Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beck stated on his radio show, "I e-mailed Sarah (Palin) this morning because I believe I am becoming a liability to the movement."

Do you think?  I honestly don't know how a snake like Beck lives with himself.

My best assessment of that statement is that Beck rather than 'leading' a disaster in the USA and potentially facing some real jail time similar to Abramoff, wants to disappear from the stage to run to Europe to curl up with a security blanket made with monies from his Swiss bank account.  Seriously.  After all, every self respecting extremist knows the 'best' advise is to 'stow' the millions and billions outside of the USA.

A few years ago, it was easy to see the transition to radicalization when he was on CNN.  He then was recruited by Murdoch and now Beck could be looking at some real trouble.  Truly a shame.

"Goldline" (click title to entry - AT YOUR OWN RISK) is selling fear.  No surprise there when one considers the exploitive culture of Murdoch which 'pitches' this mess on a daily basis in order to drive the price of Gold up.  I mean if there was any commmodity plugged daily withe fear mongering it would be accummulating value.  I wonder what is going to happen when there is a Gold Bubble and the government finally lowers the boom on this company and its promoters.

At any rate, Beck has absolutely destroyed anyone in his wake.  Even Bill O'Reilly can't stand the 'sad' nature of the Murdoch media.  Yes, indeed, "Bill-O" is leaving.  He wrote a book and basically plans an exit stage right.  He has already quit his radio show.  O'Reilly isn't Beck.  No matter how his show is scewed from 'the real world' he still isn't the extremist Beck has become.  It must be really interesting to be O'Reilly and have to sit across the table from a 'real journalist flunky' in Beck and actually appear to mentor him knowing it is a sincere joke.  Well, let's not make him seem like a Saint to Beck, after all his Friday Quiz was 'designed' to character assassinate any ELECTED Democrat and aspects of the Non-Evangelical American culture.

But, to realize these Murdoch shows were actually scamming the people they professed to care about the most is a bit more than anyone should put up with.  A 45% 'mark up' on Gold coins is absolutely outrageous. 

I believe firmly that the Murdoch tribe is completely unethical and absolutely ruthless. 

Goldline Customer Testifies He Lost $60K When Goldline Urged Him To Turn IRA Into Gold Coins

Former Goldline Salesman Told ABC That Sales Reps Were Pushed To Ask For Retirement Funds

A doctor from suburban New York told Congress Thursday that a salesman for the precious metals firm Goldline convinced him to convert his entire $140,000 IRA into gold coins, and that he lost almost $60,000 overnight by making the switch.

Beck is not a liability, he is a criminal.  He should try selling snake oil.  It certainly isn't below his morality.

THERE IS NOTHING 'MORAL' ABOUT GOLDLINE, MURDOCH !  I think Murdoch was a snake oil saleman at one time, wasn't he?

Fear mongering as the 'brinkmanship' of Murdoch marketing.  And I thought North Korea was the master of 'brinkmanship.'  The EVER approaching disaster, guaranteed to sell ANYTHING even lousy candidates to national elections. 

Amazing the fools Americans can be without even trying.

Senator Coburn, the Republican on the right in this picture had an interesting question on the Senate floor today.

You remember Senator Coburn, is was the 'intermediary' for Ensign to 'enable' his extramarital affair.

Well, he wanted to know...

What?  You didn't know he was an intermediary?  Oh, yeah.  Here is an article in case anyone wants to 'catch up.'

Coburn Turns Over Emails To Feds Investigating Ensign Scandal  (click title to entry - thank you)

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) -- who acknowledged last year that he acted as an "intermediary" between Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) and Doug Hampton, the man with whose wife the Nevada senator had an affair -- has turned over emails to the feds who are investigating Ensign's affair, Politico reports.
Coburn and Ensign were roommates at a Christian house on C Street at the time of the affair....

Well, today on the Senate floor he asked the question, "Why did it take ten years for the FDA to rule on Eggs?"  
Like he is joking, right?  That is like a question similar to leaving your fly open without knowing it.

Let's see if I can answer Senator Coburn's question.  GEORGE W. BUSH.  How's that?  Get the picture?

Posted 11/25/2004 5:03 AM     
Updated 11/25/2004 9:49 PM
FDA whistleblower claims he'll be forced from post  (click here)

Food and Drug Administration whistleblower David Graham said Wednesday that he expects as soon as next week to be forced from his job in the Office of Drug Safety. 
"I'm going to be transferred, and I don't want to go," said Graham, who told a Senate committee on Nov. 18 that the FDA is "virtually defenseless" against another "terrible tragedy and a profound regulatory failure" like Vioxx, an arthritis drug pulled off the market over concerns that it increased the risk of heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death.
Graham, associate director for science and medicine in the FDA office, went on to name five other drugs — Meridia, Crestor, Accutane, Serevent and Bextra — that he says threaten the public's safety....

For eight very long and stupid years the FDA was obstructed from real action on behalf of the American people due to the hostile relationships fostered with the Executive Branch during the Bush/ Cheney years.
There really isn't anything else to say.  The FDA needed a 'impetus' to make a ruling and UNFORTUNATELY the contaminated eggs could have been prevented IF the FDA were allowed to act independently without having to 'bow' to some panel of one kind or another.  BUT.  Also, IF they were well staffed enough to ENFORCE the laws.  

So, while Senator Coburn is trying to make 'political hay' with the egg contamination issue, he only has his own CONSERVATIVE tendencies to blame.

I am proud of the Democratic Health Care Vote and everyone else should be. It is the CONSERVATIVES that have endangered the American people.

Juan Villalobos, of Porterville, gets checked out by Elizza Casim-Cometa, MD, Wednesday at the Porterville Family Health Center. Starting today, millions of children are eligible for the first phase of benefits in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama. 

AND.  The concern about health insurance companies NOT writing children's policies in the future belongs to the Conservatives.  They obstructed the ONE mechanism that would have stopped insurance companies from grabbing for profits all along the way and that was 'A TRIGGER' TO SINGLE PAYER.

If health insurance companies don't want to write policies that is just fine with me.  It is now the obligation of the President to institute "Single Payer' for any child that cannot obtain health insurance because of corporate obstructionism.  He needs to consider an Executive Order for this emergency.

There are many, many states that already have State sponsored health care for children.  It is just a matter of extending this coverage to the uninsured children and for the states that do not provide such coverage for children then it needs to be handled through Medicaid or Medicare for parents to subscribe.  It is just that simple.  Let's get on with it, because, there isn't a Republican or Tea Bagger alive that can do anything different.

If a 'trigger' to Single Payer remained in the legislation there would be NO insurance company that would not write a policy for anyone.  It is the CONSERVATIVES that are responsible for any boondoggle that occurs and no one else.  Everyone needs to appreciate that FACT.

...Some of the changes effective Thursday are: (click title to entry - thank you)
- Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to a child without health insurance because he or she has a pre-existing health condition.
- Young adults can begin signing up to stay on their parent’s insurance until age 26.  
- Insurance companies will be required to cover preventive care, including immunizations, at no cost to the family.
- Insurance companies won’t be able to drop children when they are sick, or limit the lifetime value of coverage.
- Families will be able to use a website — or — or call a toll-free number (1-877-KIDS-NOW) to learn about health coverage options available to them — whether it is a publicly subsidized program such as Children’s Health Insurance Program (Healthy Families in California), Medicaid, employer coverage, a state’s High Risk Pool, or, after Jan. 1, 2014, the state’s health insurance marketplace called the Exchange.
“After decades of working to achieve this monumental improvement, we must now make sure the Affordable Care Act works well for families, and that starts immediately with children,” said Wendy Lazarus, founder and co-president of The Children’s Partnership, which advocates for improvements in child health care.
“Step 1 is to shout this news from every pulpit, school, workplace, recreation facility, and anywhere else we can reach parents—and to help parents enroll in the coverage their kids qualify for right now. At least 5 million children will be able to get basic health care as a result....

Congratulations to Mr. Democracy. I mean that sincerely. I wasn't always a fan.

Michael has just been awarded "The John Steinbach Award."  (click title to entry - thank you)

I don't see that plastered all over the media either.  It is easier to demonize Michael to benefit Republicans than to sincerely assess 'the man' and 'his work.' 

Rhetoric is a very funny thing.  It allows faux impressions to exist when they shouldn't and Michael has been a victim of his love of the USA and its people for far to long.

Previous to "Fahrenheit 911" I had heard of Michael Moore and I knew he was a celebrated documentarian, but, I never really thought he was 'all that.'  I knew he had a point of view, but, I never considered it to be so poignant that it should 'shake loose' my 'core belief system' about the political process in the USA.  I never considered the Republicans a 'profound threat' to the USA, its people and its democracy as I do today.  And I never made those decisions lightly.

I began taking Michael's work far more seriously when I was watching "Larry King Live" one evening and it was the time when Disney would not 'distribute' 'Fahrenheit 911."  I had read something about that in the news media and was beginning to follow it when Michael decided to take his plight to the national stage.  In many ways, when Disney (a profound pundit of Bush and the Republicans) actually censored Mr. Moore it was the absolute worse thing they could do.  It propelled the film front and center.  There was no NOT seeing Fahrenheit 911 at that point, at least for me, it was no longer an option.  It wasn't so much the opposition, as I had already concluded, even before Fahrenheit 911 that the Iraq invasion was completely wrong.  I already knew there were 'no' WMD.  I had been reading journal articles about the research surrounding WMD that the USA Defense Department was conducting and I knew there was no way biologicals of any kind, chemical or otherwise could survive in the Iraqi desert climate.

So, the film wasn't really the issue for me.  I already knew there was something drastically wrong in DC and with the freedoms of democracy in the USA.  It was the fact an independent and well established institution, like Disney, was actually censoring a film that was ready to be distributed.  The censorship was the issue.  I admired Michael for going up against the 'establishment' and I wanted to be among the Americans to support him and demand distribution of the film.

And once I had watched Fahrenheit, then I had to see "Bowling for Columbine," and then "Roger and Me," etc., etc., etc.  I today have most, if not all, of his DVDs and books.  I have made a bit of a study of Mr. Moore.  I love my country.  I believe in democracy.  I believe in the American way of life, when it isn't being 'worked over' by plutocrats.  And for me to 'simply take a stand' for its populous 'moment' isn't what I am all about.  The truth matters to my Constitution and it matters to me.

I am not going to get into what I believe about Michael Moore and how history will record his life and work, but, I will say this.  I believe he is a moral man of great character, profoundly entrenched in his belief of love of family and country.  I am more than pleased he has received this award.

Congratulations, Michael.  I don't know of another man that deserved it or better said, "earned it." 

There is nothing new with the Republican Contract. It is the same old GOP. Anti-American through and through.

Mr. Boner is being marginalized by his own peers.  They haven't changed, they are simply trying to hijack the Tea Party momentum.

September 16, 2010

Republicans Ready to Get Rid of Boehner and Crew (click title to entry - thank you)

Raleigh, N.C. – John Boehner and Mitch McConnell should not rest easy if their party

trounces Democrats at the polls this fall, for their base is restless and ready to give some new blood a chance to lead potential new Congressional majorities next January.  57% of national voters who usually vote in Republican primaries want to replace the
party’s current leadership in Congress, with only 21% preferring to keep Boehner, McConnell, and company.

Republicans are split over whether Boehner should be elevated to the Speakership, with a third favoring him, a third preferring someone else, and a third unsure. A third also would like someone other than McConnell to become Majority Leader in the less likely event the GOP takes charge of the Senate, but only 27% want McConnell himself....