Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How is all that Climate Crisis denial working for you folks?

Parts of Florida (click title to entry - thank you)  woke up to freezing temperatures on Tuesday, with some cities setting records for a Dec. 7 and others expecting to break records on Wednesday.
Fort Lauderdale at 40 degrees (42), and Vero Beach at 31 degrees (38), the National Weather Service reported.....

Sadly, the GOP is about as corrupt as it comes.

Cuccinelli, (click title to entry - thank you) who was elected to his current post in 2009, had brought the suit -- insisting that requiring people to purchase insurance violated a Virginia statute.
The case, which now seems almost certainly headed for the Supreme Court, will cast Cuccinelli -- already a conservative darling -- as the face of the attempts to repeal the president's signature policy achievement of his first two years in office....

Attorney General Cucinnelli took office in January of 2011 and already his ambitions are taking him for a Governor's race in 2013.

Ken Cuccinelli for Governor 2013 (Facebook - click here)

Now I realize simply being an Attorney General and having political ambtions does not indict wrong doing, but, MORALLY this guy is more about his own ambition than he is about the people.

The Cuccinelli EXTREMISM is even too much for the Virginai Governor.

By From staff and wire reports

RICHMOND — Gov. Bob McDonnell directed state agencies not to discriminate against gay people in employment practices Wednesday, essentially overriding the Virginia attorney general’s advice to public colleges....

I believe Cucinnelle is seeing his strength as a Tea Bagger and not a Republican, actually.

Cuccinelli looks like presidential timber; but is Christie dead wood? (click here)

Published: Monday, December 13, 2010, 9:12 PM     Updated: Monday, December 13, 2010, 11:24 PM
The decision by a federal appeals court in Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's effort to reverse the individual health-care mandate has a lot of peopletouting Cucinellie for president in 2012.
That's not good news for Chris Christie. Our governor has been famously noncommittal on the mandate, which is perhaps the greatest expansion of the federal government's power since the New Deal.
All conservatives reacted reflexively in opposition to the mandate. The federal government has never before required all American citizens to contract with a private company to buy a product we may or may not want.
The mainstream Republican Party was a bit slow to get the point. The Beltway Republicans backed Mitt Romney in 2008, despite the fact that the health-care plan he initiated as governor of Massachusetts was the forerunner of Obamacare....

So, at this point, there are serious concerns to the focus of the Attorney General of Virginia.  It would seem as though his ambition was in place before his run for AG and that office is meerly a stepping stone.  To say his focus is dangerous is an understatement.  At this point if his extremism continues and is followed up by leagal action against civil rights, etc., impeachment should be a focus.  Cucinelli and his ambitious, activist Judge are excercing abuse of power with little concern for the citizens of Virginia or otherwise.

Obamacare victory launches Cuccinelli to national stage  (click here)

"What you see with Cuccinelli is what you get," say fans, foes and observers of Virginia General Attorney Ken Cuccinelli, R, who scored a victory in round one of his lawsuit against the health insurance mandate on Monday. In the 4th District Court in Richmond, Judge Henry E. Hudson ruled the insurance mandate, a part of Obamacare that hasn't yet gone into effect, is unconstitutional.
"This case is not about health insurance. It is not about health care. It's about liberty," Cuccinelli said at a press conference on Monday. "We've won the first round of this particular fight, but we know there are others to come."
This is the first serious case against the health insurance mandate that a judge has ruled in favor of those challenging its constitutionality. And conservatives say there isn't a better person to carry the banner.
"He's bold," said Richard Viguerie, the conservative direct mailer who runs ConservativeHQ.com and mentors Cuccinelli. "He doesn't wait for others to take action."...
Wouldn't it be nice to be the ONLY Judge to rule against the Federal government, have the AG plaintiff become president and then receive a nomination into the Supreme Court when Scalia retires.
My, my.  What ambition we actually have.