Friday, June 03, 2011

Was "The Two Americas" a myth? No. That was evident in October of 2008 and beyond.

I sincerely believe the criminal charges against John Edwards has resulted for political power and personal gain rather than legitimate reasons.

One has to ask how long the "National Enquirer" is going to bank roll this story?  It is a dead horse that is receiving a beating for no reason at all.


Sad, but, true.  But, enough is enough and a strong reason this is becoming a witch hunt in North Carolina is because of the law suit of Andrew Young.  Fool that he is.  (click title to entry - thank you)  Well, after all it was he that 'made all dreams possible,' yes?  Yes.

I find it really, really odd that the prosecution is actually using Ms. Mellon's handwritten notes as evidence in a case that involves good friends and a benevolent Southern Bell.

I do believe there is a 'hint' of vengence for Elizabeth that lives on as well.  That is unfortuate as I am certain she had higher regard for her own dignity than that.

But, as to Ms. Mellon.  I will write about another Southern Bell and what happens after their spouses die.

I can't help but realize the hideous nature of 'how far' this has all gone.  I mean the National Enquirer lost all dignity with maintaining the longevity of this topic.  It is one thing to bring to light the mistress of a potential president, but, to continue to 'stir the pot' for stirring purposes is more than hideous.

Moses Herman Cone (click here)  (June 29, 1857 – December 8, 1908) was an American textile entrepreneur, conservationist, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age who was active in the southern United States. He began his career in sales and became an innovator who offered finished clothing, which was unusual in an era when textiles were normally sold as unfinished cloth....

No one in the USA knows Moses from 'the south.'  He was a ruthless SOB that knew how to get blood from a nickel.  I am sure his wife would agree.  See Mrs. Cone didn't have control of any money while he was alive.  Not that she suffered in silence, not at all, but, she 'had to put up with guy.' ya know?

Church going folks.  Moralists.  There was always a reason for unfathomable wealth in the way of Christian morality.  It provided income 'enough' for people to feed their familes and live in the 'rent controlled' housing that was owned by the company of which the employees paid for monthly.  So, there were always reasons why the Southern Gentry could call themselves Gentry even if their employees and their employees familes lived in poverty and squalor.  Ah, those were the day.

Well, you see, good 'ole Moses here died before his wife.  She, being a good Christian wife and longing to be sure there was a seat in heaven for the poor bastard after a reasonable stent in purgatory decided she needed to move into more moderate 'digs' and use the vast fortune her spouse amassed for a benevolent reason.

So, in recognition of Moses she built a hospital to benefit all the families that worked for the industries of Moses and his family.  The hospital stands yet today in Greensboro in memory of him and is required to carry his name forever as the 'original charter' stipulates.  That 'role' if you will is extremely typical for fine Southern Bells seeking to find joy in relieving the suffering of others.

I don't know Ms. Mellon.  I am not even going to pretend to.  But, I don't have to and still realize why she was so involved with Senator John Edwards, his wife Elizabeth and his hopes of bringing social justice to the USA as a Vice Presidential and later Presidential hopeful.  There was absolutely nothing malicious in the relationship 'of hope' that developed between the former Senator and Ms. Mellon.  Nothing.  No lies.  No deceits.  Disappointment, perhaps, but absolutely no conspiracy to hide a child that was not aborted from the public.

Instead, the longing for a better America was smeared by an irresponsible videographer that could not or would not separate herself from her subject long enough to bring about the changes in the USA that Ms. Mellon dreamed of.  I am quite sure Ms. Mellon did not know Ms. Hunter, nor asked to meet her.  It is ONLY my estimation that Ms. Mellon assumed from people like Andrew Young that Ms. Hunter was extorting monies from John Edwards.  A fine Southern Bell seeking a better path for the USA in the promise of a devoted man would believe the best of him and the worst of a woman that was attempting to disrupt a marriage and a dream.


In the estimation of a wealthy widow if money was what Ms. Hunter wanted then money is what she was to have. 

The engineering of the particulars of all that was the work of Mr. Young.  If that isn't obvious than I don't know what is.  It is interesting a civil suit surrounding an extortion tape is being brought by Young after he engineered the arrangement for Ms. Hunter and the image for the former Senator.

When marriages are assaulted and fall into disrepair in the south it is said, "Things get ugly."  They have.  Unfortately.  I find the entire mess quite over exposed and interesting 'BLUR' of the facts for political and personal reasons by people other than the accused in both instances.

I wish the Edwards family the best and hope there is a good and just outcome for John.  Not being legitimately involved in politics and having a daughter that doesn't live with his other children is punishment enough as far as I am concerned.  It should be enough for everyone else including the ludicrous "National Enquirer" that managed to elevate their news rag to 'heroic dimensions' and actually believes readers still believe it maintains that status.

Elizabeth Edwards lived a magnificent life.  She will never have her memory diminished.  She was exceptional in every way.  No one needs a media service interested in vengence beyond vengence to validate that either.

Sarah Palin: Paul Revere Warned The British

What to discuss first to 'get messes out of the way of what matters.'

Palin, Edwards.  Edwards, Palin.  Palin, Edwards.  Hmmm.....Edwards, Palin.  I think first Palin as she is more a tabloid than any tabloid out there.

From the "National Enquirer."

...The 47-year-old politician (click title to entry - thank you) en­dured shock waves from her daughter’s underage drinking and partying, pregnancy scare and nasty homophobic rants on Face­book before finally pulling her out of school....

Willow Palin is being coined as 'a wild child' by the Enquirer, but, I don't hear any complains from Sarah. 

What was the name of that bus she was riding on?????  .....................  oh, yeah, 'One Nation.'  I was wondering did that name indicate a goal or a reality.

When is Palin going to admit she is a joke?  She likes to star in this flag waving mess she calls the truth, but, it just isn't.  Her lie today regarding the ride to Paul Revere had nothing to do with reality, it had to do with rhetoric.  She consciously took the "Freedom Call" out of context for her own purposes.  I mean do I have to say it?  When is this hideous attention to morons seeking power going to stop in this country?  Quite frankly it is disgusting to see the press gussing all over an idiot and expecting her to be a legitimate 'character' for the presidency.  Like, doesn't the press actually have something to write about except the tabloid life of the Palins?
Enough of that mess, there is no redeeming value to any of it.  It solves no problems and speaks to nothing of substance.  So much for needing schools in the USA, just learn to be an idiot enough to attract other idiots.

So, let's see if I get this right. I do mean 'right' and not correct.

Libya: BP Evacuates Workers Amid Unrest (click here)

:39pm UK,
Monday February 21, 2011
Lisa Holland, foreign affairs correspondent

BP has said it was evacuating families of workers and non-essential staff from Libya in the wake of political unrest....

It wasn't enough that Paulson lost the opportunity to actually affiliate with real terrorists that have prostate cancer and destroy jet planes full of people, but, the USA House of Representatives actually DO NOT understand what is occuring in Libya.  Not the Senate, but, the House.


So, where exactly is the confusion, the fact that the United Nation's Resolution 1973 BARS occupation of foreign troops or the fact the oil fields haven't been given to Halliburton yet?

Oh, the Paulson thing?  Yeah.  Goldman Sachs was seeking to invest heavily in the oil fields in Libya before the rebels decided to take over the country.  I am sure they were looking forward to hunkering down with Gadaffi, getting to know him and laughing about the fact MONEY can buy loyality even where the law prohibits it.  You know, the prostate cancer charade.

There were actually two bills, one by Representative Kucinich removing the USA from the engagement with NATO into Libya and the other was by Speaker Boner that calls for clarification of the engagement OR ELSE.  The OR ELSE is for political propaganda as the Boner bill that passed 268 to 145 vs. the Kucinich bill that failed 148-265.  The Kucinich bill recieved bipartisan support as a note of order.

...The resolution by Speaker John Boehner (click title to entry - thank you) said the president has failed to provide a "compelling rationale" for the nearly 3-month old operation to aid rebels battling Moammar Gadhafi's forces. During Friday's debate, Democrats and Republicans complained that Obama ignored Congress' constitutional authority to declare war.

The nonbinding measure insists that Obama provide Congress with details on the scope of the mission and its costs within 14 days. It also bars U.S. ground forces except to rescue an American service member....

But, the Boner Bill does not carry any clout as it is NON - BINDING.  The measure does not require any USA involvement to end either.  The House was provided information about the NATO decision in the first week of USA involvement, but, evidently can't seem to come to conclusions regarding the topic.

"This resolution puts the president on notice," Boehner said on the floor. "He has the chance to get this right, and if he doesn't, Congress will exercise its constitutional authority and we will make it right." 

Speaker Boner sells his soul for the chance to espouse political rhetoric.  I would think someone that has been in the USA House of Representatives since 1991 would understand the 'precedent' that has been drawn on by the President in order to assist allies in NATO.

It goes like this and to begin, USA intelligence is deployed 'on the ground' in the capacity of intelligence gathering.  That is for the specific reason for the safety of civilians as it is nearly impoossible at times to discern rebel movements, etc.

Beyond that there is precedent for the USA to act.  First established precedent, is the NATO air campaign to stop Slobodan Milosevic's ethnic cleansing in 1999.  The USA, under Former President Clinton, didn't even have a UN Security Council Resolution when it engaged in these actions in Bosnia.  The NATO parties involved were left to their own jurisprudence to decide their actions.  The actions in Libya carry the brevity of having not just allies, but, a UN Security Council Resolution invoking the powers of NATO to act to protect the citizens of Libya.

Kosovo remembers 1999 air strikes (click here)


...He describes how Serbian police came to expel his family from his house in Pristina during the night of March 24th.

"The Serbian police said, 'Do you see NATO? They are coming, but when they come, you will not be here'," he recalled....

But, where does the UN Security Council have the audacity to actually call for protections of civilians in a THEN sovereign country?

Remember Rwanda?  Yes?  Remember how President Clinton, even today, regrets not acting to stop that genocide?  Yes?  That 'refecltion' by the Former President and international coalitions began a policy called, "Responsibility to Protect."  Most people haven't heard of it, but, certainly I would expect a USA House Speaker to not only KNOW what that policy states, but, to understand it and act on it.

Here it is:

The RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT ("RtoP" or "R2P") (click here) is a new international security and human rights norm to address the international community’s failure to prevent and stop genocides, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. 

The INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT (ICRtoP) brings together NGOs from all regions of the world to strengthen normative consensus for RtoP, further the understanding of the norm, push for strengthened capacities to prevent and halt genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity and mobilize NGOs to push for action to save lives in RtoP country-specific situations.

If I can refer to Darfur for an analogy. 

There are many, many NGOs involved in the Darfur region to assist in the SURVIVAL of people victimized by their government.  In order for NGOs to operate 'at all' they need some degree of 'tolerance' to provide the needed supplies to people marginally surviving.

Understanding how vital NGOs are to survival efforts to prevent genocide comes the understanding that for them to provide their services thet have to be reasonably safe.  In case of Libya, there was a great deal of danger to the people of Libya directly from their government.  The danger came in the way of military armaments and death.  There was no way possible for the people of Libya to survive when their government turned against them and there was no way for NGOs to act in their benefit to insure their survival.  What had to occur in Libya, as NATO decided, was to stop the bombing of civilians to allow for survival and actions by NGOs to take place.  As much as diplomacy worked in Darfur, to somewhat of an effective degree, it was not at all working in Libya. 

So, to insure the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was to be effective there was only one resolve left to the international community consisting of NATO; they had to disarm Libya and remove the dangers to its' civilians and the life saving work of international NGOs.  There was only one way of doing that and only one country within the NATO Alliance that could carry that directive to completion.  I remind, France was the first of NATO allies to enter Libyan air space and did so heroically and without USA involvement at that time.  But, France's capacity still wasn't able to address the battery of Libya's national missile defense system and the USA could.

So, to realize how LAX the USA House of Representatives actually is under Republican leadership and majority, this topic is actually closed as the President acted appropriately in support of alliances this country values and has been long standing.  He acted as Commander and Chief well within his power and it is the USA House of Representatives that is proving to prove to be incompetent.

I mean really.

The "George Walker Bush Economy" returns, with a vengence !!!!!!!!!

Draconian state and local budget cuts while attempting to destroy unions and the Middle Class.  So, what else is new?

It is safe to say the Republicans 'have no ideas' to improve the sagging economy which was left behind by Bush, Cheney, Paulson and Evans / Gutierrez.  This is surprise.  We already know cutting taxes for the wealthy provides NO new job growth.  We already know that cutting government 'to fit the political rhetoric of the Republicans provides NO new job growth.  So what was everyone thinking when they put draconian political hacks in the Governorships of the states?

Jobless rate inches up; job growth flattens (click title to entry - thank you)

The new job numbers are out. The economy produced 83,000 additional jobs in the private sector in May, still in the positive range but well below the improvement shown in recent months and also below the number needed to shrink the unemployment rate, which rose from 9 to 9.1 percent.
Private-sector job growth was offset to a degree by job losses in state and local government, a decline that brought the total number of jobs created in May down to 54,000. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted, “local
government has lost 446,000 jobs since an employment peak in September 2008.”...

The ONLY idea the Republicans, be it mainstream or Tea Baggers, have to offer is to be the 'Equal and Opposite' Force in the USA economy and then to blame it on the current President.  Amazing.  "Equal and Opposite" is the only aspect of science a Republican values.

The lack of insight as to what really comprises return of viability to any economy can currently be noted in North Carolina where there is a Republican majority in the legislature with a Democratic Governor trying to 'right the ship' and 'protect children's futures.'

...Gov. Bev Perdue (click here) says the Senate budget would force local districts to lay off school personnel. Her office distributed information after the Senate vote on the amounts each district stands to lose. Perdue's budget proposal kept part of a temporary sales tax increase adopted two years ago to see the state through the recession....

What the NC Republican budget attempts to deceive the electorate of is a proposed increase in jobs in education.  While the NC Republican budget definately would remove valuable teachers from the classrooms, what it intends to do is create less classrooms wtih less teachers, increase the number of students in each classroom while HIRING teaching assistants to help accommodate the increased number of students each teacher has to educate.
The question is WILL THE CHILDREN LEARN?  If a teacher is asked to use EXTENDERS to the learning process of the students it means they will not be able to PERSONALLY attend to the students' needs.  Instead, students will be left to seek learning opportunities by far less qualified and experienced teacher assistants.  The NC Republicans turn every teacher with larger numbers of students into a 'lecturer' while the students at all grade levels are left on their own to understand the lecture with the help of assistants that do not have the expertise of the teachers.  It sets students behind and certainly doesn't begin to be sure "No Child is Left Behind.'

North Carolina has one of the lowest pay scales in the nation.  A teacher's starting salary out of college with a four year degress is $19,000 per year.  If that isn't enough of an insult, teachers with teacher's assistants in the classroom will be measured for merit salary increased based on the same standards of teachers with smaller classrooms.  North Carolina doesn't have unions either.

One might note the 'drop out' rate is high for NC.  While the state boasts some of the top public universities in the nation, it might be worthwhile to realize those universities are also a bit of a cash cow for all the out of state students accepted for education.  I believe the average percentage of out of state students accepted in the public university system is at least 18% of the student body.  The success rate or should I say the lack of success rate of in state students justifiies the ever increasing percentage of the public university system.

The teachers of every school and university in North Carolina deserves to have a union to protect them and more than that, to protect their students and the quality of education they receive.  Most if not all North Carolina teachers are very dedicated to improving the lives of their students and seek success for each one.  That will be nearly impossible if Governor Purdue does not veto the state budget.

I'll tell you how dedicated the teachers of this state are, they provide the learning materials for their students.  Tablets, pencils, erasers and the list goes on.  See, the draconian Republican rhetorical standards of 'the south' have turned METHODS of the public education into private education by demanding the students provide their own learning supplies.  Next they'll have to purchase their own books.  Teachers in order to teach often buy their own teaching supplies out of their poorly compensated salaries. 

So, then, what is left in 'disposable' income in North Carolina to ACTUALLY have an economy?