Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Death is the ultimate oppression.

Bradley Manning's actions was to end the oppression of the USA military. Either Iraq is an example of an immoral war or it isn't, because, 100s of thousands are now dead, including USA military personnel caught up in the meat grinder. 

In a country like Iraq with a population of 25 million, one hundred thousand people can be an entire sector of it's population. There are estimates of 800,000 dead from the Iraq War. That is three percent of the population. In a country like the USA, three percent of the people, including infants, is 9 million people.

Now, if we are to believe invasion of a country in an immoral war is wrong, then that decision has to begin with the voter that puts these monsters into office in the first place. That means such wars are conducted with the influence of political goals.

If national security can be breached by people with minimal reason to be quiet about the nation's secrets, as in the case with Carlyle's Snowden, then there is no moral dictate to prevent corrupt political paradigms that put monsters in office all the time. 

Carlyle makes lots of money, that money corrupts morals all the time. It corrupts the morals of citizens benefiting from those monies as well as the politicians put into office with those monies. Now, if Carlyle has national security clearance from their well paid personnel that means they can leverage power in the political STABILITY of the USA and leverage power over forever wars that rob resources from other nations, like Iraq.

If that power to leverage political outcomes is due to mass surveillance, then it would seem to me Mr. Snowden had a conscience and not just a naive state of mind.

Mr. Snowden closes the circle on the ability of Wall Street to dictate the power of Wall Street over the USA, it's people and the actions of it's military. He may or may not have intended that, but, he knew at a rudimentary level he was doing the right thing. He, himself, rejected the idea anyone could tap into his knowledge about his life and use it to their advantage. That is the USA. That is the citizenry of the USA. 

Mr. Snowden is not the problem here, the loose regulation over national security clearance and IT'S LONGEVITY after FORMER military, intelligence and basically employees and interns no longer work for the government is DEFINITELY the problem.

Mr. Snowden is not a stupid person. Most Americans, if not all including those with disabilities, are not stupid people, because they understand their own lives and how it is impacted by forces they can't control. Mr. Snowden knew he was in territory compliments of Carlyle where he should not have been and he disdained that ability and the fact he was compromising his fellow Americans. That is not naivety, it is being a loyal patriot and good citizen. Heck, Cub Scouts learn that very early on.

And let me make one other aspect of Mr. Snowden's reality understood. He was blackmailed, coersion, by Carlyle. That is what Wall Street does to their employees, they compensate them with high salaries, benefits, perks and status to maintain them within their corporate sovereignty. 

Ask Mr. Snowden if his services were realistic to his salary? He would say no. That is also part of what disturbed him. He was over compensated for his silence while his national security clearance was being used for the Carlyle's purpose.  Snowden is a moral man. There is no doubt in my mind he is a moral man with a clear understanding of the importance of his nation to his life.

Carlyle brought all this on themselves, no one else did.

So, there you have it. The media now has the understanding they can seek to pivot on to justify their own leverage of power.
Wisconsin has to remember and be ready to litigate these issues.

The best example in the country is the highly offensive North Carolina legislature. They are horrible. But, this mess in North Carolina has gone on under both Democratic and Republican governors. The legislature is noted in newspapers as successful, so it becomes political victories, you see.

But, when issues are important enough, someone finds the money within an impoverished (in many ways, not only financial) North Carolina and begins the march to the Virginia 4th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. It is the Fourth Circuit that governs North Carolina democracy, not the people. The people are often lead around by the nose by their own newsprint.

The 4th Circuit decisions rarely make the evening news or newspapers in the state, if at all, so the people believe they have to live with the mess the NC legislature passes. People are oppressed in North Carolina, only they rarely realize it.

The Wisconsin Democrats have a very serious mission. They have to uphold democracy and be prepared to defend it in court. They should prepare for it before their state is as demoralized and impoverished as the south.

I mean there is the homogenized "States Rights" that have to make it through the courts as well. ALEC. It actually removes states rights and attempts to create a parallel federal government. There are many reasons to seek relief from Wisconsin's Republican Laws.

Democracy Lost. The bill is already unconstitutional, even at the Wisconsin state level.

As typical in Wisconsin the laws are past without a democratic process. That is the case here. It will have to be litigated and the law will be defeated, but, they do it anyway. The Kochs are demanding this, the RNC is demanding this mess.
When Representative Weiner demanded respect on the US House Floor it was within a debate. That is not what this is. This is a tandrum. That is all this is. It is a tantrum to 'take away' the democratic process needed to pass any law. 
This bozo is acting to please the Kochs after a telephone call to the Governor. We have witnessed the pandering the Governor pulls when he thinks he is talking to the only people in the entire world that believes he is worthy of substantial campaign funding.
When Republican Weiner spoke out with volume it was to enforce his rights to be heard. Huge difference. But, the law will fail in court because it violates democratic process.

The Democrats have real talking points about many issues. Invasion of privacy in restrictive and invasive abortion procedures is one. It is a good talking point for a national dialogue actually. I mean invasion of privacy stated long before the Virginia Governor Ultrasound. 

But, the Wisconsin Democrats have incredibly wonderful talking points based in 'Democracy Lost.' 

The "What's his name governor?"...????????...Oh, yeah, Walker and his majority Republican legislature violate democratic processes unendingly. They think they are getting away with it until the courts start to rule against them.

But, the Democrats need to be correct. They don't want the hubris demonstrated on their state Senate floor today. The Wisconsin Democrats talking points about "Democracy Lost" is vital and not just a political position. It is necessary to end the idea it is okay to overthrow the USA Constitution.

When some of the judges begin to rule against this disaster of a Wisconsin governorship and legislature just think of all the money spent on absolutely nothing but hubris. Taxpayer money spent on nothing.

Why is it important for a government to actually governor? That is what they are paid for. They are paid to conduct the state or federal business of the country. They aren't paid to play politics by obstructing votes with 60 Senate margins. McConnell is a huge offender of money wasted to defeat the resolve of the country. McConnell is conducting politics, not governance. Lots of money. Not just little bit of money. Besides the salaries, remember when problems go unresolved, my example; greenhouse gas emissions, then more money is spent when the problems are not resolved. In the case of the climate, that price is paid for in lives and property as well as dollars.

So, there are many talking points about the tantrum today. Now, isn't there?

By David Edwards
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 13:15 EDT 
Republican state senators in Wisconsin (click here) on Wednesday silenced Democratic lawmakers while passing a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound procedure before being able to receive an abortion.
Wednesday’s Senate session began with state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D) reading letters from several constituents who opposed the bill.
“The idea of — quote — small government is in direct conflict with big government Republicans sticking their nose my vagina,” one voter named Suzanne wrote. “How can we get the conservatives — mostly men — to quit blaming women, many times girls, solely for unwanted pregnancies?”...
Accuweather (click here) 
The Associated Press 
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 11:55AM EDT
An unusually massive line of storms packing hail, (click here) lightning and tree-toppling winds Wednesday could affect more than one in five Americans as it rolls from Iowa to Maryland.
Meteorologists were even warning about the possibility of a weather event called a derecho (duh-RAY'-choh), which is a storm of strong straight-line winds spanning at least 240 miles. The storms are also likely to generate tornadoes and cause power outages that will be followed by oppressive heat, said Russell Schneider, director of the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla.
"We're becoming increasingly concerned that a major severe weather event will unfold," Schneider said. "The main thing is for folks to monitor conditions and have a plan for what to do if threatening weather approaches."
For the first time this year, the center was using its highest alert level for parts of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. The storms will start in late afternoon in eastern Iowa, Schneider said, and could hit Chicago around rush hour....

Jeep needs to recall their vehicles. There are more for sale on front yards these days.

Jeep is ruining it's reputation. The 

Crown Victory had to be recalled for a less deaths than this.

Consumers will run, not walk, in the other direction if they hear that a company is not willing to err on the side of safety.

Jeeps are frequently family vehicles. It just isn't a good idea to refuse to do the right thing. They cannot dismiss 44 deaths as nothing to worry about. The FIRST one was something to worry about.

No lie, in my neighborhood alone there are three new Jeeps for private sale. They are not trading them in, they are getting rid of them. They don't want them. They are selling them now before their value falls any further. This neighborhood survives on 4-wheel drive and front wheel drive. So, this is something these folks are not going to deal with, they want out.

The dealers probably don't want them either. That is probably why they are being sold privately. If dealers can't move them off their used lots they won't take them. Not around here. The market is fairly specific. If the vehicles aren't valued in a real way they won't be on found on lots for sale.

Jeeps were hard to come by, they were so popular. That's all changing.

Yep, the dealers that still have Jeeps are making them down. Jeep has a problem now.

2005 Jeep Liberty Limited 4WD
155243 miles
Special $5,990

Last Updated 1 hour ago

2004 Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD
114304 miles
Special $6,900

Last Updated 1 hour ago

2007 Jeep Compass Sport
98211 miles
Special $8,999

Last Updated 4 hours ago

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD
119416 miles
Special $7,600

Last Updated 20 hours ago

2002 Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD
109311 miles
Special $5,690

Last Updated 2 days ago

2006 Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD
76000 miles
Special $10,990

Last Updated 8 days ago

Ya think I'm jokin'. Not. People don't want these machines anymore. The dealers are dumping them as fast as they can. They can't unload them fast enough. Give 'em another 24 hours and they'll be selling them "Buy one, get one free."

James R. Healey
11:40 a.m. EDT June 6, 2013 
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (click here) sent the automaker a letter late Monday asking it to recall the 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty. NHTSA says the rear-mounted gas tanks in those vehicles are too vulnerable to leaking and catching fire in a rear-end crash.
Chrysler said Tuesday it "disagrees with NHTSA's recall request," and won't honor it.
Government data show 44 deaths in 32 rear-end crashes and fires involving the Grand Cherokees that it wants recalled, and seven deaths in five Liberty rear-impact/fire crashes....

They are safer to use and use far less fuel when carrying out Civil Surveillance of emergencies.

No different than satellites, some of these drones are used to determine 'the state of Earth' using far less fuel than regular helicopters. They can provide accurate data to engineers building projects to protect human life as well. Their video ability can construct maps and allow information to where emergency services can find people stranded.

...Geodis of the Czech Republic (click here) and Skyeye in Slovakia are companies that have used pilotless aerial technology to document the extent of regional flooding from a bird’s-eye-view for mass-market media.

Czech publicly-funded broadcaster Ceska Televize contracted Geodis to provide footage for its round-the-clock news coverage of floods that forced the evacuation of more than 20,000 people, while in Slovakia daily newspaper SME hired Skyeye to send its helicopters above the Danube.
In Hungary a pilotless plane has been used  to monitor floods.
The drones being used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are closer to a children’s remote controlled helicopter than to the high-tech U.S. pilotless planes that fly over Pakistan to monitor suspected terrorist groups or to attack targets.
These small devices are cheaper to rent than helicopters or planes. A further advantage over planes is their ability to hover above a single location to provide sweeping, 360 degree images, their operators say....

I don't hold a lot of hope for a hurricane today.

June 12, 2013
1015 GMT
The Weather Channel Temperature Map

1015 GMT is 6:15 EDT. It was hot at 6:15 am in the USA. It will grown hotter during the day.

It looks as though there is a minor disturbance north of Panama,but, nothing significant enough to believe there will be relief for terrestrial tornadoes.

Tornadoes Confirmed in Four States following Monday's Storms (click here)

Published: Jun 11, 2013, 6:46 PM EDT
The National Weather Service has confirmed tornadoes in four states stemming from storms that pushed across the East on Monday.
A confirmed twister touched down near Adairville, in south-central Kentucky on Monday. The NWS office in Louisville said the EF2 tornado plowed a path estimated at five miles long and as wide as 300 yards.
The assessment team said the tornado that struck around 2 p.m. Monday had winds of 135 mph. It killed some livestock and injured several horses that were expected to be put down. There were three known injuries in Logan County, none of them life-threatening....

June 12, 2013
UNISYS GOES East Water Vapor Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The water vapor is too high in the troposphere for it to simply spawn hurricanes in reaction to the heat. This disturbance near Panama is a NEAR SHORE turbulence. Near Shore is where the WAVES distribute water vapor when it they crash against the shore line. There is also more tropical rainforest in this region.

The 'normal physics' that most living generations are used to is gone. This is an entirely new physics and it is not benevolent. Not by a long shot. The 'normal physics' is what we have to achieve to return to otherwise there are dire consequences from here on. Earth's balance was changed due to the negligence of governments, primarily the USA, to achieve any stewardship of the only planet human beings will ever call home for eternity.

Any idea stating a 'shifting baseline' to Earth's climate is tolerable and even desirable is completely wrong. Without a doubt, that thinking is nothing but a path to self-destruction.

Get for real. He just opened his library and Clinton and Obama was there.

June 11, 2013
by Jeffrey M. Jones

Former President George W. Bush's Image Ratings Improve (click here)

Views of Bush more positive than negative for first time since 2005

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' views of former president George W. Bush have improved, with 49% now viewing him favorably and 46% unfavorably. That is the first time since 2005 that opinions of him have been more positive than negative.

I don't think his assignment has gone very well. Haiti's only problem is they don't have oil fields to invade. Otherwise, I am sure Cheney and the petroleum industry would be on board, too. Again, it hasn't proven to be a boom for the people of Nigeria, though. See, how well propaganda works.

2 out of 3 People Face Hunger as Haiti Woes Mount (click here)

BELLE ANSE, Haiti June 10, 2013 (AP)

The hardship of hunger abounds amid the stone homes and teepee-like huts in the mountains along Haiti's southern coast.

The hair on broomstick-thin children has turned patchy and orangish, their stomachs have ballooned to the size of their heads and many look half their age — the tell-tale signs of malnutrition.

Mabriole town official Geneus Lissage fears that death is imminent for these children if Haitian authorities and humanitarian workers don't do more to stem the hunger problems.

"They will be counting bodies," Lissage said, "because malnutrition is ravaging children, youngsters and babies."

Three years after an earthquake killed hundreds of thousands and international donors promised to help Haiti "build back better," hunger is worse than ever. Despite billions of dollars from around the world pledged toward rebuilding efforts, the country's food problems underscore just how vulnerable its 10 million people remain....

Two weeks is a very short period of time for protests.

Istanbul might not be used to it, but, this is democracy. The demonstrators want to preserve their park and they are correct to demand it.

Posted on Tuesday, 06.11.13
...President Abdullah Gul, (click here) seen by many as a more moderate voice, said the government could not stand more unrest that had disrupted daily life for nearly two weeks, but authorities would listen to protesters' grievances....

Istanbul needs to stop destroying the only green area in a larger scheme of building places of commerce. The shopping mall needs to be moved. In the USA we know people need their green areas. Not that it is a nice thing, it is a respite and people need to have quiet areas and green areas to seek relief from concrete and busy streets.

Having parks in a city block is a sophisticated approach to living within the city. This is ridiculous. The people want their park, move the shopping mall.

The people aren't demanding that much. They are asking to leave their only park intact.

Lauren Crowley Corrinet says she's met passionate, hardworking peers as a member of the Conservancy's Greensward Circle.

Lauren Crowley Corrinet (click here) might be exaggerating when she calls Evening in the Garden, an annual fundraiser at the Conservatory Garden, the "coolest thing ever," but she makes a good case. "There's delicious food, live music, cocktails, great company, it's outside at the most beautiful place in the City, and it supports Central Park. If you're a young professional in New York, why wouldn't you go?"...

Read more here:

Levin needs a special election. He should leave along with all the Top Brass that threatened to retire and resign.

Everyone that wants to exist the military due to new sexual assault standards are welcome to leave. Don't wait. Do it now. This is outrageous.

Women have a right to their personal safety standards and it does not need the approval of Carl Levin. Carl ran out his 'political capital' with this one. He should resign and soon.

I want to know whom in the Top Brass has something to fear. If they can't adapt to new rules and the idea that Commanders aren't the angels of female virtue, then they need leave as well. They are not effective leaders and keepers of the peace. If the Joint Chiefs themselves threatened to resign over this, they can be replaced and should be. They have no respect from the country with this demand to diminish the law that will bring women to prominence concern within the military complex. They may not be used to it and in realizing that now means they don't get respect. Just that simple.

The current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs flew a drone into Iraq. He can leave and no one will regret it.

The current Commanders can't solve the Green on Blue attacks and they continue, they need to leave as well. Now, I have to wonder what the Green on Blue attacks are all about considering THE FACT they can't find respect for women within their own ranks. If they can't find respect for women in their own ranks I am quite confident they can't find respect for women in Afghanistan.

They should leave as soon as possible. There are women waiting to be officers to fill their boots.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) (click here) plans to replace a measure from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and others that would take prosecution of sexual assault out of the military chain of command with an alternative provision, a step that represents a death knell for the New York Democrat's bill.
Gillibrand declined to comment Tuesday on Levin's plan. But Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) who joined the New York Democrat to consponsor the bill creating a separate convening authority for sexual assault, blasted Levin's move.
"I am stunned that when it comes to prosecuting these crimes the committee is largely embracing the status quo by allowing commanders to not only decide whether a case goes forward, but even to handpick the jury that will render the verdict," Boxer said in a statement.
Boxer said the U.S. should "emulate our allies in Israel, Great Britain, Australia and Canada" who review sexual assault outside the chain of command.
Levin, a Michigan Democrat, told reporters he will offer an alternative measure that requires automatic review of any general’s decision not to prosecute sexual assault at the next level of command during the committee’s markup of an annual defense authorization bill Wednesday.