Monday, September 23, 2013

Police Attack CUNY Protest Against War Criminal Petraeus (click title to entry - thank you)

Really? A man that has spent his entire life in the military under nothing but structure, can't handle life when it isn't? Seriously?

David Petraeus should have come outside to where the demonstrators were and talked to them. No matter what they had to say, it was never as bad as the bullets his soldiers faced every day. This is the freedom his military was suppose to protect. He can't handle it? He should be marching with them.

David Petraeus needs to hold a Town Hall on the campus to confront the anger. It won't do him or anyone else any good to pretend the Iraq War didn't happen.

Why is Israel in Kenya?

Why did the USA go to Afghanistan?

Thursday, 28 November, 2002, 20:51 GMT 

At least 15 people have died (click here) in a suicide bombing at an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, just as two missiles were fired at an Israeli holiday jet that had taken off from the city's airport.
The missiles narrowly missed the Arkia airline plane - a Boeing 757 carrying 261 passengers - but a large part of the Paradise Hotel was reduced to rubble and the rest is a smouldering shell.... 

Why Westgate Mall? 

Israeli-Owned Kenya Mall Targeted as Bloody Nairobi Terror Attack Kills 68 
Israeli Advisers Helping With Rescue of Hostages (click here) 
By Reuters/Barak Ravid
Published September 21, 2013
...Mobile phone signals began to fail in the area as darkness fell. Kenya’s president, vowing to stand firm against Somali militants, was cautious about the outcome, saying chances of the attackers being “neutralised” were “as good … as we can hope for”....

And let's not leave out the bazooka attack on the aircraft.

Arkia Airlines flight IZ582 (click here) was just passing through the 500ft mark as it climbed out of Mombasa airport bound for Tel Aviv when passenger Ezra Gozlan heard a distinct boom from outside. As the plane shook, he looked up, just in time to see a small trail of smoke to the left of the Boeing 757 charter jet. "It went about one metre above the wing _ It was a bazooka or something like that," the 62-year-old Israeli said yesterday. "I said to someone 'It's a missile', but he said 'No, maybe something got caught in the engine'."
Other passengers were just as confused. "It felt like something fell off the wing," said Kerry Levy...

It could be stated, Israel went to Kenya because the USA went to Afghanistan. Attacks on Israel has escalated since the USA went to war. The IDF is as good as it is because of the escalation of violence in the region. There is a reason why Israel is always focused on it's military prowess and part of that it is because they are our ally in the region of the Middle East. The other part is the creation of Israel itself, but, the Hebrews now have a homeland. Israel's existence is important. It needs to exist.

What is the US Military Industrial Complex counting on?

Easy one and I am confident everyone has already 'gone there.'

This is an opportunity for Obama to exonerate the Right Wing political dogma to actually teach the American people Kenya is real and the jokes and political victimization for rhetoric is sadly chosen.

Why not fight the war Obama needs to fight in his father's memory. Everyone becomes a hero and the Democrats are the hottest ticket in the USA.

"Go, GI Joe."

And don't state that is imagineering.

Who are the 'bad guys' in Sub-Sahara Africa?

Remember this mess? They meant no harm in producing this movement that relied on social media for it's momentum. 

Try to put this into context with the idea there are warlords/militias that rule in Africa with long histories. The currently political systems are structured out of these power leaders. Basically, how does The West or Europe or any other First World nation bring about the end of corruption and killing?

That question is extremely complicated. The poverty provides reasons for children to be recruited into militias where they can receive food and water. The NGOs are limited to their ability to control the country, but, only their missions. A country entrenched in guerrilla warfare will thrive on natural resources that are cheap to secure. The GUNS in the countries are the enemies. But, the guns are there and they are in the hands of very determined and dangerous people that operate in countries with impunity because of weak central governments. Those central governments are corrupt and aren't really interested in war so much as personal wealth.

Enter The West or Europe to try to bring about a humane component to end the violence and establish civilization that makes sense to The West and Europe and what occurs is more guns into a country, opportunity for a different type of corruption (the corruption of wealth beyond the imagination) and the USA and EU become the ultimate warlords in alliance with central governments with no control. 

Then there is the 'on the ground' reality of the people and we have "Westgate Mall." Westgate sounds too close to Texas to realize it could be us. 

What to do? What we are doing. We support social and cultural improvements, we take corrupt leadership to the Hague and we continue to seek ways to provide better economies for these nations. There is no military solution to this. The military presence only brings in more guns, munitions and escalates the problem. 

What is Israel doing? Israel is doing what Israel needs to in providing intelligence and consulting to bring about a more stable government; to assist these leaders into understanding the very infrastructure that disables their countries. 

There are ONLY political solutions to these problems. The people of Kenya have to solve their own problems. 

But, but, but, this is going on forever already.

That is correct and we need to keep at it. This is real and there is no package tied up in a bow that can be achieved.

I've been waiting for this one.

Wall Street media needs to terrify the public in order to engage war. I knew it. I was waiting for the media to parlay the Kenya Mall attack into being a threat to the USA. They are amazing.

..."The concern (click here) would be if any of those have come back to the United States and would use those abilities here in the United States,'' he said.
"I would assume that the FBI and local law enforcement are looking into those Somali-American communities today and if there are any leads or indicators using all their sources and resources to make sure there's no follow-up attempt here in the United States.''...

The word "if" needs to be removed from the media dialogue. It is the worst word in burgeoning war mongering in the USA.

The Kenya Mall attacks have nothing to do with the USA. The mall attacks is retaliation of Kenyan forces entering Somalia. 

OMG, OMG there are American Somalia warriors. Talk to John Walker Lindh.

This is so outrageous.

Currently, Israel has a deployment of their military in Kenya. They have been acting as consultants during the entire episode. There are reports the Israeli military personnel has been assisting with hostage circumstances in the mall itself. I applaud Israel for providing a stable intelligence infrastructure to the Kenyan government.

Ya ready for this? The Hague has released William Ruto for one week to return to Kenya for this emergency. This is such a hideous story that demonstrates the MONSTERS in the region and the American media cares to NOT report on any of it, except, to PORTRAY the poor Kenyan people besieged unassisted by anyone and IN NEED of American Forces to race to the rescue. It is such propaganda you have no idea.

Associated Press 

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- In an unprecedented decision, (click here) judges at the International Criminal Court excused Kenya's deputy president from his crimes against humanity trial for a week Monday so he could return home to help deal with the mall hostage crisis.
At a hastily arranged hearing, Presiding Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji said William Ruto could leave on a morning flight to Kenya. The hearing was quickly halted and Ruto was ushered from the courtroom to be rushed to the airport....

Why burden Americans with the truth rather than let House Representative Peter King run around fear mongering with his hair on fire?

Politically "Homeland Security" House Committee works for Peter King, because, he is from New York and of course he is protecting NYC from buildings falling to the ground again.

It never fails. If there is a way to create a 'Made for TV Movie' out of daily news, the American media will find it.

The opening statements to this attack in the American media was that there were Americans involved. The media enticed Americans into believing there were Americans dead and/or injured and NOW in pure amazement as only the American media can conduct it, the Americans involved are in the Somalia military. 

Look, there are Americans everywhere within these international criminal networks, no different than Lindh was. They are there for Jihad. So, Americans need to get their minds around that. It could be considered treason and it would end the RE-ENTRANCE of these people to the sovereign USA. But, there are Americans everywhere performing Jihad in the world. The reason that is not an IDENTITY the American people are familiar with is because there would be a degree of sophistication that could not be exploited.

This is so very, very typical.

The Israeli forces involved must be doing a heck of a job because the militiants from Somali and their network are complaining about it. I was reading about the Israeli forces in Kenya in the Jerusalem Post, but, here is an American source.

"Good night, Moon"

We know where the edge of the solar system is and how long it takes to get there. It is amazing this has been accomplished in my lifetime.

As soon as space travel beyond the protective atmosphere of Earth is found to be safe without life threatening radiation; the universe can our new home. But, I caution that idea. The radiation found at the edge of the solar system is most likely not benign.

Not to underestimate the daunting task this actually is, but, in time it will happen and intergalactic space travel may become a reality.

I congratulate NASA on it's visionary space model and the will to see it through. It is all money well spent. Not a dime wasted. If ever an agency of the USA wanted to survive for the right reasons it is NASA. Did we ever realize how incredible this mission was to be.

By Brooks Barnes
Published: September 12, 2013

 PASADENA, Calif. — The spacecraft’s technology (click here) was laughable by today’s standards: it carried an 8-track tape recorder and computers with 240,000 times less memory than a low-end iPhone. When it left Earth 36 years ago, it was designed as a four-year mission to Saturn, and everything after that was gravy.

...“I don’t know if it’s in the same league as landing on the moon, but it’s right up there — ‘Star Trek’ stuff, for sure,” said Donald A. Gurnett, a professor of physics at the University of Iowa and the co-author of a paper published Thursday in the journal Science about Voyager’s feat. “I mean, consider the distance. It’s hard even for scientists to comprehend.”...