Saturday, April 12, 2014

Maybe the USA simply needs to allow hydraulic fracturing for jobs in the face of landslide potential and deaths to other Americans, right? Profits prevail.

Appalachian Ohio, shaded in grey, shown within Appalachia.

State geologists in Ohio (click here) have for the first time linked earthquakes in a geologic formation deep under the Appalachians to gas drilling, leading the state to issue new permit conditions in certain areas that are among the nation's strictest.

When conservationists, environmentalists and concerned citizens speak out it isn't for politics, it is about survival. Now, why is this form of survival different from that or the right wing survivalists?

The land rush in The West is over.

Aerial views of the cattle in question (click here).

To begin with where does anyone get the idea the cattle were doing well? Beef cattle are suppose to have protruding hip bones? To the left is a picture of grass fed Herefords. It looks like this is the breed involved.

In the video it is completely obvious these cattle are looking for water. Hence, enters the issue of who is allowed to use the water and whom is not.

Easily noted in the video is also the FACT the land has been overgrazed and the hoof prints alone dictate the trampling of any form of grassland. There is a lot of erosion of those lands carrying soil and sediment into the water.

There are reasons why Bureau of Land Management is called "land management." It inspects public lands regularly to determine whether or not it is vital enough to support grazing. In that reality is also the fact the integrity of the land also supports watersheds, creeks, lakes and rivers. The land in this instance is so degraded the runoff is laden with soil and making the waters brown. That means the waters flowing in this video would have to be assessed for sediment content and very likely in need of dredging. But, why spend the money on dredging if the vegetation of the land which holds the soil is absent and not likely to return because of the chronic trampling of cattle that has no right to be there.

This scenario is not about the rights of one man, his family and cows. It is about politics of The West and the activism of gun owners who have been convinced the government is evil and taking away their rights. 

The USA government cannot tell farmers and ranchers how to carry out their businesses, but, it can advise and try to improve their circumstances. That means there is rotation of cattle or sheep or Alpacas for that matter off the land into areas that have been sufficiently rested to return to it's vital nature.

The other aspect of this is the climate crisis. These lands are parched and the water levels very low. It might be as this summer approaches those cattle would not have survived anyway as drought would reduce any form of water, flowing or otherwise.

There are Brown and Black Herefords. 

One other thing, there is very little discussion by the activists about what and why there are leases. The USA government manages land the people own. When private enterprise uses lands owned by the people they have to obtain leases. There is twenty years of squatting that has damaged the land and impacted watersheds. Where was the honor in running cows on lands owned by the people without proper leases? Leases are a real way for government to make money and pay it's bills.

Right wing activists love to state the "Greenies" in the USA are lazy, law breakers and the list of adjectives is lengthy. But, when one of their own is breaking the law it is the heavens of god's good graces working within their activism. Double standards exist throughout this culture and it serves as a danger to federal employees and innocent people alike.

Nevada rancher takes on the Uncle Sam gang of cattle rustlers (click title to entry)

Now, the agents of the federal government are being called, "The Uncle Sam Gang" and akin to cattle rustlers as stated by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

The First Amendment protest area have been dismantled. The government extended itself in ways it never has before in supporting citizens with political agendas requiring recognition.

There was a very clear reason the federal agents enforcing a judge's order were armed.

The presence of the agents alone was a victory. Nothing short of an act of bravery and some might say suicide.

The right wing is calling this Ruby Ridge? Really? No, it is not. Not even close.

Ruby Ridge is used as an excuse by the gun nuts.

This is a matter of 'is there government and governance' or not?  This is what guns have done to the nation, The West and the lives of citizens. There are these faux scenarios of government taking over that runs through the culture which creates the arms trade for military style weapons in the USA. Are American citizens suppose to be able to arm themselves into a nation separate from it's sovereignty? Will the American government ever lead scenarios of citizen murder?

The answer to both is no. The people should not be propagandized to believe they are facing an out of control government that will take their lives, property and well being. If anything, the people have more power in this case than any government entity and have and that is the problem. This mess has existed for twenty years. Twenty years of anarchy due to the high level of gun presence in The West. Twenty years of squatting allowed because of the militarization of the citizenry of The West. 

Militias are illegal in the USA when it poses a danger to others. This culture has existed and chronically threatens the lives of federal employees seeking only to carry out 'The Rule of Law.' These are anarchists believing they are in control of their rights and only them and they have every right to pick up their weapons and threaten the lives of agents. I don't think so.

The likelihood of this escalating out of control is highly unlikely. Today is a different age than Ruby Ridge as well. I am not going to argue Ruby Ridge all over again, but, there are varying views in regard to the actions of agents sworn to carry out the law. These citizen militias are not justified in any way in this matter. 

The entire actions by federal agents carrying out the law was litigated to the full extent of Due Process and these folks are simply breaking the law by brute force. They are as much a danger to our democracy as any aspect of this case. The courts don't discriminate in favoritism of cultures with intent to break federal laws and threaten the lives of our agents. The courts see to the legal authority of the government and the people within these militias do not respect the law or our democracy.

This is the face of the NRA and other gun organizations. Take a good long look.

The issues surrounding land and water will become more difficult as time goes by with the climate crisis. This reaction to a challenge to anarchy is not only important, but, only states how entrenched people are already. The USA military has stated water will become a driving force for national security. Well. Here it is. 

The USA military is not coming. The aggressive nature of the USA government is not going to start a war in The West. 5000 people are not going to die as an example of a dictatorship. This will resolve.

Showdown On The Range: Nevada Rancher, Feds Face Off Over Cattle Grazing Rights (click here)

Posted: Apr 11, 2014 4:52 PM EST Updated: Apr 11, 2014 4:52 PM EST 
(CNN) -- A 20-year dispute between a Nevada rancher and federal rangers over illegal cattle grazing erupted into an Old West-style showdown on the open range this week, even prompting self-proclaimed members of militia groups from across the country to join the rancher in fighting what they say is U.S. "tyranny."
What began as a legal fight between longtime rancher Cliven Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has escalated as Bundy kept his cattle on the federal land, and the government has responded by beginning roundups of the livestock....

Hypothetical mass murder preparedness.

Imagine there is a catastrophic event such as a Category Six hurricane. No current hurricane or typhoon on Earth has been measured at Cat Six status to date. The storms we are seeing in the Pacific, the Super Typhoons, are pushing up against that possibility of a new Cat Six storm. The possibility of that occurring pushes the tensile strength of water vapor, but, the measurements are definitely at the high end of Cat Five.

The chances of surviving such a storm alone is very remote, however, we know there were marginal survivors after Hurricane Andrew passed over southern Florida.

Andrew stuck Dade county on August 24th (click here) as a Category 5 hurricane, with the center first reaching the coast at the northern tip of Elliott Key. The storm devastated Dade County where it caused an estimated $25 billion in damage, especially over the Homestead area....

Hurricane Andrew, which made landfall on Aug. 24, 1992, in Elliot Keys and Homestead, Fla., caused 15 deaths directly, 25 deaths indirectly and $30 billion in property damage. Adjusting for inflation, it’s the second-costliest storm in U.S history. Katrina, which hit in 2005, was the costliest.

The real problem with these storms and survival is looting. It isn't necessarily looting caused by survivors, but, by those that find opportunity in the mayhem. The idea gun owners could literally kill at will at any perception of loss of survival, even with looters, is insane. Looting is not murder, nor should murder occur when there is looting.

The only reason any American should be allowed to legally take the life of other person(s) is when their lives are directly threatened. Every citizen has a right to their life. To believe another citizen's life has less status over looting is hideous. Who is to say looting isn't as legitimate a survival tactic as gun ownership?

Let's take this to the level of political ideology. Just for fun. I am making no accusations.

Let's say in the back rooms of white people meetings, once known as the KKK, but, now occurs far more diffusely organized; there are plans for annihilating anyone statistically identified as 'a taker.' 

Hurricane Andrew hit Dade County. What county came into focus in the 2000 elections?

So, somewhere in Dade County lives a 'gun nut case' accumulating weapons and ammunition at every word there will be regulations (AKA protections) to citizens. The excuse he/she or both uses to justify this obsessive/compulsive behavior is survival. And to that rational they have a basement room about thirty feet below the surface stocked with all kinds of stuff insuring they would eat well enough following the loss of governmental authority.

The storm passes over and to their luck their subterrestrial room didn't flood. They emerge with plenty of weapon stores and ammunition and then seek out their neighbors and pass out the weapons. They make their way into a populated area and under the guise of law they begin to 'kill off' the takers, looting or not. Their final frustrations with the impoverished and so called "big government" is finally coming to an end empowered by laws that remove the definition of human life following any natural disaster in Florida. 

The survival of people within natural disasters is not being alone. Survival is best insured by preparedness by government to move large amounts of people from the area to be effected. As a nation we have spent gozillions of US dollars on research and preparedness. Earthquake preparedness and building codes speak to the dedication of the USA to protect human life. 

Our status as a nation influential in any international theater is the fact the USA has upheld the integrity of human life above any political or religious dogma, rules or ideology. 

Imagine now laws within this country that allows mayhem and anarchy. Within that lies the idea citizens can kill at will during these times. Then it happens. Ultimately, when a law is enacted, the statistics dictate it will come to bear at some point in time. So, the world witnesses mass murder scenes to put Jonestown to shame. What then? The USA says, "Ooops?" 

The idea a civilized society invests in their brain trust, their government and common areas to insure it's citizens have a life worth living defines it's welcomeness among other nations both as allies and in economic trade. If the identity of the USA begins to shift it's benevolent influence on a global scale it will be rejected and history will dictate isolation and quite possibly a change in alliances and potential invasion to end such hideous laws and tenuous existence of the poor. 

It is a proven fact, ie: Iraq, the USA cannot begin a global war and have it's way. The USA was isolated and the war within Iraq rejected as a national defense necessity for the USA. Following the Iraq invasion paradigms of power began to shift. Today, the nuclear proliferation following the Iraq invasion is profound within nations identified as 'rouge' nations. There still exists skepticism about the ability of the USA to contain it's power and to that end we are seeing aggressions in areas of the world best left to peace.

When any state decides it has rights over and above that of the findings of it's federal authorities, including the Supreme Court there are ripples across this globe. This 'scenario' is not unrealistic. It can easily exist in a nation bent on self-defense that results in deaths of the innocent, ie: young African American men. The USA allies won't put up with it and while the power within the USA military is often necessary as a presence to stabilize a region, ie: Ukraine; that presence is as much a national defense of the USA as well as it's ally(ies) and will not leverage power economically and the USA will ultimately be isolated. 

So, the hubris existing in today's society in the USA that actually entertains such aggressive laws promoting death and not life will not stand. In this case, the allies won't have to pass laws to isolate the USA, the consumerism of tourism will do that all by itself. 

The Florida state legislature is lined with idiots using extremist politics to secure their power and personal wealth. This law is unconstitutional from it's inception and completely irresponsible.  This is not governance, it is however the next step in right wing anarchy hell bent on greed and power for the individual at the cost of the lives and well being of others. It is a completely perverse set of values and shameful to those proposing such ideas as law to this country.

Legalizing mass murder

Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:14pm EDT

(Reuters) - In a crisis situation or evacuation (click here) for natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires, people with no criminal record would be allowed to carry a firearm without a permit, under a bill approved Friday by the Florida House of Representatives.
"The bells of liberty are surely ringing throughout Florida today," said Representative Heather Dawes Fitzenhagen, a Fort Myers Republican who sponsored the bill lifting permit requirements for concealed weapons in an emergency declared by the governor or local authorities.
"By passing this bill, you will ensure that no Floridian, in lawful possession of a firearm, must leave it behind."
The House voted 80-36 to send the bill (HB 209) to the state Senate, where a companion bill is ready for a floor vote that would put the measure on Governor Rick Scott's desk later this month....

This bizarre idiocy is going to end tourism in Florida and the south for that matter. Survivalists are now dominating the idea they are actually correct to modern day society.

Authorities Without an Emergency Declaration (click here)
State officials have existing broad powers to address emergency situations by virtue of the statutory authorities granted to their positions without formally declaring a state of emergency.... 

The CDC is the only authority required in such emergencies (click here).

Our country addresses deaths as a measure to civil obedience. Now, Florida wants to stand that on it's head and allow deaths to measure the survivability of citizens.

National Violent Death Reporting System (click here)
The National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) provides states and communities with a clearer understanding of violent deaths to guide local decisions about efforts to prevent violence and helps them track progress over time.
Tragically, more than 38,000 people died by suicide in the United States in 2010. Homicide claimed another 16,000 people. We know these numbers can be lowered since violence is preventable....

This law is unconstitutional to begin with, but, while it is enacted there will be considerable deaths in Florida.

The NRA and all the other gun wacko organizations believe death is necessary to survive. That changes the benevolence of government's definition of protecting citizens from harm.

Self-defense has always been the definition whereby citizens can actually and legally use guns to survive. This law in Florida creates AUTHORITY within the definition of gun ownership. Any gun owner will have the authority to decide live and death under undefinable circumstances called 'Acts of God.'