Monday, July 04, 2016

"Morning Papers"

The Rooster


This bird looks a little roughed up. Animals do fight for dominance. Will men ever get over their animal instincts and end their impulsion to violence?

According to Merriam-Webster, a patriot is a person who loves and strongly supports or fights for his or her country.

I am a patriot. I do not recognize another country as my homeland. I do not condone violence and power brokering by the USA defined in killing.

I am a patriot and I want peace!
CNN is warmongering. Is that what the media considers patriot anymore? That is propaganda and not reality.

Places like Bangladesh are caught completely off guard from people that like to kill to deliver a message.

It was amazing to see Bangladesh rise to take over the hostage circumstances. They surprised me. I never thought there would be this type of issue in that country. 

When I hear the country Bangladesh mentioned I first think of all the people forced to live in boats on the water because there isn't enough infrastructure to provide a home on land. Do I think about such violence? No.

The violence in Iraq is due to hatred. There exists profound hatred in the Middle East. it is long standing hatred based in religious differences. No one in the West should be pointing a finger at this region of the world and say "Shame, Shame." There has been hatred in The West for centuries due to religious differences. I am not going to chronicle it here, but, the most profound can be realized in Northern Ireland.

There is nothing valiant about killing to deliver a message. It is the coward's way of showing strength as if they should be most favored as a leader.

There has been violence around the world for as long as organized groups of people existed, including the USA west's history, including the Native American "Trail of Tears." The reason the white man conquered "The West" is because they nearly genocide the populations of American Indian. In actuality, there was genocide. The Native American never gave up and the reality of that today are the reservations within the borders of the USA belonging to them. They fought and fought and won land.

The Middle East has issues due to the religious regions called "The Shia Crescent" within the region. The reason "The Crescent" exists is because of religious differences. There is no animosity on a societal level toward those differences. Those that would hate are in the minority of citizens, but, that is the case in the USA as well. "Hate" is the issue. The religious differences is the excuse for violence. "GOD" is a very powerful driver of hate. supposedly those killing to deliver a message are doing so in the name of God/Allah. If God wanted to deliver a message he would not need violence between men.

Today, media states the violence is due to Daesh. Not. Daesh is the propaganda organization of international criminals. There is no cohesive effort by Daesh to carry out violence. The minority of hate related persons find solace in having an agreeable identity to an organization more powerful than themselves. 

Delivering a message needs attention to be effective. Killing certainly does get the attention of the world. It is important the governments remain resolved to end the violence.

If there is one country that participates in violence, it is Iran. Iran is giving other countries a reason to actually view it unfavorably. That is not going to cure the Iranian people's problems; it will make it worse.

Iran just moved out sanctions due to it's nuclear proliferation. The country must like being hated because it is now giving the world reason to apply sanctions all over again and it has nothing to do with nuclear proliferation. Iran armed the Houthi rebels. But, the USA has no room to complain, it armed Syrian rebels.

There is a reason there is a United Nations' Small Arms Treaty. When the DIM of the world, including the USA, figure out why the treaty exists there might actually be an end to violence. When the violence ends people will be looking at each other for the first time to wrestle with their differences rather than killing it.

"Good Night, Moon"

The new moon

29.2 day old moon

0.2 percent lit

The skies will be dark for fireworks.

July 3, 2016
By Chris Pagan

Sunday: (click here) Tomorrow is Independence Day and we start the day with the new moon. Without the moon in the sky, it will be easier to enjoy the fireworks. Also tomorrow Earth reaches aphelion in its orbit around the sun. Now before you read on, does this mean we are at our closest or farthest from the sun? Well, for the northern hemisphere, summer occurs when Earth is farthest from the sun. Seasons are caused by the tilt of Earth’s axis and not our distance from the sun. Tomorrow, Earth is more than 94.5 million miles from the sun.....