Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hate. I have never heard that much hate against any president before.

She did have one statement I would like FOX News explore. She stated, "What kind of games is the Congress playing with the citizens of this country?"

She is obviously a FOX News disciple and I thought that would be a really interesting topic for that media outlet.

Oh, just to get the conversation rolling, the US military, by law, is not allowed to fire on Americans. The best example I remember is when General Russel L. Honore arrived in New Orleans by helicopter after Hurricane Katrina and the first words he spoke was, "Put those guns away." He was speaking the soldiers standing near his helicopter.

The US House Budget "Trick-le Down"

They are getting ready for Jeb. It is the "Ready for Jeb" regressive movement. I don't think anyone is ready for Jeb.

There is every indication the Republicans will be looking to limit voting and rig the outcomes. What was it Christi said?

Contract talks and not softening of the USA economy. It is most likely why there was a drop in exports.

The Fed Chair Yellen states the USA economy is good to go, but, the strong dollar is causing a drop in exports.

March 18, 2015
By Shane Ferro

...The statement, (click here) which summarizes the Fed's outlook on the economy after this week's two-day FOMC meeting, dropped the language previous about interest rate policy — that the Fed can be "patient" in approaching interest rate hikes — with language that says current interest rate policy "remains appropriate."
During the press conference, Yellen said that "just because we removed the word 'patient' doesn't mean we're going to be impatient." 

"Participants are now seeing more slack in the economy than they previously did," she said....

She states the US unemployment rate is expected to be 5.0 to 5.2. 

... Yellen said that the Fed likely won't raise rates in April, but after that raising rates is on the table "depending on how the economy evolves." However, it's too soon to say when beyond that rates will rise. Yellen said that people shouldn't necessarily expect that rates will change at the June meeting, but no one should rule that out. It all depends on the data....

She points to the west coast port strike as a reason for some softening. The port strike could have been averted if the port was willing to negotiate. It was only the unwillingness to negotiate that caused a strike after waiting for over six months and more like nine when considering the union asked for talks three months previous to the end of the contract. 

The DC Crowd only recognizes intervention into any union issues when there is a strike, not beginning to end any belligerence by either side months before the end of the contract. If one looks into any history of union strikes it is nearly always because the employer is belligerent to begin contract talks. Preventive intervention should be a top priority. All parties should be at the contract table at least six months before the end of any labor contract, this way there will be a realization to the status of the contract to immediately strike after the end of the contract.

The softening of the USA economy during this time period should stand as a rational to enforce contract talks at least six months before the end of the contract.

The unions should consider writing into any contract the demand for contract talks beginning six months before the end of the contract. At that point it could become litigable to force contract talks to prevent a strike and any hardship for the strikers.

Considering the current House budget cuts Medicare and Social Security, it is time to support "The People's Budget."

March 18, 2015
By Campaign for America's Future Blog

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (click here) unveiled its fiscal 2016 “People’s Budget: A Raise For America” one day after House Republicans released their “A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America” proposal. The CPC touted a $1.9 trillion investment in America’s future and over 8 million new jobs. The House Republicans bragged about cutting $5 trillion over 10 years. The sharp contrast between the two reflect stark differences in values and ideology – and a basic choice of whether government will serve the many or the few....

Republicans believe they have political armor plating because of their cronies and the monies into their campaigns, so they going for broke. 

What does a "Partner Based US Military" look like? House Committee,

Defense Secretary Carter states the US does have the resources to carry out the current strategy in the Middle East.

In an open source Chief Dempsey states the statements about Russian navel aggression is still unfounded by intelligence services.

There is concern the INF (Treaty (click here) Between The United States Of America And The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics On The Elimination Of Their Intermediate-Range And Shorter-Range Missiles) is being violated by Russia. The DOD is looking into it and re-engage Russia regarding the INF. This is standard brinkmanship by Russia. Russia is always playing brinkmanship with the USA to detect absence of resolve and readiness. I suggest the DOD prove the degree of readiness actually has to re-engage the treaty in short order. If there is no return to the treaty, then the USA needs to decide it's stance with NATO regarding this treaty. Russia seems to be in the mood for breaking treaties.

House Representative Rob Wittman interested in military acquisition. Secretary Carter states he is very interested in improving the acquisition process. The process has to work more with the (? American ?) companies providing the needs of the US Military. A representative to the companies would be part of the decision making process. 

That would actually streamline the needs of the military and the military would actually get what it asked for and needs. A representative from the USA military working directly with the companies would empower the military to a better and more effective military. I can't believe there are no representatives from the US military already sitting at the decision making table with contractors. No wonder there are many errors and extended timelines to the US military needs. 
There is a request that 2015 be the "Year of the military diver" by Rep. Gwen Graham. She is concerned about Federal Recovery Care of veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. She is looking for reassurance none will fall between the cracks. 

Secretary Carter states the country has a long obligation to these people since they were injured at an early age of 20 some years. General Dempsey states there are two aspects to this issue; l - continuing the care of those already receiving benefits and 2. - finding any new veterans needing care and to that end they are working to refine the transfer of soldiers to a connection with the VA to that end.

Duncan Hunter wants to end reforms so much as initiate computer technology into testing. The idea is to free up the personnel that do testing to other responsibilities within the military. He wants Predator contractors to man them in Jordan. 

Secretary Carter states the Predator is assisting Jordan and his requests can be examined to implement including testing. General Dempsey states the State Department has to be a part of any transition of authority in Jordan.

Hostages in the world fall under the FBI. Rep. Hunter wants the bureau with the most resources and personnel to deal with hostages. Secretary Carter states these operations need a choreographer is needed with other agencies such as Homeland Security. 

Rep. Moulton wants to know if the new budget is realistic and what is the USA doing with partners in the world. General Dempsey states the USA is actively involved with partners around the world. I am curious how that partner based military in regard to security reflects anything in the new House Budget. 

General Dempsey states the budget they present to Congress is vital as stated and when funding is not provided it effects the functioning of the US military. 

Rep. Lamborn states there are two areas that seem understated in the AUMF. Scope and timeline. Secretary Carter states the scope is sufficient as stated and the timeline simply brings continuity into the next administration for a year. 

An AUMF that tells the US Troops there is support for their efforts. 

General Dempsey states a completely unrestrained AUMF existed was WWII. 

Rep. Aguilar worried about the three year campaign. Secretary Carter states the timeline is not about the campaign but recognition of our political system. General Dempsey states the war will no doubt extend past three years. Secretary Carter states the one year of the AUMF would require the next President to engage with this operation for at least a year.

Dr. Fleming is annoyed about 'No American Boots on the Ground.' He states there is no historical application to the AUMF requested by the President. Sec. Carter states he is not familiar with all the US operations to point to one that succeeded with substantial forces on the ground. 

Okay, that is enough. Rep. Fleming states he does not know of any war the USA fought and won without significant US boots on the ground. Fleming is not looking realistically at any US involvement in war. Vietnam had substantial US troops on the ground and the USA cannot claim a victory there. So, his problems are based in Republican rhetoric and not facts or figures. There is no reason to continue to engage his imagination.

General Dempsey states the USA was not the problem that lead to this civil war in Iraq. He stated the Iraqi government was directly responsible for the fail of the Iraqi forces. 

Mr. Ashford is ? concerned ? or simply making friends? He wants to know when he visits facilities there are obvious partnerships and he wants the Secretary to describe that partnership. Ex. Nebraska facility that accommodated Eboli patients.

Secretary Carter states the DOD doesn't build anything, they depend on contractors to supply facilities. What Rep. Bradford wants to build better facilities for outpatient care of Veterans coming for treatment in Nebraska. Now I got it, but, that was a long way around to finally ask the question.

Rep. Gibson wants accounting of land forces because allies don't anti-up for their costs and the agility of the global defense force capability. Concerned about deterrents in capability and will. Wants leadership in restoring a global response force.

Secretary - GRF (global response force) (click here) exists. The readiness is questionable. 
General Dempsey - forward station and funding sometimes has to be reached into in regard to other expenses. GRF is identified as 'the vision' of the future of American forces.

Rep. Courtney is concerned about the Triad Fleet (click here)- Ohio replacement program - Sea Based Ship Building Account. He states the ship building account is grossly underfunded when future planning is required to replace the ships we now have. Secretary Carter - The Sea Based leg of the Triad Fleet is nuclear and Ohio Class replacement is being looked at to reduce costs, but, we have to pay that bill. The lack of funding for 2020 - 2030 for the Ohio Class is obvious.  General Dempsey states the Ohio Class is an important deterrent.

Rep. Franks was surprised at this nomination but a good one. Secretary, "My wife and I were surprised, too." Franks is concerned about nuclear enrichment of Iran. Secretary Carter states he is not informed about the ongoing talks with Iran, but, he states he agrees, "No deal is better than a bad deal."  He states the activities of Iran currently is a concern.

Franks to General Dempsey states the best position for the USA in the Middle East is to work with coalition partners and the USA does play a unique roll within that coalition. 

Rep. Nugent is worried about the fact Iran is involved in Iraq. This is more of the denial of the USA's denial of the dynamics of the region. This is the attitude and denial of reality that constructs the "Forever War."

Secretary Carter states it is a complicated picture. The Iraq military are working with Sunni tribes to bring about a force against ISIS (Deash). There are other regions of Iraq different. Currently the USA stands with the existing government. In regard to Afghanistan, Secretary Carter we have a bilateral agreement with Afghanistan that is not sectarian in nature. Only a few years ago I did not think we would have gotten this far.

Rep. Wenstrup has many ideas of how we can form our coalition, but, holding POWs that are captured is a quandary to holding , 'If the coalition captures POW how to we hold them for intelligence purpose?"

Secretary Carter states there is no set disposition of any detainee. General Dempsey states "Host countries conducts a capture and hold operation, but, where there is a direct threat to the USA, the DOD has worked with DOJ to hold detainees for questioning and interrogation."

Wenstrup wants to know about extended engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Secretary Carter states there is no long term commitment or request for funding for an extended deployment.

Rep. Walorski - Secretary states there has to be a final disposition for Gitmo detainees. Bringing detainees into the USA is against the law. There has to be a lawful disposition to those people. It is desirable to close Gitmo to end the rallying point for jihadis. Walorski states the President has broken the law before (typical Republican racism) so that is not breaking news. Secretary states there has to be a lawful way to transfer current detainees to other facilities. 

Walorski - A huge leap in this budget and is the national debt a greater concern than cliamte change. She is annoyed the General and Secretary are defending the AUMF. There is no reason to continue to be concern about her rants. 

The Secreatry states all the threats that involve the USA are addressed by the DOD. We need to tend to all the defense problems for a health nation. 

Rep. Zinke - Generals are stating differently from anything the Secretary and General Dempsey is stating He states he is a former Commander of Seal Team Six. He is worried "American Armor" will become a prisoner that will burn in a cage. He wants far more involvement to insure that doesn't happen. He believes any spending of the AUMF should be flexible to win the war?

Secretary Carter - the AUMF has flexibility built into it. 

Rep. Knight  is worried about aircraft technology. Fifth generation fighters today and the acquisition process should be computerized.

Secretary Carter states the word that describes that concern is agility. The cost control best for the US military has to pay attention to sustainment costs because it will be the lion share of the costs to maintain the jet.

Knight wants to know how the pilots are going to keep up with the advancements of the new technology that is happening very quickly. 

Carter "We need to keep up and I am with you." (It's about the F35, but, Shh don't say F35.)

See, the cost of the F35 doesn't stop because it is totally computerized and hacked into by what might be called 'the enemy.' The F35 needs regular and quick updates to it's software so it doesn't fall out of the sky when it's software is hacked. This is all about the computerized military be it air or ground or sea operations. The entire direction into a Drone Military is ridiculous. Putin is carrying out sea operations today. They don't have drones. They have the READINESS and CONFIDENCE without the computerized component. 

Rep. McSally asked questions only possible to answer in classified session.Wants to know if A10 should be fully funded. Secretary states the A10 (click here) is an important aircraft but hit by budgetary issues.

Rep. Thornberry  wants to know about audit and how it is effecting the military personnel. Defense Undersecretary states there is a need for cooperation regarding the audit. DFAS (click here) is an entity of itself that passed an audit multiple times and are a service provider. DFAS is a capable partner.

To the Secretary, Rep. Thornberry states unless the representatives can speak to accoutability it is difficult to win any acceptance with the voter.

OCO (Overseas Contingency Operations - click here) Funds has an agreement with Dept. of Budget and Defense dating from 2010. Congress plays a role in OCO funding between itself and the President. F35s have been dispatched through OCO. So, therefore what is the appropriate use of OCO.

Ukraine military funding? That is principally a political and economic challenge because the Ukraine is in serious fiscal danger. The DOD is assisting material assistance in the way of vehicles and otherwise. The lethal assitant is a complicated decision and it in discussions. NATO partners and allies need to supply Ukraine as well to provide a stable country that is not pushed around by the Russians. 

Mr. Thronberry is worried the USA doesn't look like a good partner.

Examples please. "Partner" is going to become a political buzz word.

Secretary Carter was in Budapest in 1995 when the agreement was signed that Russia has violated. Ukraine is an important country, but, not a NATO ally and that raises all kinds of issues. Thornberry is planning a trip to the region. 

Hearing adjourned.



Where is the budget?

Tom Price stated go to "" TO LEARN about the budget.

The site is a tutorial for rhetoric.

Where is the link to the actual budget?

So much for the truth and transparency from the hubris ridden man of Mr. Price who proudly stated, "So much for the plans of mice and men." The budget wherever it might be found intentionally seeks to remove any legacy of President Obama. 

"So much for the plans of mice and men" is a bigoted statement. The American people are not interested in hatred and racism, they want a budget for the country that returns function to the health care system found in the ACA and they want the stupid funding within the US Military to stop. The US Military can no longer be a place where crony interests exist. 

This budget needs to be withdrawn by the House to move it to a transparent joint committee with the US House Demorats and bipartisan representatives form the US Senate. This budget will not pass in the US Senate. 

The presentation of this budget at a news conference was absent of any House Democrats.

The Republicans call this a balanced budget, with TRILLIONS of dollars to balance. This is a travesty to this country and complete disregard of the US Taxpayer. I can balance the US budget too if given a steady stream of unlimited taxes to match the amount spent. 

With the end of spending on the ACA, the Democrats can start to whittle away at the budget by removing the taxes within the ACA.

Ukraine and Russia must enforce the ceasefire agreement.

March 18, 2015

KIEV, Ukraine: Separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine (click here) threatened Wednesday to abandon a cease-fire following changes to a law granting their regions self-rule.
Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky said in a statement that legislation giving areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions special status has been weakened by the amendments.
"We agreed to a special status for the Donbass within a renewed Ukraine, although our people wanted total independence. We agreed to this to avoid the spilling of fraternal blood," the statement said.
But Ukraine did not renew itself," it continued. Rebels have pushed for revisions to the constitution to decentralize power, but argue that authority is still held by powerful businessmen....

These are the lies appearing in Russian owned media.

VTSIOM Director Valery Fyodorov (click here) said in press comments that the current attitude of an average Russian to the situation in Ukraine was caused by growing disappointment in the once-brotherly nation that unexpectedly started an aggressive campaign against its own citizens, accompanied by an immense wave of blatant propaganda. 

Was it not Russian backed rebels that moved into Crimea to begin a violent civil war? Was it not Russian backed rebels that denied Russia was involved and continued their violence while they killed 298 people on MH27?

It’s very difficult to believe in their peaceful intentions, especially on the background of lies and propaganda coming from Kiev. It’s difficult to believe in their commitment to end the war and settle the conflict, this is the cause of the very strong skepticism,” RIA Novosti quoted Fyodorov as saying.... 

When the Russian backed rebels in Ukraine took over the Crimea, Ukraine were lucky to cross into mainland Ukraine with their lives. There was no reason for armed forces in Crimea yet they infiltrated into the country as a result of Yanukovych's disarming of the national military.

There is no way the leadership in Ukraine can be blamed for the civil war. The only defense the people had against the Yanukovych militia was a disarmed national military. 

The ceasefire needs to be enforced by both parties.  

As Russia's propaganda decides the length of the ceasefire, Putin ratchets up military tensions in the region. 

March 17, 2015
By Timothy Hertiage and Darya Korsunskaya

(Reuters) - Russia ruled out handing Crimea (click here) back to Ukraine on Tuesday and a Defense Ministry official said nuclear-capable long-range bombers were being sent to the Black Sea peninsula as part of war games. 

The huge military exercises, in which the Northern Fleet was put on full alert on Monday and will range from the Arctic to the Black Sea, appear to be a show of force and defiance on the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea....

No surprises with a Republican majority in the House and Senate. As President Obama reduces the national deficit, the Repubicans increase it.

This is proof the Republicans have no respect for the taxpayer or the credit rating of the USA.

No loophole was closed for the wealthy, there are more loopholes created in this budget for the wealthy. 

The Republicans are known as the frugal party that seeks to lower the national debt and deficit. They are the party stating, "We are taking the future away from our children." The only time the Republicans are frugal or concerned about the taxpayer is when Democrats are in any majority or in the White House.

There is only one reason Republicans are concerned about any national debt and it is to remove spending on the poor and reassign the monies to the real welfare in the USA namely Wall Street and the wealthy.

I hope the Democrats finally take the idea of ending the national debt and deficit as their own to end and lower. The only reason Republicans want a balanced budget amendment for the federal government is to take away any federal spending on the poor or those monies that support the Middle Class through educational funding or health care. 

This Republican budget does not end any ACA tax, it reassigns it to other spending. So, the idea the Republicans want to scuttle the entire ACA bill is a lie. They want to continue the taxes in the ACA and reassign them to Republican cronies.

"W" Bush used the country's credit card all too frequently and now the current Republican majority proves they do the same thing. It is not the Democrats that spend the country's way into a greater and greater national debt, it is the Republicans that spend on items like the F35. If that jet is not a welfare project don't ask me what is.

March 17, 2015

WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Tuesday unveiled a $3.8 trillion budget (click here) plan for next year that effectively breaks tight budget limits on military spending while promising a familiar roster of big cuts to social programs such as food stamps and Medicaid.
The plan by Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, R-Ga., pads Pentagon and State Department accounts for overseas operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere by $36 billion above President Barack Obama's $58 billion request for such spending, which is not bound by the return of automatic cuts next year.
To meet their promise to balance the budget within a decade, Republicans propose cutting $5.5 trillion from a federal budget that's on track to total $50 trillion over that period. They also swallow up almost $1 trillion in higher tax revenues over a decade by assuming the expiration of popular tax breaks like the research and development tax break that are known collectively in Washington-speak as tax "extenders."
In the immediate term, the measure would produce higher deficits as lawmakers block a looming cut in Medicare fees to doctors and increase Pentagon spending....

A letter to the President might be tainted with poison. Not really anything new.

March 18, 2015

...Initial biological testing (click here) came back negative, the Secret Service said, but another test conducted Tuesday returned a "presumptive positive" for cyanide.

A facility located away from the White House and its surrounding buildings had received the letter Monday for routine screening.

The Secret Service, which is responsible for the safety and security of President Barack Obama and his immediate family, said its investigation into the letter was continuing and it will have no additional comment on the matter.

Suspicious letters often are sent to some of the country's leading politicians, including the president. Some test positive for hazardous substances while others include threats of death or other physical harm.

In June 2013, a West Virginia man was indicted on charges of threatening to kill Obama and his family in a letter that included profanity and racial slurs. A federal judge later dismissed the charges after forensic handwriting analysis conducted by the Secret Service showed that 20-year-old Ryan Kirker of McMechen, West Virginia, didn't write the letter....

President Obama must continue to speak to a peace for the Palestinians.

An Israeli army bulldozer destroys a Palestinian house in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina in occupied east Jerusalem on July 13, 2010. 
Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

This image is from 2010 at a website where astounding pictures are taken by a very talented photojournalist, Gharabli Ahmend (click here) 
The human rights abuses are real and now the idea of a single country has made it's way into Israeli politics. 

March 18, 2015

Celebrations (click here) at the Joint List's headquarters over becoming the third  largest political force in Israel after Tuesday's elections were muted by concern over the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu and the prospect of business as usual.

By winning 14 seats in the new parliament, the Joint List alliance of three Arab-Israeli parties and Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality), a Jewish-Arab leftist party, has nevertheless achieved its goal of becoming a significant political force in the country.

"It's the end of the dream for Netanyahu and [Foreign Minister Avigdor] Lieberman of an Israel without Arabs. With the results from this evening we are now clearly present on the political map of the country," Imad Abu Ahmad, an architect and a Hadash activist, told FRANCE 24 in the great hall of Abu Maher in Nazareth....

The statements by Prime Minister Netanyahu are not new, they extend back decades. There is no reason to speak to the radical political right wing that turned out to support the current Prime Minister. 

I think the current situation in the Middle East speaks to this election more than the resolve for a two state solution. I can remember statements by many Hebrews dating back to the late 1990s that Palestine has stayed viable within Israel's borders past 20 years, a generation, and should stop their demands for a homeland. This election is more of the same.

The USA continued to advocate for a Palestinian homeland past the radical right's influence for a long time. The relationship of Israel and the USA will sustain, but, the position of The West will not change. It is The West that Israel has to seek for solutions and the USA will never be alone regarding human rights abuses and the need for a Palestinian Homeland.

I might add, there are those that believe Hamas would take leadership in any Palestinian election. Quite possibly, but, look what the Palestinians are facing in Netanyahu. The more extreme Israel becomes the more Palestinians will be as well.

March 18, 2014
By Gulf News

...American commentator Peter Beinart (click here) wrote in the Israeli paper Haaretz recently, Barack Obama is “the face of 21st Century America” in which millennials and minorities that have distaste for Israel’s atrocities are becoming an influential part of the electorate. Obama, he warned, is “not an aberration; he is not a passing phase”. 

 On the other hand, leaders in western capitals who may have been hoping for Netanyahu’s defeat may be in for a rude awakening. Netanyahu, too, is not a passing phase in Israel. He is Israel. A third term may make him the longest serving Israeli prime minister; the Israeli people’s preferences could not be clearer....