Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New food for conspiracy theorists.

March 19, 2014 - 11:28AM

...As an Australian-led (click here) search for a missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet swings into action in the southern Indian Ocean, reports have emerged of a possible sighting of MH370 thousands of kilometres away in the Maldives.

Residents on the island nation, in the Indian Ocean about 700 kilometres south-west of Sri Lanka, have reported seeing a ‘‘low-flying jumbo jet’’ on the morning that the missing plane with 239 people on board vanished from civilian radar and lost contact with ground controllers....


Take your pick.

Here are some of those theories about one of the world’s most baffling aviation mysteries: (click here)

1. SOURCE: Chris Goodfellow, who describes himself as an experienced pilot.

THE THEORY: Mr Goodfellow has posted on Google Plus that he believes the pilot on MH370 may have been heading to the Malaysian resort island of Langkawi to land after the transponders were knocked out by a fire on board.
"The left turn is the key here. This was a very experienced senior Captain with 18,000 hours,’’ Mr Goodfellow writes....

March 19, 2014 - 11:12AM

Kuala Lumpur: (click here) The new version of the sequence of events in the cockpit of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has re-opened speculation that a mechanical failure or abrupt event caused the pilots to attempt to turn back from the plane’s scheduled flight path but lost control and consciousness.

Authorities in Kuala Lumpur on Monday backed away from a statement by Malaysia’s Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein on Sunday that the plane’s automatic reporting system called ACARS was shut down before the co-pilot told Kuala Lumpur ground control “all right, good night.”...

Me, too. "Good night."

Russia is on the wrong side of history.




To begin with it was not Khruschev that gave the Crimea away, it was a Soviet court. Putin's argument was litigated a long time ago.

Additionally, if the global community consents to the Russian reach back in decades of time as a precedent, that would allow Russia to reclaim all the post Soviet land. What prevents Russia from reaching back even further.

passed the decree to hand over the Crimean region from the structure of the 
Russian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) to the Ukrainian SSR within the 
Soviet Union. Then-Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, virtually gave 
Crimea away to Ukraine.... 

That precedent will give Russia the right to negate international law and justify a global war. Is that what the world wants? I wouldn't think so. This is a necessary stand for the United Nations and Europe. There is no going back.

Nicholas II (1868 – 1918) was the last Emperor of Russia, Grand Duke of Finland, & titular King of Poland. His official short title was Nicholas II, Emperor & Autocrat of All the Russias. Like other Russian Emperors he is commonly known by the monarchical title Tsar (though Russia formally ended the Tsardom in 1721). Tsar Nicholas II was executed along with his family by the Bolsheviks 17 July 1918, all under the command of Bolshevik officer Yakov Yurovsky.

 The Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union passed the decree to hand over the Crimean region from the structure of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) to the Ukrainian SSR within the Soviet Union. Then-Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, virtually gave Crimea away to Ukraine.

California needs a tax on concealed carry.

There are taxes on everything else, a concealed carry permit it no different. The taxes could be distributed to counties to develop their own concealed carry permits and enforce them.
February 13, 2014
By Maura Dolan and Tony Perry

...The majority (click here) said the restrictions violate the 2nd Amendment's guarantee of the right to bear arms because they deny law-abiding citizens the ability to carry weapons in public unless they show they need the protection for specific reasons.

"We are not holding that the Second Amendment requires the states to permit concealed carry," Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain, a Reagan appointee, wrote for the panel. "But the Second Amendment does require that the states permit some form of carry for self-defense outside the home."

The decision was hailed by gun rights advocates, who said citizens must have the right to protect themselves in public. Proponents of stricter gun control described the ruling as an aberrant and reckless expansion of law that would lead to more gun violence....

The transparency of such treaties are suppose to enforce peace initiatives.

It is shameful this is even needed in a peace process that included the idea of building confidence in signators to prevent sanctions and alienation of trust.

A shadow of a Hungarian Air Force AN-26 aircraft flying under the Open Skies Treaty over the territory of Russia, 15 July 2005.

The Treaty on Open Skies (click here) establishes a regime of unarmed aerial observation flights over the territories of its signatories. The Treaty is designed to enhance mutual understanding and confidence by giving all participants, regardless of size, a direct role in gathering information through aerial imaging on military forces and activities of concern to them. Open Skies is one of the most wide-ranging international arms control efforts to date to promote openness and transparency in military forces and activities.

There won't be any immigration reform and the President needs to compose his next Executive Order to stop deportations.

Republicans are afraid of immigration reform. It will cause them to lose marginal elections. It won't happen. Who is the nation going to put into office in 2016 because a President willing to write an executive order is their only hope.

Some Republican will claim they can get Congress to pass immigration reform. Think George W. Bush. 

Updated:   03/18/2014 08:36:49 AM PDT

There was more (click here) than the usual bickering over immigration in Washington last week, primarily between the House of Representatives and the White House. The details are less important than what the argument signifies: Comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system is dead for the year.
Until now, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner seemed to be tiptoeing around their differences just enough to keep alive hope that they could reach agreement. In late January, Boehner issued a set of House GOP principles for reform, although the tea party said he was supporting amnesty.
But last week, Washington seemed to swing rapidly from governing mode to campaign mode. That makes compromise essentially impossible....

Russia is now ready to cooperate with The West, huh? I don't think so. Putin should have thought about that before he sent his economy into turmoil.

I think President Clinton is correct about Putin. He has a very limited view of the value of his own citizens. Maybe communism demands that, but, previous leaders never acted with military aggression in the same way as Putin has. 

Where does Putin actually have the understanding that militias that hold guns against the civilian population is acceptable? I suppose that is what is to happen in elections in the Ukraine from here on. Ain't no way. 

That is amazing. I suppose if Mr. Putin can carry out aggression, arrest and jail protesters, institute marshall law through militias all is right with the world and The West should see the light and simply look the other way. 

Putin has no conscience. Putin may or may not realize the permission he is giving to aggression by turning the world of diplomacy on it's ear. That is the scarey part. No one knows what he actually believes is worthy of honest dealings. Now, I do know that is a communist through and through. And if I have to disagree with Former President Clinton, it would be that Putin is a worldly and bright guy. He nearly tanked his currency. Hello? And for no reason at all he nearly tanked his currency. He hadn't even brought any Crimean annexation forward to any global authority. He's nuts.

Britain suspends military co-operation with Russia as Ukrainian soldier killed during attack on base (click here)

7:33PM GMT 18 Mar 2014

...20.30 The White House has released this statement in response to the killing of a Ukrainian soldier in Crimea: 

We are deeply concerned by these reports and condemn any violence in the Crimean region of Ukraine. These reports belie President Putin’s claim that Russia’s military intervention in Crimea has calmed the security situation there. Diplomacy remains the only acceptable means of resolving this crisis, and we are prepared to impose further costs on Russia for its violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity....

Have the tanks moved off the Ukraine border while Putin is so anxious to cooperate with The West? I didn't think so. There needs to be a sovereign state with the Ukraine before any elections go forward. That means it has to have a national military that can defend it's borders.

Tuesday Mar 18, 2014
08:32 RPM GMT 

Former US President Bill Clinton (click here) says Russian President Vladimir Putin is “deeply patriotic,” but has an erroneous understanding of Russian grandeur. 

“He is highly intelligent, deeply, deeply patriotic in terms of Russia, but he sees it more in terms of the greatness of the state and the country than what happens to ordinary Russians,” Clinton was quoted by The Politico as saying in a conference in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
He claimed that Putin promotes Russian greatness at the expense of the general public.

“I think he’s got a sort of fatalistic view of the misfortunes that befall ordinary people when larger things are at stake,” Clinton said.
“I think the largest things that are at stake are the misfortunes that befall ordinary people. It depends on how you look at the world and what you think the purpose of politics is,” the ex-president added.
However, Clinton, citing his own dealings with Putin, said the Russian president was never misleading.

“The one thing I will say about him is he was always pretty transparent. He never pretended to be what he wasn’t,” Clinton said.
Clinton’s comments came before the results of the referendum in Crimea on the region’s independence from Ukraine and joining Russia.
He slammed Sunday’s proceedings as “phony,” claiming that “the whole thing is unconstitutional and a farce.”
Dispute between the US and Russia over Ukraine has entered a new phase following the plebiscite.

Russia says it is ready to cooperate with the West on Ukraine if the country adopts a federal constitution and accepts Crimea’s secession.

Evidently, they take no prisoners. This is Third World. This is what Putin calls progress. I think Russia is dangerous and it shows very plainly where it's priorities are. Russia is untrustworthy and not at all ready for the real world. I sincerely think the First World needs to insulate itself from this coming disaster. I would not engage Russia as a partner in anything. It is not capable of living in the civilized world. The social mores are wrong, the people are a disaster. They are so oppressed they have no idea what freedom and democracy can bring them. Russia is the product of oppression, who knows what actually lies within it's potential, there is no way to know. Tanking one's own currency simply because it believes entitlement to bully the world is not the profile of a successful and willing nation.

The Third World is used to enhance Wall Street profits. Well. Is the civilized world actually going to stand by and watch while Russia entangles them in a disaster that will end in military confrontation? The West needs to disentangle the economic relationships it has with Russia. It isn't going to work and the communist that Putin actually is, will only try to rope them into a world of oppression along with Russian citizens. In all honesty, The West should not have even hoped the economic relationship with Russia would result in internal reforms. That was a different Bush by the way.

24 Medals of Honor for minority recipients.

By Halimah Abdullah
POSTED: 10:59 AM CDT Mar 18, 2014    UPDATED: 12:20 PM CDT Mar 18, 2014
...President Barack Obama (click here) will honor 24 Army veterans with the Medal of Honor -- the country's highest military award, given to American soldiers who display "gallantry above and beyond the call of duty " -- for their combat actions in Vietnam, Korea and World War II. Only three of the soldiers are alive to receive the recognition.
The rest -- soldiers with last names including Garcia and Weinstein and Negron -- are dead.
For the few who survive, like Melvin Morris, this day has been more than 40 years in the making.
He was fresh-faced and 19 when he volunteered to go to Vietnam. In 1969, the Army Green Beret "charged into a hail of fire" to save his injured comrades and retrieve the bodies of the fallen, even though he was shot several times and bleeding. The Army would later say his actions on the battlefield that day showed "determination possessed by few men."
He was honored in 1970 with the Army's Distinguished Service Cross award....


Seattle mayor: Crash site could be closed for days 
Posted: Mar 18, 2014 3:38 PM EST 
Updated: Mar 18, 2014 3:39 PM EST 
SEATTLE (AP) - Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says the scene of a fatal helicopter crash near Seattle's Space Needle could remain closed for three to five days as investigators probe what happened.

He told a news conference the city will review its helipad policy following Tuesday's crash that killed the two people in the chopper and badly injured a man in a car. The two who died were a pilot and a former KOMO-TV news photographer.

The KOMO helicopter went down at a busy intersection and hit three vehicles, starting them on fire and spewing burning fuel down the street. The accident site is in a heavily-trafficked area of the city for vehicles and pedestrians.
The mayor says the monorail and Space Needle will also remain closed until officials remove the two bodies.

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

That is the real problem with Russia's lack of respect for international law.

It wasn't until NCLB that federal authority removed local and state cirriculum authority.

No Child Left Behind  (NCLB) (click here) is the current incarnation of President Lyndon Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), whose purpose was to raise achievement and close achievement gaps. NEA strongly supports these goals and is working to give all children great public schools. But educators know that NCLB as currently written can’t get us there....

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act was passed in 1965 (click here) as a part of the "War on Poverty." ESEA emphasizes equal access to education and establishes high standards and accountability. The law authorizes federally funded education programs that are administered by the states. In 2002, Congress amended ESEA and reauthorized it as the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)....

Testing requirements robbed the treasuries for school curriculum. Basically, this is divide and conquer and privatize the monies into charter schools. NCLB is a profit scheme. There is a lot of money in the public school system. There was no way of putting the money into Wall Street pockets while isolating the education to serve Wall Street without first dissolving the education cirriculum of the USA.

Don't play the word game with me about non-profit. The Roman Catholic Church is a non-profit, too. If there weren't people making money from non-profits they would not exist.


Published: March 26, 2006
SACRAMENTO — Thousands of schools (click here) across the nation are responding to the reading and math testing requirements laid out in No Child Left Behind, President Bush's signature education law, by reducing class time spent on other subjects and, for some low-proficiency students, eliminating it....
...The intense focus on the two basic skills is a sea change in American instructional practice, with many schools that once offered rich curriculums now systematically trimming courses like social studies, science and art. A nationwide survey by a nonpartisan group that is to be made public on March 28 indicates that the practice, known as narrowing the curriculum, has become standard procedure in many communities....

..."Narrowing the curriculum has clearly become a nationwide pattern," said Jack Jennings, the president of the center, which is based in Washington....

...About 125 of the school's lowest-performing students are barred from taking anything except math, reading and gym, a measure that Samuel Harris, a former lieutenant colonel in the Army who is the school's principal, said was draconian but necessary. "When you look at a kid and you know he can't read, that's a tough call you've got to make," Mr. Harris said....

...Sydney Smith, a vice principal who oversees instruction at the school, said she had heard only minimal grumbling from students excluded from electives.
"I've only had about two students come to my office and say: 'What in the world? I'm just taking two courses?' " Ms. Smith said. "So most students are not complaining about being miserable."

But Lorie Turner, who teaches English to some pupils for three consecutive periods and to others for two periods each day, said she used some students' frustration to persuade them to try for higher scores on the annual exams administered under California's Standardized Testing and Reporting program, known as Star. 

"I have some little girls who are dying to get out of this class and get into a mainstream class," Ms. Turner said. "But I tell them the only way out is to do better on that Star test."

Children forced into concentrating on passing tests never get an education. They only learn to cope with their sequestered reality and stigmatism. There were plenty of students in my school system that weren't A or B students. They sometimes continued to attempt to achieve in the regular school setting or they were allowed to attend trade/vocational school in the county school system. There was plenty of sensitivity to the underachieved and it never meant they were isolated to only one path of education. 

If economies are local and the people know the needs of their children, then curriculum decisions need to be made among the educators and their administration. That means the School Board and the Superintendent actually have a job to do.  

Stop privatizing education, it is robbing our children of their futures. Parents have to trust those responsible for the education of their children. 

My parents were involved in the city where we lived with whatever time they had free to do so. They attended meetings and read minutes and educated themselves to the issues of the day. The local newspaper came out once a week and was delivered and the daily paper was delivered. What has happened to priorities of this country? If parents and citizens want to read their papers on the internet then do so, but, don't think being uneducated about your local government will get you what you want. It won't.

Do you ever have to borrow a cup of milk or the sharpener for the lawn mower blades? Do you know your neighbors? We knew ours. We all agreed about important problems. We went to each other homes and played pinocle. We had barbeques that weren't complete without the neighbors. The children played together and we didn't worry about Halloween, except, if the kids got caught taking the toilet paper out of the bathroom.

Life is work and it isn't always the paycheck that makes life 'worth it.' But. My mother and father worked for companies and made good salaries. They got by just fine with each working a full time job. 

Hello, America? 

Is the priority of quality time at home actually still an American value that means you love your kids? 

What do you mean children aren't taught Cursive and multiplicaion tables?

This is like for real? Children aren't taught these things? Multiplication AND DIVISION tables were huge tasks in fourth grade for me. My children can write their name. They can write in LONG HAND anything without a stupid computer. Computers are stupid by the way. They are nothing without programmers and an operator.

Robert Kittle  
8:11 p.m. EDT March 17, 2014
A bill that would require South Carolina students (click here) to learn how to read and write cursive and memorize multiplication tables comes up for a vote Tuesday at the Statehouse.

North Carolina passed a similar law last year.

Most states no longer mandate that schools teach cursive, and it's not required as part of the Common Core Standards that most states have adopted. With so much of work, and everyday life, being done on computers and smartphones, schools are now teaching keyboarding....

That is astounding. Wow. What the heck is going on? Where did the curriculum go? This is completely wrong. APPLICABLE knowledge to the real world starts at Kindergarten and is honed all the way to graduation. Please don't tell me the majority of students in the USA are extensions of computers. Please tell me a student can throw away a computer and function in the world. Computers are an enhancement and not a learning dialogue with a real teacher.

Look, I am not this stupid. I was in advanced classes at the university not long ago and we had professor at the front of the classroom and lecture hall. Computers were an enhancement, but, there was nothing I could not learn for success in that course from the textbook, lecture hall and office hours. 

Is this what No Child Left Behind did to the USA? A decade later and our students have an umbilical to an electronic monster? 

Can they spell? Because when using a mobile device the spelling of words is perverted. LOL? Laugh out loud takes to long and to many characters to type. Can they spell?  

Does a dictionary still have a function? One of the gifts I'd give any high school graduates in our family was a set of dictionary, thesaurus and famous quotes by great people. Hard covers so they had longevity.

Now, I am scared for our country. 

We were drilled on all this stuff as children. We had to learn cursive and hand in homework written in cursive and if the teacher could not read it that was just too bad. I mean it. That level of expertise didn't happen in Kindergarten, but, by the fifth and sixth grade a student had to write and write well. 

There was a letter grade on the quarterly report card for handwriting in the early grades. My quarterly I mean a 'normal' school year where children had a summer vacation time. Extending the school year isn't going to do a thing if there is poor curriculum. 

Gosh, in Kindergarten there was adding and subtracting we had to learn and hand in homework. No lie. Kindergarten. We were tested on that, graded and received a letter grade on the report card to parents. Parents had to sign the report card and the student had to return the signed report card to the teacher. The teacher could comment on the report card to the parents. Do they still have parent-teacher conferences? That was nearly mandatory of parents.

If the classroom is this dysfunctional with substitution of computers for real learning and parent-teacher face to face interaction, then the USA is in sincere trouble for the next decade until this gets turned around. Seriously. 

In the fourth grade we had learn multiplication and division. The class of 30 plus children with one teacher had daily quizzes. If I remember right, there were 50 multiplication OR division problems that had to be completed in 4 minutes. Everyday. I am fairly sure it was 50, I don't think it was 100 problems. Maybe by the end of the year it was 100 problems of both multiplication and division in 4 minutes. It was memorization. The daily rehearsal was enforcement of what we were told to memorize at home. That daily input amounted to honed math skills that served in higher math in Junior and Senior High School. It became engrained in our memories. It wasn't a burden or an obsession at all. It became a matter of function after a time.

The teaching of that learning was an art. There is nothing like a student realizing 2+2=4 and so does 2X2=4. It went like this. Two apples and two apples made four apples, but, two apples and two oranges made four fruits. So the idea was to have two different types of fruit was 2X2 whereby four of the same fruit was simple addition. The statement was if you had two oranges and two apples how many pieces of fruit did you have. 2X2=4. That demonstration in the classroom exposed the students to abstraction to create the idea of multiplication. Then that abstracted thinking turned into competency in higher learning later in school. The memorizing was realized as important because it would be impossible to count 500 fruits in two different delivery trucks while 'the math' made it easy to realize 2 trucks with 500 fruit in each was 1000 pieces of fruit. Who wanted to spend their entire free time counting fruit on trucks?

And then to realize the grocer buying the fruit wanted to know exactly the kind of fruit on the truck now carrying 25 boxes of different fruit. And after that, of course the delivery driver had to collect the cost of the fruit from the grocer. Right?

Yes, all that was with pencil and paper. The teacher was very good at operating the mimeograph machine in the room next to the teacher lounge.

Come on, people, where is the real teaching in the classroom?

Jihad needs a website? Allah built the website? Really?

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) (click here) A man convicted in a failed 2001 shoe-bomb plot to bring down an airplane will be allowed to testify at the sentencing of two British citizens who pleaded guilty in Connecticut to supporting terrorists through websites.

Judge Janet Hall on Monday granted prosecutors' request to have the witness testify by video from Britain. She ordered the government to pay travel expenses of attorneys for defendants Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan to attend the deposition.

Prosecutors say the witness is expected to testify that Ahmad sent him to Afghanistan to train for violent jihad and that he moved on from Ahmad and was trained by al-Qaida members for the shoe bomb plot. The man also is expected to testify that he saw nearly two dozen others that Ahmad sent from the United Kingdom to train in Afghanistan, prosecutors said....

NASA answers "Gravity."

Astronaut Steve L. Smith, (click here) payload commander, retrieves a power tool while standing on the mobile foot restraint at the end of the remote manipulator system. Photo/NASA                                          NASA has never incurred a tragedy as it appeared in "Gravity" and I am sure they have looked at those scenarios before they launched the first ISS mission. But, NASA cannot deny those scenarios are based in the reality of space physics. The antidote to "Gravity" is to realize space is a dangerous place and the only way to completely protect astronauts from alternate realities is to build a Star Trek like WayStation. A place human beings actually have a structure strong enough to protect them from accelerated debris or objects. That, however, is a very expensive deal and is military focused which is nonsense. Private industry could never afford to build such a station in space.

As if suffering families isn't enough, the right wing notches it up once again.

The Israeli government (click here) is preparing it’s defenses on the off chance that the Malaysian Flight 370 was hijacked and may be used as a weapon against their country.  The thought of a 9/11 style attack has them worried as it should.  Israeli air defenses have been boosted and all civilian aircraft will be required to identify itself upon entering their airspace.

The Israeli government is obligated to protect Israel with every advantage, that doesn't mean there is a sincere danger simply because Israel is a convenient target for hateful politics.

Israel alone cannot protect itself from it's sovereign boundaries, the USA has to help. To that end we are allies and I am sure there is a Navy ship somewhere in the region with radar for early detection of any approaching danger. A plane loaded with nuclear material has to be found before it is a threat, afterward is too late. 

I will say this, if the trajectory of the missing 777 was altered through it's computer, it occurred before it took off and the crew didn't notice it as they consider their computers a friendly agent in flight. So the jet engaged in a computer appropriate turn, it was more than likely considered a turn in the route on it's way to Beijing.

The idea there was absolutely no telephone calls from the plane speaks to a reality the right wing can't deny. If the right wing is going to say the telephone service on the 777 was cut off in it's computer driven hijacking then that is a much larger problem involving a country with the capacity beyond sabotage at the level of the pilot. That is a country with satellite control of telecommunications and that is a completely separate dialogue. 

The jet is in the Yellow Sea. 

There is also real incentive for the countries in the Malaysian neighborhood to seek to divert any crash of a 777. The West's media would immediately begin the 'who done it' search to enhance war mongering. It just may be the search of the Yellow Sea continues while the world is entertained otherwise.

These people are the only legitimate focus. Their suffering alone demands the attention of the world.

Scott Brown is running as a cartoon because he has no record to run on.

The truck.

The Republican who will defeat Roe v Wade, AKA "Holy Guy."

The underdog that is always picked on because he has a truck.

The barn coat that shows value of the longevity of clothing. THRIFT.

And according to "Esquire" he has the correct genitalia.

....The second problem (click here) involves which Scott Brown is going to be running up there. If it's the happy truck guy in the barn coat, the likable dude with the likable family, that's one thing. If it's the colossally humorless dick who ran (and lost) against Senator Professor Warren, he's going to get squashed. I remain baffled why he took one of his real political strengths and shredded it voluntarily in 2012 but, were I him, and if I decided to run, I'd have Eric Fehrnstrom stopped at the border.

Esquire forgot to mention he has colorless skin and a bank account to choke on only obtained after he entered the US Senate.

The Republicans aren't even counting on Brown's victory. Of the 21 Senate seats they are hoping to take seven. I don't that is realistic. Three of the seven are open seats due to retirements of incumbents.

March 18, 2014, 3:00 AM

....Let’s start with the basics: (click here) Democrats have more seats at risk this year than Republicans do. Of the 36 Senate seats up for election (including three midterm vacancies), 21 are held by Democrats. And seven of those Democratic seats are in Republican-leaning “red states” that Mitt Romney won in 2012: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia....

Senator Mary Landrieu has the most difficult challenge. The voters that will put a Republican in office have bought into the idea of "poverty is okay so long as I can squeeze out housing and food for the table." They are the folks that are independent contractors to the petroleum industry among other so called small business owners. The sad part about the Louisiana reality is that impoverishment is enforced through fear of being unemployed at any moment.

That is the reality of the Right to Work laws no one speaks of. The Right to Work insures the labor force are oppressed and scared to death of losing their job and/or paycheck when they own a business that provides a marginal living. I'd love to see the statistics on that. How many citizens in Louisiana feel they have job security and why. 

Income equality is a reality in Louisiana. The DNC needs to find a way for candidates in Right to Work states to have a conversation with the electorate. These states are income oppressed to benefit Wall Street cronies. It is so bad in the southern states it is literally cultural. That is what Senator Landrieu faces when she runs in elections. She can't even allude to the fact Louisiana has the highest amount of monies coming in to support their Medicaid roles because it is government spending.

Isn't that crazy? People in Louisiana play this game of take from the government and pander to private industry. The people of Louisiana are programed to think against their best interests while they completely ignore the fact these states have some of the highest government payouts in supplement support systems in the USA. It is an amazing mind set these folks have and it is connected to suffering invoked by god. 

See, the companies in the south are poor companies and the people are lucky to have them. So, not only are the people burdened as if "Job" (The Biblical Job, which if spelled in English is Jobe) so are the companies. God is not an easy man to live with. Even the concept of Job is warped in the South. See Job is all sacrificing. But, that isn't what the Bible says. Job was tested and to that he passed the test, but, Job really is wealthy as hell. Excuse the pun.

If I sin, what do I do to you, you watcher of humanity? Why have you made me your target?

Job is a wealthy man living in a land called Uz with his large family and extensive flocks. He is “blameless” and “upright,” always careful to avoid doing evil (1:1). One day, Satan (“the Adversary”) appears before God in heaven. God boasts to Satan about Job’s goodness, but Satan argues that Job is only good because God has blessed him abundantly. Satan challenges God that, if given permission to punish the man, Job will turn and curse God. God allows Satan to torment Job to test this bold claim, but he forbids Satan to take Job’s life in the process.

Where the folks in the south need to get it right is to understand IN ORDER to be tested for HEAVEN one FIRST has to be wealthy as hell. If one is a pauper I think god ignores them because the devil has no profit in testing those jerks.

So, while I made my point I don't think it advisable for the DNC to run ads promoting a "God Test" to eliminate Right to Work mind think. It just proves how completely corrupt the south actually is. If the preachers were teaching their parishioners the correct message of Job they would demand them to be members of unions to become filthy rich and then allow them to donate more money in their tithing so the churches would not be seeking money from the government when they are suppose to be tax exempt as a non-profit and a separate interest from 'the state.'

Is that not a racket? Now, the US government supports churches because their parishioners suffer income inequality and THEN the Republicans syphon off the "Godly Man" for elections. That is racketeering, but, god forbid anyone call it that. 

But, back to elections. The Red States are a problem for Democrats because there is NO LEGAL LANGUAGE for them to speak to their electorate. The DNC and unions have to start speaking the truth throughout these states and give them back the 'dictionary of decency.' 

Senator Landrieu has to dialogue with people and be more than a 15 second ad to insure her distance from the voters. She is a great person and a wonderful Senator who sincerely worries and cares about the people of Louisiana. She deserves to be in the US Senate and there is no candidate better than she come November. 

Regardless of how frustrating the VW union is and becomes, the dialogue is extremely important. The unions need to realize even in defeat they are returning language, self-esteem and Middle Class values to the American people they seek to represent.