Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Currently, the Bundis owe the US government over $1.5 million. The people involved with them are being toyed with for Bundi's own purpose.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is closed until further notice. (click here)

An unknown number of armed individuals have broken into and occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge facility near Burns, Oregon. While the situation is ongoing, the main concern is employee and public safety; we can confirm that no federal staff were in the building at the time of the initial incident. We will continue to monitor the situation for additional developments.

There are many people that live on USA public lands. They even run businesses that accommodate visitors to the public lands. There is no reason for any actions against the people of the USA to remove those lands into private ownership.

This is the enemy, "quack, quack."

I love this refuge. (click here) The experience is life affirming. Not only do we love the experience of being in the unique landscape and viewing the birds, we have loved getting to know some of the local people we connect with again each year, and meeting other travelers.. Some years we have gone twice. Each trip I learn something new (often from another visitor) or recognize a bird that I could not identify before. It is an opportunity to be with our friends in an environment we love and appreciate. It is so interesting to see the differences through the years... Are the owls nesting in the same place? Will the area be dry or wet? Will the number of birds returning be similar in number or will events (natural or not) over the last year affect their population? My life experience would be greatly diminished if could not come here.—Survey comment from visitor to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Since the ? men ? at the refuge have broken enough laws to put them in a concrete box for the rest of their lives AND the indebtedness of the Bundis (Old man - one million and son - half a million) it is safe to say they need a lawyer and can't pay for one. So, the federal government should supply them a lawyer by chance they want to give up their homelessness. 

The FBI has open ended questions about San Bernadino?


Well, if I had just killed a dozen or more of my peers, I'd want to have a final farewell to my bride at lakeside, if you know what I mean? 18 minutes is plenty of time for the horizontal tango. I mean, everyone knows how 'hot' it is killing people.

They would be off the grid during those intimate moments. 

Why would they kill peers?

Predictability. Not only that, it increases the level of terrorism. If a terrorist works in the USA and has friends as a peer group and then turns postal on them it increases the 'idea' of lack of predictably. It serves a psychological purpose.

The goal of Daesh is to unhinge nations of people to have them align with Daesh as killers. Well. If the people in ones' life they touch everyday could turn into killers without any symptoms, life becomes far more tenuous. The USA have people that share common understanding in a democracy and their freedom. So, when people in San Bernardino die at the hand of a peer and his wife of all people at a holiday party the remaining emotion was noted nationwide.

The demand for guns and ammunition escalated within hours after the killings. THAT is measurable and the FBI knows that.
Artist Nickolay Lamm (click here) has depicted a number of U.S. cities as they would look under 12 feet of sea-level rise. That projection, based on data from the organization Climate Central, is right in the middle of several forecasts that report that Antarctic glaciers are starting to collapse.

Boston Harbor at 12-feet of sea-level rise.

The loss of Greenland and Antarctica will deliver more sea level rise than any other ice sheets.

January 5, 2016
By Chelsea Harvey

Rising global temperatures (click here) may be affecting the Greenland ice sheet - and its contribution to sea-level rise - in more serious ways that scientists imagined, a new study finds.
Recent changes to the island's snow and ice cover appear to have affected its ability to store excess water, meaning more melting ice may be running off into the ocean than previously thought.
That's worrying news for the precarious Greenland ice sheet, which scientists say has already lost more than 8.16 trillion tonnes of ice in the past century - and whose melting rate only continues to increase as temperatures keep warming up....

This was also reported about the same time of year in 2015 by the LA Times. With Greenland ice melting at accelerted rates, sea level rise is also accelerated. The two large ice sheets that will cause sea level rise to be profound is Greenland and Antarctica. They are all land ice sheets with numerous glaciers.

January 12, 2015
By Geoffrey Mohan

Over a few summer days in 2012,  (click here) nearly all of the Greenland ice sheet surface thawed right under the feet of a UCLA-led team of scientists.
What was not absorbed into snow quickly gathered and flowed across the 20,000-square-mile sheet, coalescing into roaring turquoise rivers. And then most of it disappeared....

It is not surprising to realize larger and larger ice fields in Greenland are disappearing. We have watched the Greenland ice sheets melting around the edges for well over a decade now. There comes a tipping point and with this being the second season in a row to record ice melts, this is a new reality.

There is still yet ANOTHER cyclone forming east of Australia and north of New Zealand.

The weather patterns (click here for loop) in southern hemisphere has to be continually evaluated during this summer season. 

There is a huge amount of equatorial water vapor being delivered into the summer time heat. That spells trouble. 

The people of Australia, especially northeast Australia, has had a very difficult spring and summer thus far. There was a point when there were dual typhoons in Australia's northeast. 

This was March 2015 for Australia's new reality. Three typhoons at one time.

In February 2015, (click here) a pair of cyclones hit Australia within six hours of each other. A few weeks later, yet another batch of storms—three this time—churned remarkably close to Australian coasts.
The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite, captured this view of Cyclone Pam (top) on March 11, 2015, at 22:50 UTC as it neared the island chain of Vanuatu. In a mosaic (bottom image) also captured on March 11, Pam and two other storms—Nathan and Olwyn—were lined up in a row north of the continent. The mosaic is based on data collected during three orbital passes of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on Suomi NPP. (The MODIS on Terra acquired similar imagery later that day.)
Forecasters expect that Pam, the strongest of the three storms, will have a major effect on Vanuatu. With sustained winds of 155 miles (250 kilometers) per hour and gusts up to 190 miles (300 kilometers), Pam was already the equivalent of a Category 5 storm on March 12. As Pam moves toward Vanuata, the storm will push through an area with relatively weak upper level winds and unusually warm water, so it should continue to strengthen. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Pam’s peak intensity will likely coincide with its closest pass to the island Efate, which is home to Vanuatu’s capital city, Port Vila....

The news Americans never hear. This is from "The Arab News" of Saudi Arabia, not the Tehran Times.

Demonstrators have powerful voices to their government, but, they do not dictate war between hard fought former friends.

Saudi Arabia and Iran need to realize the danger to these very demonstrators if their joint mission against Daesh fails. The problem is that domestic peace is different between the former friends.

I remember a speaker I once went to hear who stated the primary problem with Hamas in Gaza is the very real fact there is generational neglect of the education and sophistication for Palestinans regarding the real world. I can't help but believe that is also true among the citizens of the middle east in general. These are very old patterns between Iran and Saudi Arabia. They manifest among the people and not the governments. It is time to realize Muslim faiths of both Shia and Sunni can flourish in the face of hatred by a genocidal element.

The two former friends need to find ways to more deeply understand each other and commit to talks and a platform of peace. This is a very, very difficult time in the middle east, but, it is a huge mistake to allow old patterns to create a greater war and loss of destiny for it's people.

5 January 2016

Iranian demonstrators threaten revenge during a rally in front of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran on Sunday to protest the execution by Saudi Arabia last week of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

Tehran: Iran has expressed “regret” (click here) over two attacks on Saudi Arabian diplomatic missions and says it will spare no effort in arresting and prosecuting those responsible.
Iran’s UN envoy Gholamali Khoshroo said in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Monday that the Islamic Republic “will take necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the future.”
Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran on Sunday after protesters attacked its embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashad. Iranian fanatics turned violent to protest Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent opposition Shiite cleric over the weekend, which predominantly Shiite Iran has denounced.
Khoshroo said more than 40 protesters at the embassy have been arrested and handed over to judicial authorities and that investigators are seeking other possible perpetrators....

TPP needs to end. It is not a 21st century document!

These are horrible agreements. Are counter every value Western societies hold dear. It victimizes future generations in abandonment to future markets for Wall Street.

These agreements have to be stopped before they get started.

Trade deal gives polluters power to sue governments who try to implement the Paris agreement (click here)

December 21, 2015

The COP21 climate negotiations in Paris (click here) have culminated in an agreement that global warming must stay "well below" 2C and efforts must be made to limit warming to 1.5C. This is a significant development. It implies we have to move to a net zero carbon economy by around 2050.
This is an unprecedented global challenge, but it is achievable and could lead us to a healthier future. Authors in the Lancet medical journal have called it the "greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century". It will require bold policy changes and planning. Not only must extensive new infrastructure be established, but intrinsically high carbon industries must either reinvent themselves or disappear.

Trillions of dollars' worth of fossil fuel reserves must soon become "stranded assets". A transition of this scale, within the time frame required, cannot be achieved by tweaking current policy at the margins. Nor can we assume that a miraculous new technological fix will arrive in time.

...many are also quietly locking us into investment agreements that would make the transition more difficult. The kind of major policy changes required for the transition to zero carbon are precisely what modern investment agreements are designed to prevent.

The core logic of these agreements is captured in the introductory text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): "to establish a predictable legal and commercial framework for trade and investment ..." In these agreements, the right of investors to a light-handed, "business as usual" regulatory environment is paramount. Considerations like climate change, health and human rights are given either low priority or ignored altogether....

In addition, investors such as fossil fuel companies would be given broad powers to directly sue governments in off-shore tribunals for unfavourable changes in policy under investor-state dispute settlement provisions.
Awarding these powers to the fossil fuel industry is a direct affront to the Paris agreement. Given that trillions of dollars' worth of fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground - investor-state dispute settlement clauses are a disaster waiting to happen....

...The NZ climate change ambassador has dismissed the idea that the TPPA would obstruct future action on climate change. However, this view is directly at odds with the European Union Parliament that recently proposed a specific legal "carve out" in a similar investment agreement, aiming to ensure that investors would not be able to sue governments for policies designed to reduce carbon emissions....

The clear weather of the western hemisphere comes with a price. The ITCZ/ITCZ water vapor has been diverted south.

5 December 2016

Hawaii is currently the place where the water vapor dives into the southern hemisphere.


Interestingly. Earth's physics is using it's global dynamics to attempt to cool off.

GET A CLUE, this is not El Nino.

The "weather man/woman" of the USA hasn't got the language to say otherwise. The best they've got is "...clear skies and no one dies..."

January 5, 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the north and east hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

The high pressure system that was stalled off the California coast for the past two decades has moved to east of Hawaii. One of the reasons the NATION of meteorologists don't have "the language of the climate crisis" is because neither does USA authorities. NOAA and the national weather service needs a consultation with NASA including understanding the planet's current and disastrous tropospheric outcomes. Kids are dying IDIOTS. GET REAL.

January 5, 2016
By Brett Rathburn

A series of storms (click here) will bring welcome rainfall across California and other portions of the southwestern United States this week.
The track of these storms is fueled by El Niño in the tropical Pacific Ocean.
"The above-average temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean, known as El Niño, tends to strengthen the storm track into the West Coast and occasionally California during the winter," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said....

NASA's orientation to the rest of the scientific community can start with the ALARMING change in the noctilucent clouds AND the migration of water vapor off the planet and UP in ALTITUDE. Try understanding the FACT the water on the surface of Earth is being evaporated!!!!!!!

When weather is mitigated from the UPPER TROPOSPHERE rather than the jet stream, IT MAKES IT DEADLY to live on Earth.

STOP being "The Weather Man" and start being scientists!

Sydney weather: (click here) Another 'miserable day' ahead as commuters battle deluge

January 5, 2016
By Peter Hannam

Another day of persistent, heavy rain lies ahead for Sydney and coastal regions to the north before the big wet moves offshore.
Baulkham Hills had notched 78mm of rain by late afternoon on Tuesday - the most in the Sydney basin - while Newcastle has been copping falls at the rate of more than 20mm an hour, said Zach Porter, a forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology....

There is another shunting of ITCZ across South America.



Three days of downpours triggered this landslide in beachside Bronte.

Contrary to the belief system of Halliburton, poured concrete does not stop water from devastating land stability with it's hydraulic properties.