Tuesday, September 08, 2015

This is for Colonel Wilkerson.

What does Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) and Dick Cheney have in common?

Answer: The devolution into extremism and the wealth that accompanies it.

What is the difference between Miley Cyrus and Dick Cheney?

Answer: Miley Cyrus doesn't hate anyone.

The first program of The Rachel Maddow Show (click here) was on September 8, 2008. Just before the 2008 elections at a time when the global economic collapse was becoming very real.

Congratulations. At least another seven years would be great.
New York Military Academy, (click here) established in 1889 in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, is a college preparatory school for day and boarding students in grades 8 through 12.  NYMA is dedicated to a comprehensive and substantive process of developing young leaders who are "Inspired, Engaged, and Ready" for success and fulfillment in college and in life....

I know something about NYMA. My son attended there and graduated from the school. He absolutely loved it there. I could go on and brag about how great he is and the school is, but, I won't. I will speak to the military aspect of the school, however. My son is a great guy by the way. He is a wonderful and devoted family man. He and his wife are successful folks.

September 8, 2015
By Michael Barbaro

Donald J. Trump, (click here) who received draft deferments through much of the Vietnam War, told the author of a forthcoming biography that he nevertheless “always felt that I was in the military” because of his education at a military-themed boarding school.

Mr. Trump said that his experience at the New York Military Academy, an expensive prep school where his parents had sent him to correct poor behavior, gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”...

But, New York Military Academy is a legitimate part of the military and considered Junior ROTC. That is a real entity of the military. As a matter of fact back in the day young men could have been drafted to serve, although that would never happen today.

The curriculum at the school is US Army. They learn all sorts of survival skills like orienteering. They spend time at West Point in the summer for officer training. 

If Donald Trump wanted to enter the US Army, not West Point, he could and he would enter as an E5. At least I think that is what occurs. He would receive higher rank and enter at a higher pay scale for having graduated from NYMA. So, the experience at the academy is real, but, it is not about war, it is about the theory of war. And there are classes on historic battles and how generals make decisions and of course the superintendent of the school is retired military with a higher rank. A good number of the teaching staff are retired military, so it sort of is like Junior West Point. It is a good education and landed my son a scholarship to law school. 

So, I think it is important people know the reference to NYMA is a legitimate statement and not some off the cuff rich kid statement. The young people there work hard for their grades. They participate in sports; my son was in wrestling for his high years. He won regularly in school competitions. And they have a fantastic social life where they learn how to be a part of a social environment. That behavior is a method of grooming them for their adult life. My son is a very charming man. He has a lovely wife and he can do no wrong. They love each other dearly. But, his charisma opens doors for him as does his practice of the truth and honoring laws also has contributed to his career success. 

NYMA is a great school with great people and they turn out great people. I am glad to hear Donald Trump considers the school with pride. He should.

Basically, the young people I came to know during my son's high school years have gone on to be incredibly wonderful people. There is nearly every state in the union represented at the school and something like 30 some countries. It is an incredible place. 

To also note is the social life includes places in New York City with a train ride from near the school. They had a good time. But, they never got in trouble. I do mean never. They went into the city with a group of about 14 or 15 peers and never had trouble, but, they weren't looking for it either. If I could ever make a wish for young people in the USA it would be to have the experience my son had during his high school years. It was a charmed life. He knew he was loved by his parents. His friends would visit to my home on weekends regularly. They were always at his birthday party. I loved them all dearly.

But, I digress. 

Social embarassment will intimidate the LGBTQ community to behave better.

The release of Kim Davis is not a surprise. She was due in front of the court today. You know, after the holiday.

Huckabee is just grandstanding. He knows there is no judge on any bench that will accept another person for jail time of another person.

There is no politics with the judge. He is carrying out the law as boring as that might be for most of the country.

I think what Huckabee needs is a witch hunt. You know, burning at the town square. Just like the good old days.

Now, you'll excuse me but the religious attitudes of the political right wing toward people of the same gender is very poor. The issue is love. It isn't about any real legal dilemma, it is love. The extremist views by Huckabee and his propaganda of hate is exactly the same as the witch trials. 

The witch trials needed a scapegoat to maintain power. And believe it or not this happened on the very soil where the thirteen colonies declared their independence. Albeit, a century or two later, but, it is the same type of nasty power struggle where people were actually dead after the religious politics played out. The USA, even today, has it's shame in realizing hate crimes occurred taking the lives of the innocent. Matthew Shepard (click here) is never far from the minds of most when confronting this continued hate mongering of the LGBTQ community.

What the former governor of Arkansas did today is hate mongering. It has to stop. The courts have ruled on all the attempts by the political right wing of the USA trying to substitute church doctrine for the USA Constitution. If one really wants to analyze this mess it is actually treason. Substituting religious doctrine for the US Constitution regardless the exercise is treasonous. But, for the sake of civility no one calls it that, except for me. 

Ms. Davis can be blessed by her religion all day long in her private space in her work place by having a Bible on her desk. But, when it comes to doing the business of the people she needs to do her job or find herself in jail yet again. After a few times of being jailed she can actually face prison and maybe that is what Huckabee is waiting for, it would bring in the donations wouldn't it?

The infamous Salem witch trials (click here) began during the spring of 1692, after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. As a wave of hysteria spread throughout colonial Massachusetts, a special court convened in Salem to hear the cases; the first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June. Eighteen others followed Bishop to Salem’s Gallows Hill, while some 150 more men, women and children were accused over the next several months. By September 1692, the hysteria had begun to abate and public opinion turned against the trials. Though the Massachusetts General Court later annulled guilty verdicts against accused witches and granted indemnities to their families, bitterness lingered in the community, and the painful legacy of the Salem witch trials would endure for centuries.

Migrating into Europe is probably not the best idea for them. It is a huge cultural shift they aren't ready for and neither are the sponsoring countries.

September 9, 2015

BERLIN (AP) " The latest news as countries (click here) across Europe cope with the arrival of thousands of migrants and refugees. All times local (CET):
2:30 p.m.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann says countries opposed to taking in refugees under an EU-wide quota system should suffer financial penalties.
Faymann says it is "unacceptable that some nations, because they are not personally affected, refuse to work on a joint solution" to the influx of migrants into the EU.

His comments appear to be aimed at countries like Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, which oppose accepting refugees under a quota system.

2:30 p.m.
The Dutch government is making an extra 110 million euros ($123 million) available to help fund safe migrant accommodation near Syria.
Junior Security and Justice Minister Klaas Dijkhoff also is appealing for better cooperation in dealing with the surge in people pouring into Europe....

I think the determination by the Dutch government is very smart. Countries facing cultural problems can assist the helpless coming out of Syria. Such efforts can be coordinated by the UN, but, if such effort is to be a success for the Dutch, assistance has to be at least witnessed as a vested interest by the Dutch. An example of how large amounts of money achieves nothing but corruption is Afghanistan. It's corruption became a greater and greater part of the economy with more money being lost to invisible power brokers within Afghanistan.

I think the nation building that transpired in Afghanistan and Iraq built a greater danger to Europe, ie: when Daesh first carried out attacks that removed weapons and vehicles from the so called military of Iraq. At the first opportunity Deash killed randomly to secure such munitions and vehicles. That is a direct problem for Europe. Nation building as demonstrated in the post 911 environment only increased the danger to The West and the region. I am sure today, Russia would state assisting rebel groups and an attempt to supply arms is a violation of the Small Arms Treaty and increases the instability of the region. 

Today, it is not only Syria with this unusual case of anarchy, it is also Libya. Libya has no sincere central authority, with assassinations by the recognized leadership internationally over the recent year or two. It's escalation of violence between tribes and ethnicity has been notable post Gaddafi. There is a real effort to divide the country into East Libya and West Libya. That so far hasn't worked but it also hasn't settled long standing disputes either.

At the beginning of the Ukraine crisis Germany built housing complexes for those attempting to leave the area to find safe housing. That housing was near the Ukraine border if I remember correctly. That is a far better idea than allowing significant numbers of people with unknown identity. It is compassionate yet a measure of control as well. 

I'll be back, there is a rather interesting storm thundering it warning.

Sorry, that was an interesting little storm.

I don't know why these people are leaving Syria in large numbers, but, my best guess is that their leadership is gone and they have no one to lead them. That is the best scenario into why they are leaving. I suppose the authorities in any of the countries receiving them can interview them to better understand their exodus.

When I think of the Daesh regime it is understandable people would seek a refugee status, but, that has been happening and Jordan is proof of the burden that country shoulders to insure the lives of those currently refugees in that country. Jordan closed it's border with Syria about a week or so ago. If these stream of refugees is average to the experience of Jordan than this is more of the same. 

But, the relationship Jordan has with Syrian refugees is different than the experience Europe has and probably will have. There are government officials that oppose the head scarves for girls and the freedom of expression in Europe is met with violence. That can't be dismissed as insignificant in to where and how these desperate people will find shelter. 

There is also the idea over time these refugees may actually find remorse leaving and the subsequent change in mood that will come with comfort and when survival is no longer a priority.

I don't want harm to come to anyone and that three year old child dead on the beach was heartbreaking. But, as civilized countries it cannot be ignored there is danger in any person coming that may ultimately decide they have to avenge any sin they may perceive of committing with Syrian exodus. These folks have no religious leader and are used to a different type of religious leader. The communication and appreciation they must find in taking shelter in Europe has to be met with loyalty, too. 

For as sad as their stories are the fact remains Europe has already been effected by dangerous people that find self satisfying murder in some bizarre idea of jihad. Europe cannot ignore there has been a lot of time since Deash first intimidated the Iraqi military and took their munitions into battle against that Iraq military. What is to stop them once in Europe? The last time a terrorist struck it was a chemical factory and not a nuclear plant because of security surrounding those plants. Is there any doubt the flying drone was to establish knowledge about the nuclear facilities.

Currently, it can be easily stated the people of Syria have no choice but to leave. There are no successful growth of crops and no indication there is clean water or sustenance of any kind. The mass movement of people makes a lot of sense when realizing what Daesh promised as far as living the dream and that it cannot deliver.

There is anarchy in Syria and parts of Iraq, but, that cannot be met with sympathy so much as assessment to provide compassion. What is the Red Crescent saying about any humanitarian aid and the conditions in the country? 
I would think they would have good information regarding the success in humanitarian efforts.

This mass exodus has also occurred after Turkey decided to find it's backbone. Can the areas once cities and towns to these people be considered safe by now that Turkey has secured it's border?
Cheney is his usual culture of fear self. He starts talking about the nuclear deal and then regresses into regime change in Iran. 

He hasn't anything valuable to add.

Good news, the Continental Army had better readiness than the USA military today. See, all we really need is a tower with lanterns at the ready and every man with a musket. I knew Dick would have the answer.
When the Republicans accept the dissing of the USA by Cheney I really don't want to hear how the Left has the corner on hating America.

There is no consolidated forces to oppose Assad. The migration is because of the anarchy not direct threats from Assad.

September 8, 2015

New Zealand (click here) should take only women and children refugees from Syria and tell the men to return home and fight, NZ First leader Winston Peters says.
Asked about the Government's decision to bring in an emergency intake of 600 Syrian refugees over three years, Mr Peters reiterated his position that more refugees should be settled - but only if immigration levels were significantly reduced....

September 8, 2015
By Andrea Vance

Migrants headed to Germany on foot walk along a motorway in Roszke, Hungary on Monday.

The head of Auckland University's Islamic Studies Research Unit (click here) says comments by Winston Peters on male refugees are "irresponsible".
The NZ First leader said the Syrian refugees should be sent back to "fight for the freedom" of their country.
In welcoming a move by the Government to offer 600 emergency places to Syrian refugees, Peters said, "I think we can do better, but we can't while we've got mass immigration....

The problem with Syria is simply the fact the only consolidated militia/military is Assad's forces. There is no consolidation of forces anywhere else in Syria. Each settlement in Syria has it's own leadership. Daesh has not been successful in it's ability to amass larger forces under a single leader. Every camp sight along any road has it's own militia.

The large destruction of cultural icons, such as Palmyra, is as much an attempt to intimidate other groups as well as instilling Daesh as an authority without question of power. The civil war in Syria has created a struggle for survival as well as complete disruption of borders.

..."At the moment in Syria, and Iraq as well, I've seen figures of up to 1000 different rebel groups fighting. So, when you say go back and fight for your freedom - which one of these groups do you want them to join?...

The idea the struggle for power in Syria should bring sympathy is misplaced though. The migration of people out of the region into Europe has to be met with skepticism as well as compassion. There is simply no authority in Syria as there is anarchy.

In leaving Syria the migrants are finding safety. Inside Syria they face death by any number of groups and outside Syria and Iraq there is safety. Russia is backing Assad simply because there is no viable authority otherwise. The power sharing government may be met with nothing but figure heads stating they are the Free Syrian Army. If the opposition to Assad is to have a power sharing government it is a question as to how much stability can the Free Syrian Army bring to Syria?

There may be no adequate sovereignty of the Free Syrian Army. The training of that group in Saudi Arabia is proving to be a worthless effort. When McCain went to Syria to establish an opposition force to Assad there was no consolidation of any military strength, it was all a facade with no muscle. The leadership is getting a paycheck without authority.

...A decision on the humanitarian intake will be announced on Wednesday after advice is taken from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who has been in talks with UNHCR officials in Paris and Geneva over the past two days....

The UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) is asking for commitments from all governments to disperse the load of migration from Syria. It is not a bad idea since any threat of receiving dangerous people from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan will be diluted in the randomness of location. Migrants cannot consolidate power if they are scattered and diffuse. If anything, family groups will probably remain together which would bring far better organization to end the chaos they are leaving behind.

Each country is going to have a challenge to bring order to this migration. The less resources a country has the more help they will need from the UN mission otherwise there is a potential for increased anarchy in any receiving country. That was Hungary's concern. "How does it contain disorder within it's borders if migrants were simply allowed to wander the country and it's population?"

When the migrants organized a walk, the ability of Hungary's security forces became more concentrated on a single direction movement. Hungary was correct, even if appearing a lack of sympathy, in containing the scattering of migrants throughout the country.

Simply said, the migrants have the sheer potential to cause anarchy and far more of a military response if they conduct their presence in anger rather than resolve to accept foreign control of their plight.

The West's first response to the Syrian situation and migration is compassion and understandably so, but, that compassion does no one any good if it results in a disastrous outcome. Citizens are going to have to accept the authority of it's own government to end this crisis regardless of how the rest of their neighbors view it. 

There is a question regarding the migration. Why and how can a family member return to Syria to bury the dead after fearing his own survival in order to migrate? I find that curious.

The refugee/migrant crisis has sparked greater action from The West as well as Russia.

Australia has been struggling with their own citizens finding sympathy with Daesh. The migrant crisis is causing most countries, especially democracies, to reassess the threat.

September 8, 2015
Mark Kenny and David Wroe
The Abbott government (click here) was expected on Tuesday night to green-light bombing runs against Islamic State targets in Syria, but the question of how many refugees Australia should take from the millions escaping the war-ravaged country has exposed ugly divisions in the Coalition party room.
While most Coalition MPs want decisive action on the crisis, some counsel against it and pressure is mounting internally for priority selection of "persecuted minorities".
Advocates of a non-discriminatory policy say this is code for helping Christians at the expense of others such as Muslims.
Among the ministers advocating a Christians-first policy were Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Senate leader Eric Abetz....

Australia has never backed away from questioning actions against citizens known to sympathize with Daesh. Nor have Australians questioned that tone within their country.

There really is far less sympathy for migrants in most of The West's leadership, regardless, of the concern by citizens.  The issue in Hungry was really about what is possible to contain the movement of migrants and not the moral dilemma. 

Cameran has been alluding to this over the past week.

More of less the migrants will impose a more urgent use against any chance Daesh leadership will find a way back home. That is the unspoken concern with the migrant problem; what to do with known citizens that have already committed treason by fighting in a foreign war with an enemy identified as dangerous to the homeland.

Most anyone would recognize this photo from months ago. Reyaad Khan is on the left.

September 8, 2015

Britain's defense minister (click here) on Tuesday said the United Kingdom was prepared to launch more drone strikes in Syria, even against its own British nationals, if there was no other way of keeping the country's streets safe from terrorists.
Britain confirmed Monday that Royal Air Force drone strikes killed two Islamic State militants — both British citizens — in Syria who were planning attacks against Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and other targets.
The attacks were the first confirmed RAF drone strikes on British nationals....

The USA is somewhat removed from the migrant crisis than the experience and concern of Europe and other allies in the region. The bizarre nature of Daesh is it's willingness to kill anyone not pleasing to it's dictator. That reality is what brings no sympathy to a militia otherwise would be viewed as part of the rebel force involved in a civil war in Syria.

7 September 2015
, , Steve Morris and

Reyaad Khan, an Islamic State militant from Wales who once aspired to be the UK’s first Asian prime minister has instead become the first Briton to be killed by the RAF outside a British warzone.
In a statement to parliament, David Cameron confirmed that Khan died in the targeted drone strike near Raqqa, Syria on 21 August. Travelling in the same car as Khan was another Briton, Ruhul Amin, 26, who was also killed.
Both Khan and Amin had appeared in an Isis recruitment video in June 2014 alongside Cardiff-born Nasser Muthana, arguing the case for Isis. In the video, titled There Is No Life Without Jihad, Amin called on his fellow western Muslims to join Isis in Syria. “Are you willing to sacrifice the fat job you’ve got, the big car, the family you have?,” he said. “If you do Allah will give you back 700 times more.”...