Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Deer in the Headlights"

Under the tutelage of Lou Dobbs has finally read the Health Care Bill.

Interspered throughout the bill were monies appropriated to establish it as law.

I know those monies are there, I read them over and over during the year the Bill was being debated.

Bachman finally decided to read it, huh? 

So, all of a sudden she isn't standing at the front of the House opposing a bill for rhetorical reasons, but, actually reading it and everyone should be put on notice?

I don't think so, Michele.

Perhaps she simply needs better eyeglasses from her government paid health care policy.

Wisconsin Anti-Union Bill passes with 17 Republican votes. It never was about the budget after all.

The RECALLS must go forward.

I don't see why Democrats and unions have to make budget concessions now.

I would think the unions across the State would consider a strike in protest of violation of the public trust.

I would expect the unions to begin litigation as soon as the Governor signs the bill.  It is a federal law they are tampering with.

GOP rams anti-union bill through Wis. Senate (click title to entry - thank you)

End run around Democratic senators who left state to prevent passage

NBC News and
updated 10 minutes ago 2011-03-10T00:41:28

Republicans pushed a provision stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights through the state Senate Wednesday evening by separating it from Gov. Scott Walker's controversial budget bill.
The action, if it stand, would have the effect of rendering moot a Democratic attempt to keep the provision from passing the Senate. The vote in the Senate was 18-1. No Democrats were present.
All 14 Democrats had left the state to prevent passage of the overall budget bill in opposition to the collective bargaining rights.
The Senate is split 19-14 with Republicans in the majority. Because the union provision was part of a budget bill, Republicans in the Senate needed at least 20 senators present for a quorum....

This is a direct attack on the American Middle Class while corrupt Republicans pander to their cronies.  There is nothing else that adds up.  The bill, as it stands, has nothing to do with the budget. 

The Republicans lied from the beginning and they continue to carry out an agenda that threatens Middle Class families.

Unfortunately, the GOP had a lot at stake in Wisconsin.  Their new Chairman was running scared that the Republican majority was actually failinig to 'deliver the goods.'  There was a lot at stake.

Williams was "W"rong and continues to be "W"rong.

It would be a perfect day for Murdoch's Mafia and their ability to support Republican extremism at the time of the inappropriate House Muslim Hearings if they could 'pull this off' and prove once and for all "Williams was right."  The only thing Williams is 'Right' about in verbalizing his own fears, is Right Wing Extremism.  I am sure it is in the $2 million reward somewhere.

March 08, 2011
Special Guests | Juan Williams, Fox News contributor

This video and 'episode' of a hissy fit by Hannity only proves the point all the more.  If I am not mistaken, Hannity was the primary supporters of O'Keefe from the beginning.  This should be no surprise to anyone and to actually put brevity to this mess is hideous.

Murdoch's Mafia is having a fit over a commentator they now pay $2 million per contract.

Juan Williams made an inflammatory statement and it is more than interesting it should rise to 'vindication' when there are victimizing House hearings on American Muslims.

If this isn't orchestrated, don't ask me what is.

It is not only well documented that Murdoch's Mafia has been having a chronic rant of hatred of the Muslim community across the board to make instill 'the culture of fear' for the 2012 elections, it is completely imprudent to 'enter their fire storm' every time it manifests. 

Really bad news for Freedom of Speech if everytime Murdoch's Lieutenants INCREASE THE VOLUME there are knee jerk reactions to it.  Really bad.

KNOWN FACT:  "Duck and Cover" proven to be ineffective propaganda.

Eveidently, the CEO of NPR really isn't the person for the job. She evidently wasn't capable of 'defending' freedom of speech.

...But what, exactly, does this say about NPR's journalism?  (click title to entry - thank you)

The NPR executive isn't a reporter, commentator, producer or editor. I'd hardly like my work to be judged based on the off-the-record, lunch-time commentary of a Post business executive uninvolved in its production.

And, yet, the fund-raiser does sell NPR's journalism, and, in the process, he makes its work a player in this scandal. He insinuates that those with whom he's meeting -- two men who claim to be associated with a Muslim Brotherhood front group and who say they might want to give NPR $5 million -- will find satisfaction in the network's coverage, which he terms "fair." What does he mean? Does this reflect some covert biases he might know about at NPR, or just a fund-raiser's toadyish attempt to pull in $5 million? A bit of both?...

It would seem as though 'Doves' need to have a 'time out' chair to realize they are under attack by Hawks.

There is way too much anxiety with journalism.  Way too much. 

I think of it this way, "If one does not stand their ground, there is a very good chance it will be lost."

The Budget Cuts by the House were along political ideologies. It is oppression.

Any cuts should be distributed 'across the board' and not simply reflect hubris by the Republicans of the House. 



They are ideologues set on destroying the 'ideas' and 'priorities' of other Americans. 

Their excuse is 'elections have consequences.


To what extent, does it imperil citizen's well being and how EXACTLY will such decisions impact the freedom Americans have come to know as 'equitable.'

The Tea Baggers are a problem and direct the pandering they do to their cronies.

I cannot believe 'the access' by the Koch Brothers of a Massachusetts Governor begging for money and a Wisconsin Governor doing the same thing within his office.

There is a lot "W"rong.  A lot. 

Republicans are promoting ideologies of cronies and political hacks on taxpayer money. 

While all they hacked away at anything that was not of their liking they increased the military budget.  That isn't governance, that is having a field day with taxpayer monies to promote ideologies for political monies.

I don't think so.

So, the Ideological Right Wing of the House of Representative in the USA are now exerting CENSORSHIP over public airways.


Whatever happened to CORPORATE freedom of speech?  That doesn't exist for NOT FOR PROFIT organizations?


So, now the Republicans are attempting to control freedom of speech. 

To begin with it is my understanding there were some 'personal opinions' about the Tea Baggers that were 'spot on' and viewed as inflammatory and a reason to dismiss a gentleman from NPR.

Then the CEO resigns to attempt to accept responsibility for the 'scandal' promulgated by THE RIGHT WING media in support of the Right Wing Ideologues of the USA House.


That is called corruption of government and abuse of power / authority.  There are direct connections between the Right Wing Media and the House of Representatives AGAIN.

NPR needs to understand the defunding has nothing to do with anyone in their organization or their personal right to Freedom of Speech.  The defunding is due to ideologies and the demand by the Right Wing to silence any speech except what they approve of.  No matter what NPR does to 'demonstrate' good faith it will be rejected.

NPR is under attack by political ideologues that exert power outside the context of good governance.  There is nothing here that is going to change that no matter how much PUBLIC RADIO tries to seek their funding 'in accordance' with 'Right Wing Demands.'

Besides, this is oppression of THE TRUTH.

O'Keefe is a known political operative that is 'reactionary' to the ability of Left Wing Bloggers to 'think' and 'get on record' a Governor way out of line and abusing power himself.  The fact O'Keefe is 'at it again' should be no surprise.  He's trying to re-establish a wayward career.  This is in retaliation of the Governor tape.  Absolutely.

The truth of the matter is the Tea Baggers are political extremists that have proven themselves to 'practice their ideology' before they actually govern.

Now, while there are going to be some cutbacks in spending, the reason the CEO resigned may have been due to her lack of insight to the possibility of any defunding realizing the economic disaster of 2008.  But, if she resigned because she thought it would 'save the funding.'  It was useless to do that.

And to realize another gentleman was fired for having the 'nerve' to speak the truth after he was 'baited' is oppression of 'the truth' even if it is offensive to hear.

There is a lot "W"rong with these circumstances, but, little of it belongs to NPR.  The gentlemen that spoke in a private  conversation never intended to hurt his employer.  Quite different than the deliberate statements of Mr. Sheen.

I find it alarming Congress is exterting censorship of a valuable network of exceptional talent that support the USA society 'at large' in venues where their is primarily NEGLIGENCE by the commercial enterprise. 

This is profoundly worrisome.  Profoundly.  All the other 'antics' of Mr. O'Keefe or otherwise isn't the real issue. 


Why are the Republican House demands regarding Gitmo ideological?

For real.

People can't quantify that?

Don't realize the obvious?

At least 118 votes and actually more than 118 votes have never been there. 

That is no way to run a country, a military or a judicial system.

I can't wait for the next International Red Cross report.