Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite of North and West Hemisphere (click here for 12 hour water vapor satellite).

Based on the experience with the troposphere last year, while hurricanes are named as individual storms, I view the events off the North Carolina coast as cumulative. Irene last year was actually an accumulation of upper atmosphere water vapor. I sincerely believe Earth has lost its ability to generate hurricanes in the same way it had before the warming event dominating it. There are now water vapor sources generating upper troposphere hurricanes and not simply 'available' moisture.

The Subtropical Storm Beryl off the southeast coast of the USA, from my point of view, is simply a restart of Tropical Storm Alberto. I believe we will continue to see these upspring storms along the coast until that water vapor becomes sparse. Also, the first African storm may be approaching in the lower right hand corner of the satellite image above. I am a little surprised it isn't named yet, but, the storms of this hot troposphere are more diffuse in formation than what meteorologists are used to or have definition for. 

The southeast USA could use a few good wet storms right now, by the way.

The East Pacific is no different, Aletta and Bud have had the same water vapor 'source.' And true to form a greater accumulation of water vapor has occurred with Bud from the remnants of Aletta and Bud is a far stronger storm than its predecessor. 

The storms of the central US are due to a water vapor trail from Central America.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend. I am heading out to the coast and a visit with family. Be safe. Be happy. Never underestimate the words of your weather person on radio or television; they are sincerely dedicated to your well being. I think they are more vigilant today with better diagnostics than ever before. Basically, right now, their ability to help protect people is good and I have yet to witness any professional that isn't shy about saying what they know to the public. That. Is. A. Good thing. Enjoy the holiday, respect our nation's dedication to its military and their memories.