Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is pathetic. The GOP are 'still' COMING OUT? The Gay Community is trying to get their Civil Rights in marriage and the GOP is still 'coming out.'

You know, Mehlman never seemed like a 'weak and demoralized guy' to me, so the entire 'idea' that 'coming out' is some kind of emotional trauma for HIM, is a bit laughable.  He waged war against the Gay Community as a GOP activist.  People trusted him and gave lots of money to the GOP while stanidng next to someone that basically they hate.

Mehlman is trying to do what exactly?  Come out?  Fine, then go get married Ken.  Whom is your significant other and are you planning a family?  No tough quesitons for Ken because he might crumble after 'going through' 'coming out.'  Give me a break.  Why doesn't the GOP ask the people that are surprised and amazed that Mehlman is Gay how they feel today?

Tell me Ken, did you send Mary Cheney's baby a card?

...The featured attraction was Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, who graciously consented to pose with me twice. (My camera's memory card was full the first time; D'oh! Thanks to Chris Green for taking this photo.) In his pep talk to the "troops," Mehlman drove home the importance of the Virginia statewide races in setting national political trends as we head into the 2006 congressional midterm elections. Indeed, both parties have invested considerable resources and deployed a number of staff members to Virginia for this campaign. Jerry Kilgore pulled slightly ahead of Tim Kaine in one of the latest polls, but it is still too close to call....

"Coming Out" happens to sixteen year old girls, NOT Gay Men !!!!!!!!!  Let's all hold Kenny's hand as he paints "H8" on his face and picks up a picket sign against the 'hate mongering' Right Wing.  Let Kenny speak out against Palin and her Anti-Gay rant.  Make it count Ken !!!!

..."Log Cabin Republicans is very supportive and appreciative of Ken's coming out. Being gay and being conservative are not mutually exclusive,” said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper. “As a fellow Bush alumnus, I also look forward to Ken helping me and our colleagues build a stronger and more inclusive Republican Party. Nothing presents a better argument for the equality of gay and lesbian citizens than the reality of our lives as responsible members of society. I am happy that Ken has come to a place where he can take a stand with integrity, and I welcome him as yet another conservative, common-sense voice to join with Log Cabin Republicans and all Americans in this important dialogue."...

Why do I believe this is political?  Hm?

The RNC elects Gay Men to office all the time.  The problem is that GOP legislators tend to 'harder' on Gay issues then the average Heterosexual legislators.  The reason for that is because they believe being 'Anti-Gay' solidifies 'their base' without questions in regard to ANY claim they are Gay.  I would be surprised if Mehlman simply 'comes out' and then disappears.  He has done this in anticipation of effecting elections in November.  I could be wrong, but, I don't think so.  When Mehlman becomes a Conservative Democrat and actually seeks Civil Rights that include Marriage for the LGBT community I'll believe he is sincere about his 'new social status.'  This simply goes to show how desperate the RNC is to win elections.  Everyone knew Mehlman was Gay when he was Chairman of the RNC.  Everyone.  This isn't a surprise, it is a calculated risk.

Are you Muslim? Good, real good. We are all doing real good here.

Ahmed Sharif gestures to the slashing scars on his throat and right arm.

...A crazed, and possibly drunk (click title to entry - thank you), 21-year old wingnut pulled a knife on a New York City cabbie and slashed him multiple times during evening rush hour on Wednesday after inquiring if he was a Muslim....

This is the kind of influence Palin has. 

..."This should never have happened and hopefully won't happen again," (Mayor) Bloomberg said. "Hopefully, people will understand that we can have a discourse. That's what the First Amendment is all about. That's what America is all about."...

A RESPONSIBLE legislator or pundit that sincerely understands and CARES about the brevity of their words would never participate in hate mongering.   This is what the Tea Party and the RNC calls leadership.  I congratulate Mayor Bloomberg for the wisdom of his insight.

...The intense animosity toward Muslims driving this campaign extends far beyond Ground Zero, and manifests in all sorts of significant and dangerous ways. In June, The New York Times reported on a vicious opposition campaign against a proposed mosque in Staten Island. Earlier this month, Associated Press documented that "Muslims trying to build houses of worship in the nation's heartland, far from the heated fight in New York over plans for a mosque near ground zero, are running into opponents even more hostile and aggressive." And today, The Washington Post examines anti-mosque campaigns from communities around the nation and concludes that "the intense feelings driving that debate have surfaced in communities from California to Florida in recent months, raising questions about whether public attitudes toward Muslims have shifted."...

Michael Enright (R) confers with his attorney Jason Martin during his arraignment in New York Photo: AP
...George Pataki, a former New York governor, said that he was concerned about the increasingly inflamed atmosphere in the city following the "hate crime" attack.

Michael Enright, a 21-year-old film studies student who had recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan, was travelling in 43-year-old Ahmed Sharif's taxi when he is alleged to have slashed his throat after asking him if he was having a good Ramadan....

Pataki is even justifying the hate crime as an attack aggrivated by the building of a Mosque.  Never once does he take ownership of a 'big mouth' Palin that encourages the hate.  Amazing.  The HATE CRIME was aggrivated by those that are opposing the Mosque and not those seeking to include diversity in Lower Manhattan.  Republicans will say anything and their 'poisoned pen media' will back them up. 

When does the next Rawanda begin? 

...Yesterday Mr Pataki said: "That's why the mosque, the cultural centre should not be built there." He said that those backing the project to build the Park51 [the Islamic centre] two blocks from the site of the September 11 attacks were "deliberately provoking emotions"....

This is the UNITED States of America.  Like, what?

"He-ha, Georgie, Jr." via Facebook

ADL (Anti-Defamation League) disturbed by attack on Muslim taxi driver

August 26, 2010
WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The Anti-Defamation League called the stabbing of a Muslim New York City taxi driver a hate crime.
The ADL said Thursday that the stabbing, which took place Tuesday night, was particularly disturbing given the current controversy surrounding the Islamic center planned for near Ground Zero. The ADL has said that the center has a right to be built but that building it so close to Ground Zero would be insensitive to the families of 9/11 victims.
In Tuesday's incident, Michael Enright allegedly asked taxi driver Ahmed H. Sharif if he was Muslim, then made references to military checkpoints before stabbing him. Enright was charged Wednesday with attempted murder and assault as a hate crime.
“No person should ever be targeted because of their religion or ethnicity, and there is no justification for singling out Muslims,” Ron Meier, ADL's New York regional director, said in a statement. “It is especially disturbing that this attack occurred amid an atmosphere of elevated anti-Muslim sentiment surrounding the Ground Zero controversy. No matter the passions stirred up by an issue, resorting to anti-Muslim bigotry and violence is unacceptable.”

Representative Ed Markey for US Senator from Massachusetts in 2012 for inauguration in 2013 !

I would love to see him in the U.S. Senate next to Senator Kerry.  What a team they would make.

Rep. Markey has served his constituency well and in the House he has been a mover and a shaker.

I think it is time for him to consider a run for the US Senate, if the House is ready to give him up.