Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is this negative language about President Obama?

Congress is in recess.  It is summer break for the First Daughters.  He goes on a bus tour to speak with people about what occurred in DC over the last couple of months in which he refused to let Congress recess over July 4 holiday and the media calls this a vacation.

I don't think so.  

Obama Tours Rural America To Talk Jobs (click title to entry - thank you)


Palin goes on a bus tour for what would seem no reason at all and the media calls it a Photo Op Tour.  

What's "W"rong with this picture?

President Obama doesn't even have his name on the bus or his web address for a PAC with his name attached to it.


To add insult to injury, Former President Clinton states a Texas Governor is good looking?

To whom?

President Obama isn't exactly chopped liver, okay?

Then Palin wants to 'take the country back.'

Back to what?

It seems as though the media needs a more FAIR AND BALANCED approach to their commentary.  

Okay then.  It would seem as though 'the hair' has it.

Worrisome.  Very..  President Clinton sure about this?

CHICAGO, Aug. 15 (UPI) -- Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's corruption conviction means others charged in the federal investigation will soon know their fate, officials said.

Blagojevich (click here) will be sentenced Oct. 6 for his role in what federal prosecutors have called "Operation Board-Games," the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday....

Desalination plants NOT aqueduct.. Aqueducts expose water to the heat and evaporation.

There is an 'energy' balance with desalination plants.  The more GREEN the land the more CO2 absorbed.

It ain't rainin'.  Have to start somewhere.

The GREENER the land the higher the biotic content and the higher the water vapor in the air. 

THINK "Rainforest."

When the desalination plants outlive their NEED because it is raining.  Shut 'em down.

Why isn't Jim Hightower nationally syndicated??????

There are only three left of his hardcover book.  This book was copyrighted in 2008.  Now we know where Palin got her 'fish comments' that she made in July 2009.

I like what he has to say.  You know there is something average homeowners in Texas can do to reverse the 'impression' drought is making on that state.

Ever hear of "Drip Trickle Irrigation?"  It is a form of irrigation that uses 'minimal' amount of water to irrigate crops.  But, homeowners can reclaim their lawns and start to return biotic content to the parched land by applying that slowly and methodically.  

Article from Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service:

Let me explain slightly more.

To the right is a drip trickle irrigation hose.   This one is 500 feet long.  It is flat with holes in it every few inches to allow the water coming through the hose to 'leak' out.  That is the way it is suppose to work and there are suppose to be holes in the hose.

The land in Texas is far too, too parched to launch into lawn sprinkler or massive irrigation projects.  It won't accomplish anything sustainable.  But, if homeowners, as the sun is going down, puts drip trickle 'hoses' across their lawns, even if they are only dirt right now,  and allows the soil to get moist, not muddy, but wet looking; the land will start to turn around.  It won't be difficult.

To put these techiques  to work during daylight hours will be self defeating.  The water will dry up and never serve any good purpose during a hot sunny day on parched land.

Then an Australian method  is really, really interesting.  The Aussies have profound drought and are experts at this , but, they place 'tarps' over ground at night.  If there is enough of a temperature drop to develop a 'dew' from whatever moisture might be in the air, they pick up the tarps in the morning before the sun comes up to secure the water gathered there overnight.

The image to the left is how the hoses are used to 'water' crops in a garden.

Now the 'idea' of using tarps over the ground can actually serve two purposes.  To gather moisture in the air that might be there, but, also to protect the ground 'newly' watered with the irrigation method that just dampened it.  The tarps will keep the ground from 'giving up' its acquired moisture from the evening before and will be ready to add more moisture to it the next evening.

It doesn't matter at this point if the ground is covered with a tarp during the day to create a shadow over it as there isn't anything growing yet.  Start to get this picture.  The soil is starting to build up moisture that will eventually 'saturate' it enough to allow seeds to be planted.  There has to be a loose and good soil bed for the seeds.  Seeds will germinate in the dark, so to preserve their integrity under a tarp until they push through the soil is just fine.  It will protect them until they are ready to develop small roots and photosynthesis.  It is fairly delicate work, it isn't as though one can simply saturate the ground and expect this to work, it might not.  More than likely saturation will wash away valuable nutrients that might still be there for the seedlings.

Initially, a vigorous grass without necessarily a decorative quality, such as 'switchgrass' might be the best start.  It is fairly hardy and won't succumb to daytime sun even if it is strong.  The tricky part is nurturing the grass once it is sprouting to continue to thrive.  Adding water to dampen the soil and enough shade, even by tarp, to prevent it from drying up.  What will eventually occur is a 'crop like' grass lawn that will provide shade to its own roots.  Once that is in place the more decorative grasses can be added in between the Prairie Grass while it is then trimmed back slowly to prevent it from going to seed but yet preserving the moisture in the ground.

The picture to the right is a 'drip trickle ring' for trees. Trees are vital to the re-establishment of 'water vapor' in the air.  Their root systems take ground water and move it up the trunk of the tree to the leaves.  There is evapotranspiration that occurs at the leaves in order to move more water up the trunk of the tree along with more nutrients.  The more trees that can be 'estalished' the better.  It is the water vapor that will reverse the trend of the drought.

Gardeners should love this stuff.  It is a real challenge and if done correctly and with dedication there will be neighborhoods and even large areas depending on the resident that will see moisture back in the soil.  That is not the best part though.

Even if the biotic content of the land returns to 'neighborhood' type setting, such as one sees in Bakersfield, California, that will start to create and nurture its own 'moisture content' in the air.  As that occurs it will become easier and easier to bring back biotic content in the surrounding areas of the communities, then onto ranges and then before everyone knows it there will be prairie rather than parched land.  That dynamic sometimes takes a season or so, but, with vigilance it is possible.  The important aspect to fighting drought is to MAINTAIN the biotic content of the land without question.  Vigilance and dedication to the land as a 'commodity' no different than cattle is the only way to stop this emergency, reverse its effects and start to keep 'water vapor' in the region of Texas so good things can happen.

Texas can do this.  If Jim Hightower is worried about it and uses resources he can trust to achieve insight, I know Texas can do this.  They will be doing it for themselves, the beauty of their state, their local economy and the well being of the nation and its economy.  Humans can't live without water and a biotic content that drives that capacity is the only way anyone should consider to be important.

Good luck.  

Australia has all kinds of problems with the illegal drug trade conducted within Indonesia. Not funny. This mess never stops.

Convicted ... (click title to entry - thank you) 
Mark Standen at the Supreme Court. 
Photo: Brendan Esposito

A corrupt ex-cop has been convicted over the importation of illegal drugs ("Just the tip of the iceberg", August 12). Headlines have shouted this wrongdoing as if it is shocking and unexpected.
And for this to be in the organisation charged with preventing drug trafficking.
I am not surprised. There are huge profits to be made and Mark Standen was just a middleman. It is a temptation some cannot resist, even those in positions of trust.

We try to stop the drugs and spend about $2.2 billion each year doing so but less than 20 per cent is captured. The high street prices of the drugs means that a user with a desperate need who cannot afford it from his or her own income resorts to dealing, stealing or prostitution. Added to the user's misery is that of his or her family and of anyone who is unfortunate enough to be robbed to pay for the drugs. And there is no guarantee about the safeness of the drug….

Years back Shapelle Corby wanted to try to convince the world she wasn't involved in the drug smuggling between Indonesia and Australia.  Then her brother was caught red handed a few years later.  There is always this corruption with the entire drug cartel that pays off government and law enforcement providing the venue they want for continued illegal trade.

August 17, 2011 - 2:44AM
Convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby will learn on Wednesday if she will have her 20-year sentence reduced further as part of Indonesia's Independence Day celebrations.
Authorities at Bali's Kerobokan Prison have recommended that Corby's jail term be cut by five months.
Corby will learn if her sentence for drug trafficking has been cut during a ceremony at the jail to mark Indonesia's Independence Day.
Renae Lawrence, the only female member of the Bali Nine, is also in line for a sentence cut with authorities having recommended her term be reduced by six months.
The two women had their sentences reduced by similar amounts on Independence Day last year, and by 45 days at Christmas.
Corby, who was sentenced to 20 years in jail after she was caught at Bali's international airport in 2004 with 4.1kg of marijuana in her bodyboard bag, has already had her prison term cut by almost two years….

Will Indonesia ever have a government it can trust?

Graft suspect (click title to entery - thank you) Muhammad Nazaruddin, center, is escorted by police officers as he steps out from the plane upon arrival from Colombia, at Halim Perdanakusumah airport in Jakarta, Indonesia, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011. The former ruling party lawmaker arrived in Indonesia under tight security Saturday, three months after fleeing the country for allegedly taking millions of dollars in bribes. (AP Photo)

The biggest crime Indonesia has is being an OPEC nation without a dictatorship.

It is like every little tin god that comes into power makes off with the treasury.  You know in the USA it is bankrupt bankers that are immune from prosecution by "W,” but in Indonesia it is a little more prosecutible, especially when Interpol gives a hand.  But, jeeze.  How are things in Kuala Lumpur?   Maybe the government officials need to be provided an incentive to keep their hands out of the cookie jar.  Like, maybe a ‘trust fund’ for them when they leave office with a clean record of service. 

The people of Indonesia are great people.  They protect their waters, or at least try to.  They try to bring equity to all the different ethnic groups.  They have volcanos that displace their populous on a regular basis.  They make room for threatened and endangered species while protecting vital rainforests necessary as carbon sinks for Earth.  They are really great people, but, they get these LOSERS in the government that can't seem to understand the Indonesian Treasury is not theirs to have. 

They are sort of like Cheney that sabotages every effort to find a Vice Presidential candidate to allow him to get into the Oval Office and reek havoc all over the globe to 'bailout' his 'cooked books' at Halliburton.  Next time can we simply give the idiots at Halliburton immunity and offer to bail them out?  Okay?  I mean the corruption that goes on when the USA doesn't step to the plate and the deaths globally are really not acceptable.  At least the way the corruption happens in Indonesia there aren't any wars and mass death of ethnic minorities.

For real.

I am serious.  Sooner or later and preferably sooner the USA has to take responsibility for what 'goes on' with the high level of corruption of its government.  The Indonesians do.  They don't allow 'powerful' people to walk all over them.  Maybe we need Interpol..  I mean what the hell already!

The difference between the citizen experience in Indonesia and the USA is that they uphold justice and morality within their government and society.  I am referring to 'sexual morality' which is a religious dogma.  It is about the way decent people can hold their government accountable for corrupt practices that are created by 'loopholes.'  

Indonesia has it tough, far tougher than the USA in securing domestic peace.  It is a country of islands and within those islands are ethnic minorities that are victimized by other ethnic minorities.  I has a vast distance from its policing operations to some of the more distant islands.  So, to respond to violence is not necessary immediate, they sometimes take days to respond simply because their 'dispatch' is a greater distance from their operations base.  But, for as difficult it is for dispatch to these areas, over the decades, there has been far better 'peacefulness' within the country.  Nothing is perfect in countries challenged in these ways, but, the police do a fairly good job of it. 

I remember demonstrations years ago.  I am trying to remember whether it was linked to violence in the USA with the 911 attacks.  The demonstrations were allowed to continue and there was peaceful and orderly demonstrators taken seriously by their government.  It is an interesting country, but, they don't people rob their country blind.  Interesting people.  I guess, I congratulate them for a quick return of the bozo.  Their level of justice when it comes to these issues is actually more advanced than that of the USA.  There are too, too many examples of high level corruption, especially under Bush/Cheney that can be pointed to as being 'swept under the carpet.'  That isn't the case here.  The USA needs to do better.  Far better.