Friday, June 04, 2010

The BP video can't be embedded from You Tube. The explosion occurred and BP's advertising stopped. Until. Today. That also goes for the petroleum industry in general. No ads. Hiding.

I believe the coverage by AP shows some of the issues clearly.  But. Only some of them.  BP's CEO can also look on You Tube no differently than I to understand 'what the issue' is exactly.

Everyone knows about CEOs.  The worst mistake a company can make is have their CEO on the air.  Why?  Because they are 'thinking' about their next bonus, not the tragedy at hand.  That's why.  And Mr. BP himself did exactly that, blaming issues of 'liability' on other venues with excuses to deflect costs from his bonus.

So much for appropriate reward systems.

BP probably had some commercial contracts as well so they decided to 'blow their wad' on an ad to help sooth the Americans. 

I just don't see this the same way of most people including the scientists involved. 

As the 'top hat' is placed on the 'drill hole' (must be a gentleman's game) the amount of oil being pulled directly off the rupture needs to be made known to the USA military and a proportional amount of chemical dispersant needs to be cut back. 

The issue with winds and visocity of the oil has to come into play to protect the ocean circulations, starting with the loop current.  The more oil dispersant added to the Gulf Waters the higher the oil 'content' in the water column.  That fact raises a lot of 'red flags' for me.  I realize that is a unique place to be as most scientists can't seem to grasp the tragedy waiting on a global scale as this diluted and thinner viscocity oil 'content' is spreading in a wider and wider range of waters. 

The oil will come into shore and if the shoreline is ready for the arrival it can be captured.  Oil can be swept up from the surface in largers amounts if the viscosity is 'normal' rather than diluted.  I can't say this enough.  It is completely wrong to continue to spread poisons in the ocean's water column and kill surface floral and fauna that is microscopic in size.


It is a matter of knowing where we are going and 'not what to do.'  Microscopic organisms won't be resilient 'at all.'  Their 'tipping point' is not measureable and has never before been encountered.  It is just one of those 'things' that human insight  DOESN'T  ATTEMPT  TO  ESTIMATE.

So, I know for a FACT the scientists advocating chemical dispersants HAVE  IT  WRONG.  Big time.  Estimate the oil emitting from the rupture, estimate the damage, move the dolphins and seek to mitigate the coastal damge, BUT, I am warning any scientist that is seeking to estimate the ability to continue to add chemicals to ocean circulation.  It will be viewed by some if not a growing number of peers as completely foolish and imprudent.

"Corexit" is among the most toxic substances that can be used as an oil dispersant and it needs to be stopped.  Simply stopped.  Nothing difficult about this.  Simply stop it.
Any further use of this dispersant is irresponsible and I don't care whom is recommending it, it is wrongfully recommended.

It is one thing to make the Gulf of Mexico sterile, it is quite something else to make the entire global ocean circulation sterile.

There isn't much here to understand really.  The Bay of Campehe is a repeat performance.  The exact dynamics that occured in 1979 on an oil rig occurred on the Deepwater Horizon.  It may have occurred in 160 feet of water, but, it was drilling 1.9 MILES down.  The rig could NOT control the methane it found.  It was an exploratory well.  Nothing more to know. 

The only reasonable response to these disasters is to explode the ocean floor that supports the drill pipe allowing the rupture to emit oil and gas into our environment.  This entire mess is outrageous and it should have been dealth with EFFECTIVELY and not from HELPLESSNESS.

Blow it closed !


The Press Finally Found It. The reason the USA military and the petroleum industry is guilty as hell.

The fact of the matter is that the USA military and the petroleum industry has never opened up the reality of their own pathetic history.  And the country actually expects this to be resolved?  No.  They are bidding their time so they can say, "We did it." 

The spill of the Bay of Campehe can't even begin to match the damage done by the rupture currently in USA waters.  Why?  Because the global ocean circulation is involved now and the oil and the chemical dispersant is a part of it. 

The environmental damge is enormous to the Gulf and the ocean circulation, hurricane season is underway and we are already witnessing the beginnings of it.  The damage to the USA Gulf Coast line will be far more extensive in 'cost' alone.  As an example is the Lousiana Brown Pelican and its struggle to be removed from the Endangered Species List.  If the Louisiana Brown Pelican has to go back on the Threatened or Endangered List, BP will have to fund not only future efforts to return the bird to its status before their irresponsible act, but, also the cost of what the USA paid for 25 years of restoration.

In 1979, the world was a far different place with 2 billion less people and an Earth that was not warming due to carbon dioxide pollution from humans.  The far reaching implications of this negligence by both government and industry states exactly the 'esteem' they hold citizens, their lands and their livelihoods.

IF the Bay of Campehe is what the USA military is counting on as a 'source' of how this is going to 'end up' they need to 'think again.'  Because the global dynamics, the location and the economy are very, very different and the immediacy of a solution is more important than 1979.  Typical poor insight by the USA military.  It is why they repeat illegal wars, too.

And all the whining and the crying that elected officials do in Louisiana can end right now.  Jindal is crying his people are unemployed, blah, blah, blah.  But, BP is paying the cost, so just 'shut up.'  Louisiana is just about the most disgusting state on the Gulf Coast, next to Texas.  And realizing how 'history' could easily have played as a huge lesson here only screams of 'lax government and regulation.'

In the picture above, the oil well is burning 'under water' and the 'attempts to contain it included TWO relief wells and the disaster continued for 10 months.  The reasons for the Bay of Campehe disaster was the same as BP's deep water drilling and the INDUSTRY has done little to nothing to change their practices to improve their environmental performance.  It is all about money and there are now at least two generations of fishermen along the Gulf Coast being deprived of their ways of life.  In realizing that, it is easy to say the USA government, military and petroleum industry don't value the lives of Americans but find them only an annoyance AND necessity to their 'profiteering and wars.' 


Blow the drill hole UP.