Sunday, July 15, 2018

Trump is a traitor. It is not that easy to coupe the USA.

He has changed alliances per the Executive Branch. He is a billionaire that has harnessed the power of the USA. Bolton is a threat to democracy and Europe and Canada should guard their secrets well when they are involved with the NSA. The intelligence is not secure among allies, especially if Trump has any knowledge of anything. The maneuver in front of Queen Elizabeth II was deliberately disrespectful as proof to Putin there is no daylight between the two. 

This is a no brainer. Why would a billionaire want an Alliance with The East other than seeking corrupt loan forgiveness from Russia in exchange for Trump’s loyalty? The loan forgiveness is about the Trump Organization and the family’s personal wealth. That is a given, but, Russia is basically a wide open playing field for capitalism. Trump is a very greedy man. 

If Trump were loyal to the USA he would accept the assessments of the USA intelligence, would be leading unafraid from the Executive Branch, having a cabinet the people can trust, seeing far less exodus of federal professionals and cancelling his trip to Russia. Be on your toes from Monday going forward because we have no President. We have a plutocrat that prays to the money God at all costs, even the sovereignty of the United States.

I encourage Governors to act strategically to preserve their well being, but, also the integrity of a sovereign USA. There is nothing more Putin wants than to dissolve the US federal government, especially as a SuperPower. The right political wing is a joke. They play right into Putin’s hands and they think they will someday have a theocracy. Putin would only allow the Russian Orthodox Church and preferably not among members of government. Russia is the quintessential state practicing separation of church and state.

Never in the history of the USA has there been such divisive leadership and now the President of the  USA states the EU is a foe while Brian Benczkowski from Alpha Bank has one of the most powerful positions in the US Department of Justice and another right wing nominee to the Supreme Court is coming from the Federalist Society that wants to change the USA constitution.

When one adds up the potential for capitalism in Russia and China; the raw hunger by Wall Street for Donald Trump to turn the Plutocracy loose in what was once emerging economies overrides any and all loyalties to the USA. Capitalism is workable in communist countries while maintaining the communist government along with human rights abuses. When has any Wall Street company in China taken up the case of human rights to embarrass China or Russia before the Obama sanctions? Never, so don’t lecture me about Wall Street and where their loyalties lie.

John Bolton is completely untrustworthy. He has removed people from the NSA because they weren’t willing to lie to please Trump. That means the fix is in for Russia. What type of loyalty does Bolton have to the EU right now? Trump stated the EU is a foe. Bolton’s lies should be interesting and don’t expect the UN Ambassador Hailey to be any different. Vice President Pence is on a leash.

The first thing to be done is to understand what gives Trump such leverage of power over what should be rational Americans in his inner circle. It takes every individual in the USA to stand up to the raw Anti-Americanism in the White House and end the abuse of power. It starts with babies from the Southern Border and doesn’t end until Trump and his traitors are gone.

We can do this and we will do this.

No “It’s Sunday Night.”

Trump should be arrested the moment he puts his foot on USA soil for the stunts he pulled this trip. He has violated his oath of office.

Until later. 

Grand Teton National Park

There is fissuring at Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. That is Wyoming and there is a lake near there called Jenny Lake. I am sure there is regular monitoring of the height of that lake.

The National Park Service is looking for an expert geologist to assess this area. Heck, I can think of half dozen affiliated with universities, but, they would have to take time off from their summer engagements, so there would be a fee involved and maybe housing. Why not draw on the geologists at US Army Corp. that are already familiar with the area or ask USGS to send someone. I think Canadian geologists involvement to advise is also appropriate. They may be seeing something that can provide the answer to the bigger picture.

Anyone take notice Southern California has been experiencing rumblings of 3.5 with felt quakes into Mexico?

Giving birth to a new Pacific island over a Hot Spot isn’t easy. I think the plates are stressed and not just the big plates. People have to be safe. It is interesting the Cascades are still normal.

I think it is more than obvious the Pacific Plate is displacing off the Hot Spot of Hawai’i to the new island southeast of the existing chain. I think that is why the old volcano is collapsing. The Hot Spot is moving out from underneath it. It is dangerous as hell on that island. The Pacific Plate is big and heavy and with the Hot Spot cut off from any venting to the surface it is moving around on magma and stressing everything else near it. Until that new island vents and becomes a growing island similar to the way Hawai’i was there will be a lot of uncertainty.


I think Theresa May’s government is a disappointment. Creating a permanent free trade zone is her failure. A free trade zone with the EU was destroying people’s way of life. These people are not hourly workers that can simply pick up another job when the transaction was complete, they are independent business people, farmers and fishermen. These are independent business people that finance local elections as well. 

I believe Theresa May’s government will fail and for all the right reason’s.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Anything new brewing at the Cascade Mountain Range?W

When Mount Kilauea first erupted I hoped it would be a flash in the pan eruption, then it sustained. Currently, there is a small volcanic island forming off Hawai’i. I believe it is vents 7and 8 of Mount Kilauea still sending out significant amounts of lava some through canals under cooled lava to the sea. The volcano’s cone and surrounding land mass are collapsing daily with seismic movement of greater than 5 on th Richter scale.

Today the USGS has picked up a swarm of earthquakes around Yakima, Washington in the range of 2.4 Richter. The first week of the eruption of Mount Kilauea everything in the Cascade Range was quite. The report on Friday stated all was normal. 

At time of the eruption on Hawaii the Fueho Mountain in Guatemala erupted. It was a deadly eruption and killed over 100 people with many missing. NASA ran a heat scan on June 24th of the mountain and surrounding land in Guatemala and some cooling has occurred where the pyrocladtic flows occurred, but, there is still significant heat. There doesn’t seem to be anymore activity, although the lingering heat is curious.

Only a few hours ago the oldest Yellowstone geyser as erupted in an enormous plumb of at least 100 feet or more into the air and nearly reaching the viewing stand full of people.

I think the swarm of earthquakes inWashington State and the unusual eruptions of guysers in Yellowstone, it is time to better understand the caldera and/or any relationship with the Cascades on the West Coast.

NASA had been developing a measure to stabilize Yellowstone. I think the time has come to do more than submit proposals and wait for finding. I don’t believe in coincidence.

Croatia has done it again.

The country of Croatia has many world class sport teams and some say it is genetics. More than scoccer it has champions in tennis, basketball, tennis, water polo and hand ball. The people of this tiny country have rather tall people that tend to be very athletic. That doesn’t mean they haven’t worked hard to achieve their status, quite the contrary. But, as a national team they are tough to beat. 

I congratulate Croatia for its hard work and persistent success. The World Cup is coming to the USA, it is time to get serious.

Trump is a disgrace to the USA.

Trump dresses up nice, but, you just can’t take him anywhere.

His demeanor is so outrageous no one pays attention to him anymore. Every time he is breaking protocol any real diplomatic message gets lost. He explained his statement about Boris Johnson was not meant to insult Theresa May, but, to encourage Mr. Johnson in spite of his resignation. That is all fine and good and most public figures make those bloopers, but, he ruined it for himself. Rather than making the occasional blooper he is assailed by the expectation of an insult. Trump has ruined his own public image.

I think the arrogance of walking ahead of the queen when viewing the troops was more than anyone should tolerate. That finished it for me. Here, the oldest living monarch of a long lived ally put out the red carpet for Trump as President of the United States and he had the almighty nerve to ruin the moment for everyone else including the Queen. I have no respect for the man. He is untrustworthy with the status of President of the United States of America. Any fool could carry on such insulting behavior. He is neither a scholar or a gentleman.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Elon Musk is looking for you.

He is looking for volunteers to join a barn storming day to replace filters in the Flint homes that still need them. Use the email address above to join the effort and for the residents that are still without clean water.

New Social Security Numbers

This pretty scary stuff. It is one thing the have identity theft by a criminal, it is quite something else to have Russia know all the information of a person’s life. I think the federal government should consider providing new Social Security Numbers. Once that is done the states can provide new drivers license or ID. 

This is more than must Americans bargain for in being an American. 

12 Russian Military Intelligence Officers are inducted.

Enough is enough from President Trump. He needs to cancel his Russian summit.

These Russians went to work forTrump when he asked if the 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s server. On the very day Trump requested it. Trump hasn’t placed faith in USA intelligence since the beginning of his candidacy. That is not Presidential material.

The USA does not have a productive relationship with Russia; there is nothing to discuss. 

Where is the FCC and balanced facts in news reporting?

Fox News is engaging in propaganda in that Trump demanded more payments from NATO allies and got it. That is a lie and much the reason Trump continues his abusive dialogues no matter where he is or who he is with,

French President Emmanuel Macron came to the press after Donald Trump made those unsubstantiated lies and clearly stated the alliance members are contributing no more than agreed upon in the original agreement. The Alliance members will pay the 2 percent annually by 2024.

Some news agencies find it necessary to verify the Trump statements and speeches live as they happen to protect the public knowledge base. 

Fox News is a problem and the propaganda arm of the White House. The news agency is corrupt. 

Today, I thought Geraldo Rivera was a refreshing personality to Fox News and was more interested in commentary based in the truth. His commentary has sharpe elbows but he cares deeply about veterans and it shows. 

All to often though US Veterans are the focus of commentary and it serves as a Fox News advertisement for nationalism and flag waving.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Demand the US Government provide someone like Mr. Strzok find overseas parents.

I am not joking. My understanding of the origins of the trek to the USA started by these parents were in countries engulfed in drug cartel wars. The ACLU has a very difficult task ahead in locating grieving parents that should’ve been given asylum.

I admire the mission of the ACLU, but, they are going to need the resources of such agencies as the FBI, diplomatic missions and armed forces within these countries to locate and return grieving parents if they are still alive. The parents heartlessly deported without your children are not going to be in the local phone directory.

If I may, enlist the help of people with knowledge of these countries. ALSO, there may have been contact with the grieving parents and their government when they were returned in the deportation process. In that could be some kind of paper trail as to where to find them. But, even with the deportation paper trail it may be an issue of reaching them to return the children. 

I never meant this more, but, someone like Mr. Strzok would have a leg up to know how such a mission would work. This is very dangerous stuff and quite frankly it is going to require government infrastructure to help.

No one more than I want parents and child reunited, but, realistically there are going to be parentless children after all is said and done. It is the obligation of the USA government to reunit these families, but, the actual logistics is difficult with deported parents. I suspect some of the parents are already on a trek back to our southern border as well. That would be a scenario that has to be entertained by the US Border Patrol and ICE, too. The ACLU might want to require the southern border patrols and agencies respect any returning parent seeking their children.

By all means I hope their litigation is successful, but, they need to demand funding and access to US government infrastructure that can actually carry out the search. I wish the ACLU well, at least one American organization cares.

Ms. Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford is innocent.

Ms. Clifford is innocent and charges are dropped.


I guess Giuliani didn’t want the risk of be discovered for the ruthless SOB that he is.

I hope Ms. Clifford will someday return to Ohio. Perhaps, Cleveland, Toledo or Dayton. One bad experience should not frighten her so deeply it adversely effects her career.

The US House is out of line in implicating the FBI and Deputy Attorney General in fault of answering questions

The US House has inappropriately demanded answers to questions in an unsecured venue, putting national intelligence in jeopardy for the sake of their politics.

The FBI and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are completely blameless for Congresses obvious inability to carry out any business of the people today.

The majority leadership in the US House should be held negligent of the public trust for the hearing today and face ethic investigations.

Do Not Vote For Those that voted for Brian Benczkowski

Republicans up for election this year that placed Mr. Benczkowski within the US DOJ:

Cindy Hyde-Smith - Mississippi

Dean Heller - Nevada

Ted Cruz - Texas

Roger Wicker - Mississippi

Deb Fischer - Nebraska

John Barraso - Wyoming

Committee continued

Rep. Cedric Richmond wants a return to meaningful work by the US House of Representatives- He returned time back to leadership.

Rep. Dennis Ross stated Mr. Strzok believes his statements are free speech. I agree. Rep. Ross believes the ownership of the phone negates the freedom of speech. He doesn’t believe there is no remorse by Mr. Strzok. Mr. Strzok stayed many, many times he regrets the episode. Sounds like remorse to me. 

Rep. Ted Leu states the hearing is unnecessary and reminds there is no evidence of Mr. Strzok acted on his personal beliefs to derail the 2016 elections. He goes on to point out Republicans have made donations to political parties and yet there is no loss of trust of these Republicans on that basis.

Mr. Mark Walker states Mr. Strzok was not doing his job because he was texting too much and to Lisa Page. He cited one of Mr. Strzok’s statement as a plan of action. I sincerely believe A STATEMENT is not a plan,

Rep. Jamie Raskin recognizes there are better ways to spend committee’s time and there are other comments made about Democratic candidates as well. Mr. Strzok states he recruited not one Republican who have made negative comments about Donald Trump onto a deep state conspiracy.

I really think Americans need to take their country seriously in elections and end corrupt in government. That is what this committee hearing is, corruption to change the national dialogue about the truth. There is no real purpose served today by taxpayer monies. Everything going on today are duplicates of other government work that have already found no wrong doing. Former Director is above reproach especially since he removed Mr. Strzok from the investigation. I am pleased all citizens that participate in politics, including FBI agents, can enjoy the role they played when able to attend inauguration parties that even the President - Elect does not necessarily get to for the numerous parties occurring. I would expect some FBI leadership, which Mr. Strzok was, to even be invited to the head table if invited. Americans are suppose to participate in politics and enjoy celebrations of the victories. 

end for now - even I have my limits to insults of my country

The chairman of the hearing is making up rules s he sees it.

U.S. House Representative Louis Gomert of the First District of Texas is unable to carry out any questioning during a Congressional hearing because he has no civil demeanor. He admits he did not ask a question. Gomert did nothing but defame a former FBI agent and Hillary Clinton. Gomert should be examined to his participation at this hearing for ethics violations.

This hearing is turning into empty accusation after empty accusation for the sake of Republican politician agenda. The committee isn’t interested in answers of a former agent under oath. There you go, a committee member states he does not believe Mr. Strzok even when under oath. It is a circus and not a hearing. It is nothing but a PR stunt. I am not hearing anything of quality or sanity. Strzok is under oath and members of the committee are annoyed when the truth is said. 

The Republicans are trying desperately to change the truth. Strzok should sue for the harassment he is receiving today. Hillary Clinton should sue for defamation.

This committee meaning should have never occurred in the first place because there’s an ongoing investigation. This hearing would have been far more effective if it was conducted after the conclusion of the investigation.

The unprofessional demeanor of the committee along with the unprofessional behavior of President Trump in Europe is giving our allies disillusionment of this country. I also find the coordination of this illegitimate committee and Donald Trump’s unnecessary meeting with Vladimir Putin very, very odd.

I have to agree with US House Representative Luis Gutierrez that unprofessional committee hearings designed to defame the FBI is the best propaganda for Russia.

US Rep. Brenda Lawrence stated the testimony of Mr. Strzok was focused on the lack of appropriate setting to today’s committee meeting in an unclassified setting. In other words the hearing today caused suspicion to Mr. Strzok in the inappropriate setting and his necessity to refuse to answer questions.

The more I see this committee meeting the more it appears to be a public show for political purposes.

U.S. Rep. Gowdy also disbelieves Mr. Strzok answers. It is easy to state Mr. Gowdy formulated answers to his questions he expected and when not provided by Mr. Strzok, Mr. Gowdy raises doubts in Mr. Strzok’s honesty.

I also believe US Rep. Jefferies is correct, the values of the Republican Party are in question not the democracy of the USA.

Gowdy is doing it again. He is looking for an answer that isn’t there. Rep. Gowdy  can’t even maintain regular order.

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman is attempting to bring the purpose of the hearing back to have truth answers from Mr. Strzok. His 2+ minute response was an impassioned plea to return to healthy skepticism of Russia and it’s manipulations of the 2016 elections.

Polygraph “Out of Scope” questions by Rep. Doug Collins. It was determined Mr. Strzok was out of scope in January of 2016.

Rep. David Cicline is correct, this committee meeting is about developing a dialogue. That is why Rep. Collins asked a factual question to provide his participation as a valid investigation by the committee.

I will say this much about Rep. Gowdy, he was using his power as Chairman to cross examine Mr. Strzok rather than maintain order according to committee rules.

Rep. De Santis explores the bias of Mr. Strzok and has brought a conclusion that bias effected Mr. Strzok work. Mr. Strzok states he is unaware by others regarding his bias. Rep. De Santis states he is confident there is still an investigation of Mr. Strzok’s bias. 

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi brought focus of leaks and their detrimental effect on investgations. The more people aware of a fact the more likely it leaks. Concern there was visceral hatred of Hillary Clinton in the New York City field office and st that time Mr. Giuliani was in touch with active FBI before Mr. Comey announced the issue of the Weiner laptop. That is very interesting. I knew Comey was motivated by somebody regarding Hollary. Guilliani threw the election to Trump after the Russians did their dampest. The entire Comey thing was out of place and proved to be unnecessary after the damage was done to Hillary’s reputation.

Jordan’s questions could not be answered because of the inappropriate venue for the questions. What is Jordan doing there? He is refusing his responsibility in the sexual abuse of wrestlers under his supervision.

Mr. Strzok statements about Trump never being President was a personal statement taken out of context.

This week is a very sad week in the history of the United States for this travesty of a committee meeting and Trump riding roughshod over NATO and then to realize Guilliani accepted Russian influence in the 2016 election and then stirred up enough fear of reprisal against Comey and the FBI for not announcing the Weiner emails is more insult to the country’s integrity. It goes to prove the Republican Party will accept all forms of power to win an election to deliver on promises to cronies like the Kochs. The political machine of the GOP will do anything including placing an unqualified lawyer in the Justice Department to attempt to dismantle an investigation regarding Russian interference. This is Guilliani. I would what he is being paid to overthrow the government of the USA?

The Koch money helped along with Russia, but, it didn’t solely win the seats in 2016.

There needs to be veto proof legislation to protect Mueller from the Russian traitor currently in the Justice Department. There also needs to be funding established to carry out the reunification of immigrate families and a dedicated unit within HHS to conduct background checks of parents waiting for their children. Both these issues need to be addressed now.

Ms, Clifford and legal lap dance

It sounds as though Ms. Clifford was engaged in a “Lap Dance” when the officer asked if she could put her face between her breasts. In most strip clubs a “Lap Dance” requires the patron to keep there hands off the exotic dancer. The legal idea is that prostitution begins when there is an interaction that is engaged by at least two individuals for money. The reason touching is prohibited is that it is no longer an exotic dance performance for the individual patron but a sexual engagement.

The idea a person’s face isn’t going to come in contact in a Lap Dance with 
Ms. Clifford’s breasts is unrealistic. Now, the officer said she requested it and even then within the context of a Lap Dance it isn’t illegal. I mean where is 
Ms. Clifford going to put her breasts that it won’t happen so she probably allowed it in conversation for logistical purposes. 

It should be known that Lap Dances by exotic dancers are outside that of a stage performance normally. It is unclear the exact interaction, no one knows if the cop was on stage as well. Anyway, the interaction was not illegal because hands were not involved and further expectation of pleasure to orgasm was not within Ms. Clifford’s performance. If the cop orgasmed during a Lap Dance or during a stage performance it is not within Ms. Clifford’s ability to control. This is entrapment and basically the cop is over reaching in order to shut Guilliani up.

Ms. Clifford is in precarious circumstances and I am sure she would talk more about her particular star quality trade craft if she could. I am curious if the club sold alcoholic beverages which also impacts the degree of nudity allowed and/or encouraged by patrons for tips by the exotic performance. Also curious if the establishment was given any kind of citation because Ms. Clifford was the only one filmed entering the police station.

Christmas is here, Trump is corrupt.

The financial markets have been dropping steadily from an all time high in January 2017. The rise in the past week is enthusiasm that Trimp will use his power to remove any road blocks that lobbyists request. That past week was confidence in corruption and is a very soft recovery because there is nothing substantial behind it.

There can be real money taken with corruption at work, but, ultimately there is litigation from some hurt by the corruption.

Should have seen this one coming.

It is called entrapment and by the sounds of it the Vice Squad was frustrated in being unsuccessful to date and pressed their luck. Ms. Clifford should declare “Not Guilty” and write the chapter of her book about abuse of power by Rudy Giuliani.

It is obvious who the real perpetrator is. Now, the authorities can go even further and threaten to take her daughter and sorts of things in attempts to pressure her to end her defamation lawsuit.

Adult film stars are quite well informed about what is a violation of prostitution laws and what are not. It is difficult to believe a successful porn star would dive into prostitution that could end her career.

Rudy Guilliani has been pulling string and lying about Trump as if he has to grow a new truth in the media in attempts to inflate Trumps name so no implication from investigations and lawsuits will interrupt his public image. That methodology is how Trump was elected in the first place.

To note, there have been times when Trump has called Guilliani incorrect in his lies and assertions stating they hadn’t talk in a week or more.

I am sorry Ms. Clifford has to go through all this. This is entrapment when one of three Vice Officers are the only “Johns” in the room and found a way to touch Ms. Danielles inappropriately or vice versa. I hope there are tapes and not just testimony in a he said, she said.

What next?

Authoring ones own identity

Anyone of the USA political right wing, including the viewership, knows it is sometimes necessary to inflate or self-author (another word for lie) ones public identity. That trick was learned in “Game of Thrones” in Season 2 I believe when Cerci tells King Joffrey he has to claim heroic acts by those under his rule as his own . She insists a king has to have a heroic history of his life that is true or based in lies. She believed in order for the mob to love and embrace their king with loyalty he has to have a self - authored dialogue about his greatness. 

Such lessons are invaluable for the Society of Anacronism. Just thought I’d mention that for those wondering why people in politics lie about themselves and events, etc. Just something to think about.