Saturday, March 03, 2012

A historic election for Russia. Prime Minister Putin could be serving his third term.

Results of the exit polls will be announced after voting is finished. (click title to entry - thank you)

I have watched the election process this time from a distance and I am fairly impressed.  I do believe Russians had a good time with their elections in many ways.  I believe that is an extremely healthy approach.  

Russians are finding life to be better than in decades past, they are looking forward to their Olympics in Sochi.  They have millionaires seeking office.  Times are better in Russia and to that end the elections have not been disappointing for the country.

There have been low spots, but, for the most part opponents received attention for displaying balloons on cars and exchanges of expression of ideas.

There are five parties with candidates.

Vladimir Putin, nominated by United Russia

Gennady Zyuganov, nominated by Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Sergey Mironov, nominated by A Just Russia

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, nominated by Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

Mikhail Prokhorov, independent.

I believe all these men to be courage with deep love of their country.  They have been willing to talk about Russia and bring freedom of speech to a more potent place in Russia.  I sincerely believe Prime Minister Putin, whom is expected to win his third term, found his opponents interesting and able to contribute to the political dialogue within Russia.

For Americans the most familiar candidate besides the Prime Minister is Mr. Prokhorov, the owner of the NBA New Jersey Nets.  Below are comments from an article by the BBC.

...In a recent blog, (click here) Mr Prokhorov said he saw no alternative to Mr Putin as president.
"Whether they [Russian people] like it or not, Putin is so far the only figure who can manage this inefficient state machine," Mr Prokhorov said....
Mr. Prokhorov or the other three opponents to Prime Minister Putin should not be deterred.  I encourage them to seek office and continue to be an alternative voice to inspire political dialogue.  When a country is doing well and the contest for leadership is sincerely between individuals and not ideologies, politics can be a great deal of fun.  
Russia finds itself in a world still recovering from dynamics that were not of the people's making.  It is difficult for newcomers with new faces and voices to become familiar to citizens when security is what they most rely on in changing times.  None of the candidates should lose heart over the outcomes tomorrow.  An election can be a new window opening and this election season in Russia can certainly be considered exactly that.
Good luck to all, I admire every one of them a great deal for the love of their country and their passion to be heard.

It looks like a quiet dynamic right now.

March 3, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the North and West Hemisphere (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

The hot air off the Equator is a bit dispelled right now, but, that doesn't mean anything in the long view.

The lack of hot air is temporary, when viewed beyond a hemispheric view, but, one of a global assessment, this is a lull.  

What occurs when there are tornado outbreaks is the troposphere has eliminated energy in the troposphere.  With each sunrise comes more energy entering the troposphere and with a think blanket of carbon dioxide to hold it, the infrared spectrum of Earth's mechanism means the 'energy used' is now replenished.

Energy in a 'system' is constant.  So, with sunrise there is energy that enters the Earth's tropospheric system in the mechanism called 'wavelength.'  One wavelength enters Earth's troposphere and magically (sort of) when it touches the surface of Earth it is returned to the air mass in the way of infrared wavelength.  The CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases provides a mechanism to hold the heat against the surface of the Earth.  It is the capacity of the Greenhouse Gases that allows life on Earth.

Earth, by nature, is an ice planet.  We know this from records well studied and evidence maintained, but, when a build up of Greenhouse Gases occur Earth quickly heats.  While 5 degrees Centigrade over the polar ice caps seems small, it is not when one considers how well balanced Earth is to maintain a livable troposphere for creatures with body temperatures of 98.6.

The quality that protects life on Earth is also a very delicate element to the planet.  So, when heat enters 'the Earth system' everyday (24/7 actually - but, 'direct sunlight' is the power element) it will remain within that system until it finds 'definition.'  When Earth loses its balance 'things happen.'  Things like tornadoes.  So, while the picture over the north and west hemisphere appears 'quiet' today, it is not, it is simply in transition to the next does of energy from Sol.

Today, Liz Mair admitted the GOP does not care about equity...

Liz Mair, David Weigel of The Washington Independent, and Republican strategist Sean Hackbarth at Continental Lounge in Rosslyn, Va., Thursday for Stimulus Happy Hour.

...but, mobility when it comes to wealth distribution.

Ms. Mair may have got it exactly right.

I would like Dana Perino and the other twit on the show to explain how 'the baby aspirin' between the knees works...

...and what that says about the men that require it.  I mean, do they eventually eat the aspirin or what?

I thought she might pass on a little advise.

Company set to expand unique manufacturing process with $400M loan (click title to entry - thank you)

What is happening with that $400 million loan?  

Expansion is happening.

An "Abound Solar" facility is temporarily laying off 180 workers until the expansion is complete.

Abound Solar lays off 180 while Longmont facility retools for future production (click here)

11:04 AM, Mar. 2, 2012

..."Abound received a $400 million U.S. Department of Energy loan guarantee to expand it’s 65 MW Colorado facility and build a new 640 MW Indiana facility. So far, it has received $70 million of those funds," an article on Power Engineering said.

The company said it still has plans to build a new facility in Indiana once production of the next-generation modules begins, and expects to have an update on a build-out in mid-2013....

The stories circulating in the Right Wing Media are LIES.  Yesterday on Murdoch's "The Five" this company was a scapegoat for Right Wing Propaganda.  They are telling half truths.  Why is this allowed to exist by the FCC?

The fact of the matter is Abound Solar is typical of a GROWTH INDUSTRY.  When monies FINALLY reach starved operations 'things happen.'  Things like expansions and movement into new venues of manufacturing.

I am pleased to see Abound Solar is taking their responsibility in handling their $400 million loan seriously and not simply looking to keep a facade to advance MORE LOANS.  The fact they are changing their manufacturing venue and business model to match the new venue, which requires downsizing the work force temporarily, shows difficult choices are being made.

They have only used $70 million of the $400 million loan to date and that is hardly a rush to exploit the people of the USA.

Now, why is it Murdoch's propaganda machine is allowed to make scapegoats out of a growing industry that does not fit their POLITICAL MODEL?