Saturday, November 22, 2014

Economies as a result of Wall Street.

State by State those with the highest poverty rates are Republican lead states. 

Wall Street sponsors their elections and they have absolutely no reason to improve the quality of life of their citizens. The impoverished continue to believe they are doing the best they can. They aren't provided the information to allow different points of view. There churches and their guns, that is all they want to know in life.

Long term oppression will do that to people. They know they are okay today and tomorrow will take care of itself. They have so much stress and dysfunction at the lower end of the income scale they can't take on one more idea that will tell them to fight or vote or change their value system in government.

This is the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map. Alabama currently has 22 hate groups within it's borders. Alabama isn't that big. 

There are five "Council of Conservative Citizens" in Alabama. They are white nationalists. In addition to those white nationalists, there are six groups of KKK. The Creativity Movement is a Neo-nazi group. You know how Republican like to call Democrats socialists? Right? Get this, there is one National Socialists Network claiming to be Neo-nazis. I don't think the Republicans are correct about Democrats. There is 38 Crew in Huntsville. They are the Skinheads along with Confederate Hammerskins. They are the folks that incorporate imprisonment with the lifestyle. They consider prison to be temporary quarters or more after they have committed unthinkable crimes.

Doesn't the Southern National Congress sound like a nice organization. Sort of church like. Right? They are neo-confederates along with three groups of League of the South. 

The Blacks aren't on the outside of it either. There are two Nations of Islam organizations, one in Birmingham and the other in Tuscaloosa. They are considered Black Separatists. They must want to have their own territory or state. Except for Birmingham most of these hate organizations are alone in their towns.

Birmingham has two White Nationalists, one Black Separatist and one order of KKK. If we could just enlist them to participate in elections rather than hate the world be a better place. 

The reason I point hate groups is because they are strongly affiliated with poverty. Poverty does not have it's rewards. So, citizens within poverty create their own rewards. It is as important to be the Grand Dragon of the KKK, even more important than being elected to federal office. I think David Duke was the only extremist racist elected to office.

The people oppressed by poverty frequently can be a part of a conservative church, don't use birth control, are unable to lift themselves out of poverty, rely on federal dollars for food stamps and Medicaid. The southern USA is the most dependent states in the country when it comes to federal assistance. 

The elected leaders of these states complain the most about high food stamp number in the budget. Those same leaders are convinced the Poor are dependent on 'handouts' and it has become a habit. A habit like alcoholism or drug addiction that has to be broken. These elected leaders enforce poverty by blaming the victim. They have no clue what to do to get people out of poverty and successful. NOT A CLUE. They believe if they cut taxes that will AUTOMATICALLY translate into more jobs. They never learn the reality of greed. They'd politically cast their state into a more profound poverty without Medicaid and food stamps as a form of laziness among the people and they'll be re-elected over and over. 

The 2008 global economic collapse, aka The Great Recession, is PROOF when Wall Street is provided funding by the government to recover and expand their businesses to return economic vitality to the Middle Class; IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

Why is this a topic? Because they are elected over and over again into office to continue the state's dependency on welfare. They continue the high teenage pregnancy rate. They continue the low educational outcomes. 

Look at this chart. Find 2008. Now, you tell me, what President has had the most profound impact on raising the educational success of American children. This is the high school graduation rate. The green line is for ALL student in the USA. It has crossing the 80% mark for the first time.

April 28, 2013

...Graduation rates (click here) for all other students are below 80 percent in just seven states. Fourteen states have already reached 90 percent graduation rates for the middle- and high-income students. Ten more are very close. Improvements in California will be critical to reaching the national goal, too, the report finds. The Golden State is home to 14 percent of American students and exactly one in five low-income students....

That is success! Across the entire of the USA there have been incredible improvements in education and graduation of our children. We know what works now. It is healthy school lunches and food on the table at home and a doctor to check on them as they need it and in health baby-child check ups.

There is no brand of teacher claiming the course correction either. Where there were resources such as Food Stamps, Medicaid and federal funding, there were results to only dream of before 2012.

Which party has the best set of values in any election? The results should be enough to prove who should lead in any election in the USA. 

Is Brooks a good legislator or simply a puppet of the super rich?

The US House doesn't have faith in the President. Well. The public has no faith in the US House. That should tell the Republicans all they need to know. Republicans believe they can 'have it their way' while stating at the same time electorate lacks any confidence in 'their way.' The Republicans like to claim the support of the public, when in fact there is no source of information that reflects that as a fact.

The Republicans treat legislation as if every member of the public has a vote, but, when they finally vote it is in defiance of the public. In support of that fact is a President asking the American people to leverage their power to pass legislation, ie: debt ceiling, etc.

The Repuglicans wake up believing every day is a new day without a history of the past. The Repuglicans chronically truncate 'the moment' from the truth.

There was an incredible demonstration of the way Repuglicans spin their message by lying 'within the moment.' It was on "All In with Chris Hayes" on Friday evening. Mo Brooks of Alabama actually twisted Hayes words as he answered the question before him. Then the 'new' definition became part of the rant he continued to state. That is not a trustworthy legislator. That is a legislator that lives for power and no other reason. The slicker he is the more he is the desired candidate according to Repuglican politics.

Brooks wanted to succeed in creating a liar of Hayes. It was a joke to watch that man screw around with the truth and turn it into a lie.

Is there any wonder why the southern states are in such poor condition. That performance by Brooks made me realize why no one can defeat him. He creates his own reality and reinforces with the electorate. If the electorate believes in the lie are they going to vote for anyone stating the truth?

The truth when engaged in politics is a wonderful thing. It is ground in facts and allows anyone to understand an issue. It is possible to change an election when the truth is the basis of the election. But, when the electorate has bought into the lies of politics, it is nearly impossible to change an election. The lie will dominate the electorate and they will suffer because of it. The lies become a part of the core belief system of the electorate. In the case of the southern USA that core belief is embedded with Bible quotes. I have shown on this blog the perilous course of people with a faux belief system based in Biblical quotes. That level of deceit is passed on generation after generation in the southern states. It is a culture that ends in poverty. Is that any surprise?

One would consider it easy to run against these very corrupt politicians, however there is peril in doing so. The perilous path of truth is when it becomes adverse to Repuglicans elections. FOX News compounds the lie and validates it over and over in their propaganda. A lie, at FOX News, becomes the truth. If all the media were interested in the truth it might even bring about governance rather than chronic politics.

The politicians like Brooks count on FOX picking up his lead and running with it. FOX has a methodology that likes to dismiss any idea they are causing harm in their politics. To FOX it is all a matter of who wins and who loses. This methodology is inherent in FOX. The same paradigm exists in Australia and Great Britain. Supposedly, Saint FOX comes forward to thwart 'the establishment' while empowering 'the little people.' The Crown. Australia continues to identify with Great Britain. FOX assails 'the crown' to make them more human and less out of reach. FOX carries it forward with a democracy in the USA. It destroys the very essence of democracy.

See, FOX isn't used to being the winner in any other country where it is media. The Crown is always the crown. There is no election for the crown. So assailing The Crown brings about the ability of people to proclaim their own morality. The people then become as moral or more so than their supreme leaders.

FOX goes beyond any form of morality when it takes license with all aspects of life. They discard privacy or propriety to achieve their assault of any power structure. It was seen when they hacked cell phones of a young woman already dead, there was also hacking into the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in relation to one of his children. I think it was Brown. 

The point is FOX prides itself as a power undaunted regardless of the outcomes. In the case of the USA it takes those willing to be corrupt to the power of money as their champions in any election. So, can the USA government ever be true to it's constitution and it's promises to the people of an American Dream? No. So long as power is allowed and even encouraged to be corrupt, there will be chronic failings of the democracy. The southern states are 'stuck.' They are stuck with their own unreality enforced by those that want to control power rather than participate in it.