Sunday, June 14, 2015

We haven't been vigilant enough.

There is a movement within the conservative political movement that brings preference to bear rather than law accompanied by appropriate studies. It is a populous political status with absolutely no respect for research and/or scientists.

We know the Republicans are if not conservative are extreme conservatives. That extreme trend manifested in full bloom with the election of President Obama.

We also know politics bring about preference to political funders. The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground is exactly the legislation that reveals monoculture of conservative values that provide profits to Wall Street.

It is time to roll back both laws and continue to unload the American landscape of the potential to violence based in guns. Sure, sure, there are other methods of causing homicide, but, guns are a major player.

"Use of Lethal Force" is a very important concept. When police use lethal force it is almost prescribed to when and how it is used on the population of the USA. There is not a blanket understanding police have complete freedom to use lethal force against any citizen. We are witnessing prescribed words in police reports following a death of a citizen. In many instances, those prescribed words are backed by a police union. When is a union going to be cited as a conspirator to fraud? 

I like unions. There is not doubt about that, but, I do not like unions that provide danger and dysfunction to our society. Unions are not angels or devils depending on the side one stands. Unions are vital to the USA Middle Class. Realizing their importance there should be a continuous quality assurance of the operations of unions. Unions are a service. That service needs to be reviewed by peers for it's excellence in practice.

But, to return to use of lethal force and the dynamics involved in it's evolution on the street. 

Do you think police read about new state laws in the newspaper or professional journals? I would think so. I would think they would want to be aware of laws that impact their practice of police work. When they read these articles or hear about those laws from peers or worried spouses, do you think they adjust their practice in policing? I would expect that. As a matter of fact if they didn't think about their practice as a professional practice I would worry. 

Police are considered to be blue collar workers. They do physical work, however, they are skilled blue collar workers. They have training and use specialized equipment, so they definitely are in the class of blue collar workers as professional nurses are too. 

The police are important to the functioning of our society. They should have support by the public and when that doesn't happen it has to be examined for reasons and needed reform.

The level of dysfunction of the police and the local government in Ferguson, Missouri was a surprise. The idea the government belonged to the people was completely absent. The Ferguson infrastructure was an island that preyed on the population for money. I would love to understand the evolution of what was discovered in Ferguson. Ferguson should be a study by a doctoral thesis at the very least to break it down and define where government went so very, very wrong. I would prefer a post doc to carry out the study actually. The benefits of performing such a study could be recognized by other local governments to make adjustments when needed to deflect this harsh and unmerciful reality of citizens. I would think a state's governor would be exceptionally interested in such results.

But, one more time returning to use of force and the practice of police. Let's assume police educate themselves through practice seminar and professional journals. What would be the reaction of police when they read or were educated about the Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine? It is agreed both these laws contribute to violence in society/street violence. If the violence is notched up 8 percent in any city or town, I would expect police to react to such a reality.

Among the best reasons to roll back laws such as the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground is the level of danger added to police work and their personal adjustments to such realities.

When such laws are instituted they are done so across the entire USA. It changes dynamics across a very broad spectrum of cultures. The changes impact criminals as well as innocent people worried about home invasion. 

The NRA and other gun organizations like to provide the idea gun ownership is an advantage over criminals. That is not accurate. When gun laws become more liberal and/or the number of guns in the country increase that does not make police work more safe. More than that it doesn't provide an advantage to citizens facing the fear of home invasion. I would bet real money to realize a dog or two dogs (to keep each other company when home alone) serve more of a deterrent than a gun in the dresser draw. Don't people sleep? Dogs are better at being alert than a human being.

And one other thing? Don't home security systems work? 

My millionaire uncle has a home alarm he sets at night. I drive him crazy when I come to visit because I am an early riser. I don't have the pass code for the security system. I wouldn't even know where to find the alarm system. I am also autonomous in caring for myself when I visit and prefer not to wake anyone else. It was a curiosity to me when he was awake and in the hall balcony that overlooks the living room. I stated, "Good Morning, should I get your coffee?" He always stated, "No, not yet. You were about to set off the alarm system." Evidently he has a buzzer pre-alarm to the primary alarm to avoid such false problems as the waste of time of police. Police also are primed for use of their guns when alarms occur, false or not. Sticky situation. 

But, regardless, I inevitably apologize as if I did something wrong. He always states, "There isn't anything to be sorry about. I am going back to bed, now."

The point is the Second Amendment does not allow the degree of self-defense that occurs these days and certainly doesn't give permission for vigilantism. We know that from a decision authored by Justice Scalia.

So, when is society finally going to reflect the laws that are actually beneficial to the USA and not cause more problems than they solve? And when will racism be a culture of the past whereby statistics for African Americans are no worse than statistics for the Caucasian citizens in the USA?

Excuse me, but, there are many Caucasian people that back the work of "Black Lives Matter."

In this July 24, 2009, (click here) file photo, Rachel Dolezal, a leader of the Human Rights Education Institute, stands in front of a mural she painted at the institute's offices in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Dolezal, now president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP, is facing questions about whether she lied about her racial identity, with her family saying she is white but has portrayed herself as black.

June 13, 2015
By Chris Spargo

The white NAACP leader (click here) who misrepresented herself as black reportedly said as she organized groups during the Black Lives Matter movement that only black people should be directing and leading the protests.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, activist and writer Marc Lamont Hill said he knew Rachel Dolezal, and heard her state that only black people should lead the movement that arose in the wake of repeated incidents of police brutality against black individuals starting late last year.

Hill then said what Dolezal is doing is the 'ultimate exercise in white privilege.'...

BLM becomes reality.

Want to support the national Movement for Black Lives? (click here) Show your support by purchasing an awareness ribbon or wristband!

We have received an amazing opportunity from a community member fed up with state-violence against black bodies! The BLM Awareness Ribbon was created to take a stand against police brutality and other forms of state violence, by bring attention to these issues through solidarity in the black community.  Proceeds from the sales will benefit the black community in several ways: The bulk of the proceeds will be placed into a fund for families who have lost a member to police brutality, and other proceeds will be given to various organizations in the movement, including #BlackLivesMatter and HandsUp United!  Click a photo to be taken to the BLM Ribbon site to make your purchase!
Does Strengthening Self-Defense Law Deter Crime or Escalate Violence?
Evidence from Expansions to Castle Doctrine
Texas A&M University
Mark Hoekstra†
Texas A&M University and NBER
Forthcoming in the Journal of Human Resources

From 2000 to 2010, (click here) more than 20 states passed so-called “castle doctrine”or“stand your ground”laws. These laws expand the legal justification for the use of lethal force in self-defense, thereby lowering the expected cost of using lethal force and increasing the expected cost of committing violent crime. This paper exploits the within-state variation in self-defense law to examine their effect on homicides and violent crime. Results indicate the laws do not deter burglary, robbery, or aggravated assault. In contrast, they lead to a statistically significant 8 percent net increase in the number of reported murders and non-negligent manslaughters....

The vigilantism of Mr. Zimmerman was inspired by a new god of all guns. "Stand Your Ground and The Castle Doctrine"


Connecticut laws/regulations; Other States laws/regulations; Court Case

April 24, 2012

The Castle Doctrine (click here) and “stand-your-ground” laws are affirmative defenses for individuals charged with criminal homicide. The Castle Doctrine is a common law doctrine stating that an individual has no duty to retreat when in his or her home, or “castle,” and may use reasonable force, including deadly force, to defend his or her property, person, or another. Outside of the “castle,” however, an individual has a duty to retreat, if able to do so, before using reasonable force. Stand-your-ground laws, by comparison, remove the common law requirement to retreat outside of one's “castle,” allowing an individual to use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat. Deadly force is reasonable under stand-your-ground laws in certain circumstances, such as imminent great bodily harm or death....

March 21, 2012
By John Nichols

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (click here) endorsed Mitt Romney Wednesday, earning national headlines as an elder statesman of a Grand Old Party that is still trying to wrap its head around the concept of Romney as a presidential nominee.

It is a measure of the extent to which media and political players absolve those who make laws from any responsibility for the impact of the legislation they enact and sign that Romney—who has so meticulously avoided discussing the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida—would casually accept the backing of the signer of the “Stand Your Ground” law that so many reasonable observers believe played a role in Trayvon’s death....

Then came Trayvon and a culture of self-righteous use of guns.

February 13, 2015
By Elijah Anderson

Separated (click here) by a thousand miles, two state borders, and nearly six decades, two young African American boys met tragic fates that seem remarkably similar today: both walked into a small market to buy some candy; both ended up dead.... 

Had Vigilantism returned or had it never ended in the first place?

Taking the law (click here) into one's own hands and attempting to effect justice according to one's own understanding of right and wrong; action taken by a voluntary association of persons who organize themselves for the purpose of protecting a common interest, such as liberty, property, or personal security; action taken by an individual or group to protest existing law; action taken by an individual or group to enforce a higher law than that enacted by society's designated lawmaking institutions; private enforcement of legal norms in the absence of an established, reliable, and effective law enforcement body....

Vigilantism never entered the courtroom where Mr. Zimmerman was being tried. It was all facts and figures and innuendo about the death of a black young man. But, the fact Mr. Zimmerman completely ignored instructions by police stating to not follow Trayvon has it's own impacts. 

Mr. Zimmerman ignored the instructions of police because he elevated himself as more vigilant and effective than police. He was a Neighborhood Watch captain, which has no sincere legal designation or certification, and believed within his role police were not doing a good job. There had been a few burglaries in the local community. 

Mr. Zimmerman had taken the law into his own and attempted to effect justice according to one's own understanding of right and wrong.

The reaction then was exactly the same as the reaction now. They blamed the media and fully defended police.

Fmr. Chief Daryl Gates

Do you believe, in retrospect (click here)--and putting yourself back at that moment--that there were forces interested in exploiting that tape, that moment--forces that had an ax to grind with the L.A.P.D.?

I don't think there is any question about it. It was a great opportunity, a great opportunity. They had the Reverend Jesse Jackson coming out here every week. He didn't even know me, and he stood up and denounced me, over and over again. He knew nothing about me, knew nothing about the policies of the Los Angeles Police Department or what we had done in all communities throughout the city--our community relations, our community efforts. He knew none of this. He just blasted Daryl Gates and the Los Angeles Police Department. Al Sharpton came out. He knew nothing about the Los Angeles Police Department, knew nothing about me. These people. . . filled the atmosphere with hate: hate, hate, hate. Those poor Los Angeles police officers. I know--I talk to them, day in and day out. They sat back and said, "Hey, what did we do? What did we do? We go out every day. We try to do the job in the best way we know how. We know what service is all about. We know. We try to help people. We try to keep them safe. What did we do? What did we do?" All I could tell them is, "You didn't do anything. You did your job. You've done a good job. You're damn fine police officers, and this is a political thing, pure politics."

The Rodney King beating occured in 1991.

Then there is this.

Gawker (click here)

August 15, 2014
By Jaeah Lee 

Previous attempts (click here) to analyze racial bias in police shootings have arrived at similar conclusions. In 2007, ColorLines (click here) and the Chicago Reporter (click here) investigated fatal police shootings in 10 major cities, and found that there were a disproportionately high number of African Americans among police shooting victims in every one, particularly in New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas....

The shooting of unarmed black men is far higher than unarmed Caucasian men. It is a fact and it is backed by statistics. 

We don't perform statistics often enough to monitor police and any trends regardless of the topic. The USA has to get better at this. I think there is an underlying problem as witnessed with Anthony V. Bruno, the Kansas City Firefighter. But, when race is added to it there is a far larger problem.

I as I always do, I examined my own bias and my sense of purpose.

I began to think are there components of the black alertness that is actually an illness in our society in general. There was reason to believe otherwise, especially, when unarmed Caucasian men were being gunned down, too.

December 2, 2013
By Liz Fields

Kansas City authorities (click here) are trying to piece together what happened when an early morning confrontation left a groom celebrating his wedding shot dead and the officer who shot him hospitalized with face injuries.
Anthony V. Bruno, 26, a six year veteran of the Kansas City Fire Department, was killed after he left his wedding reception in the early hours of Sunday morning. A family member said the incident may have been sparked by a dispute over a cab fare.
Kansas City police said in a statement that at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, an unidentified off-duty police officer responded to a call that a cab driver had been assaulted in front of a hotel near 12th and Wyandotte.
The officer, a 17 year veteran of the police department, was working in uniform and in a law enforcement capacity for a downtown business at the time of the incident. He found the suspect, Bruno, a couple of blocks away where the pair got into a fight, the police statement said....
I am probably like most of the country and somewhat late to the issue. But, I think it was Sean Bell that first brought my attention to the degree unarmed black men are killed by police.

And then came Oscar Grant and "Fruitvale Station." I began to spend more time thinking about what is going on in the USA.

Where is the beginning and where is the end?

It's Sunday Night

Russian Police Women (click here)

Has Playboy ever composed a police woman theme?

"No Time This Time" by Police (click here for official website)

No time for the complexities of conversation
No time smiles, no time for knowing
No time for the intricacies of explanation
No time for sharing, even less for showing

If I could
I'd slow the whole world down
I'd bring it to it's knees
I'd stop it spinning round
But as it is
I'm climbing up an endless wall

No time at all
No time this time
No time at all
No time this time

No time for a quick kiss at the railway station
No time for a suitcase, sandwich and a morning paper
Only time for time tables, calls and transportation
No time to think no time to dare

If I could
I'd slow the whole world down
I'd bring it to it's knees
I'd stop it spinning round
But as it is
I'm climbing up an endless wall

No time at all
No time this time
No time at all
No time this time

If I could
I'd slow the whole world down
I'd bring it to it's knees
I'd stop it spinning round
But as it is
I'm climbing up an endless wall

No time at all
No time this time
No time at all
No time this time
No time at all
No time this time
No time at all
No time this time
No time at all

No time at all...
Happy Flag Day


Put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Robert's Court exists due to the legal requirements of the United States of America's Constitution. In that reality the country is supreme to decisions by it's legal body. To dissolve it's standing into what may seem like benign measures into theocracy is to assault on the sovereign country.

We already know there is 'safe haven' in religious buildings and land within the USA. We also know the USA Constitution provides for freedom of religion in the First Amendment. There is no interest by any religion in the USA Constitution. Within it's practice the religion is free to conduct itself as it pleases. 

If a religious body were to assault the USA domestically would it be an enemy of the country or a passive movement of preference? But, when religion is preference to that of the country as a decision by the Supreme Court is it not an assault?

Women are an interest of the country. Women are an interest because they hold the key to continued sovereignty. Their children are important to the future of the USA. Are women allowed to prevent from pregnancy? Is religion being used by the political right wing to insure it's future? 

If there is a segment of the political landscape of the USA that has a leaning to allow women to decide their own genetic continuance? And is that segment of the USA political landscape hazardous enough to destroy the sovereignty of the USA? If that is the case does the insistence of the courts of the USA provide for establishing mandatory child bearing? 

Without birth control, abortion and sterilization a woman could be harnessed to provide for children to carry out the USA's military and domestic content. 

Now, the question is regarding anarchy, do the people have the right to dissolve the laws of the country, destroy the separation of church and state and end the sovereign existence of the United States of America? 

How far along are we to realizing that reality? Do political forces of any kind give preference to any religious dogma?

In every decision regarding religious content within the USA the Robert's Court majority decides to benefit the religion in question and it is usually Christian. It is very easy to see there is bias within the court that leans to the dissolution of the wall between church and state. In that lies the persistent decisions of the Robert's Court to place religion first and country second. That is an assault against the USA Constitution dissolving it's constitution and replacing it with theological basis. 

The USA has an interest in upholding the wall between church and state, so why is it being persistently dissolved and do these decisions have far wider implications? I say they do.

The Supreme Court is suppose to uphold the laws of the USA that guarantee it's sovereignty and not dissolve them into the vapors.

A point of view regarding content of ethnic identity.

I have no knowledge as to whether or not this particular test is effective, it is only a reference point. 

"23andMe" (click here)

There have been all sorts of discussion about the actual genetic basis of identity, but, rarely a psychological evaluation of identity. I think science is easy to discuss. But, the aesthetics of identity and quality of life is far more diffuse and even an impossible content to identify, yet discuss.

I am not going to prescribe a dialogue sparked by an interesting and successful woman, but, I mention tools that could lend to that end. 

There is nothing wrong with ethnic identity being defended against an invasion by justification through a psychological ethnic identity. In a capitalistic society one clearly understands how sincere genetic identity can be diluted by those who seek job and/or wealth while sacrificing the importance of genetics.

Ms. Dolezal may be an interesting 'gravity center' to a long ignored social construct. 

The USA has a racism problem. We are losing magnificent young black men to 'a chance' they won't be gunned down by police that care less about their community and more about their job. We have struggled long enough to realize there are subtle and subversive attitudes that are undermining the overall intention of elevating minorities to their rightful place in what has been traditionally Caucasian dictates.

To explore the topics of subtle racism and implicit attitudes (click here) in a hands-on way that allows students to assess whether they have hidden racial biases....

I am not an expert on being black or negated racism. I think this is the type of tool necessary along side that of genetics to address what drives a society to assassinate their own youth.

Is Ms. Dolezal actually a racist or is she a minority of our ethnic content in the USA that is benevolent to a stronger understanding of ourselves. 

Do I think Ms. Dolezal can be called a racist? Yes, I do. Do I believe the motivation of her to take on a minority identity can relate to racism? Yes, I do. Can it be genocidal in a larger picture in a more aggressive method that can be harnessed in a capitalism based society? Yes, I think it can be classified as genocidal. Genocide is based in genetic results of testing and not in aesthetic content. If it were based in aesthetic content the Taliban would be a legitimate identity rather than a regime.

While Ms. Dolezal's contribution to any infrastructure of the NAACP may be important and I do not think it isn't, there are certain realities that have to be addressed. I also don't believe anything she has contributed to the NAACP is tainted by her underlying ethnic reality. I think the NAACP can determine it's own priorities of their race and what is a benevolent content and isn't. She probably did some important work and that doesn't mean a genetically African American woman could not have done the same thing.

The USA has laws. Hiring and discrimination are not permitted. The Robert's Court has made some interesting determinations about religion that can easily be applied to organizations that are race based. These type of decisions by the Robert's Court has opened Pandora's Box when the role of the Supreme Court is to apply structure and not anarchy. 

I think the controversy surrounding Ms. Dolezal's current reality is necessary, complicated and multifaceted. I reserve the right to provide an opinion, but, I have no right to dictate any method or idea as to the path this discussion needs to take. The NAACP does have options to her dismissal if it becomes necessary. Controversy that can impede the function of the NAACP is a valid reason for dismissal. The NAACP is not a tabloid newspaper. 

June 13, 2015

...Rachel Dolezal, 37, (click here) told members of Spokane's NAACP on Friday in an email that she would respond to her parents' claim on Monday night during a monthly meeting, NBC affiliate KHQ reported....

And alternative energies are less than a quarter of the energy needs of the USA.

A 2013 report (click here) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found 3.4 million green jobs in the United States at the end of 2011. This is the latest data available from BLS, due to the elimination of its Green Careers program. On March 1, 2013, the across-the board spending cuts referred to as sequestration, required by the amended Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, came into effect. As part of those budget cuts, BLS stopped offering all “measuring green jobs” products....

I doubt Texas learned a lesson about it's extremist gun laws from this. I know I did.

This was one man. A man with pain, but, that is not the issue. He obviously loved his son and didn't get enough time with him. I learned a long time ago that children are catalysts to all kinds of change in a person's life. Parents should never be denied a significant role with their children. That said, that isn't what I learned here.

One man did significant damage to a police infrastructure. I think the police in Dallas were exceptionally lucky and you can call it faith if you want, but, some times a lesson needs to be learned regardless of divine intervention.

The Dallas police were pinned down to say the least and it wasn't until Mr. Boulware left the police station were authorities able to defeat him. I can't believe the police had to DEFEAT one man. 

This is real easy. The USA has many enemies, but, few are as insidious as Daesh. I take it Mr. Boulware, age 35 years old, had no idealization of Daesh in his life. In that realize what could happen to American infrastructure if he did and had friends. 

A militia in the USA is not a difficult thing to achieve. The extreme use of the 2nd Amendment can very well prove to be the USA's undoing.

I thought Thor was indomitable.

Iceland (click here for article) is one of the sweetest countries on the planet. I hope Russia will insist on repairing both Thor and Tyr. Accidents happen.