Saturday, February 22, 2014

This is just peaceful gatherings.

The people are going to find the need to assert themselves because of the legitimate fear they believe is still their reality. The speech and affirmation should never be interrupted with violence or escalation of fear again.

The sirens are of a hospital. I saw the ambulances there earlier during daylight. People get sick and have emergencies not necessarily connected with any political presence.

In reading some of the news and information in the media there is underlying fear this struggle will continue forever. That has to stop. Inflammatory rhetoric is not nearly appropriate. They have no peace of mind. What kind of government does that to it's people? That level of fear in a society reverberates through the idea their children will have no peace. That kind of fear promotes long lived resistance. The Ukrainian fears are deep seated and will only resolve in time. This won't go on forever, but, stating they are wrong in their assertions in public speech will not resolve anything.

Timoshenko freed. Yanukovych refuses to resign (click here)

The people stood with her and there are now elections set for May. Many died in belief she would bring about peace. She needs to lead in peace and the world should pay attention. 

The United Nations needs to bring in election observers. There should be no lies, no escalation of fear that would lead to greater instability and possible violence. The people are important above any manipulation of the outcome, no matter the outcome.

Elections and the opportunity to be elected needs to be fair and the former Prime Minister needs to be safe in her person from here forward. 

8:30 PM  Peace 

9:15 AM The rally continues. 

Parliament in Ukraine has named its speaker as interim president. (click here)

Oleksandr Turchynov takes charge following the dismissal of President Viktor Yanukovych on Saturday. Mr Turchynov told MPs they had until Tuesday to form a new unity government.
Parliament also voted to seize Mr Yanukovych's luxury estate near Kiev, which protesters entered on Saturday.
The whereabouts of Mr Yanukovych, who described parliament's decision to vote him out as a coup, remain unclear.
Thousands of opposition supporters remain in Independence Square, where the atmosphere is described as calm... 

There was some violence in Kharkiv, the second largest city in the Ukraine. Those causing the violence can't tolerate the light of day. They moved to where cameras can't see them.

EuroMaidan in Kharkiv gets attacked (click here)
Feb. 23, 2:35 a.m. In Kharkiv EuroMaidan rally was attacked by unknown men. The men drove two cars into the crowd of anti-government protesters and started shooting, reports local news website ATN. The people ran to the building of the governor's office to hide. At least two are wounded. -- Olga Rudenko

I would expect citizens of Ukraine to be angry with the former President Yanukovych, but, they should not act against him. They are more civilized than that and willing to honor the findings of the parliament and courts. If he has committed abuses of power and human rights abuses he needs to stand trial.

3 hours ago
Parliament has voted to seize President Yanukovych's luxury estate near Kiev, (click here) which protesters entered on Saturday.
The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse visited the retreat and described seeing tennis courts, a boxing ring and the presidential sauna.
Watch the full report on Newsnight, BBC Two, Monday, 22:30 GMT

The statues of Lenin are left over from the time the Ukraine was "Soviet Ukraine" and a vital part of the Soviet Union. Even Russia has at times wanted to remove Lenin from his display in the mausoleum. But, the building was renovated and reopened last year. Soviet Ukraine was second only to Russia within the USSR. It was a strong economic engine. When one examines the credentials of most of the professionals in the Ukraine, regardless of their trade they have economic educations in tandem

22 February 2014 Last updated at 15:06 GMT
Protesters have toppled statues (click here) of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin in various Ukrainian cities.
The latest footage shows protesters destroying statues in Bila Tserkva, Khmelnitsky and Zhytomyr.
When anti-government protests erupted in Kiev in December, protesters toppled a Lenin statue in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

When Human Rights fighters are victims the commitment to their cause becomes enamored in history.

There has to be a commitment by Europe and the USA to be vigilant and prevent such problems in the Ukraine again. These are good people and they only want their lives in an order they understand and love.

There is simply no reason for tensions between Russia and The West that encompasses countries in need of stability and good economies. Every power of The West and Russia should be able to find success in their economies and welcome in their tourism. These tensions have to end. If The West and Russia were more partners than they have been, the negotiations for peace would be far more smooth and affable than they are today. Cause and effect. The more hostile the politics within the USA, the more other nations believe they will find that tone of their relationships and even to fear.

The West states they believe when extremists in Iran refer to the Holocaust as a lie that justifies the removal of Israel to return to Palestine; however, The West believes their words to be saintlike and above such scrutiny by other nations. The world has had enough and this is proof of the discord and the problems no nation can afford.

Yury Vebytsky is as much a victim of negligence of The West as hatred of others. We need peace in this world, not more of this.

Yury Verbytsky, murdered EuroMaiden protester (click here)

On Jan 24 thousands of people in Lviv attended the funeral of Yury Verbysky, a Lviv seismologist and EuroMaidan protester whose mutilated body was found in the Boryspil forest outside Kyiv on Wednesday.  He had been abducted from the Oleksandrov hospital by unidentified men, together with the well-known journalist and civic activist Ihor Lutsenko.  

Whoever is behind his death, it is clear from Lutsenko’s account that he was particularly badly beaten because he was from Lviv.  The current regime has been assiduously pushing dangerously primitive stereotypes of people from Western Ukraine, and particularly Lviv, as being “Bandera supporting”, which is generally accompanied by words like “facist”....
Closing ceremonies are tomorrow. Time has passed quickly, but, one again the medal count has changed.

Norway is holding on the most number of gold medals, but, Russia has now surpassed Canada, the USA and Germany.

The commentary began with Bob Costas being out front in stating the snowboarding competition was a jackass sport. Why deprive him the last of the commentary?

February 22, 2014 (AP)
AP Television Writer

TOUGH STUFF: (click here) Bob Costas' sharp, if jarring, commentary Friday changed the narrative for those who thought NBC ignored or displayed a naive attitude about the world outside of the Olympic Village. The NBC host noted how Ukrainian athletes at the games were showing their concern for their country's political unrest, and tied what was going on there to Vladimir Putin's Russia. Costas said the Sochi Olympics had gone off better than many people feared going in, "all of which is truly wonderful, but should not serve to obscure a harsher or more lasting truth. This is still a government which imprisons dissidents, is hostile to gay rights, sponsors and supports a vicious regime in Syria — and that's just a partial list." While the games' may burnish Putin's reputation in some eyes, "no amount of Olympic glory can mask these realities," he said....

Privatizing law enforcement. Who are these companies customers? Mass public surveillance? You've got to be joking.

This is a front for privatization of government. The police and any other law enforcement agency as they currently exist don't need this. They already have all the information they need at their fingertips in their police cruisers. This is among the first steps to privatize government and take civil rights away from citizens.

Vigilant Solutions (click here) creates intelligence by merging previously disparate data sets such as fixed and mobile license plate recognition, public records, facial recognition, and more. Vigilant’s LEARN Intelligence Network provides an easy to use and intuitive interface to all of this information for unmatched investigative capability in a secure, hosted environment to reduce demands on agency IT resources and to facilitate nationwide interoperability and data sharing. 

Currently, if private security officers run into suspicious circumstances they have to at the very least call the local police to officially apprehend criminals. This is among the first steps to remove the authority of government and place it in the hands of private agencies and private courts.

"The Free Capitalist Network" (click here)

"If all government is inefficient then it might as well be abolished correct? However, if we have private courts, wont the courts be influenced by the one who pays the most money? I know that this is probably the same with state courts, but how would a private system of courts be better than a government system of courts?"

What makes anyone believe this is a foolproof method of finding a Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN). What will happen here is that the criminals are already ahead of the game and will find an identical vehicle and swap license plates. The game of chance will go on forever and the victims will be the innocent. 

These systems are Sci-Fi, impractical, expensive and an ultimate burden to consumers. This is ridiculous. 

Utah: Repo Men Sue To Overturn Private License Plate Reader Ban (click here)
 Repossession industry claims free speech rights in bid to photograph and track license plates in Utah.Tow truckPrivate companies that spy on motorists are suing the state of Utah over a law that limits commercial use of automated license plate readers (ALPR, also known as ANPR in Europe). The firms Digital Recognition Network Inc and Vigilant Solutions told the US District Court for the District of Utah that they have a First Amendment right to photograph motorists, identify the vehicle and record the time and GPS coordinates in a searchable database accessible to clients nationwide.

Digital Recognition Network (DRN) mounts license plate reader cameras on tow trucks so it can distribute the collected data to "clients and partners," usually repossession firms and collection agencies. In Utah, Swift Towing, American Automotive Recovery, Inner Global Recovery and Repros Recovery together spent $120,000 buying license plate reader cameras from the firm. Vigilant Solutions typically offers information from these cameras to law enforcement agencies....

Where does the data come from for these privacy invasion industries? The industry claims they don't use police or FBI or CIA records that might be available through MetaData or otherwise, but, through their own SURVEILLANCE.

Digital Recognition Network (DRN) (click here) is a data and analytics provider that drives measurable business value for the Financial Services, Insurance and Asset Recovery industries. Leveraging our data and services on a real-time basis, our clients more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk. 

Innocent people are being surveyed on a regular basis as they go about their own business and put into computer storage systems to be tracked by private industry. Where is my life did I ever give government or private industry the right to invade my privacy to track any of my activities?

The government and/or private industry has NO RIGHT and is operating unconstitutionally within the USA in regard to private citizens' rights to privacy. Such mass surveillance is AGAINST the law without proper authority through the courts.

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

So, therefore, private information companies operating today are doing so illegally through mass collection of information.

North Carolina has a dire environmental air and water quality problem.

It has existed and the laws in North Carolina primarily favor the hazards to citizens then effect the profits of the company. The politicians have been so very successful in lying about that reality the rhetoric is legendary.

Bird’s Eye View of Coal Ash (click here)

Coal contains heavy metals by its very nature. Heavy metals are toxic and oftentimes, a little dab will do ya. For example, just one teaspoon’s worth of mercury can contaminate a 20 acre lake to the extent that the fish become contaminated enough that they can become unsafe to eat.

When coal is burned for electricity, heavy metals are concentrated in the resultant coal ash (known more technically as “coal combustion waste”). Heavy metals of concern include but are not limited to arsenic, lead, mercury, manganese, and selenium. Each of these heavy metals can have differing negative effects on the body.... 

The liars are real and the lies manufactured as if true. The federal EPA need to have a presence among the environmental groups in NC and dispel the lies, otherwise the danger to citizen lives will go on forever. 

This display of solidarity with Duke Energy's Mr. Everett is proof enough the government is corrupt to the core and willing to lie along with companies to insure their profits. North Carolina needs a truth teller and the only authority left that needs to stand exactly in the same place as Everett is here are Federal authorities. Federal regulators and EPA need to speak directly to the NC legislature AND have it televised to the people of the state.

The environmental groups need to be stated BY NAME, have them present as a citizen has the right to attend legislative sessions, highly praised while stating they are correct and have been vigilant the entire time. It has to be said they are to be known to be accurate reporters of the environmental circumstances the people face. The citizens of North Carolina have truth tellers in their environmental groups that are far too numerous to list here.

The truth will be valued by those that believe lying is a sin.
February 17, 2014

RALEIGH — State environmental regulators and a Duke Energy executive (click here) assured state lawmakers Monday that Duke’s accidental spewing of tons of coal ash into the Dan River poses no immediate threat to public health.
The hastily scheduled hearing was the first update lawmakers had received on the environmental accident, but it offered few specifics on how and when North Carolina will go about cleaning up the river and preventing other coal ash accidents.
The N.C. Environmental Review Commission, consisting of House and Senate legislators, heard nearly three hours of statements on the spill in Rockingham County that has resulted in a public warning not to eat fish from the Dan River and nationally televised images of a grayish, batter-like goop clogging the waterway that winds through the North Carolina-Virginia border....