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There have been quite a bit of fuss over nuclear 'content' of a country lately.

At one point the France was going to disarm from nukes and then Russia did the Ukraine thing and that was shelved. Now, France needs to consider retaliative ability at their facilities. 
November 1, 2014
The drones flew (click here) over two power stations in the north, two in the centre and one in the east of the country between 7pm and midnight on Friday, two sources told AFP.
It marked the latest incident in which the machines have flown over the country's nuclear power plants -- actions for which no-one has yet claimed responsibility and which authorities insist pose no danger.
On Friday a spokesman for security forces said that two plants were overflown during the night and the national energy company EDF said on Wednesday that it had identified seven drones flying over its plants this month and had filed a complaint with the police.
An inquiry has been launched to find who is piloting the remote-controlled machines.
The drone flights have sparked questions over the security of nuclear plants in France, which relies heavily on atomic energy for electricity.
The interior ministry has stressed that a drone does not pose any concern for the plants which are "designed to withstand a strong earthquake or an airliner crashing into it."
It is against French law to fly within a five kilometre radius of a nuclear plant. Anyone breaking the law is liable to one year in prison and a fine of €75,000....
Then there is the USA today. Of course, the recent past hasn't been anything to be proud of.
November 4, 2014
By Robert Burns

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Air Force on Monday (click here) fired two more nuclear commanders and disciplined a third, fresh evidence of leadership lapses in a nuclear missile corps that has suffered a rash of recent setbacks, including the firing last year of its top commander.
The most senior officer to be relieved of command was Col. Carl Jones, the No. 2 commander of the 90th Missile Wing at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, in charge of 150 of the Air Force’s 450 Minuteman 3 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. He was dismissed ‘‘for a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership abilities,’’ and has been reassigned as a special assistant to the wing commander....
In retaliation for Russia being thrown out of any world economic club, they decided they could at least flex their muscles over nukes. With Russia pouting about everything international while they burn school books internally, this is sort of a big thing. And it could be the reason why the USA fired two nuke experts and disciplined another.

November 3, 2014
By George Jahn and Deb Riechmann
Russia has failed to show up (click here - they didn't even call to say they would be late or absent. Imagine that.) at meeting planning the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, U.S and European officials said Monday, in a potentially serious blow to efforts by President Barack Obama to cement his legacy as leaving the world safer from nuclear terrorism than when he took office.
The officials said it was not immediately clear whether Russia's absence meant that Moscow meant to boycott the summit itself or if it was a temporary show of displeasure over Washington's harsh condemnation of Moscow's role in Ukraine unrest and its lead in orchestrating Western sanctions and other punitive measures in response.
But even if short-term,, Russia's no-show is significant. Only three or four planning meetings are scheduled before the spring of 2016, when the summit is tentatively set to open. With Russia a key global player — and one of the world's five formally recognized nuclear powers — its input is crucial to setting an agenda.
The U.S. president initiated a string of summits in 2010 aimed at preventing terrorists from getting their hands on weapons-grade nuclear material. Since then, the number of countries that have enough material to build a nuclear weapon has fallen from 39 to 25....

Why is this a big thing? 34 countries are anticipating non-proliferation and Russia doesn't show up. I know there is a problem with alcoholism in Russia, but, to not show up or call? 

...At the last summit this year in The Hague, 35 countries pledged to turn international guidelines on nuclear security into national laws and open up their procedures for protecting nuclear installations to independent scrutiny. The summit also featured new reduction commitments, with Japan, Italy and Belgium agreeing to cut their stocks of highly enriched uranium and plutonium....

That level of cooperation throughout the world is an exceptional trust developed under President Obama. The independent scrutiny IS vital to non-proliferation. See, there is a way to achieve non-proliferation, outlaw nukes completely and return disagreements over to international devices or conventional warfare for the sake of sanity of future generations. Russia is trying to pry loose the sanctions. That is why Russia is not ? interested ?

The problem with Russia at this point in time is all the internal shenanigans being conducted domestically. The book thing is only the most recent fall from grace by Russia. However, I have to add there is a possibility purging the book shelves of Russian schools and have them replaced with a standardized approved set of books MAY be a move forward for some Russian schools. So, without really understanding why school books became a problem for Russia, it is difficult to gauge what is going on there.

I do know, at least from a visitors perspective, now is not the time to be enjoying Russian ballet or mosaics in Russia subways. I think things are a bit dicey actually.

Vladimir Putin is in his third term. He has served about 2 and a half years of that 4 year term. I would anticipate some political activity soon to help define better the future within Russia as far as economic opportunity for countries like Ukraine. It would be good if the economic policies of Russia were inclusive without violating post soviet states sovereignty. In addition, it would be nice if Russia's Putin handed down non-proliferation as a gift to at least his own children.

Alison has it exactly correct.

I heard the comment from Alison Lundergan Grimes stating she speaks for herself that Kentucky is her focus. She is correct.

Her father is Governor and I am confident that was a hurdle for her to overcome. The US Senate is a different place than the Governor of Kentucky. But, she had to make it clear she is able to carry the responsibilities by herself for Kentucky.

When she states she is focused on Kentucky that is very important. The recovery from the global economic collapse was first begun in small business. There were the first to overcome the Great Recession. They were recovered before Wall Street businesses recovered. 

The USA has become a success for small businesses. The Small Business Administration was given support following the Recovery Act to help them recover because banks weren't lending to them. So, today going forward there is going to be a stronger 'local economy' focus that candidates like Alison Lundergan Grimes. These small businesses are becoming a powerful in every economy across the country. They are going to have to be understood, appreciated and without problems to success.

The days of making Wall Street happy in order to win because they employ so many Americans is an ancient era today. There are manufacturing of automobiles and other large scale industries that should be important to Democrats to protect, but, right along side of those major employers are the small business people. Evidently, she understands there has been a shift in economic strength that she is proud to include in her focus in Washington, DC.

"Real Liberal Politics" is reporting on the enormous amounts of money Wall Street is pouring into Mr. McConnell's election. They found

November 3, 2014
By Hrafnkell Haraldsson

...Democrats rightly express pride (click here) when they out-raise their corporate-friendly Republican opponents. After all, we’re the Party of the Individual – the little guy, the downtrodden facing the rapacious behemoth. We are all, in some way, Alison Lundergan Grimes facing Mitch McConnell and the corporate money machine.

But Bloomberg Politics is reporting that “record Wall Street money flows to Republicans.” Max Abelson at Bloomberg reported on October 31 that, “The $169 million from donors in the securities and investment industry is the most they’ve ever contributed in a midterm election, according to Center for Responsive Politics data.”...

And why is Wall Street so interested in Mr. McConnell?

From Bloomberg News:

October 31, 2014

...The industry’s biggest donor was Paul Singer’s hedge fund Elliott Management, with $12.1 million. Among top givers were employees from Ken Griffin’s Citadel LLC, Soros Fund Management LLC and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Wall Street’s lead over retirees, lawyers and other groups grows wider when commercial banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. are added.

After giving more to Democrats in 2006 and 2008, securities and investment donors switched allegiance in 2010, when President Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Act’s financial regulations into law....

Corruption. Wall Street is buying INFLUENCE from Mr. McConnell. 

When Democrats run for office, it looks more and more like a return of our democracy every election. Before too much longer Washington is actually going to have to put the people first.

The elections are taking on more of a fight for the country. It is the people against the plutocrats. Just look at Colorado, it finally won the fight for the right to grow and sell marijuana. It is working out to be the best thing that every happened to them. That is exactly what this is. It is why the Republicans are still alive as a party. They have the backing of plutocrats and the Democrats are more importantly supported by the people.
There is a story of a drunkard searching under a lamp for his house key which he dropped a distance away. Asked why he didn't look where he dropped it, he replied "It's lighter here." 

Abraham Kaplan, 1964 stated, "Much effort, (...), in behavioral science itself, is vitiated (to debase in moral or aesthetic status), in my opinion, by the principle of the drunkard's search.

"New York" magazine has an essay about the drunkard's search. (click here)

To me the Republican party is more calculating then the Democratic Party. They seek to manipulate the population of the American people to favor their outcomes. Why and how?

It is a hideous reality the American people don't care to understand, but, it shows itself in greatest measure in the climate crisis.

We are on a timeline of doom which will reach it's tipping point of NO return in about 10 years. It is the hope of most climate scientists that civilized achievement will have reached it's highest rate in regard to energy resources and the use of that energy in cars, etc., at that point in time. When that occurs the Earth will have the ability to begin to recover while Greenhouse Gas amounts decline.

When one realizes the SEGREGATION of political resources in the USA and those that receive partisanship such as the petroleum industry, it is easy to see why the USA has lost it's edge internationally. Why it has become the leader of regression rather than progression.

The most corrupt industries with little to value in building a better tomorrow in the USA and with allies, are the staunch supports of the Republican Party. It is due to the fact Republicans care not to change their pursuit of political finances, but, simply wallow in 'easy money politics' that the change necessary from the 1960s forward has completely stalled. 

Peak Oil occurred in 2005. It is a fact and we know it. But, the petroleum industry is greedy beyond imagination so they decided to take a 'back woods' method of extracting oil and gas and put it mainstream. Fracking. Fracking emits large amounts of methane during it's process. Methane is to be 84% dangerous than CO2 when it comes to warming of Earth. Not only that, but, the petroleum industry likes to state methane (natural gas) is more efficient than oil or coal. In other words it puts out less CO2 so therefore it is best to use for an energy source and before you know it magic will happen and Earth will be back in balance. Not exactly and not even close.

But, because the Republicans stake their claim for campaign dollars from an entire industry of polluters the status quo has remained rather than made history. 

That is the problem Americans face today. All the LOSERS in the USA economy have friends in the Republican Party. Those that would hang on to the past rather than reaching for the future. 

Think about it.

When did the Republicans begin their march to making old cronies the best cronies of all time? It was when scientists began to return research on the climate and decided to sound the alarm in journals and peer reviewed literature. It was after the sixties when the USA stopped looking like "Futureworld" and more like turn of the century. 

The fuel embargoes should have made a deeper impression on the American public than it did, but, then when the USA can't get what it wants there is always the military, ie: Iraq. So, while the old election supports, including the NRA, were sincerely placed in moth balls by many Americans that mostly call themselves Democrats, the old guard remained. 

President Obama has made incredible strides in the USA to build wind farms and turning to solar. There are record numbers of solar and wind units in the USA today. And wind farms do not kill birds either or when offshore our whales and fisheries. These forms of energy are completely benign to our planet and our wildlife in every way. The scientists were right and to that reality the USA is finally moving forward again rather than in reverse. We just have to keep at it. But, in the same way we need to move forward to a better future, we also have to hold accountable the types of political donations exist and shun them including voting for the other guy when corruption of old cronies is evident.

It is a crime one family of wealthy oil industry barons can actually manipulate the truth and effect American elections in not just one state, but, fifty states. That is scary and everyone needs to respect the fact, ownership of the legislative branch of any level of government is not democracy and should not be favored in any election.

When and if the inventions and ideas of Michigan's brain trust make it to the market it will be for profits of Wall Street, not local and small businesses in Michigan.

Snyder is typical of Republican economies. Sell off the technology of Michigan's brain trust rather than starting up Small Business ventures within the state to facilitate long term employment. Then turn right around and bring in Chinese million billionaires to hire TEN employees while they get a free ride into the USA. 

Rather than building on Michigan's brain trust from some of the finest universities in the country, outsourcing the discoveries to Wall Street keeps the technology at bay to prevent new industry. 

Then when attempting to provide employment he brings in Chinese investors that don't pay a dime to employees.

It happens every time. Snyder sells of Michigan's brain trust to investors to prevent growing competition and then seeks Chinese treatment of labor as the answer to employment. Every time.

He did this before he was elected and he has continued this practice within the State of Michigan. People seeking good paying jobs in Michigan don't have a chance.

With good paying technology jobs out of the way, the only fair paying wage is with what industry? The petroleum industry. Fracking in the case of Michigan. If you starve people long enough they'll accept anything as a method of making a living.

DETROIT, MI -- Gov. Rick Snyder's (click here) office responded Monday afternoon to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer's proposal to raise Michigan's minimum wage by $1.85 over three years.

A spokesman for Snyder's office called the proposed change a "significant hike" that could "pose real challenges."

Schauer wants to see minimum wage raised from $7.40 per hour to $8 at first, then to $8.60 and $9.25 in subsequent years, with automatic future increases tied to inflation, arguing that the change would help poor families and help economic growth....

Michigan's Snyder attacked an Air Force Veteran who's agribusiness were grass fed hogs.

Free range Mangalitsa Hogs from the Baker Family Farm 

April 17, 2012

Health Impact (click here) News Editor Comments: In this shocking story, family farmer and United States Air Force veteran Mark Baker talks about how the Michigan DNR wants to destroy his family’s herd of free-range pigs due to a new classification that makes them illegal in Michigan. The Bakers’ raise Mangalitsa Hogs. Here is a description of this specialty breed from their website....

If Michigan wants to become enlightened about 'native' hogs then the laws also provide for 'grandfathering' of those farmers that already exist in practice of other breeds. There was no reason for any attack on a military veteran providing for his family. The legislation was very poorly done.

Mr. Baker specializes in hogs that yield a higher quality pork and the restaurant chiefs locally love it. For whatever reason, the Snyder administration saw fit to attempt to shut down his farm operation. Does anyone realize how difficult it is to find a method to a profitable farm? The veteran achieved it and the Snyder administration wanted to destroy it without any notice or assistance to help him transition. Just put him out of business. 

Bring on one of those big hog producers from China and build a big feedlot instead. And with ten employees Snyder can provide a free visa to the USA.

A faux front. Senator Harkin is correct.

Ms. Ernst puts on a nice face, but, it is a faux front. If it were articulated differently the message couldn't be said.

In recent days it has come to the notice of some in politics that Ms. Ernst is an extremist, especially when it comes to gun rights. She is a very deceptive individual carrying two sets of values; the ones she campaigns with and the ones her donors know will provide for their profits. Gun rights issues are about MONEY, not GUNS.

Don't ask me how Ernst can be offended, she opened her campaigning with hog castration. Hello?

Harkin: Ernst may be 'attractive,' 'nice,' but wrong for Iowa (click here)

Where is PETA when you need them?

This is among the more sophisticated means of which hog castration occurs. Unsanitary, without gloves, infecting each piglet as the chore is done and without any numbing method. It's fairly brutal to the little pig. Infections don't matter, pigs are fed antibiotics everyday. That is how they survive feed lots.

When it isn't necessary to be cruel to animals it should be avoided. Now a days, most meat products with high demand are pasture fed. This little piglet will go into a feed lot under a roof and not know anything else. This just is not 2014. It could be and should be improved. I doubt the campaigns will even debate this as elections are tomorrow, but, animal rights groups need to take heed when a candidate advocates for inhumane practices.

What percentage of the US House and Senate will be owned by the Koch Brothers?

October 13, 2014
By Joan McCarter

...Ernst (click here) defended the support she’s receiving from David and Charles Koch by saying that she has never signed any pledge and has promised the brothers nothing. Braley responded by noting that she’s signed a no-new-taxes pledge.
"You attended two secret Koch brother donor meetings in California," he said. "You called them wonderful at that meeting … The Kochs have seven different organizations attacking me right now."...

In races where the Koch Brothers are depositing extremely high amounts of campaign funding, their political agenda is mirrored by those they fund.

Thom Tillis (click here) and the billionaire, Big Oil Koch brothers are rigging the system to work against the middle class. Tillis and the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity are in lock-step when it comes to an agenda that is out-of-touch and disastrous for North Carolina.
Want to know what the Tillis-Koch agenda is all about? Take a look:...

- Thom Tillis (Republican) called raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour-- which would benefit more than 1 million North Carolina workers -- a "dangerous idea."......The Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity sides with Tillis against the workers of North Carolina...

- The Koch brothers' front group Americans for Prosperity endorsed the controversial Ryan Budget Plan, authored by Congressman Paul Ryan. The plan would give massive tax cuts to millionaires while turning Medicare into a voucher program that could cost seniors more. Thom Tillis has praised the Ryan Budget Plan as a model for the agenda he would pursue as North Carolina Speaker of the House.

When Thom Tillis was in charge of the North Carolina state House, the legislature cut nearly half a billion dollars from public education. Tillis also refused to raise teacher pay in North Carolina -- which already ranks 46th in the nation in teacher pay. The Koch brothers' front group Americans for Prosperity agrees with Tillis.

Under Thom Tillis' leadership, the N.C. General Assembly raised taxes on 80 percent of North Carolinians by ending the state's Earned Income Tax Credit and passing a tax plan that benefited the wealthiest at the expense of middle class families. With North Carolinians skeptical about Tillis' harmful tax hike, the Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity poured money into TV ads promoting the state legislature's tax plan before it became law....

...Thom Tillis recklessly slashed unemployment insurance benefits in 2013, cutting off federal long-term benefits entirely for 170,000 North Carolinians. This fringe decision made North Carolina the only state in the country to be disqualified from the federal program -- and since then, Tillis has said he would vote against federal legislation that would right this wrong for jobless North Carolinians. The Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity applauded Tillis and his fellow Republicans for a "reformed" unemployment insurance system....

...Thom Tillis led efforts to block Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, which would provide critical health insurance coverage to an estimated 500,000 North Carolinians. The Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity has praised this Tillis-led, out-of-touch decision -- and has campaigned across the country for states to reject the Affordable Care Act's funding for Medicaid expansion....

...Agriculture is North Carolina's biggest industry, adding $77 billion annually to the state's economy and employing nearly one-fifth of the state's workforce. Thom Tillis said he would have voted against the bipartisan Farm Bill approved by Congress in 2014 that was supported by North Carolina farmers and agricultural groups and reduced the deficit by billions. The Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity also criticized the bill and urged lawmakers to vote against the bipartisan measure....

It is getting to be the best political joke going. Where Republicans run for office there are the Koch Brothers purchasing another piece of the legislature. It is best to identify this to the electorate for them to realize, the candidates are backed by a single company seeking profits with each vote cast. If the Republicans didn't have the Kochs, they would never be elected.

According to the Palm Beach Post, David Koch has been very active in Wisconsin politics with the group Americans for Prosperity. Americans for Prosperity reportedly spent $700,000 on ads supporting Governor Scott Walker's changes to collective bargaining.

...So enter billionaires (click here) two and three: Charles and David Koch and their Americans for Prosperity group. This is the same group that spent $120 million plus in the 2012 election cycle supporting Republicans and are currently pouring millions into the 2014 election cycle on behalf of GOP candidates.
Last week, the Koch brothers’ AFP mailed out two different sets of fliers to Iron County residents, the first attacking candidates who oppose the mine and the second praising those who support it. As AFP’s Wisconsin director David Fladeboe told The Wisconsin State Journal, these mailing were just the start of a campaign, “to educate folks in Iron County about the issue.”...

Georgia is where the intent of the Koch Brothers becomes obvious. Georgia is not a gas and oil state, so why the money? 

The map (click here) to the left clearly illustrates there is absolutely no oil and gas to be found in Georgia. 

The Koch Brothers want to buy power along with their oil and gas rights. Power will turn a majority in the US House and Senate hence enabling corruption for a free for all by the petroleum industry, including the Koch Brothers. Georgia is where they give away their BET on winning majorities to favor themselves.

July 7, 2014
By James Salzer
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Koch brothers (click here) major fund raiser of conservative causes throughout the country, are writing some big checks in Georgia races this election year.
Their Wichita, Kansas-based oil, gas and textile conglomerate Koch Industries filed a report Monday showing it donated $65,000 on May 6 to state candidates and causes - almost all Republicans. Of that, $50,000 went to a state GOP fund.
Since late October, it has contributed about $101,000 in Georgia, include $12,600 to Gov. Nathan Deal’s re-election campaign, $5,000 to Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and $2,500 the day before the 2014 General Assembly session started to House Speaker David Ralston.
That total since late October is nearly as much as the brothers and their companies gave in Georgia between 2006 and the start of October 2013....

The Attorney Generals seat in Colorado. This may be throwing off the usual responses from Democrats in Colorado. Koch is seeking to purchase the state AG office for their own use.

The petroleum industry isn't endorsing a candidate, they are seeking control of power. Those are very different goals. Republicans are robotic in their priorities and positions. There is no variety in personality. They are mean spirited to roll over any possible opposition to DEMOCRACY. The petroleum industry wants power at the cost of American's air and water quality and land values. 

July 31, 2014

By Josh Israel

The campaign (click here) for the usually little-noticed position of Colorado Attorney General has been jolted with a stunning influx of outside money — a total one candidate says is more than quadruple the largest amount ever spent by a candidate for the position....
...RAGA is a Washington, DC-based “527″ political organization dedicated to helping elect and re-elect Republicans across the country to be state attorneys general and to help them in “fighting federal encroachment, protecting citizens against crime and promoting free markets.” So far this election cycle, it has disclosed about $7.4 million in contributions. The ad buy marks the group’s biggest reported expenditure to date.
Of these contributions, at least $868,400 came from Koch Industries, the American Petroleum Institute, the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, and other energy sector companies and trade associations, a ThinkProgress analysis of IRS data revealed. This accounted for more than 11 percent of RAGA’s funding, as of June 30. Another $1,204,700 came from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which receives a large amount of its funding from energy companies and Koch-backed entities. The Kochs have also supported conservative political organization that contributed to RARA, including the American Future Fund ($670,000) and the Republican Governors Association ($175,000)....

I could go through every ballot this year anywhere in the USA and where there is a open seat that would serve the petroleum industry, especially the Kochs, there are huge amounts of money being dumped into the campaign of Republicans. The petroleum industry knows UP FRONT they will win profits from Republican candidates where they won't necessarily with Democrats. The petroleum industry and their candidates corrupt the process of government and democracy at the time of elections and continue that throughout a Republicans term in office.

The Kochs are corrupt. Just that simple.
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I wish Brittany's family peace.

"Goodbye (click here) to all my dear friends and family that I love. Today is the day I have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness, this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from me ... but would have taken so much more," Maynard says in the post. 

"Good Night, Moon"

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10.6 Days Old

China takes an interesting approach to it's space program.

November 3, 2014
China Daily
The head of China's lunar probe (click here) program has called for a thorough analysis of data collected from the test lunar orbiter, which returned on Saturday, to speed up work on Chang'e-5 and its 2017 lunar mission.
The lunar orbiter, nicknamed Xiaofei on Chinese social networks, landed in Siziwang Banner, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, early Saturday morning after an eight-day flight. China has joined the Soviet Union and the United States to become the third nation to realize a return mission to the moon.
Search teams have already recovered the orbiter at the designated landing area, about 500 kilometers from Beijing.
Launched on Oct 24, the orbiter traveled 840,000 kilometers on a mission that saw it circle the far side of the moon and photograph the Earth and moon together.
The re-entry process began at around 6:13 am with the orbiter approaching Earth at a velocity of about 11.2 km per second.
To help it slow down, the craft is designed to "bounce" off the edge of the atmosphere before re-entering, a process compared to a stone skimming across water, and so shorten the "braking distance" for the orbiter, according to Zhou Jianliang, chief engineer with the Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center....