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Elizabeth Taylor, incredible woman, but, she must have had a heck of a mother.

...Through the “Golden Age of Radio” years (click title to entry - thank you) Lux hopped around from NBC’s Blue Network to CBS and back to NBC from the 1930s through the 1950s. The 15 year old Taylor worked with George Murphy and Mary Astor in a Lux production of “Cynthia” in June of 1947. And she performed with Lon McAllison and Walter Brennan in the Screen Guild’s 1946 rendition of “Her First Beau.”

By then Taylor was already in the movies, appearing with her lifelong friend Roddy McDowall in Lassie Come Home (1943) and The White Cliffs of Dover (1944). But it wasn’t until her performance in National Velvet that her screen career really took off. Still, the young Elizabeth Taylor had time for great radio work....

All to often we have heard the failures of child stars.  Elizabeth Taylor not only was successful, she was a woman of her own making and the first in many venues of life.  She attracted incredible people around her while never wavering in her friendship and loyalty.

She was one of a kind, but, her upbringing must have been interesting and her parents devoted to decency and clear thinking.

Elizabeth Taylor at the age of ten years old.  The look of innocence never left her even in some of her most adult roles.

Bye, Liz.

Waht concerns me is the 'double standard' in regard to a leaked letter from one soveeign nation to another.

This is not a minor leak.  The AFT agents involved in the investigation have been OUTED.  Their lives can be in danger, knowing the vicious nature of the drug cartels in Mexico.  Their investigation certainly has ended whether completed or not and any further information from this opertion is now lost.

This is Bradley Manning whom we already know is required to stand naked while his cell is examined for the safety of his guards as well as himself.  We also know a State Department official was dismissed because of comments made in a meeting. 

I find the 'double standard' more than interesting considering Rove / Cheney got away with outing a CIA agent.  What happens next in the USA intelligence network for sensationism by the RNC and their cronies?

Then there is the issue of USA Troops deloyed in regard to border security.

U.S. Military Doing 'Limited' Drug War Work In Mexico, Napolitano Says  (click here)

...During a conversation about the visit to Mexico yesterday by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Napolitano and other top U.S. officials, Robert asked "is there any role, any potential role, for the U.S. military south of the border in Mexico?'
Napolitano said that since Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen were among those in the delegation that went to Mexico yesterday, "you can deduce from that that there are discussions about the proper role for our military."
As Robert pointed out, having U.S. military personnel in Mexico is a "neuralgic subject" for many people there....

The NRA is trying to improve its shoddy image while implicating a government sting operation.

To begin an intelligent discussion regarding a program by the ATF used to investigate gun running into Mexico after the NRA and Murdoch has gotten a hold of it is like closing the door after the horse got out.  But, a good place to start is that ATF is responsible for such activities anywhere in the country.  Guns originating in the USA with WIDE OPEN GUN laws as advocated by the NTA including assault weapons is a known commodity with the drug cartels in Mexico. 

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox Calls for Expedited Hearings into BATFE Investigative Tactics (click title to entry - thank you)
Wednesday, March 09, 2011
On March 9, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox sent letters to key leaders in Congress calling for hearings to examine the firearms trafficking investigations tactics employed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Those tactics have allegedly allowed firearms to fall into the hands of Mexican criminal organizations, with the knowledge of the BATFE....

To realize the 'verbiage' by the NRA and its pundits surrounding this topic is about the LACK of gun control is a huge joke.  So one has to immediately wonder the validity at all in their complaints.  However, this NRA awareness started with a complaint from Mexico. 

If the Plutocary wasn't seeking footing on a slippery slope regarding the 2012 elections this wouldn't even be on the NRA's radar.

By admin

March 6, 2011
Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is asking the U.S. government for details about ATF’s “Fast and Furious” operations.
As our CBS News Investigation has revealed, “Fast and Furious” was a secret program under which, sources say, ATF purposely allowed thousands of assault rifles and other weapons from the U.S. into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico. Insiders call it letting the guns “walk.”
The idea was to supposedly see where the guns ended up and use the information to take down a major cartel….

The picture above is an NRA agent.  If the agency was attempting to carry out investigations they would not send any guns anywhere that could be used against them and kill their agents.  Additioanlly, we have seen investigations like this before in other agencies of the government, namely the FBI seeking Passports from the federal Treasury Department to realize national security was not a high priority under the Bush White House.

This practice is not unusual, the question outstanding remains, especially to Mexico, was the ATF successful in obtaining information that was benevolent.  I am curious who leaked a letter from Mexico to the USA to the press.

Arizona News from The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic?  Really?  I guess that is like the 'Savage Nation' mess that goes on.

ATF Mexican gun-smuggling sting scrutinized (click here)

by Dennis Wagner on Mar. 05, 2011, under Arizona Republic News

Newly released U.S. records and assertions by a government whistle-blower support allegations that government agents allowed hundreds of firearms to be smuggled across the Arizona border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.
The records, released by a member of Congress, have prompted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to call for an independent review of a campaign designed to dismantle Mexican crime syndicates that purportedly wound up arming them instead.
The Arizona Republic reported last month that investigators have confirmed that two weapons connected to the ATF operations were found at the scene of a December gunbattle near Rio Rico, Ariz., where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by suspected border bandits….

Perhaps someday in the near future the Safari Club menu may feature 'unintended consequences.'

Rocking the house at the Safari Club International annual convention, Sarah Palin warned Obama was out for their gun rights—and dangles a major hint about 2012.  (click here)

The Auction List of the Safari Club International (click title to entry - thank you) 

Where is PETA when you need them?

Kindly note the number of donors that need to be boycotted.  (Pages 8 through 13 of the PDF)

If they aren't stopped at 'this level' they go further and further into assaulting the DECENCY of a civilized people, regardless the country.

The ONLY hunting that should be conducted globally is that of a camera.  The Tiger is now an endangered species.  When does it stop.  ANY marketing of artifacts should be banned by international agreement and those engaging it all trade, regardless of the 'age' of the artifact needs to be imprisoned.  It is only when the sale of ANY artifact of any threatened and endangered species is stopped will poaching stop.

If one is worried about the global gun trade it needs to stop beginning with hunters having legitimacy to anything other than a camera lens.

I didn't note any tranquilizer guns being auctioned off as a support to tourism globally.

For those that would say this goes to far, I state it doesn't go far enough.

The Safari Club's Friday Night Special

Introduced in 2009, the MGA K-Yote™ Varmint System offers excellent long range accuracy. 
MGA K-Yote Rifl e
Booth #1525 $3,695
Kerry O'Day, 281 821-8282, 713 806-6795, Fax 281 821-6387.
6030 Treaschwig Rd., Spring, TX 77373.,
FRI-1 MG Arms  (page 65 of PDF)

Blaser R8 Safari PH in 458 Winchester
Blaser bolt action rifles have long set the standard for performance under the most demanding
conditions. Blaser USA proudly donates the newest addition to our Safari line the R8 Safari PH.
The distinctive straight pull bolt action highlights the black receiver and the Rigby style cheek piece
makes shooting this modern classic a dream. To complete this classic we added a Lion pistol grip
cap, sling and travel case. No rifle is complete without world class optics. This rifle includes the Zeiss 1.5-6X42 Illumination Control scope. Dallas Safari Club thanks Blaser USA for this 100% donation.
Kevin Wistner, 210 377-2527. 403 East Ramsey, Suite 301, San Antonio, TX 78216.,
Booth #916 $6,995

FRI-15 Blaser USA

Frederico Gellini-Tanzania Safaris donates $20,000 toward the cost of a full-bag 21 day safari for one hunter. This hunt is valued at $45,000 and can be upgraded to include an observer/non-hunter or, additional hunters. This credit may be used July through December 2011 or 2012. This credit must be applied to a new hunt booking. The hunt will take place in the "game rich" Kilwa region of Tanzania or a comparable location where the hunter can maximize his or her opportunities. Additional fees include trophy fees, air charter fees and fi rearm import fees. Dallas Safari Club thanks Federico Gellini Safaris for this 100% donation. Dick Jarrett, 972-818-4122. 4242 N. Capistrano Drive, Apt. 146, Dallas, TX 75287.,

Rare guns can be donated to museums to increase their asset value.  It is where they belong.
Booth #820 $20,000

Page 77 of PDG shows a hunter perched next to a dead elephant with tusks.  That is a direct solicitation of an illegal market and I don't care if it some ludicrous game preserve.
It goes on and on.  This organization gives permission to illegal activity.  Such activity of any form is to give permission to poaching and the further endangerment of species.
$20,000 Credit toward a 21-day full bag safari

Now that CSI is well accepted in 'the American psychi,' the next venue for the NRA is acceptance of cannibalism.

What would be better, but, a nation without laws that lives 'by the gun.'  What the NRA doesn't stop to realize is there would not be guns ruling the streets if such a paradyme were to exist in the USA.  The country would divide into state against state and the armaments would be very different than 'street weapons.'

Quite frankly, if this degree of depersonaization were to dominate the USA, North Carolina has every measurable form of military already within its borders.

The states would fall back on National Guard to correct its path.  The National Guard would then become 'a nation state' militia.  Arizona with its new law to instill its own equivalent of National Guard at the State level is well ahead of the curve.

It is about power and not the people.

The Wisconsin people ARE a wedge issue for the 2012 elections. 

...But now, (click title to entry - thank you) state Republicans have had the bill published through a different office -- the Legislative Reference Bureau, which handles drafting and research for the legislature -- according to the LRB's statutory requirement to publish legislation within ten days of enactment. Interestingly, the LRB itself says that this publication does not constitute action that would put the law into effect. But the state's Republican leaders disagree. Senate Majority Scott Fitzgerald (R) says the LRB publication constitutes official publication and the insists the law will take effect Saturday.

Now, the Wisconsin Republicans are continuing their Anti-American, Anti-Wisconsin, Anti-Middle Class 'tactics' by circumventing THE  RULE  OF  LAW, yet again.

What Wisconsin Republican legislators are attempting to do is 'push the envelope.'  While publication in the "Legislative Reference Bureau" is not a 'legal means' to publish a new law, it is a 'method' to alert the public.  The LRB is a place where citizens and citizen groups can seek insight to what the Wisconsin legislature is 'taking up' in or out of session, in or out of committee.  In that lies the understanding the public can approve or disapprove of the measure and take action in that direction with their legislature. when the bill is to become law.

The LRB is 'an exposure' to law by the public, HOWEVER, it is NOT a place where any citizen, such as lawyers would look for ENACTED LEGISLATION. 

In the federal system, "The Federal Register" is the place where laws are published so citizens are in complicance with the law.  It is formal notice.  All those citizens turn to, such as attornies and their associations, would seek there to know what is law and what is not law.

Wisconsin Republican legislators are 'arming themselves' to enact an unconstitutionally prepared law.  Any bill can become law so long as 'procedure' is ignored.  Any bill or ranting, such as the US House Budget of 2011, can become law even though it is highly unconstitutional and victimizing if 'procedure' is ignored.

The LRB of Wisconsin serves a vital purpose to informing the citizen and citizen groups about legislation being presented to the legislative body.  BUT.  Those that read teh LRB aren't interested in bills that have become law, they are interested in impacting bills being considered for passage as law.

Wisconsin Republicans are hoping to change that, as they did when they ignored the procedure of "The Open Meeting" law, by stating this is PUBLIC NOTICE as much as any other activities of the State when publishing laws.

They would have to get a corrupt judge, such as those in Louisiana that opposed the moritorium, in order to have that happen.  So next time when the electorate is at the ballot box there is a greater question to ask, "Do I want corrupt judges throughout the courts in the USA?"  If the answer is no, and believe me there are plenty that would answer 'yes,' then beyond any other reason, don't vote for the Republicans.  The ONLY way they can demoralize this country is to have corrupt administrations and corrupt courts.

This publication in the LRB won't matter, but, it is just another example of how desperate these people are for the monies that come their way.

Donald Trump Talks About Birthers - The View

The fact Trump is showing his bigoted side isn't the issue.  The question should be "Why would Donald Trump solicit Right Wing extremists on "The View?"  The Republican Trump card prides himself on everything possible.  I have no doubt Trump set his 'PRIMARY' team on discovering identities of every 'faction' of the Republican Party.  Most are extremists of one type or another, so the conclusion is "soft target" Republican women that give birth to 'real Americans.'
Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a good model for Trumps 'girly' image and a favorate among wholesomeness as a Republican woman.  What could be better? 
There is a far better way of 'attracting' the extremists of the Republican Party called Birthers, but, that would risk looking weak in that it would resemble the picture Trump and the rest to all waiting for; 'a picture of each candidate holding their birth certificate.'  And leave it at that.  The Democrats are convinced by the birth certificate presented during the Democratic Primaries of long ago.  What the Republican Prmarians are looking for is POWER.  So, whoever can GOAD a sitting United States President into posing with his birth certificate will have proved they are the better candidate with the most smarts.

The circus called the Republican Primary has begun, I doubt seriously anyone, especially Presidental advisors and Cabinet members need to take the 'ring masters' seriously.  The country has business to do and the side shows are nothing more than trival pursuit.