Saturday, August 15, 2015

2016 starts at the Iowa State Fair.

I heard a report that Dr. Ben Carson was in the Midwest, either Nebraska or North Dakota. There is an event occurring sponsored by the North Dakota Republican Party on August 17, 2015. It is called the BARC R-100 Reception. Web entry below.

Organized by : North Dakota Republican Party
MISSION: To find and support candidates that BEST represent the people of North Dakota, to achieve VICTORY in the next election, and to ensure North Dakota remains a beacon of Liberty!
Otherwise, every other candidate is in Iowa. Some are using the "Des Moines Register Forum" and some are not. The celebrity of Donald Trump has permeated the atmosphere of the Iowa State Fair as he offers helicopter rides to children with their parents. It is a generous thing to do.  He is the leading Republican candidate while Dr. Carson is second.
Donald Trump has struck an accord with American voters. In his first debate hosted by FOX News there were 24 million viewers. I was not one of them. But, that is an incredible number. There are estimates stating most political debates received 2 million viewers at the high end of expectations. That would mean 22 million viewers are NEW to the idea of being important to politics. Now, of course, some are a foreign audience (click here) interested in events in the USA, some are curiosity seekers (click here) looking for the latest gossip, but, I think they are in the minority. 
But, according to that debate there are about 22 million people sincerely interested to spend time listening to the candidates. Donald Trump did not speak more than anyone else. So, the Democrats should be aware of the fact Donald Trump as an impact on American politics. He is a Republican phenomena that is bring a lot of people to the political sphere for what might be the first time.
The Democratic Party is finding friends in Iowa. Bernie Sanders has a very vital campaign and it shows at the Iowa Fair. He had his campaign representative for Iowa with him. The Bernie Sanders campaign has opened up an office with his appearance at the Iowa State Fair.
Hillary Clinton was at the Iowa State Fair and received a strong endorsement from former Senator Harken. It was good to see him again. He hasn't changed a bit.
August 14, 2015
By Tom Harkin
...As Iowans and as a nation (click here) we fought back from a terrible recession, but we are making progress. Now it’s time for a president who can create a stronger future. As Democrats, we’re fortunate to have a slate of candidates that are all fine individuals, but we need a fighter who has a record of getting things done and the vision for the future that will build on the progress we’ve made. For my wife, Ruth and I, that candidate is Hillary Clinton....
No matter where Hillary Clinton makes an appearance there is always controversy. There was even a question about why Tom Harkin announced his endorsement at the fair. That is the kind of manufactured scandal that surrounds the former Secretary. She looked great and was available for questions. There was one topic that seemed to be fomenting fears for the press and said Democrats such as Vice President Biden (click here) and former Vice President Gore (click here)
I guess. 
They haven't really brought any statements to the media to indicate they are interested. I guess. There is nothing definite about their ambitions.
But, to Hillary Clinton's email controversy one has to ask is there actually a controversy? She has stated there were no emails that were stamped classified that were received or sent from her personal server. The server is not with the US Justice Department. The State Department as confirmed Secretary Clinton did not receive or send any emails stamped classified. Evidently, there are other departments complaining their topics should have been considered classified. So, I suppose that raises more questions and offers little answers. 
The picture to the right is one rarely noted without the dark sunglasses when reading her Blackberry. That is how much she used her communication network. Her use caused concern for an effect on her vision.
Now, the question is were there policies in place that defined what is classified, who makes that decision and how is the decision made. It is some of the complicated policies that are still problematic in handling electronic emails with the US Government. To begin the computer capacity of the US Government is lousy. It would lead people with high volumes of email to use other possibilities and in the case of the former Secretary she decided a private server. 
NOT a private email account. Such as or Her emails were on her PRIVATE SERVER. I can guarantee you it was more secure than any internet service of the US Government. Has anyone kept count of the frequency the US Government electronic network is hacked? At least yearly if not more frequently. I guess part of what the US Justice Department has to decide is if the PRIVATE SERVER of former Secretary Clinton was hacked.
But, as far as an email controversy of a private server is concerned, there is probably going to be an investigation to decide the brevity of the accusations and whether there were laws broken.
President Barak Obama was the first POTUS to insist on keeping his Blackberry for communication within the government. That was from the first day of his presidency. So, the question is for the first four years of his presidency when were laws/regulations passed and published for implementation? I think Secretary Clinton was using her PRIVATE SERVER long before the idea of regulation of Blackberry's ever became an issue.
For all those waiting for a "perp walk;" I wouldn't hold my breath. It appears to me to be more of a campaign issue than a real issue. I also believe this is the perfect issue, because it is the State Department, for the federal legal authorities in departments and at US Justice to investigate and bring findings to the authority of law. In other words, President Obama can take the facts in this case and write Executive Orders that would be effective within his administration keeping in mind there is some legislative measures that came from Congress that came into effect in late 2014.
Let's hope Attorney General Loretta Lynch can move this along as quickly as she has many other issues. The campaigns are anticipating their positions entering into primary votes and it is important to this finalized.
But, to the Iowa State Fair,  I never knew there was a Butter Cow before and Hillary Clinton did not point that out. Hillary is your campaign so oppressed because of the email mess that you can't appear to actually be enjoying yourself? Get Bill and the family to join you, especially at a fair, for photo ops with the Butter Cow. Perhaps Bill can decide if fried Oreos should be banned from production considering the health issues of the country.
I hope everyone has fun at the Iowa State Fair. I know there are also live cows there, too. So, what's with that? Living, breathing cows at a State Fair, go figure. I always thought it was about how weird frying food gets in the USA!