and CDs are secure is pure nonsense. With that aside and with the USA concerned for his well being; what is left is to ask the Chinese government if his mother had needs his government can help with.

Corker has a peroccupation with dismemberment.

Senator Corker is now in the US Senate stating Iranian bombs have caused the 'dismemberment' of American soldiers in Iraq. He states that every time an American citizens sees a disabled veteran with crutches that was Iran.

Senator Corker stated the USA was not involved in any binding agreement and that President Obama was negotiating a non-binding political agreement. That was true before July 15, 2015. The non-binding agreement previous to July 15, 2015 was the authority of the Executive Branch to carry out the negotiations by the USA. But, as if July 15, 2015 a binding UN Resolution was drafted. (click here)

All the fancy talking by Corker is his own idea of fun on the US Senate floor. It can be said he doesn't know what he is talking about. There is a UN Resolution that will pass the UN Security Council that is binding. It is no longer a non-binding political agreement.  

The July 15th agreement is the draft of what is to become the UN Resolution. Corker is inflammatory and not much else. It is up to the Congress to pass legislation to reject the UN Resolution. 

Senator McCain is fussing about the  'side deal' between the IAEA and Iran. It is about a conventional weapons facility called Parchin military complex. It was never a nuclear site.

In the November 2011 IAEA Safeguards report on Iran, (click here) the IAEA disclosed that information from member states indicated that Iran constructed a large explosives containment vessel or chamber at the Parchin military complex in 2000 to conduct high explosive and hydrodynamic experiments related to the development of nuclear weapons....

The Parchin facility conducts research related to the rockets and propellant to deliver warheads in a conflict. The reason this site came into focus is because the research at the site can lead to a rocket to deliver nuclear warheads. As of 2011 there was no nuclear material at the Pachin site. That is why the IAEA is satisfied with testing methods that will detect radioactivity with such measures as closed circuit cameras. All the IAEA and the P5+1 needs to know is if there is now nuclear material in the facility.

If one recalls the IAEA applies different levels of monitoring across the globe. The reason the IAEA knew about the North Korean return to nuclear capacity is because "THE SEALS" were removed. Those seals had been in place for a very long time, however, the "Axis of Evil" speech returned North Korea to nuclear weapon research and testing. The closed circuit cameras work 24/7 as a means of monitoring the North Korea site. This is the type of surveillance that will be applied the Parchin site in Iran.

If one recalls the UN Inspectors were validating there was no breach in protocols in Iraq. The inspectors were coming up with minimal infractions in the UN Resolutions that brought the USA to the UN. The infraction that stood out was the scud missiles that could travel a minimal distance past Iraq's borders. In that was a breach and the missiles were dismantled and buried in the desert. In the case of any munitions or components to WMD the UN had every storage facility fitted with seals. Seals are a legitimate method to validate compliance with UN resolutions. When the USA invaded Iraq the soldiers removed the UN seals to inspect the contents of the buildings and there was no disruption of any stores inside and therefore Iraq was in compliance with UN sanctions.'

In the opinion of George Bush, the commander and chief at the time, that was not a reason to turn back from the invasion and make war reparations to Iraq. The invasion and deaths continued.  

At some point in time the USA has to trust some agency to care about it's security. The point where real potential of nuclear danger exists in Iran is inspected according to the most stringent methods and are not part of the side agreements.

If one recalls the IAEA in Iraq had limited QUALIFIED personnel. At the point where the USA invaded Iraq it would have required another six months to finish the nuclear inspections in Iraq due to limited qualified personnel. In retrospect six months would have been a far better investment than the war that profoundly disrupted the Middle East.

The IAEA also carries out inspections in nuclear energy plants in countries without nuclear weapon capacity or interest as in the video below . The reason the IAEA carries out these inspections is because loose nuclear material is a problem.

The USA is one country among many countries. That matters. We have to value cooperation and not risk again the alienation of allies. The idea the USA has a group of very powerful and influential countries as partners in this agreement cannot be disregarded. 

The USA under President Obama has provided the best reassurance to Israel possible in allowing a historic sale of military hardware and capacity and interceptors. Israel is as safe as any country and more so compared to others. 

This is a great agreement, will be validated through the UN Security Council and will bring assurance to Iran's Non-Proliferation status. For those that complain for political fodder there is no validity.

Below is a video of an inspection of the IAEA.

A sand storm has traversed across the entire Middle East.

September 8, 2015
By Elizabeth Chuck

An intense (click here) and deadly sandstorm sweeping the Middle East is so large, it can be seen from space. 

NASA on Tuesday shared an image of the swirling dust and sand, which has reduced visibility and caused health hazards in parts of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus and Iraq. At least eight people have been killed, and hundreds have experienced respiratory problems, AFP reported.
The air is so dense, and visibility so low, it's even disrupted the fighting in war-torn Syria. 

September 9, 2015
By Siraj Wahab
JEDDAH: A massive sandstorm (click here) that enveloped much of the Middle East on Tuesday sent Jeddah into total darkness at 6 p.m.
The storm lasted for 40 minutes with sand-laden winds so ferocious that one could hear the rattling of windows in many neighborhoods.
Abdul Hameed Abal-Ari, a senior official at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, told local media that flights were suspended briefly. “Incoming flights were diverted to nearby airports, while some departures were suspended.”
He said seven flights were diverted to Madinah, Yanbu and Taif. “By 7 p.m., things were back to normal,” he said.
“It all happened in a matter of minutes,” said Sadiya Haneef, a resident of Al-Sulaimaniya district. “I could see from my balcony a mushroom-like apparition on the horizon. I thought it was smoke billowing from a faraway district,” she said.
Soon it was clear to her that it was a sandstorm. “I had to literally struggle to close the door to my balcony. The gusty winds had sent everything into darkness,” she said....

Cancer. Planned Parenthood is preventing deaths of American women due to cancer.

August 3, 2015
By Lauren Carroll

The vast majority of Planned Parenthood’s (click here) work goes toward mammograms and preventive care, said former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.
Since an anti-abortion group released videos Planned Parenthood officials talking about aborted fetal parts, Republicans have pushed to take away federal funding from the women’s health organization. Democratic presidential candidates, on the other hand, are showing their support, if subdued.
O’Malley said he hadn’t seen the videos, speaking to reporters in New Hampshire July 26.
"And I don't generally make a habit of responding to right-wing videos," O'Malley said, according to Washington Post’s Dave Weigel. "I do know that 97 percent of the work that Planned Parenthood does is about mammograms and preventative health. So that's what I know, but I'll defer to others for commenting on that video and whatever videos they're pumping out there."...

I have to wonder if the federally ordered chastity belts would be covered by US government funding?

It is the only way there is equity applied across the entire spectrum of women across the states. And considering there would have to be inspection for compliance there is funding needed for such inspections.

And what is really troubling to me that atheists have children and I wonder if this will include all girls under the age of 18 as well as adult women. 

The upside of federally mandated chastity belts will remove anyone coveting our girls as virgins. It just would remove any attempt by a man to satisfy his sick sense of reward. It would prevent wars. 

I refuse to allow the current House hearing on abortion to pass without sincerely applying all the words of the committee to the lives of women. This is more than defunding Planned Parenthood while Rep. David Cicilline wants to limit the hearing to legitimate reasons; this is about policing of women in order to drive the entire practice out of the USA with complete crass and disregard for the health of women. These hearings are used for the purpose of right wing politics. The American people are paying for these hearings today, including the women that have to travel to Congress to protect the health of women. This is gross malpractice by the US Congress. 

The hearings today completely reveals the fact there is movement to ending the practice of abortion regardless of how it impacts the health of women. We know that is a fact because the compromise is already being practiced in state governments. 

The federal Supreme Court has already ruled that clinics are to be available to women. This hearing completely ignores the fact there is a law of the land. It also ignores the value of 'excellence' in women's health care.

Nowhere in these hearings is their a core belief a woman's health is valuable to this country. That is a crime alone and then add to it the fact women cannot make decisions that effect their lives places women on a priority far below the level of legal competence. Women are competent to make their own decisions, that includes the women in the health care network that find legitimate funds to continue the practice of women's health care while the federal government continues to fail them.

These hearings are moronic and have no place in the practice of good governance. There is a legitimate movement to criminalize abortion. Women should have the right to abortion at any time in her life she and her doctor find it necessary.
US Senator Corker seems to believe every abortion needs due process. Oh, Wow, Planned Parenthood is funded by the Chinese. And Senator Corker doesn't need an investigation to prove it.

He equates the Chinese harvesting of organs from criminals on their way to the death chamber and the abortions in the USA.

So, there it is, women are to be given the death sentence for having an abortion or even thinking about it.

There are hideous people in the US Senate and Corker is one of them.

Of course the movement beyond the ideology by Corker is one that women are loose with their morals when becoming pregnant. And of course becoming pregnant means having sex with a man.

I am kind of curious as to a difference between married women having sex with men and unmarried women having sex with men.

I am also curious if there is a difference between atheist women having sex with men and orthodox Christians having sex with men.

See, it would seem as though God is in the due process of pregnant women, so where there is a difference in religious beliefs between women having sex with men in the USA, does "the God standard" hold up?

I have a better idea. I strongly suggest, to insure the freedom of women having sex with men, there be a law requiring a chastity belt at birth that is changed as often as the girth of these women change. At least with a chastity belt women will still have the right of upward movement out of poverty as soon as child care costs less than her anticipated wages.

The real beauty to this readily available product is that it eliminates vaginal rape and incest.

I wonder if it's made in China. Maybe instead of a second VW factory in Tennessee, Corker can induce the manufacturing of the item to the USA. There would be jobs at least even if employees don't have women's health insurance.