Saturday, May 19, 2012

The DNC can't win this one? Joking!

Preibus became RNC Chairman for winning Wisconsin with a huge victory for Republicans in 2010. This is why he displaced Michael Steele. There is more than one career riding on this race.

We recommend Walker; his removal isn't justified (click here)

May 19, 2012 6:49 p.m.

Here's ours: We see no reason to remove Walker from office. We recommend him in the June 5 recall election.
Walker's rematch with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was prompted by one issue: Walker's tough stance with the state's public-employee unions. It's inconceivable that the recall election would be occurring absent that. And a disagreement over a single policy is simply not enough to justify a vote against the governor.
A Marquette Law School Poll in January showed that many people in the Badger State agree. In that poll, 72% of Republicans, 44% of independents and 17% of Democrats said recalls should be limited to criminal wrongdoing. Republican state Rep. Robin Vos has proposed tightening the recall mechanism; he should continue to push for that after the election, regardless of who wins....

Mayor Tom Barrett, no relation, must demand an Op-Ed and end this charade.

Walker and Preibus are among the most corrupt politicians in the league. They take huge amounts of money to win elections to return the monies to cronies as a favor. This is America? Where?

Walker is using the union busting to obtain more funds to fill in budget gaps. He isn't doing anything extraordinary to grow the Wisconsin economy, so much as piece aspects of the public sector together to fill in the gaps.

Walker is a typical Republican that wants to cut and raise taxes on the Middle Class. That is what his union busting proposals are all about. It is about filling in budget gaps he can't find money from increased employment and fiscal soundness, so he is taxing the Middle Class by increasing pension contributions out of their paycheck.

A cut in the Middle Class income is austerity. Walker is practicing austerity. He hasn't been doing anything to help Wisconsin since the former Governor Jim Doyle made budget cuts, RAISED TAXES and brought in stimulus monies from DC. The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act dollars brought in by Jim Doyle ran out in June 2011 and Walker has been unsuccessful in job creation or increased tax revenues from increased economic growth.

Wisconsin is weaker today, as the citizens are weakened through budget cuts and lays offs. Wisconsin is not better.

The State Workers didn't cause the problem and neither did the Unions. The problem was caused by the banks. It is time to be sure there is not more damage done to the Wisconsin economy before it is too late. The global economic collapse of 2008 destroyed Wisconsin's economy, not the teachers or any other public worker. It is time to stop penalizing the people that do their jobs and do it well.

"I love them more." Elisa Barrett.

Still limping from a foot injury, Chen arrives as another victory for US-China relations.

Activist Chen Guangcheng being accompanied by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell (front R) and U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke (C), in Beijing, May 2, 2012.

There is a movement in China to end "The One Child Policy." The movement started years ago, as reported in the New York Times and it may be noted this blog, as the Chinese society changed, the demand for change emerged among the wealthy.

China has an enormous population of which many have lived in substandard conditions. If one ventures into the countryside the poverty and illiteracy is still very much a noted part of the citizens lives. It is not a simple task to move a nation larger than a billion people into a First World quality of life. If Communism didn't exist whereby the people were provided for by the government there would be conditions far worse than exist today. China is an emerging First World nation. For that reason, there is a huge division of culture in the country. The wealthy, the brain trust have their rewards through achievement and cultural enrichment. The politics of "The One Child Policy" is a part of the awakening of the upper class and status. They want more than one child in their family.

It is the common experience of any person to want egalitarianism as a moral imperative, hence, the activists and the movement to free all Chinese citizens of this burden. The One Child Policy is a burden of the state on the people. It is imposed to help relieve the fiscal burden of supporting so many people under a Communist government and improve their quality of life by minimizing the population growth. For a long time, it was a solution to a problem then out of control, today, it is an imposition on a changing culture that now enjoys greater wealthy while seeking freedom of expression. This expression is the love of family and the desire to have more children as they can afford more children themselves and know far better how to nurture them into the future.

The Chinese government has divided loyalties to the outcome of the opposition of The One Child Policy. This Communist government sees its country flourishing in new ways afforded by the sweat of their people in producing consumer products for capital based markets. The strides China has made in the past two decades could not have been achieved without the hard work of its citizens, yet, it is still too ungainly for an egalitarian culture for all its citizens.

The provincial authorities is really where most of the short fall is when it comes to changing culture. There is much tolerance of change, but, there is also intolerance to drastic change or paradigm shift. The provincial governments maintain order. The citizens don't necessarily like it, but, they live with it. And they do live, by the way. The provincial governments are not killing machines for the central authority.

The Chinese are still perfecting their work a day worlds, finding ways to make the lives of their citizens better. In turn, when citizens that work for companies understand better quality of life they will be able to translate it into better work environments and better products. Over the years the Chinese products have fallen short of expectations at times, but, I am confident that is under scrutiny, there have been executions in relation to these incidents. 

China still has a long way to go before its internal consumerism is enough to keep their own manufacturing humming. It is happening though and it is happening without internal upheaval. 

Someday, the One Child Policy will be a thing of the past. It will happen. Until then lawyers and those that are striving to be lawyers like Chen Guangcheng will continue to remind the central authority there is a country preparing for and in many ways are ready for change.

WASHINGTON — After years of detention (click here) and a bold escape to the U.S. Embassyin Beijing, blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng arrived in the United States, a bittersweet moment in a harrowing journey that had touched off a diplomatic crisis and poses continued challenges for U.S.-Chinese relations.

The human rights leader and his family were whisked quickly and suddenly out of Beijing, as Chen expressed gratitude but also concerns about the safety of the relatives he was leaving behind in China. He arrived Saturday night in Newark, N.J..

To good to be true. Someone actually cares.

Posted on Friday, 05.18.12
To much of the world, (click here) it was Monday. To Mario Batali, it was Day Four.
The chef, his wife and their two teenage sons were eating for a week on the equivalent of a food stamp budget in protest of cuts pending in Congress to the benefit program used by more than 46 million Americans.
That’s $31 per person for the week, or about $1.48 per meal each.
“I’m [expletive] starving,” said Batali, who’s on the board of the food relief agency Food Bank for New York City, which issued the challenge.
Batali said his first reaction when asked to join was a big “gulp,” then he realized while shopping that with a little forethought it wouldn’t be all that brutal.
One lesson: forget organic and anything pesticide- or hormone-free. “The organic word slides out and saves you about 50 percent.”...

Read more here:

They seemed to hit all the high spots.

World leaders attend the family photo session during the G-8 Summit at Camp David, Md., Saturday, May 19, 2012. From left are European Commission President Jose' Manuel Barroso, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, French President Francois Hollande, U.S. President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minster David Cameron, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy. (AP Photo/Philippe Wojazer, Pool)

I was pleased there was a concensus on Iran and that President Medvedev could bring the leaders together. It will be a nice finish to his Presidency. Added to the accomplishments was a discussion and consensus on austerity vs growth. Let's home the global economy can stop growing in 'fits and starts' so much as a continuity that provides security for all the nations. Nations need to put their people first while allowing concern for investment instruments, but, generally there probably should be a return to something more "Glass - Steagal"l which began the FDIC and separated investing from banking.

The FDIC is a clear indication of the thought placed on security for citizens. That should never be sacrificed for those that have MONEY TO WASTE as venturists.

With the surprising news from Morgan-Stanley recently, there can be no doubt consumers need more protection and even separation from the risk takers, even if that means their governments don't recognize the investment banks as viable from the standpoint of a stable entity in global economies.

Corporations need their own equity content to their treasuries and not a 'line of equity' with an end to risk taking to make stockholders more important than the USA economy they rely on for their product profit margin. Citizens are allowed to have security in life and a safe home to retire into.

Published: May 19, 2012 5:17 PM
By The Associated Press 

DAVID McHUGH (AP Business Writer)

WASHINGTON - (AP) -- President Barack Obama (click here) and other leaders of wealthy nations underscored an increasing consensus that their countries need to adopt growth measures alongside relentless budget cutbacks to work their way out of their debt troubles.
It's a juggle that's much harder in real life than it is on paper.
Their eight-paragraph statement from the presidential retreat at Camp David, Md., on Saturday seamlessly bridged both sides of the austerity versus growth debate and let each decide exactly what the new growth emphasis is going to mean. And it said little about where the money for more spending might come from....
Morgan Stanley is more or less the canary in the mine and I simply don't believe any government has an obligation to rescue them ever again. If this venue continues the global economy will never stabilize and insure citizens security or a future they have relied upon.
I do believe Morgan Stanley passed the most recent stress test, too. Hello? And now the total lose will be close to $5 billion US. That can't be tolerated when each country on each continent are trying to recover from that last party Wall Street held.