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The phase of the Moon on December 19, 2010 at 11:25 PM is 98% a Full Moon.


Bradley Manning and Julian Assange never had the capacity to destroy the USA through treason or otherwise. 

THE CAPACITY just wasn't there WITHOUT the evidence showing up in THE TRUTH.  But, there was no METHOD to destroy the USA infrastructure and that is how I know 'sincere treason' is not the issue.  Both men knew this was an act to balance the power and inform the public.

However, in the USA, as Mr. Assange is finding out, the truth doesn't really matter. 

On the other hand, Rupert Murdoch is not only guilty of treason, but, well on his way to achieving it.

I am really curious about something.


How close to treason was he ever in his life, especially before leaving Australia for as a citizen in the USA?

Now if the infrastructure of the USA either won't or can't deal with the Plutocratic intentions of a Media Empire.


I guess we will continue to 'find a way.'

Rupert Murdoch should be brought on charges of treason. 

Immediately, if not sooner, following the political circus of 2010 and its outcome.

People like Mr. Assange, websites like Wikileaks and young men scared for their countrymen, like Bradley, will always be the heroes to a corrupt and UNABLE government.

So. While Boner and the Tea Baggers cry over their money...

...and the fact their party was responsible for causing the economic collapse of 2008 and quite possibly the double dip of 2011...

...there are other people in the USA that have legitimate reasons to cry.

Sorry, the Iraq War death statistics was suppose to appear here.

11:56 PM - correction

The Human Cost of Occupation
Edited by Maragaret Griffis
American Military Casualties in Iraq
American Deaths                               Date                       Total                                In  Combat
Since war began                             (3/19/03)                  4428                                 3497
Since “Mission Accomplished”    (5/1/03)                    4290                                  3389
Since Handover                              (6/29/04)                  3570                                  2864
Since Obama Inauguration          (1/20/09)                    201                                    92
Since Operation New Dawn                                               11                                       3
American Wounded                                                        Official                           Estimated
                                                                                            32,937                            Over 100,000
Latest Fatality November 21, 2010
Page last updated 11/22/10   8:40 PM

So, as there are IMBALANCES in the political power of the two parties in the USA,...

...there are methods to deal with it.  The USA after the election of 2000 has been dominated by a hostile court and even more hostile Executive Branch.  For eight long years Americans were the victims of government and not the benefactors of it. 

It wasn't enough to run an illegal oil war, but, then Wall Street with a Secretary of the Treasury from Goldman-Sachs crashed the damn economy and sent every hard working American into turmoil while bailouts faciliated the abandonment of small business financinig and consumer credit, including, mortgages.

While the Right Wing Extremists feel confident in 'playing' with the 'facts' of any story so they can pull the wool over the eyss of the electorate, there is one media service that seems to align itself with lies and falsehoods to instill uncertainty and fear in the public that 'trickles down' at water coolers.

For the power and now political intrusion of the Murdoch Media Circus, the left has their allies as well.  I find it interesting the ally is from Europe.

While democracy is suppose to be a two-headed coin... the past three decades it hasn't been.

Justices Offer Receptive Ear to Business Interests  (click here)
WASHINGTON — Almost 40 years ago, a Virginia lawyer named Lewis F. Powell Jr. warned that the nation’s free enterprise system was under attack. He urged the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to assemble “a highly competent staff of lawyers” and retain outside counsel “of national standing and reputation” to appear before the Supreme Court and advance the interests of American business....

And the JUSTIFICATION for giving 'an entity' such as a corporation equal, if not more rights, than oxygen breathing USA citizens is because of some lame idiology of 40 years ago?

I don't think so.

The USA 'has been there' for bailouts over and over and over again.

There is NO EXCUSE for the pathetic Robert's Court and their complete disregard of 'the integrity' of THE CITIZEN.

And it is PERFECTLY obvious that Wall Street is ENDANGERED by its own incompetency and corrupt nature. 

The citizens of the USA are innocent of ALL charges.

Why would protests exist as early as January 24th in the USA when President Obama was enjoying a great deal of popularity?

The question seemed a little paranoid to me even when I asked myself, but, it isn't really.

Then I saw this in "The Nation."  (click title to entry - thank you)

...They (The Republicans) are the party of "greed-is-good" contingent that favors rule by the rich....

There is such a thing as "The Plutocracy" in the USA.  We all know who they are and what their passions in life are, but, we don't really like what they do.

They don't play fair.  They rob from the poor and keep it.  The Republicans like to argue that the Plutocrats 'paid the TARP monies back.' 

Did they?

Well, not really.  Because what occurred in 2008 was far bigger than TARP.  It crashed an economy that hasn't recovered and won't for some time.

The PROBLEM I have with the Plutocracy is that they chronically USE THE MEDIA to sell their innocense and hide their corruption.

The Plutocracy has YET to take RESPONSIBILITY for the economic crash and deterioration following their 'shove of the global banking institution' over the cliff.

Treason according to Historic INTERPRETATION.

Doubtful State of the Law of Treason Today (click title to entry - thank you)

The vacillation of Chief Justice Marshall between the Bollman 1304 and Burr 1305 cases and the vacillation of the Court in the Cramer 1306 and Haupt 1307 cases leave the law of treason in a somewhat doubtful condition. The difficulties created by the Burr case have been obviated to a considerable extent through the punishment of acts ordinarily treasonable in nature under a different label, 1308 within a formula provided by Chief Justice Marshall himself in the Bollman case. The passage reads: ''Crimes so atrocious as those which have for their object the subversion by violence of those laws and those institutions which have been ordained in order to secure the peace and happiness of society, are not to escape punishment, because they have not ripened into treason. The wisdom of the legislature is competent to provide for the case; and the framers of our Constitution . . . must have conceived it more safe that punishment in such cases should be ordained by general laws, formed upon deliberation, under the influence of no resentments, and without knowing on whom they were to operate, than that it should be inflicted under the influence of those passions which the occasion seldom fails to excite, and which a flexible definition of the crime, or a construction which would render it flexible, might bring into operation.''

It is my opinon that over the years, Article III, Section 3 has been misued primarily duing times of war and in the face of fear.  I believe that is especially true in the Kawakita v. United States.  See, treason has to be a clear intent to replace the government of the USA with a separate sovereign authority.  I can't say any of the treason cases in the history of the USA are clearly a danger to the soveriegnty of the country. 


Then there is the 'movement' to replace an entire party with extremists that sign on to lies and falsehoods while agreeing to take an oath of office. 

All this facilitated 'with intent' of doing exactly that by Murdoch's media?


Why does the role of fear seem to be a primary motivater here?

Then there is the problem with Murdoch and his out of control MEDIA lies. No one seems to have a problem that in the way they have a problem with 'the truth.'

Host Bill O'Reilly threatened Canada (click here) with a boycott like the one he advocated against France, then cited a phony statistic about the success of the French boycott. The threat came during O'Reilly's April 27 debate with Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Heather Mallick about Canada's harboring of two deserters from the U.S. military who have fled to Canada. From FOX News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor:

I know that Murdoch's 'cockeyed,' biased and bigoted media circus hates Media Matters.  Wonder why.  Could be because Media Matters actually RECORDS and REVEALS 'the truth.'  Nah.  Couldn't be that?

On May 4, FOX News (click here) Channel host Bill O'Reilly told viewers that former Vice President Al Gore had announced that he is starting a "liberal" cable channel; however, in Gore's May 4 press conference, announcing his acquisition of Newsworld International from Vivendi Universal SA, Gore said quite the opposite: "This is not going to be a liberal network or a Democratic network or a political network in any way shape or form."

Afraid of losing viewers perhaps?  Shame, shame.  Unfair play.

And then Beck turns hatred and bigotry and anti-semitism into a peoblem with loyalty to country and all that mess.  I mean the man simply can't help himself from being a hateful and narrow minded fool.  But, somehow, it 'goes on' and 'on' and 'on.'  Well, Beck is mentored by O'Reilly after all.

On his June 1 radio (clickhere) and TV programs, host Bill O'Reilly continued his smear campaign against progressive financier, philanthropist, and political activist George Soros, doctoring a 1995 quotation by Soros to make it seem as if Soros wished his own father dead. During his nationally syndicated radio program, The Radio Factor, O'Reilly also said that Senator John Kerry's acceptance of presidential campaign support from Soros "would be like having some militia group funding the Bush campaign." On FOX News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly was joined by former Republican Speaker of the House (and FOX News contributor) Newt Gingrich; both denounced Soros and suggested that Kerry's presidential candidacy was tainted because groups supporting Kerry and the Democratic Party have accepted donations from Soros....

And while this seems all very 'lame' to some folks, there is a terrible mess in the American Political Landscape that Murdoch's Media Circus instigated.

...While O'Reilly (click here) appears to be defending his April 27 claim that "[T]hey've lost billions of dollars in France according to 'The Paris Business Review,'" he is actually replacing it with a much weaker claim. Media Matters for America and Mathews questioned the existence of 'The Paris Business Review'; O'Reilly did not answer that charge. Instead, he cited unnamed "U.S. government figures" in support of a much more modest dollar amount of $138 million -- a far cry from the original "billions."
That figure is also incorrect....

The Murdoch Media Circus has been vital and intricately involved with the formation of a means to support The Republican Party through the anger of a nation completely in disbelief that the GOP actually is as cut throat as it now seems.

REPORT: "Fair and balanced" Fox News aggressively promotes "tea party" protests (click here)

April 08, 2009 3:58 pm ET
SUMMARY: Despite its repeated insistence that its coverage is "fair and balanced" and its invitation to viewers to "say 'no' to biased media," Fox News has frequently aired segments encouraging viewers to get involved with "tea party" protests across the country, which the channel has described as primarily a response to President Obama's fiscal policies. Media Matters has compiled an analysis of Fox News' promotion of these events...

The Tea Party was 'sponsored' by the Radio Channels and Personalities of the Murdoch Radio Madness Circus.  It stated a long time before there was a 'coalition' of these folks.

What strated out as protests ended up with candidates elected due to lies and fictious reasons to oppose the new Obama Administration.

The first protest was on January 24, 2009 according to Wikipedia.  The movement was skyrocketing within weeks.  That didn't happen without a devoted media service to facilitate all that.  And for it to be a party within two years.  You have got to be joking.  The Libertarians and the Green Party have been around for decades and they could never pull this off. 

A party founded on lies and falsehoods with the profound intent of derailing a legitimately elected President that was taking over after the Republicans devastated the American Dream and excoriated the treasury of the USA and the global communtiy.

That isn't a concern? 

But, Wikileaks is. 


Wikileaks is NOT attempting to over throw the USA government, but, is acting in 'contract' with people that seek to be 'heard' for the reasons they do. 

But, Murdoch.  Oh, my.

Political protests that started four days after inauguration and manifested into a party without any party platform that was identifable and advocated by a losing candidate for Vice President, whom was 'iconed' in the Murdoch media?  Really?  That isn't a threat to the USA?  Really?

Merrium Webster - "truth"

1a archaic : fidelity, constancy b : sincerity in action, character, and utterance
2a (1) : the state of being the case : fact (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality (3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality b : a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true <truths of thermodynamics> c : the body of true statements and propositions
3a : the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality b chiefly British : true 2 c : fidelity to an original or to a standard
4 capitalized Christian Science : god
in truth
: in accordance with fact : actually

Mr. Assange is quite a different matter.

Assange claims 'aggressive' US inquiry (click here)

December 19, 2010
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange says he fears the United States is getting ready to indict him, but insists the secret-spilling website will continue its work, despite what he has called a ''dirty tricks campaign''.
Mr Assange spoke on Friday from snowbound Ellingham Hall, a supporter's 10-bedroom country mansion close to the city of Norwich, about three hours' drive from London, where he is confined on bail as he fights Sweden's attempt to extradite him on allegations of rape and molestation.
Mr Assange insisted to television interviewers that he was being subjected to a smear campaign and ''what appears to be a secret grand jury investigation against me or our organisation''.
He has retained the services of an unnamed US law firm....
There are very detailed UNDERSTANDINGS regarding "Wikileaks."  It was there BEFORE the publication of documents from the records of the HYPER-SATURATED 'CLEARANCE CAPACITY' of the USA government and military.  (ie: The Washington Post 2 year and on going investigation.)
Do I believe the USA has a strong case against Mr. Assange?  I sincerely doubt it.  It can make his life uncomfortable and stressful, but, given the fact that "Wikileaks" was more or less a place where ANYONE, including citizens or military from inside oppressed and/or enemies to the USA could post all sorts of things that would benefit the USA's Intelligence Agencies; it gets murky.  If there was a release of documents from Tehran, none of this would be an issue, you know?

2.1 Prizes and background (click here)

WikiLeaks is the winner of:
  • the 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression award
  • the 2009 Amnesty International human rights reporting award (New Media)
WikiLeaks has a history breaking major stories in major media outlets and robustly protecting sources and press freedoms. We have never revealed a source. We do not censor material. Since formation in 2007, WikiLeaks has been victorious over every legal (and illegal) attack, including those from the Pentagon, the Chinese Public Security Bureau, the Former president of Kenya, the Premier of Bermuda, Scientology, the Catholic & Mormon Church, the largest Swiss private bank, and Russian companies. WikiLeaks has released more classified intelligence documents than the rest of the world press combined....

So, in examining the current plight of Mr. Assange the case is rather peculiar from the USA military's point of view.  See, the cite existed long before the USA was trapped in a release of information that is primarily embarrassing.  If there are human rights violations within those documents then there is a segment of the USA citizenry that simply want to know and have the World Court examine the evidence for further action.

Many USA citizens never bargained for a military that carried out Abu Ghraib, otherwise known as The Rumfield Follies.  Or.  Was it The Rummy Follies.

No matter.

The point is that "Wikileaks" and its' concept was and has been valuable to the 'understanding' that 'worry-doing' could get out and could carry consequences.  I do believe Abu Ghraib, is a bit of a 'standard' for the level of necessary monitoring and EXPOSING needed to insure the 'proper' conduct of the USA military.  I believe it was CBS, no?


So, the 'idea' the USA Attorney General has about this being a website that entices exposure of the nature of the LATEST USA scandal ridden military and therefore 'recruits' espionage is somewhat contorted.  After all this has been 'going on' for quite some time and in a variety of venues. 

In the case of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, there are many aspects of that 'relationship' that needs to be examined before it all can be placed in context.

On December 18th, (click title to entry - thank you) during a rainy afternoon in Santa Cruz, a small group converged at the Town Clock to show support for Bradley Manning and Wikileaks. People spoke with one another while Takashi Yogi peddled a bicycle-powered sound system. Most people at the demonstration stood under a portable shelter with a sign that stated, "Free Bradley Manning! We deserve the truth. Thank you WikiLeaks!"

Another demonstration in support of Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks, with speakers and a march, is in the works for Saturday, January 8th at 1pm at the Town Clock.
In regard to Bradley, there are reports of very poor treatment of the young man.  He is a citizen of the USA and his treatment SHALL NOT be worse than that of any other high security prisoner.  I am very concerned the discussion for political purposes of this incident will play out with adverse consequences to this young man, the ONLY person being detained in prison at this moment regarding the UNAUTHORIZED and PREMATURE release of this information.  In time, it would have all been released anyway as a "Freedom of Information Act" demand. 

I believe Bradley needs an 'independent observer' such as the International Red Cross to visit him and be sure he is not adversely affected.   Also, I believe his attorney needs to insist, pending the findings of the INTERNATIONAL Red Cross and possibly Amnesty International, that he be removed from the custody of the military and placed in a Super-Max or something like that where he can anonymously receive better treatment while this 'episode' in USA military priorities plays out. 

I believe the 'tensions' in the world currently were not a result of Bradley's actions, so much Bush and Cheney and that needs to be put into perspective as well.

The framers of the USA Constitutin were particular about the provisions of treason. There needs to be clear intent.

Article III, Section 3. (click here) Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

And the authority of a King or Queen wasn't the issue as it was in England, but, of the sovereignty of a nation.  Very different.  A nation is not threatened with 'its life' as a human being would be, however, it is threatened when its instutions aren't functioning and become adverse to the citizens.

An Anti-War Protest or act of journalism would never be considered treason, but, the deliberate act of the abuse of power, such as perscribed propaganda that leads to adversity of the nation would definately be treason.

Not just treasonous, but, actual deletarious impacts on the nation.

One might ask if the acts of a person is about 'control' of the nation in an adverse way.  Such as the difference between Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Rupert Murdoch.  One might focus on THE TRUTH and what effects the 'acts' of all three of these people actually played in deleterious acts against the government.  Either they are all freedom of speech or not.

Propaganda is far more than simply words on a page, statements into a microphone or pictures and images on screens and in print. It is an intent.

...In the summer, one weather system caused oppressive heat in Russia, while farther south it caused flooding in Pakistan that inundated 62,000 square miles, about the size of Wisconsin. That single heat-and-storm system killed almost 17,000 people, more people than all the worldwide airplane crashes in the past 15 years combined....

...The excessive amount of extreme weather that dominated 2010 is a classic sign of man-made global warming that climate scientists have long warned about. They calculate that the killer Russian heat wave — setting a national record of 111 degrees — would happen once every 100,000 years without global warming.

Preliminary data show that 18 countries broke their records for the hottest day ever.

"These (weather) events would not have happened without global warming," said Kevin Trenberth, chief of climate analysis for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo.

That's why the people who study disasters for a living say it would be wrong to chalk 2010 up to just another bad year.

"The Earth strikes back in cahoots with bad human decision-making," said a weary Debarati Guha Sapir, director for the World Health Organization's Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters. "It's almost as if the policies, the government policies and development policies, are helping the Earth strike back instead of protecting from it. We've created conditions where the slightest thing the Earth does is really going to have a disproportionate impact."...

...Through Nov. 30, nearly 260,000 people died in natural disasters in 2010, compared to 15,000 in 2009, according to Swiss Re. The World Health Organization, which hasn't updated its figures past Sept. 30, is just shy of 250,000. By comparison, deaths from terrorism from 1968 to 2009 were less than 115,000, according to reports by the U.S. State Department and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
The last year in which natural disasters were this deadly was 1983 because of an Ethiopian drought and famine, according to WHO. Swiss Re calls it the deadliest since 1976.

The charity Oxfam says 21,000 of this year's disaster deaths are weather related....

...The year may go down as the hottest on record worldwide or at the very least in the top three, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The average global temperature through the end of October was 58.53 degrees, a shade over the previous record of 2005, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

Los Angeles had its hottest day in recorded history on Sept. 27: 113 degrees. In May, 129 set a record for Pakistan and may have been the hottest temperature recorded in an inhabited location....

...Disasters caused $222 billion in economic losses in 2010 — more than Hong Kong's economy — according to Swiss Re. That's more than usual, but not a record, Schraft said. That's because this year's disasters often struck poor areas without heavy insurance, such as Haiti....

A nearly 2-pound hailstone that was 8 inches in diameter fell in South Dakota in July to set a U.S. record. The storm that produced it was one of seven declared disasters for that state this year.

There was not much snow to start the Winter Olympics in a relatively balmy Vancouver, British Columbia, while the U.S. East Coast was snowbound....

For example, even though it sounds counterintuitive, global warming likely played a bit of a role in "Snowmageddon" earlier this year, Holland said. That's because with a warmer climate, there's more moisture in the air, which makes storms including blizzards, more intense, he said.

White House science adviser John Holdren said we should get used to climate disasters or do something about global warming: "The science is clear that we can expect more and more of these kinds of damaging events unless and until society's emissions of heat-trapping gases and particles are sharply reduced."...

The article appeared in Bloomberg.  A finanicial newprint.  It would seem when it comes to 'realizing' the catatrophic cost of the Climate Crisis, some Wall Streeters rather take aim at it rather than deny it.  THEREFORE, whom is actually using the DENIAL of the Climate Crisis as a 'wedge issue' and placing human life and commerce at risk?

Whom is committing manslaughter and government instability at the hand of nature?

It's Sunday Night

Sepultura - Refuse/Resist

Chaos A.D.
Tanks on the streets
Confronting police
Bleeding the plebs
Raging crowd
Burning cars
Bloodshed stars
Who'll be alive?!

Chaos A.D.
Army in siege
Total alarm
I'm sick of this
Inside the state
War is created
No man's land
What's this shit?!


Chaos A.D.
Disorder unleashed
Starting to burn
Starting to lynch
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy


One might want to know... accurate the facts are before refusing and resisting.

Sepultura - Propaganda (Live 1996)

Why Don't You Get A Life And Grow Up
Why Don't You Realize That You're Fucked Up
Why Criticize What You Don't Understand
Why Change My Words, You're So Afraid

You Think You Have The Right To
Put Me Down
Propaganda Hides Your Scum
Face To Face You Don't Have A Word To Say
You Got In My Way, Now You'll Have To Pay

Don't, Don't Believe What You
Don't, Don't Believe What You Read

I Know My Ways, I'm Here To Stay
I Didn't Start All This Yesterday
I'll Prove You Wrong All The Way
Life Teaches Me You're Always Alone

Don't, Don't Believe What You
Don't, Don't Believe What You Read