Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank you, Tucson for showing us the way. A city of remarkable people.

The Tucson newspaper, "The Citizen" is providing coverage of the events surrounding this tragedy. 

They would like people to bookmark the page and refer to it for updates and news to follow the progress of their community and news of the survivors.

The bookmark might have been just for this evening, but, I am sure The Tucson Citizen will be reporting on updates about events and progress.  They seem like a well engaged eommunity.  It makes sense to check in from time to time.

...So bookmark this page (click title to entry - thank you) and return here frequently for the latest on this historic night honoring the dead, the injured and the spirit of community that is enveloping Tucson.

The President needs to propose a bill, maybe in his State of the Union Address, named after the Christina Green or Tucson or the victims.  There needs to be a gun bill to make this outrageous act of violence.

The House Repuglicans aren't interested in having any more deaths of Democratic US Congresswomen from guns ended

As a matter of fact, the House Repuglicans won't be looking to change a thing.

...Rep. Peter King (R-L.I.), (click title to entry - thank you) chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said Tuesday that he'd introduce a new bill that bars anyone from carrying a gun within 1,000 feet of a federal official.
He believes the legislation could have prevented the Jan. 8 Arizona shootings that killed six and injured more than a dozen people, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).
Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Rep. Cantor told the Daily News majority leader is against the proposed legislation.
"The proposal wouldn't have prevented this tragedy, or other mentally unstable individuals or criminals from committing horrific acts," said Dayspring.
Boehner's spokesman, Michael Steel, told The Hill that the speaker, too, was against the measure....

Representative King's bill would have an effect, BUT, it requires security personnel to be in attendance at every rally where elected government representatives appeared.  If there isn't ENFORCEMENT 'on site' it isn't going to mean much.

So, the 'idea' of small government and reducing essential services to people including police and firemen isn't important to House Repuglicans.  I doubt anyone in the Senate Republican chambers care about the topic much either.

The House wants to get on with its political agenda of bashing President Obama and all the other mess they value.  Don't expect 'reason' to come out of anything the House does.  It won't happen.  Not this year or next. 


Sharon Angle!

There are times when words convey a message that is understood without explicit directions.  Those words, "Relaod" and Angel's calling for the Second Amendment to take meaning falls just short of calling for assassination and violence.  Or does it?

According to David Frum, a man I usually regard as important with important things to say stated, the gunman was dillusional and saw things.  If that were the case then the government would have no case and there would NOT be charges of ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION.  I mean for real here, whom was the gunman shooting the Devil and his fellow devils?  The gunman knew exactly whom his target was and why.

Hannity is screaming the Pima County Sheriff is nothing but corrupt and covert and political for NOT releasing records.  Could it be that the prosecution is concerned about having too much 'case information' in the media and ruining a chance at a good jury pool?  Does Hannity want the gunman to walk free before the jury even is picked or convenes?  How convenient he can call it corruption when it is nothing but good practice.

The Right Wing Pundits have a lot of problems and I suggest they wok on it.

Let's make this real clear, there wouldn't even be a trial if the gunman was certifible and considered insane.  There are REAL LIFE charges against him, try to get your minds around it and WHY !

The guy wasn't 'certified' and there is a reason for it.

His lifestyle choices allowed him to plan the assassination, carry it out and formulate a priority for anyone surrounding his primary target.

There are schizoid and schizo-affective disorders that would benefit from medication but aren't certifiable.

He is not an atheist either.  Atheism is very different than believing in NOTHING.

He was a killer by choice with a mission for his priorities and he did it without supervision. 

He acted in a manner he felt was necessary for reasons that are dominated by the 'tone' of the country.  If this guy 'get off' on 'sanity' charges it will be a miscarriage of justice.  Anyone that can be autonomous in acting to kill isn't insane regardless of how dysfunctional they may be.

He attended classes, kept a schedule and knew that guns destroyed life.  He understood what he was doing.

Okay, nobody is going to like this entry. Too bad.

The text is from the New York Times.

...The account by Mr. Loughner’s friend, a rare extended interview with someone close to Mr. Loughner in recent years, added some details to the emerging portrait of the suspect and his family.
“He was a nihilist and loves causing chaos, and that is probably why he did the shooting, along with the fact he was sick in the head,” said Zane Gutierrez, 21, who was living in a trailer outside Tucson and met Mr. Loughner sometimes to shoot at cans for target practice....

...Mr. Gutierrez said his friend had become obsessed with the meaning of dreams and their importance. He talked about reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “The Will To Power” and embraced ideas about the corrosive, destructive effects of nihilism — a belief in nothing....

Believing in NOTHING is what allows the belief in ANYTHING.

It is why science has no meaning to people that find it 'inconvenient' to their profit margins.  There is APPLICATION of Nihilism in real life and it is practiced in a way that DEPERSONALIZES values structures to allow the intrusion of the 'unprovable' but 'plausible.

Example:  Birthers, 911 Truthers, Self Righteous, etc.

It is where myth lives and deception by and of the desperate PROVIDES a venue to escape the values of a 'Mainstream' society. 

After a sincere tragedy to a society that occurred in 2008, which is exampled in the Great Depression, people are desperate to 'gain control' and they grasp at any plausible reason to achieve 'an end.'  Complete demoralization of Americans occur when they are placed in poverty after achieving promised goals by a society.  ANY method of belief that will bring them out of their poverty 'state' or any method of belief that they BELIEVE will bring them BACK their promises will take hold.

Demoralizing a segment of a nation of people that have not only 'lost' their 'power' but also believe they are the only 'real answer' to their own promises will result in all kinds of mess in 'belief systems' JUSTIFIED by believing in the supernatural or God while achieving a 'spiritual reformation' of those that surround them.

In other words, the spirituality of 'the new truth' will provide the moral content to bring about a shift in values on 'human levels' while providing the 'psyche' the needed relief in believing it is 'wholesome' and 'good.'

If science challenges and disproves the belief system that provides the 'new venue' of 'power' it will be dismissed as inaccurate and hideous.  Experts that 'believe' in 'the new profit' of the 'new paradigm' will 'find' enough evidence to provide a basis of 'faux realtiy.'

There is only one 'main stream' party in Washington, DC that embraces those that are de-ranged to the American Social Fabric and they had to approach and agree with Nihilism to achieve their majority in the House.   They know it "W"rong and they continue down that path anyway.   Why?

Loughner is a PRODUCT of the society he lived in whereby violence and death is the ultimate solution to removing social fabric to a NEW PARADIGM of belief that will 'bring back' comfort.  This extremism was going to happen when a political tone in the USA demanded it. 

The fact he obtained weapons and used them should be no surprise to LIMITED government and less regulation.  Governments across the USA, either local or state or federal are all stressed beyond their capacity and this IS the result.  Government is vital to a civilized society and without it people LIVE BY THE GUN.  Who's philosophy is that and why is HALF of the USA opposed to it?

A major media enterprise with global reach embrassed Nihilism and did it for POLITICAL PROFITS.  The ODDS were this would occur and would escalate if EXPLAINED AWAY 'as a nut case.'  He is not an isolated incident and nobody from my side of the street believes it is.

What seemed like insanity is very, very EXPLAINABLE.