Monday, November 21, 2011

What happened to Small Business FRIDAY?

Basically what this Wall Street promotion says is to shop on Saturday for one item.  Excuse me?  The Friday after Thanksgiving is when everyone should be shopping in small businesses.  I know for a fact the proprietors (That was proprietor, not store manager) of these shops will have their doors wide open and attending to everyone coming to their store.

Here again, Wall Street throws the financial crumbs to Small Businesses and takes a tax deduction for the non-profit effort.  That is amazing.  If I were a small business I'd be highly insulted.  This is one of the most sophisticated strategies I have ever witnessed against the people of the USA.  The small business owner is to be put on the shelf until Saturday when there will be one purchase for them. 

That is about the most insulting ad I have ever witnessed.  Oh, wait, let me guess, we, the little people, are suppose to be grateful for this gesture from Wall Street as a form of peace treaty and benevolence.


See, while the crowds are at the Big Box stores believing they are getting the deal of a lifetime, I'll be on Main Street shopping in stores where citizens are employed, where the business owner pays property taxes to my hometown and where I know the proprietorship will be bending over backward to ward off this attack by Wall Street.  I'll get everything I am looking for and then on Saturday I'll get the real deals when the Big Box Stores slump in their sales and will zero the profit margin.


That's my idea of Thanksgiving.