Monday, May 10, 2010

Senators and House Representativs that have received political monies from British Petroleum need to RECUSE themeslves.

These are ethics violations.  When an elected official is seated on a sensitive committee  after having received monies in the way of political donations, it is CORRUPTION.  

This is an ethics violation.  People don't understand influence peddling?  

Any elected person that willingly takes a seat on a committee that DIRECTLY interacts with cronies should be ruled as unethical with appropriate measures taken.  I don' care whom it is.  No different than Senator Dodd and his role with the economic interests of his state.  Same thing. 

An elected official of any state in any capacity has to recognize when their authority and power are interfering the best interests of their electorate/citizens.  

Enough.  Knock it off!

This is influence peddling.  

I don't care if this is just a 'hint' of unethical practice.  It is and it needs to be dealt with.

I want Landrieu investigated !  Eleven people dead and all she has to say is 'These things happen."  I don't think so. 

Hang nails happen, deaths don't JUST HAPPEN.  Minimalism is not my reality.

There are tons of conflict of interest between the best interests of Louisiana and Landrieu.  

Torpedoes, Ms. Landrieu.  

T-O-R-P-E-D-O-E-S !!!!!!!

...BP-related campaign and lobbying spending makes the political outlays of Toyota, another major foreign-based company under investigation by Congress for its failings on safety issues, look feeble by comparison.
British-based BP, No. 4 on Fortune magazine's list of the world's largest companies, spent $16 million last year lobbying Congress and the federal government, and $3.5 million in the first three months of this year. That was before its rig disaster led at least a half-dozen congressional committees to start investigating. Japanese automaker Toyota, No. 10 in the Fortune ranking, spent $5 million lobbying last year and $880,000 in the first quarter this year....
...The other top recipients of BP employee 2008 election-giving both sit on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, one of the panels investigating the spill. Obama's GOP presidential rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, received $37,000. And $16,000 went to a senator whose state is on the receiving end of much of the spilled oil, Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, according to figures compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.
The oil and gas industry is a big employer in Louisiana. Landrieu supports offshore drilling and has repeatedly said rig fires are rare, a point she made at a committee hearing last November when Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., displayed a photo of a summer blaze on a rig off Australia's coast.
"The fact is, these things happen," Landrieu said at the time, estimating there are about 20,000 such rigs. "So, 19,999 were not on fire."...

Seeking a stronger female insight for the Supreme Court, President Obama makes history again.

Fairly recently, in an interview, the Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor stated there were four women justices on the Canadian Supreme Court.  She was worried there would never be a strong female insight at this level of the court in the USA.

President Obama is seeking to seat the third female justice to the Supreme Court and it could not be more wonderful.

I wish he and Ms. Kagan the best in their confirmation process.  She is a scholar in every sense of the word.