Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I tell you what surprises me about the states that have invoked permission for vigiliantes...

...they actually still have any kind of tourism economy.  I don't plan to go to Florida anytime in the near future.  It is just too dangerous.  


The 'legalese' with the City of Sanford has to stop. I am quite sure there is someone in the US Conference of Mayors that knows the Mayor of Sanford.

The Mayor of Sanford is taking a legal position according to whomever the city attorney is; that is not acceptable.  There is a young man dead because of the inability of the City of Sanford to properly administer the law in this case.  

The question absolutely exists that Zimmerman was a KNOWN danger to the community by his repeated harassment of the police department.

Guilty and there is no way this is going to be viewed any differently.

Damage done.

The worst thing the City of Sanford can do now is to make their mistakes even worse by continuing to evade their responsibility to ACT prudently to protect the rights of the living citizens.

The administrators of Sanford, Florida need a peer review of their decision making.  I would hope that review would come quickly to insure the lives of citizens.

There are ways of protecting the rights of all the employees of the City of Sanford while this case proceeds.  Those 'ways' seem to be unknown to the Mayor and the city attorney.

There are two caucasian women, young women that witnessed this and Trayvon was shot in the back according to them.  It was murder.

Where are the holy men to denounce the violence? There needs to be a summit of religious leaders for a declaration against violence.

I don't care what religion it is, if people get the idea they are not going to their rewards for killing and committing suicide perhaps that would help end it. I doubt that Bobby Sands would stop, though.

A man claiming (click title to entry - thank you) al Qaeda links and suspected in the killings of three Jewish children, a rabbi and three paratroopers had planned to kill another soldier imminently, prompting a major police raid on his apartment, a French prosecutor said Wednesday.
Prosecutor Francois Molins said the suspected gunman remains holed up in the apartment in the city of Toulouse more than 13 hours after a standoff began before dawn. Talks are under way to secure his surrender.
In the negotiations, the suspect "expresses no regret, only that he didn't have time to have more victims. And he even bragged, he said, of bringing France to its knees," the prosecutor said.
"He had foreseen other killings, notably he foresaw another attack this morning, targeting a soldier," Molins said, adding also planned to attack two police officers. "He claims to have always acted alone."...

Clintonville, Wisconsin doesn't have to have 'unusual drilling' activity to have quake problems.

"...unusual drilling activity or some other kind of real obvious human induced signal..." (click here)

Holes in the ground are holes in the ground, it doesn't matter if they are UNUSUAL or USUAL.  If the holes in the ground have water in them and they freeze, when they thaw there is a good chance there will be quakes.

We know there have been ABRUPTLY increasing temperatures throughout the upper Midwest and that includes Wisconsin.  Clintonville is near Green Bay.  If there are drilled wells for fracking or othewise, the geologist should have seen this coming.  I am quite sure Lake Michigan finds its way into its banks and quite possibly aquifers.  

Fracking should never be within 100 miles of more of residential or agricultural WATER SOURCES.  Never.  It is a horrible technology and causes more problems than it solves.  It endangers lives. This is probably another dynamic from it. Of course because people are in danger from the fracking activities it is simply an expected side effect.

Quaking is quaking.  It makes sense to me that it happens at night when the air is changing temperature between night and day.

Chalk it up to Human Induced Global Warming.  I don't believe anyone should be counseling residents into believing any false sense of security, if it doesn't exist.  People need to be safe.

Clintonville, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) --- Four days worth of booming (click title to entry - thank you) sounds that have rocked Clintonville, WI continue to perplex residents and experts.
According to WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI, police received dozens of calls for 6 hours Tuesday night of reports of booming sounds, vibrating and rattling through their homes.
The calls stopped around 11 P.M. Tuesday night, but resumed again Wednesday morning around 5 A.M. The booms and ground shaking have been going on since Sunday.
Geological experts have been working the past two days trying to figure out what could possibly cause these unusual booming sounds and shaking.
According to WMTV in Madison, experts have already ruled out an earthquake. Also, no sewer or water problems have been detected or gas line problems. No military or mining projects were going on in the area either. Experts have also ruled out a rare weather phenomenon called frost quakes....

Waiting for the final resolution statement by the United Nations.

...The Security Council draft, called a presidential statement and obtained by VOA, expresses "full support" for Annan's mission to end all violence, secure humanitarian access and work toward a Syrian-led political transition.

It also calls for Annan to report back to the Council in a "timely manner," after which the Council will consider "further steps as appropriate."

The Security Council is considering the draft under what is known as "silence procedure."  If no member raises objections by the deadline of 9 a.m. New York time (1300 GMT), the statement will be adopted without a vote.

Annan sent a five-member team of international experts to Syria on Sunday to try to secure a cease-fire between government and rebel forces leading an uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's 11-year autocratic rule.  Annan discussed his peace plan with Mr. Assad in Damascus earlier this month, but has said little about it since....

Florida has a significant history of racism, but, this is 2012, not Rosewood in 1923.

There is something going on in Sanford, but, I don't think anyone can completely blame it on racism. The police dispatcher told Zimmerman not to pursue Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman did anyway.  

The body of the young man was not treated with importance, except, they were testing a man walking and not driving for substances after his death. I already know what killed him and it wasn't substances, it was a flailed chest wound. With instantaneous death it probably cut through a major vessel of the heart. My guess is the inferior vena cava.

But, for a body to remain unknown to family for three days is more than troublesome. What were they waiting for?

As far as testing Zimmerman, if one cannot arrest him how do they test him for substances?

There is some speculation in the popular media about racism.

...The growing sentiment felt by Sanford residents (click title to entry - thank you) is that not only did the police free Zimmerman, but their slow footed treatment of the investigation shows that they don’t care. If Zimmerman was not white and the teen was not black, things would be different....

If that is the case, I am having a difficult time believing a police department warning Zimmerman not to follow the young man, whom they already believed was a black man, is actively practicing racism.  There is a very strange curiosity about the treatment of the body after the crime and of course there is the implication a state law passed in 2005 exonerates murderers, but, to say this happened because of a strong racist culture in Sanford is not completely realistic.

I believe the police were correct.  Were they slow to arrive?  That is another question, but, they didn't kill Trayvon, a vigilante empowered by a loosening of constraints on hand gun use did.

It could be the medical examiner just didn't have a clue to look on the cell phone for people that might know an unidentified body.  Did they take fingerprints in hoping of finding a record somewhere or not?  Did they simply categorize Trayvon as a John Doe and why?  Funding of the medical examiner is in question, like what is going on here that answers those questions.

Did the family file a missing persons?  Did the parents know about the girlfriend and how to reach her?  Did she speak to the family after she heard the death of their son over the phone?  What was going on that prohibited Trayvon from being discovered dead to his family and not simply dead, but, murdered.  There are a lot of questions about what transpired here and to simply cry racism is to hide them from examination.  Those answers will probably come before the Grand Jury so I suggest real dynamics of these circumstances be examined and contextualized within this murder.

Trayvon is trusting us, the community most concerned for his death, to 'get it right.'  We need to do that.  The Grand Jury has to understand the real crime here and it can't be cloaked in our own misunderstandings or leanings.  It is the community that has brought this atrocity this far, we can't risk having the Grand Jury not understand this clearly and if it includes racism, then so be it, but, there is reason to defend the actions of police so far.