Saturday, February 12, 2011

Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith and invented mechanical, moveable typsetting of the printing press.

Like Einstein, Mr. Gutenberg never wanted his invention to be used for evil.

The Founders of the USA Constitution were men of conscience and never intended the First Amendment to be used for evil purposes either.

Yet, through the magic of a so called civil society, Murdoch's anchors, such as Glenn Beck, can use the media to destroy the political fabric of a country, while attempting to rally actions by citizens to kill others and attempt riots of civil unrest to stop an existing democracy in its tracks.  Beck is never interested in killing himself or being killed, he only seeks to 'inspire and give license' to 'ANYONE within the listing audience (He affectionately calls "Sick Freaks) to kill and be killed for him.

And this is what gets me, journalists in Rwanda can target people for extinction over the airwaves, be tried and imprisoned, yet, the likes of Beck cannot be silenced when he states he would like to kill others or have them dead.  That, so called Freedom of Speech, is not freedom at all, but, a method to bring about a result that limits speech to only what he approves of.  I don't know what is wrong with the FCC in being unable to limit 'hate speech.'  Heck, they outlawed the "N" word in NYC. 

The Right Wing uses ? political speech ? to distort and lie.  Recently, a "Focus on the Family" radio host wrote an Op-Ed, at least according to him, in the Washington Post about the recent criminal activity in an abortion clinic in Philiadelphia.  In his radio program he was taking a criminal content within the USA to demonize any and all abortions.  It is typical of how the Right Wing extremists work.  They find 'exception' with one incident and extrapolate it into 'the norm' for the entire country.  THAT 'methodology' stands OUTSIDE the acceptable ethics of journalism and completely lacks morality.  Then they claim to not be the inspiration for killers, such as Rudolph and Roeder, while Murdoch's Favorite Son ranted "Tiller the Baby Killer."

PHILADELPHIA -- The case against (click here) an abortion doctor accused of killing infants who were delivered alive following late-term abortion procedures and nine of his former employees will move forward, a judge ruled today....

Another Right Wing radio personality within the Limbaugh dynasty has taken a severe rant against General Electric.  The reason is because of the promotion of GE's Jeffery Immelt within the President's White House economic team.  Mr. Immelt graciously come forward to work with the Obama Administration to improve opportunity for Americans in regard to the economy.  Now, he is a target of hate by the Right Wing Media.  Not to diminish the magnificent impact Mr. Volker has for his expertise, but, to have someone, like Mr. Immelt, with a 'real vision' of the 'real future' is something the USA not only needs but has lacked for a decade if not three.

Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, To Replace Volcker On Obama's Economic Team (click here)

The Huffington Post   
Lila Shapiro  First 
Posted: 01/21/11 10:06 AM  
Updated: 01/21/11 10:13 AM

Early Friday morning, Obama announced a significant shift for the White House economic team: the war against Wall Street greed has lost a major player, and corporate America has gained an advocate.
General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt will be the new head of a Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. This panel will replace Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, formerly headed by Paul Volcker....

But, in all the great wisdom of the Right Wing hate mongers, their political solution for 2012 elections is to run the reputation of GE into the ground and destroy more jobs.  General Electric, different from GM in its solvency, is an American Icon.  I don't really see GE ever disappearing off the American Landscape.  And to think GE actually INVENTS things.  Innovation as a means to economic growth has been the call with President Obama, but, it was also a priority with the Bush administration as a means to diminish carbon emissions.  So, the 'Bubba' that entrenches HATE SPEECH of an American Corporate Giant within his show everyday is actually seeking to 'do damage.'  Damage to the company, its dedicated leadership in Mr. Immelt, the American economy and the citizens working for GE.  All this for no other reason except a 'sick revenge' for electing the President we have today and lay a hate for his administration and the President himself as a goal to win Republican domination of all branches of government by 2012.

All three of those instances are examples of extremism with political goals practicing outside journalistic ethics, willing to place the nation and any of its people in danger to facilitate a 'sick goal' they and only they value.

Tomorrow I have planned a 'Sunday Night' to provide 'my perspective' on a danger we have allowed within our society currently viewed a benign element of life.  I mean.  What is everyone thinking?  For the USA to be an exemplary example of 'Freedom of Speech' to the global community it should include dignity, truth and excellence.