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November 8, 2014

“Ms. Lynch is a strong, (click here) independent prosecutor who has twice led one of the most important U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the country,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement Friday. “She will succeed Eric Holder, whose tenure has been marked by historic gains in the areas of criminal justice reform and civil rights enforcement.” Holder and Lynch joined Obama in the Roosevelt Room for Saturday’s announcement.

Lynch was the least controversial of the final choices before the president, according to several government officials. She has been confirmed twice by the Senate. And she was respected for the way she conducted several high-profile cases without seeking ­publicity.
The Constitution of the United States of America can't be turned on and off like a water faucet. The Constitution supersedes any bill and the only chang permitted are amendments.

I do believe the majority Republican House and Senate actually has work to do other than using the floors of both houses for their chronic campaign.

Corker can't write a bill that changes the US Constitution. Just that simple. 

No one can see the hatred in these people? 

They are neocons. Being a neocon qualifies them to be jackasses. I don't want a jackass in Congress, but, evidently many do.

The Corker Bill is unconstitutional.

April 5, 2015

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, (click here) said Congress must approve any agreement reached by the United States and other world powers to curb Iran's nuclear program.
Corker has proposed a Republican-backed bill to give Congress a critical role in accepting or rejecting a nuclear deal with Iran. It is important that Congress play its "rightful role," he said. The president needs to sell the deal to Congress and the American people, he said.

"There's a lot of water that needs to go under the bridge here. Many, many details are unknown at this point," Corker said....

Does no one understand what a political animal Corker is and he is wasting time on stupidity. 

The Senate has an advise and consent right in the US Constitution. That is all they have and the Corker is still yet another attempt by Republicans to coupe the government and the US Constitution. The bill by Corker is not LAWFUL.  

And the US House has no role in this.

President Obama has been elected twice and he has significant power in this capacity with Iran and it's nuclear capacity. Elections have consequences.  

I don't trust the US Senate Majority to actually produce lawful legislation. They don't have THE ABILITY. No one sees that? Just because they are occupying a seat doesn't mean they can turn the USA Constitution on it's head. 

The Obama Presidency has been nothing short of brilliant. None of the Republican morons that have occupied the House and Senate have a clue to what to do. They can hold meetings and have the Cabinet Secretaries EXPLAIN the FRAMEWORK, but, they have not other power in the negotiations.

The Republicans need to appreciate the President they have in the White House and learn form him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

From his inauguration forward President Obama has been a great patriot and brilliant leader. Some people can't seem to appreciate that. 

Scientology has to address it's obvious abusive structure.

Scientology is a unique belief system. It does qualify as a church. There is nothing to say Hubbard's experience in life is not unique. If this were a thousand years out from Hubbard's life the view would be very different in regard to this particular church.

People can point to many other charismatic leaders that have a benevolent purpose to their spirituality. In the case of Scientology, is joy such a bad thing? The obvious and unfortunate reality of some members can't be denied. There is no reason to trash Scientology to identify problems within the church.

It appears to me the actual basis of Scientology's faith is felt through what is called "externalism." There are many in the world that have experienced 'out of body realities' that are not members of Scientology. The difference between them and Scientology is the fact these experiences have been contextualized into a religion that obsesses about their members. I am pleased members have detailed notes regarding their experience in this religion as it assures they are OKAY and not experiencing other phenomena. I think the note taking is about safety. Now, whether the note taking is used in a poor methodology against some members who want to leave the faith has to be known. People are allowed to move on in many established religions. 

Scientology is a very powerful religion with accumulations of wealth due to the status of their famous members. That is not a crime. What sincerely bothers me is the fact women are leaving the church because of the well being of their children. That is a reality in many cases and not just a few. What also concerns me is the willingness of strong family ties that become weapons to 'disconnection' after members have left the faith.

There is an obvious paranoia in Scientology to force this type of disconnection and it needs to be understood. No one's reputation can be adversely effected because of leaving the church. Spirituality is a personal dynamic. Scientology may be the next scandal of a church. Other churches have weathered the storm of investigation. Child neglect and abuse are not minor issues for any religion. 

I'll state this much. In the film it is stated Hubbard lied about his experiences in the military and having been blinded, when in fact he was suffering from conjunctivitis. The one report about child abuse included the fact the child had severe eye infections that "...welded it's eyes shut." That is only one reporting and not a higher number of instances that might indicate something else is being conducted. BUT, the reality is child neglect within the church has to be investigated. 

February 19, 2015
By Colin Gorenstein

Alex Gibney’s (click here) highly anticipated new documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” is now slated for a March 29 HBO debut.
The documentary was one of the buzziest films from Sundance (it premiered before a packed house) and even prompted the Church of Scientology to take out a full-page ad in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times a week before its premier, claiming that the documentary was packed with lies.
Today, HBO has released an official trailer for the documentary which you can feast your eyes on in the meantime....

Also of note is the fact children have been born to parents within the faith and have not seemed to have been effected into adulthood. None the less, there are some instances that have to be understood and corrected.

I also believe Hubbard lived in a time where there were no words to express externalism and fabricated a reality that would make sense to incoming members. Many members current and/or past do testify they improved their lives while within the church up to the point they are called "Cleared." In all honesty, what happens after that point needs to be viewed as writing of a man challenged to be accepted.

Saudi Arabia and Russia are engagning in some oppositional conversation.

April 6, 2015

Abdullah Al-Moalami, (click here) Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the UN, said that Russia’s call for a humanitarian pause in Yemen was aimed at hindering a draft resolution by Gulf states and Jordan that is being negotiated by the UN Security Council.
“We always provided the necessary facilities for humanitarian assistance to be delivered,” Al-Moalami was quoted as saying in an Al Arabiya report.
“We have cooperated fully with all requests for evacuation,” he added, echoing comments made earlier by Brig.-General Ahmad Al-Assiri, a consultant in the defense minister’s office.
The International Committee of Red Cross, meanwhile, said it has received approval from the Saudi-led coalition to bring in vital medical supplies and aid workers to Yemen.
“We have received permission from the coalition for two planes now, one carrying supplies and one with staff,” ICRC spokeswoman Sitara Jabeen said in Geneva.
The ICRC hoped that the aircraft could land on Monday in Sanaa, she said.

I believe last week or so there Russia took issue with Iran over Syria, primarily Assad. I think the Russians are concerned the Shia are not represented in the Arab Coalition.

Evidently, there were raids in eastern Saudi Arabia of a Shi'ite community. According to the reports in "RT" the people could not leave and there were Saudi police shooting through walls of residences.

April 6, 2015

...Locals report (click here) seeing 40 armored security vehicles enter Awamiya at 15:30 (12:30 GMT) on Sunday. One anonymous resident told the Middle East Eye “the gunfire didn’t stop” until 21:00. “Security forces shot randomly at people’s homes, and closed all but one of the roads leading in and out of the village.”
“It is like a war here – we are under siege,” he added.
Alleged eyewitness footage sent to the MEE depicts gunfire, supposedly coming from the police forces. Buildings and cars appear to be ablaze in the video....

It is noted this area of Saudi Arabia has been visited with what is characterized as "Arab Spring" problems. I believe Saudi Arabia is acting as though it expects uprising of some communities to disturb the peace while Yemen is experiencing a rise in Shi'ite rebels. 

The United Nations has it's hand on the Arab Coalition. I would think all these concerns could be brought to the UN Security Council. If that meeting is to be productive Iran has to be a part of an open discussion regarding building alliances rather than wars.

The concern by Saudi Arabia is legitimate, there is conflict in Yemen at it's southern border. The question the UN has to address is Iran's role in the region. There is no reason why Iran can't be considered a valued power to resolve any potential to regional conventional war. The region's countries have to stand together and not waring among themselves through covert agendas.

The concerns of Russia may very well be the one accumulation of intelligence to bring about a stronger understanding of defeating Daesh without causing harm to domestic harmony. That is a real issue where Sunnis and Shi'ites live together. The Holy Men leading these people have to identify as allied with the effort to end a genocidal regime. It is important stability and not chaos wins out. If Russia is good at anything internationally it is building stable states. I am quite certain Russia does not want a complete failure of the region, it has the potential to be a sincere concern for Russian borders.

There is no reason to believe the Arab Coalition is causing problems with each other. There is the internet and access to young people within borders of these countries. It could be stated the Arab countries are as susceptible to enemy influence as Europe has become.  

I find it ironic there is a rising tide of Shi'ites in the region. They would be seeking their own protection quite possibly through internet connections. The Shi'ite uprising may very well be due to the fact they would be visiting different internet sites than Sunnis. And, of course, the Shi'ites are among the ethnicities that Daesh wants to kill until every last Shi'ite is dead. I am not surprised there would be a call to arms to protect themselves throughout the region.  

These are new alliances and a very new and dangerous enemy. There are going to be surprises, but, the place to solve these concerns is the United Nations. Daesh cannot prevail due to sparks of civil war. There can be no misunderstandings between Iran and Shi'ite groups such as Hezbollah. While these Shi'ite groups are viewed in some quarters as terrorist groups, that no longer should be the ideology of any Shi'ite community throughout the region. This is a call to arms by all Arab ethnicities to defend the 'common ground' they all share against a very dangerous regime called Daesh. That has to be the focus. Quite possibly Yemen's government was couped because of the depth of Shia fears they would become the enemy of the state. 

The region has to come together with an understanding whom the enemy is and the best way to address that. These sparks of Shi'ite uprisings in the region is due to profoundly felt fears of genocide regardless whom it is. There is no doubt the Shi'ites are acting to protect their populations. The Arab Coalition has to communicate with Iran and seek it's help in quelling the Shi'ite fears. The USA has been successful in resolving any fears in Iraq by the Shia allied with Sunni and Kurdish members. In Iraq there is a clear understanding there is an Iraqi military, but, that Iraq military is also accepting of Shia Popular Groups helping to protect the sovereign nature of Iraq. The Kurds are no minor players in defending regions of the area. It can be done. 

Saudi Arabia has a new King, now embraced by the Saudi people, whom still hasn't traveled to understand other countries and the interests they share. How could he travel with such danger in this region. Recognizing any and all pitfalls to victory over Daesh is vital. The United Nations has to be valued for it's ability to draw international understanding to regions leading to a greater stability. 
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In the early morning hours on the USA west coast on Easter a solar eclipse was recorded.

Early risers in the Bay Area caught a quick total eclipse of the moon on Saturday.

Photos taken by ABC7 News viewer Michael Polk just before dawn from Grizzly Peak Boulevard in Berkeley show the amazing moment.