Friday, September 16, 2016

The pH of urine is between 5.75 and 6.00. Just sayin'.

18 karat gold therefore only consists of 75% gold. You might therefore sometimes find the inscription “750” somewhere on an 18k gold ring. The remaining 25% are different metal alloys that give more hardness to the gold.

18K gold is typically used for high-end jewelry like diamond engagement rings.
Obviously 18K gold is the most expensive but it is also the one that is the least likely to tarnish.

It is however more prone to being affected by every-day life wear and tear as it is softer. 18K gold rings therefore require more care than 14K yellow gold rings do.

It is very difficult to see a noticeable difference between a 14k and 18K yellow gold ring with your bare eyes. It therefore rarely pays to buy an 18K gold rings as opposed to an 14K gold ring just for the looks.

18K gold rings are the best choice for anyone who wants to have the most amount of gold in the ring while still having enough durability (compared to 24K gold).

Preferring an 18K gold ring over an 14K gold ring is mostly a mental matter of knowing that the 18K gold ring contains more gold and is therefore more exquisite.

No one is paying close attention to small airplane safety.

The single largest reason for small plane accidents and deaths is pilot error. There is no reason to make the requirements for these pilots simpler or less stringent. If a government cares about it's people it would seek to increase their expertise to increase the margin of safety. This lessening of qualifications is very poor governance.

September 16, 2016

...One of those pilots is Inhofe, (click here) 81, who has had quadruple bypass surgery and a few flying mishaps, such as landing on the wrong runway.
Earlier, Inhofe signed off on a compromise, which would change who could perform FAA-required medical testing required of all private pilots every four years.
The change allows pilots to get the work done by their private physicians. Previously, only FAA-approved doctors could do it. Everyone agreed, and the change became law.
But now Inhofe is pressing for more of his agenda. When the change occurred, the new rules required that physicians certify that pilots are fit to fly. The old rules simply had the doctors submit key metrics to the FAA, which made the judgment calls. Inhofe said he didn’t like that change, but he was willing to accept it to move the ball forward.
Now he wants to go back to submitting data to the FAA without any physician’s certification. He says that requirement puts doctors in a liability situation that few are willing to accept. He also wants to make the pilot’s certification automatic — essentially neutering the FAA’s role — unless the doctor notes cardiovacular disease or psychological or neurological conditions.
We think that is a step too far. We don’t want qualified pilots forced out of the air because they dealt with a heart condition. But we do want real FAA oversight to make sure pilots, their passengers and the public on the ground are safe.
We don’t agree with those who suggest that Inhofe’s efforts are motivated by self-interest. But we think elements of his proposal are too loose. We don’t want to put medical certification on auto-pilot.

December 9, 2014
By Gail Sullivan

A small jet crashed into a home in Montgomery County, killing three onboard and three on the ground.

...In 2012 – the most recent year (click here) for which final statistics are available – a total of ...440 people died in what are known as general aviation  airplane crashes in the United States, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. The preliminary figure for 2013 is 387. The general aviation category covers small planes, gliders, balloons and other aircraft flown by pilots like Rosenberg.

There are several reasons the risks are higher with small planes. For one, they are piloted by people who don’t fly planes for a living. The rules are looser for amateur pilots, who don’t have to log as many flight hours to be certified. Small planes also land at small airports that may not even have paved runways.

The vast majority of general aviation accidents in 2011 happened because the pilot lost control in-flight. Another common cause was “controlled flight into terrain,” which means the pilot didn’t see the ground, a mountain, a body of water or another obstacle until it was too late....

These are the costs of having a "Too big to fail" CEO.

It is unfortunate banks, their stockholders and patrons have to suffer because CEOs play the margins and gamble with the bank's money. At one time when such scandals were discovered it was the CEO and all others directly involved that would suffer through arrests, trials and prison with fines to the person to committing the crime.

Today the world is backwards. It is the little guy and little gal that takes up the slack for bank CEOs and henchmen that break the rules and exploit markets. The people at the top breaking the rules should be the ones on trial and headed for a prison where they could be in treatment with the rest of the criminals in the banking industry.

The world is created for the wealthy in the year 2016. Criminal activity is acceptable in those circles and more plans can be made to exploit the people of any country without reverence for anyone other than the money god.

September 16, 2016
By Arno Schuetze

Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) (click here) said it would fight a $14 billion demand from the U.S. Department of Justice to settle claims it missold mortgage-backed securities, a shock bill that raises questions about the future of Germany's largest lender.
The claim against Deutsche, which is likely to trigger several months of talks, far exceeds the bank's expectations that the DoJ would be looking for a figure of only up to 3 billion euros ($3.4 billion).
The demand adds to the problems facing Deutsche Bank's Chief Executive John Cryan, a Briton who has been in the job for a year.
The bank only scraped through European stress tests in July and has warned it may need deeper cost cuts to turn itself around after revenue fell sharply in the second quarter due to challenging markets and low interest rates.
Deutsche Bank shares, which have lost around half their value this year, tumbled 7.6 percent to 12.10 euros in Frankfurt on Friday, with analysts saying the bank may need to raise fresh funds from investors or sell assets to shore up its capital ratios.
The cost of insuring Deutsche Bank debt against default rose by around eight percent....

I do not forgive Donald Trump. Barack Hussein Obama is and was the President of the United States of America. Respect.

Donald Trump is running for President of the United States of America and all of a sudden he found respect for President Obama. 


If you want to be popular with Republican Right Wingers cross the line. It doesn't matter what line, socially acceptable, legally acceptable or any other NORM of our society, government and judicial department CROSS THE LINE and popularity is your benefit. Donald Trump is a prime example of the attitudes and platitudes the right wing likes the best. What does that benefit them? Wealth. They have even sacrificed the Earth their children will inherit. So, cross the line and become a crony. 

September 16, 2016

Donald Trump, (click here) the main supporter of false claims about Barack Obama's birthplace, has finally said he accepts that the president was born in the US, "period".
But Mr Trump also falsely accused Hillary Clinton's team of starting the so-called "birther" campaign in 2008.
The "birther" movement had questioned Hawaii-born Mr Obama's citizenship and therefore his eligibility as president.
Mrs Clinton said Mr Trump had founded his campaign on "this outrageous lie".
Mr Trump said at a campaign event in Washington: "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.
"Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean?"...

Girls are having fun on golf courses these days.

September 16, 2016

Meet Paige Spiranac (click here) - golfer, Instagram sensation and the girl who just topped Aussie hurdler Michelle Jenneke's pre-race routine.
Jenneke gained worldwide fame for her unique warm-up prior to competing where she'd jiggle her hips in a manner that would hypnotise most men.
Now, fans of "Jiggling Jenneke" will probably find themselves watching more golf than usual.
Spiranac has captured the internet's attention. She's got more than 96,000 Twitter followers and 774,000 Instagram followers.
The latest video she posted on Instagram shows as well as being a damn good golf player, she can also do a pretty decent impersonation of a Victoria's Secret model/Hollywood diva....

Not all pipelines are objectionable.

A chamber of horrors. This is the USA people. Are we proud of our inmate rehabilitation and record?

September 15, 2016
By Timothy Williams

A privately operated Mississippi prison (click here) that a federal judge once concluded was effectively run by gangs in collusion with corrupt prison guards, closed Thursday, its prisoners transferred to other state facilities, officials said.

Conditions at the prison, the Walnut Grove Correctional Facility, were deemed so substandard by Judge Carlton Reeves of Federal District Court, that he wrote in a 2012 settlement order that it “paints a picture of such horror as should be unrealized anywhere in the civilized world.”...

The really beautiful part of effective rehabilitation programs is that judges can order a 'needs assessment' at the time of sentencing. Once the 'needs assessment' is done, programs can be assigned and achievements become a part of the release requirements. Reassessments can take place to realize if a prisoner has learning disabilities and programs adjusted to put forth a successful release strategy.

Judges can't possibly feel good about sentencing when realizing there is only recidivism plaguing the inmate population. I am confident judges would welcome the change to a prison system that truly honors them and this country.

"Educated prisoners are less likely to return to prison," (click here) By James S. Vacca, The Journal of Correctional Education, 55(4), December 2004.

2008 is not going to happen all over again!

The USA (click here) is not a single number of GDP, like 3.5 or 4 percent, it is a pathwork of many economies growing and//or diminishing.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased in 37 states and the District of Columbia in the first quarter of 2016, according to statistics on the geographic breakout of GDP released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Real GDP by state growth, at an annual rate, ranged from 3.9 percent in Arkansas to -11.4 percent in North Dakota. Construction; health care and social assistance; and retail trade were the leading contributors to U.S. economic growth in the first quarter.

Just because there is an economic plan for the country by this politician or that politician, it doesn't mean the country will do well. What needs to be done is for EACH state to be examined for lagging economic growth and then focused with initiatives that will revive dead economies.

Promising that tax cuts will deliver economic growth is treating Americans like morons simply because it is standard political issue. Political speech on the USA economy is stupid, catches those unaware of the true American economy in a net of ignorance and FAILS to bring sustainable growth to any state or region of the country.

Promising economic growth by exploiting natural resources is old world and completely out of touch with sincere and sustainable growth inspired through INVENTION and EDUCATION. Natural resources are not sustainable economies, eventually they are used up and in the case of 2016 is a dangerous and wasteful game.

One more time: 

Construction; health care and social assistance; and retail trade were the leading contributors to U.S. economic growth in the first quarter.

What type of construction, why is it necessary, what purpose is it serving and how much of the USA's natural world was sacrificed to provide it? 

Health care, what type, annual maintenance, emergency hospital care or long term care. Who is providing that care and where? What does the future look like with people currently being educated to provide that care? Is the education of vital people a part of the health care economy assessment, if not, why not? Then where is that reporting taking place in the analysis of economic growth to be sure those professionals are indeed in the pipeline.

What type of social assistance and why is that considered a part of economic growth? Is it more Wall Street welfare or sincere advances in education and training to sustainable job growth? 



This is the annual military spending percent of USA GDP. (click here)

It is important to keep military manufacturing alive, but, it is not necessary to rely on military manufacturing when the products are outrageously out of control both in performance and cost.

The military spending, while important, is not all that to the overall American economy. The primary place military spending should take place is in support of our LIVE forces and not Wall Street.

Talk about the numbers all day long, but, if the underlying basis of the economy is faulty the numbers aren't important.

I still can't understand how well qualified men are simply ignored in their message to the country.

The Flint River Water Project

To the left is a map of the Flint River Watershed.

The Flint River is a 78.3 mile long (126.0 km) river in the Flint/Tri-Cities region of Michigan in the United States. The river's headwaters are in Brandon Township in Oakland County and flows through Lapeer, Genesee and Saginaw. The cities of Lapeer, Flint, Flushing and Montrose are along it's course.

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