Sunday, March 31, 2013


How do you tame a lion? First. Get it's attention.

Prisons are suppose to be about control and rehabilitation.

There is no control here.

I don't think the wardens are doing their jobs. The policies have to apply to every prison inmate. The prisons have communities of prisoners based on the severity of their sentences. There is no reason for any of this. If the gangs are the focus of the prisoner that connection has to end across the board. The prisoner is endangering everyone in the gang's wake and reach. 

The country will never end this dynamic if it doesn't seek to do so. Divide them up and shut down communication. But, there should be no special privileges unless there is a rehab program that encourages interaction that will serve the inmate after they leave the prison. 

Lifers need to find their interest within the prison. If they continue to have a majority of their time dominated by outside contact they will never settle down.

Inmates should not have self-defeating purpose and that should be their first lesson well learned. Guards are not friends or mentors. Out of the question. Interactions between guards and prisoners have to be limited to the understanding the guards are in control.

A prison sentence is suppose to have meaning, not just endurance.

The community of visitors are not getting on with their lives either. They are holding on to 'something' that no longer exists. Prison walls are not the ideal marriage, okay? Where is the counseling for all the visitors?

Break it up. Break it all up. Control the populations, the rehab and re-entrance to society. No prisoner should leave without a high school equivalency or better. School is work. Get it? How are they going to be citizens worthy of freedom in our society if they continue to propagate bad behaviors while they are incarcerated? What do these wardens expect God to descend and have the Holy Spirit come to bear? That's nuts. No rehab happens by magic tricks or PSYCHE baloney. Rehab is hard work. Time can do that, but, not if the 'time inside' is laced with power on the outside.

The Shooting in Kaufman County is related to Colorado?

It isn't privatized anything? This is some kind of uptick due to the what? If the prison system is accessible by 211 Crew it is only prudent to stop visitors to the entire of any prison where these people are incarcerated.

Everyone needs to stop boasting about the fact killers will be caught. If McClellan's murder is evidence of anything it is how District Attorneys need to stop putting headlines in the newspaper. Their salaries aren't enough so they have to be superstars?

This article states Ebel suffered from mental deterioration during his incarceration because of solitary confinement. Solitary is not going to solve this problem. They still talk to people and find ways to get their messages out. There has to be a degree of communication shut down and limit television of any news stations FOR EVERYONE, including guards. The information has to stop being available to the members incarcerated. The incarcerated are the ones calling the shots according to this understanding.

Guards cannot have their authority truncated by demands for information either. A guard is not a friend.

Cause interference with the phone systems. Shut down communication. There is too much interaction with the world outside the prison system. That should be a privilege earned and for those leaving the prison system. Or folks on a special program for rehabilitation. But, the idea there should be free and open access with the outside world only increases the danger for the guards and wardens. If the prisoners are literally running the asylum form the outside how does anyone ever seek rehabilitation when all they have to do is endure their time inside? 


Every visitor has to be suspected of cooperating with these directives and murders. Stop the solitary confinement and put more guards on the job. What the heck goes on between attorneys and these guys? Are they cooperating too? 

I sincerely think the judicial system is compromised by the permissiveness of communication and information to flow between the outside and inside of prisons. This is crazy. Then I wonder why LA has the problems they do. Prison is a loss of constitutional rights. These folks don't have a right to communicate at all. The gangs are empowered by permissiveness. That needs to stop.

I know how prisoners are calmer with communication and information through television. But, that calmness is due to the fact they are still being allowed to carry on with their gangs. That is crazy. Shackle them if they can't behave on the way to meals. I think distraction is fine, but, television should not carry news or any message about the success of THE SHOTS they are calling from inside the prison. That is crazy. 

Distraction in the prisons is suppose to be a part of rehabilitation not recreation. Closed circuit televisions designed for a change in lifestyle folks. This is nonsense. How many of the guards are in on it?

How do these guys know what shots to call? The prison systems can't control that? There is too much permissiveness here, including the 'bad ass' attitude within the justice system. It's not Hollywood.

...Experts who track hate groups (click here) said the 211 Crew is a small but vicious white-supremacist gang centered in Colorado’s prisons. In 1997, two of its members carried out one of the most notorious racially motivated murders in recent Denver history, the shooting of a Senegalese immigrant as he waited at a bus stop.
In 2005, more than a dozen members of the gang were indicted on charges of racketeering, bribery, distributing drugs and other charges. News reports and accounts from law-enforcement officers painted a picture of a secretive gang that operates through violence, paramilitary hierarchies, obscure codes, and sexual intimidation and abuse. Officials have said that the gang’s members on the outside funnel money to its imprisoned leaders, known as shot callers.
Mr. Ebel’s connection to the murders shocked his former lawyer, Scott Robinson, who had coached Mr. Ebel’s sister at softball and defended Mr. Ebel in his first criminal cases. Mr. Ebel had convictions for robbery, assault and weapons charges.
In 2011, Mr. Ebel’s father, Jack, told Colorado lawmakers about the toll that solitary confinement had taken on his son. “He’ll rant a little bit. He’ll stammer. He’ll be frustrated that he can’t find the words,” he said in testimony, according to a 2011 report from Colorado Public Radio....

I have to thank Google today.

Chavez (click here) co-founded the organization now known as the United Farm Workers union (UFW). He became an iconic figure in the labor movement, with his stature only increasing since his death in 1993.

Rarely do I see unions as part of the Google culture. This is very nice. He did incredibly wonderful work and received praise from the people he served. Very nice tribute. Thank you.

Indeed. I take it there were guns involved, yes?

Mike McLelland, District Attorney of Kaufman County, answers questions at a news conference at the Kaufman Law Enforcement Center in Texas on January 31.(Photo: David Woo, AP)

Investigators may and may not do the job that needs to be done. I have no doubt the information will be gathered and there will be appropriate seeking of the villains, but, will the public actually know the entire of the facts of the circumstances?

Rick Jervis, USA TODAY
6:37a.m. EDT March 31, 2013

..."We're in the very preliminary (click here) stages in the investigation," he said. "Right now, it's a death investigation."

The deaths come as federal and local agents are still searching for suspects in the brazen shooting death of Mark Hasse, an assistant district attorney under McLelland, who was shot and killed the morning of Jan. 31 as he exited his car outside the main Kaufman County courthouse. Lewis would not say if the two incidents were connected....

The degree criminals or accused criminals will go to end their legal resolve. Destroying the ability to prosecute at various levels is a way to find one's freedom, but, not necessarily their innocence.

That is a common error of those discussing freedom, democracy and justice. All those words can be defined in a variety of cultural boundaries. The definitions are not necessary of that civil or consenting to society.

Crime is a method to an end. It is sought by people unable to achieve a goal otherwise. The willingness of people to go beyond the law to achieve that goal depends on factors in their lives, but, when the 'system' is assaulted in the deaths of their lawmen and their prosecutors and judges there is a real understanding it is difficult if not impossible to stop the criminal. The one seeking freedom in their own definition. The one seeking justice in their own definition.

States like Texas have decent people living there and I am sure Mr. McClellan is one of them, but, I am very curious why a LAW ENFORCEMENT center has his name? Privatized government? Over reaching authority to achieve payments for their services? I am NOT trying to invalidate the deaths, but, I am questioning the circumstances that caused them.

This is the 'nexus' where legal standing as a legitimate citizen departs from 'the law.' What will happen is an investigation to the deaths, a reporting of the deaths, motivation to their cause and then prosecution if one can find the killer(s). Considering this appears to be an issue of privatized government, that means other agencies will have to be called in to fill the void which provides a real opportunity for the villains to get away.

To depart from knowing all the facts here, but, when government enters into a private concern in areas of law enforcement there is always the danger of over reaching to make a buck. It is where bounty hunters live, but, their reach is limited. Bounty hunters can create arrest warrants or bounties, they live with what is and seek to bring law breakers to court. But, privatized law enforcement agencies are an entirely different domain. It CAN BE outside the dimensions of legal standing. People become objects of money reward and the bigger the criminal the more money a law enforcement agency can make.

I am sorry this has happened. Mr. McClellan, his assistant and his wife have a right to their lives. But, when killings like this happen one has to wonder what the heck brought this on. In circles where these folks exist to carry out law enforcement is a pressure on 'the system' to perform to an outcome. In other words, if the investigation were to delve into real reasons to why these deaths occurred; which is obviously an assault on the law enforcement center to end it's capacity; will it be adverse to the continuation of privatized interests in law enforcement. Basically, "The McClellan Law Enforcement Center" wasn't all that.

At first glance, I have more questions then they have answers because I strongly suspect there will be a lot of money and political interests to cause mischief.