Thursday, September 10, 2015

There is peril in the Syrian crisis. The peril is genocide. Where a country is emptied of it's people and they are scattered to the wind, the genetic dilution of the ethnicity is considered genocide.

The genocide developing with the Syrian people are attributable to Daesh. I can't help believe the UN Security Council should have a resolution to provide assistance in returning to Syria should the country ever end it's civil war within this generation's time.

There is no doubt the people of Syria need relief from the killing of Daesh. But, the dynamics are really odd. I am not sure the world has ever faced such issues before in the way genocide manifests in Syria.

The Syrian Civil War has a component that is charismatic and it carries a demand for young Muslims internationally to turn against their government and society to terrorize countries into surrender. But, that is only one aspect.

Given the abandonment of Syria by it's people because of the current regime there is also emigrants to from The West into Syria, including Australia. No one ever hears about young people from Russia going to Syria to join Daesh, but, I am sure they exist especially from the Caucus Mountains. I am not aware of Muslims in China.

Oddly enough Russia is an ally of Assad and some of their young people may very well be affiliated with Daesh. The entire dynamic that is Daesh is abhorrent to every nation on Earth except Daesh itself.

But, how does the world address the dynamics that is Daesh in Syria. The massive abandonment of Syria by it's own people and replaced with international movements of a breed of extremists from other countries into Syria. I am not sure the global community has ever faced such an enemy before. Some of it is due to the digital world. This is a unique problem in history. But, I think the best way to mark this in time is to develop a resolution that carries the concern for the ethnic displacement of the Syrian people.

The real surprise was the complete surrender of what was considered a well organized and armed Iraqi military. That was astonishing. No one expected that. Complete abandonment of their homeland at the most minor attack. That dynamic still occurs. It happened as late as Palmyra. It seems as though Daesh casts a shadow and human beings scatter. 

WWII faced a monster similar to this, however, the Third Reich was mostly interested in killing Jews. I think the Third Reich was far more contemplative than Daesh. One enemy of Germany could make the German march across Europe and into Asia perhaps palatable. 

Maybe it is time for Secretary General  Ban Ki-moon to address the general assembly. I think the world needs some guidance. This movement of people is not new. It is new to Europe. Jordan and other countries in the region have accepted some of the emigration of Syrians.
Donald Trump does not come across as a "Jesus Freak." Basically, that is what Jindal is stating. Everyone can see how successful Jindal has been nationally.

I suppose Donald Trump needs to figure out if endorsement of the Bible is enough when it comes to the Southern Strategy.

RELIGIONLouisiana, LA   United States
Percent Religious    60.59%   48.78%
Catholic26.55%   19.43%
LDS0.64%     2.03%
Baptist20.20%     9.30%

David Brock is the founder of media matters.

I don't need to know what he wrote, he is correct. (click here)

And it is a shame really. They conduct this 'ying and yang' aspect of journalism regardless of who they endorse. 

They did the same thing with Barak Obama. They think the American people can't feel it. It is palpable. They pulled that stunt with the terrorist threats in regard to the Olympics. That was dangerous and out of character of a news agency in the middle of NYC.

The NY Times has become silly in some ways. I trust their recipes and entertainment section, but, not much else. 

I don't consider the NY Times a friend anymore. The change was intentional during the Bush years. I want to say it was Nicholas Kristof that wrote an Op-Ed in the early years of "W." It stated there was a better way of opposing the Bush White House than being direct. I read that and I knew the NY Times was hopelessly lost. I never took Kristof's advice and rarely 'join the crowd' for populous reasons. Earth means more to me than that.

The reality of the Clinton candidacy is the fact she is a woman and has an uphill battle opposing the "White Man's Party." The NY Times is creating too much head winds for the Democrats. Go figure. You can hear it too in the Cuomo administration, too. 

I guess the best way to say it is the NY Times taught Democrats to go along to get along.

Vanunu is a former employee at the Dimona reactor.

September 10, 2015
By Roi Yanovsky

Nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu (click here) was arrested on Thursday morning, likely due to the interview he gave Channel 2 last Friday. He will be brought in front of a judge later on Thursday. 

He was arrested by the Central Unit of the Jerusalem Police, in coordination with the Shin Bet, under whose strict surveillance he has been his release from prison in 2004.

As part of the conditions of his parole, he was not allowed to leave Israel for a year, required to report his movements, barred from coming near the Palestinian Authority, and more.

Adv. Yemima Abramovich, Vanunu's defense attorney, said that the interview was not a breach of his parole.

"He is allowed to talk to Israeli journalists," she said. "The interview was approved by the military censor."

"I've been Mordechai Vanunu's lawyer for many years," she added. "He is out of prison, but isn't really free. It's impossible for him to live a normal life."

Vanunu denounced Shin Bet and Mossad for exacting personal revenge at him...

Israel always denies a nuclear program. Ehud Olmert once disclosed a program in an interview. (click here)

Olmert's life was never the same either. I am sure the arrest was related to the USA vote.

The IAEA knows about Israel's program. It isn't as though there isn't a regulatory agency involved. I would not exactly call it a secret.

On 7 April 2010 the Director General (click here) sent letters to the Governments of all Member States of the Agency requesting them to inform him of any views that they might have with respect to meeting the objectives of GC(53)/RES/174 . The 42 replies from Governments and the High Representative of the European Union, on behalf of the EU, received to date, are reproduced in Annex 2 to this report 5.... 

I found this report on the internet. It isn't like I am hacking into Israel's top secret documents. What is the problem that this man can't live a life without harassment? 

The Supreme Leader is talking 'junk' to his people in that Israel is going to be gone from the Middle East in 25 years. This is a man already 79 years old and he thinks he has influence in Iran in 25 years. It's nonsense. Israel should not be so paranoid. 

Israel is embarrassing itself and it's allies.

Japan's severe weather has washed more radiated water into the Pacific Ocean.

One known dead and 12 missing at this point.

September 10, 2015

TOKYO - The Fukushima plant, (click here) which suffered a nuclear accident in 2011, has been found to be leaking contaminated water into the sea following heavy rainfall in the region caused by typhoon Etau, a spokesperson of Fukushima's operator confirmed to EFE Thursday.

Tokyo Electric Power, TEPCO, the plant's operator, is currently analyzing the magnitude of the accident, but said that the water leaked into the Pacific Ocean was not highly affected by radiation and did not pose a risk to the environment, the source added.

The leaks have been caused in the embankments around the tanks where highly radioactive water is stored after they are used to cool the reactors, and could have been caused by heavy rainfall which led to the accumulation of excessive amount of water the pipelines of the installation....

September 10, 2015
Rescue operations (click here for video for Irish Times) under way as river bank bursts had dozens trapped on balconies and roof tops of their homes in Japan. Video: Reuters

It is unfair to all the candidates if an assessment isn't reported along with the poll.

There would be a shift in the DISTRIBUTION of votes if Vice President Biden enters the race.

September 9, 2015
By Brent Budowsky

If Vice President Joe Biden (click here) announces he is running for president, the big winner, by far, will be Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Mr. Biden will take far more votes from Hillary Clinton than he would take from Mr. Sanders, who might well vault into first place in a three-way race that would quickly eliminate all other Democratic contenders.

The current wave of favorable press that the Draft Biden campaign is receiving would subside and reverse shortly after a Biden announcement. It would soon be apparent that the Draft Biden effort is a limited campaign, without strong grassroots support, and not a movement that would have any appeal to current Sanders supporters, who would remain rock-solid in support of Mr. Sanders....

The honest assessment is that the beloved Senator Sanders has gained seven percent since the poll in July. Vice President Biden gained five percent since July. that is a shift of twelve percentage points. That is the exact percentage Hillary Clinton lost in the poll. What the distribution would be without the Vice President is anyone's guess at this point, but, the fact Senator Sanders pulled seven percent from Hillary Clinton is significant. People are unhappy and Hillary Clinton needs to address that.

I think the former Secretary probably has internal polls that show her way forward. She needs to address outcomes in New Hampshire and Iowa in a way that provides confidence in her candidacy.

Senator Sanders has always been revered by his constituents. This "Bernie Barn" (click here) is no surprise. Recently, in an interview Senator Sanders straightened out the press when he stated he was a Progressive. He isn't a socialist regardless of the faux labels by the right wing. His policies are not socialist policies, he believes in the private economy and has specific ideas about the role of government.

September 10, 2015

In a come-from-behind rally, (click here) U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the choice of 41 percent of Iowa likely Democratic Caucus participants, with 40 percent picking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 12 percent backing Vice President Joseph Biden, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.
This compares to results of a July 2 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe- ack) University showing Clinton at 52 percent, with 33 percent for Sanders and 7 percent for Biden.
Today, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley gets 3 percent of Iowa likely Democratic Caucus participants, with 3 percent undecided....


September 10, 2015

...Vice President Biden (click here) with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, announced that $41 million in federal funds will go toward the administration’s commitment to processing DNA evidence that could put rapists behind bars....

...Victim Natasha Alexenko said her rapist was captured after her rape kit was finally processed, WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reported.
“He is currently serving time in prison until 2057, he can no longer hurt anyone else,” she said.
The funding will help test approximately 70,000 untested rape kits nationwide, officials said.
“It’s estimated there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits sitting in police storage facilities nationwide,” Vance said. “What stands in the way of testing them is money and the will to get the job done.”
It can cost up to $1,000 to test a kit.

Senator Whitehouse's regular climate change speech on the Senate floor.

He pointed to a letter from Governor Jindal to the President.

August 27, 2015
President Obama is heading to New Orleans Thursday (click here) to mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. But there’s one subject Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal hopes the president won’t broach in his remarks to city residents: climate change.
Jindal, who’s also running for president on the Republican ticket, sent a letter to Obama Wednesday urging the president not to mention climate change during his trip to Louisiana.
“Although I understand that your emphasis in New Orleans will – rightly – be on economic development, the temptation to stray into climate change politics should be resisted,” Jindal states in the letter. “While you and others may be of the opinion that we can legislate away hurricanes with higher taxes, business regulations and EPA power grabs, that is not a view shared by many Louisianians. I would ask you to respect this important time of remembrance by not inserting the divisive political agenda of liberal environmental activism.”
This week, Jindal writes in the letter, should be solely about mourning those lost in the storm and celebrating the recovery New Orleans has made so far.... 

Governor Jindal doesn't know his constituency as pointed out by Senator Whitehouse; an article in the Times-Picayune, the premier newsprint to Louisiana.

August 27, 2015
By Mark Schleifstein
Even as Louisiana (click here) embarks on a multi-billion-dollar program to begin rebuilding its coast, evidence continues to mount that new coastal land will have to contend with a more rapid rise in sea level than projected in present state plans.
NASA officials Wednesday said the present rate of worldwide sea level rise has reached 3 millimeters a year (0.13 inch/year) and is increasing, the result of global warming. That compares to 1.7 millimeters a year for the entire 20th Century and 1.8 millimeters between 1961 to 2003, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
NASA's scientists studying sea level change say that means an increase of at least 3 feet in sea level, though they are not certain whether that level will be reached within 100 years or longer....

Senator Whitehouse points out there will be millions of dollars of Louisiana real estate lost to the climate crisis. In that reality is the fact the Republican Senate has done nothing to plan for the help to the residents that will lose their homes and land permanently.

Senator Whitehouse points out the Republican party will have to withdraw for their support of the fossil fuel industry, because the country is moving forward to ward off the impact of further carbon pollution that will prolong the dangers Americans face.
Majority Leader McConnell is having a hissy fit on the US Senate floor because his defeat of the Iranian agreement failed.

He wants his Republicans to continue to work for a bill that will pass. He isn't interested in providing the US Senate floor to debate so it has to have a solid majority of more than sixty votes.  

The majority leaders also wants to know what the President is afraid of that he won't accept a legislative measure to stop the agreement. 

The Republican measure to block the Iranian agreement was defeated 42 to 58. There was a 60 vote majority needed. That is one more vote needed to defeat the measure.

McConnell is going to try it again next week.

Senator Tim Kane states the 60 vote threshold was decided by both Democrats and Republicans in committee before the first draft was decided by the P5+1 dialogue. Senator Kane also pointed out that Brent Scowcroft and retired General Colin Powell endorsed the Iran Agreement.

On August 23, 2015 in the Wall Street Journal former foreign adviser to two Republican presidents Brent Scowcroft (click here) endorsed the agreement.

The opposition to the bill has been about political endorsement by Israel. Evidently, Israel has so much clout with the US Senate the majority leader is going try again next week. Why? Next week isn't going to be any different. More campaign funding I suppose.

Evidently, Corker gave up his boot on the neck of Iran when the cloture vote failed.

Senator Cardin is upset the vote may have upset peers. It was the Cardin - Corker bill. Senator Cardin believes most of the members of the Senate worked hard and read all of the necessary information to make an educated vote.  

Senator Capito  is an inflammatory speaker. On the Senate floor she stated Iran is going to get a sign on bonus. That is hideous. There is no sign on bonus for Iran. Everything at the UN Security Council is fairly straight forward and bribery isn't sanctioned.

Evidently, the US Senate is befuddled by the fact cloture didn't take place for a vote on the opposition to the President. They don't know why? Because to allow cloture will probably lead to a declaration of war in an amendment somewhere. That's why. There is no confusion with the people. They don't want another war and with Israel having a boot on the neck of the USA Senate, why even go there?
Iran's Supreme leader is exhibiting horrible international manners by chanting, "Death to Israel. Death to the USA."


Where have I heard that before?

A US Senator Jack Reed beat the Republicans to the punch. 

It would seem the USA could carry out an attack against Iran to remove any nuclear ambitions, however, it would take 1 million soldiers to OCCUPY Iran. That was during his speech on the US Senate floor in acceptance of the historic agreement to enforce Non-Proliferation.

During Vietnam and a draft.

8,744,000 GIs ((click here) Were on active duty during the war. Aug. 5,  1964 - March 28, 1973

Over a million Vietnam citizens were killed during the Vietnam War.

9 million in 1973 was 4.2 percent of the 211 million Americans.

In the year 2014 9 million would be 2.8 percent of the 319 million Americans.
Oh, the family farm community speculation about the Tri-lateral Commission? That was the 1970s. It was when the US Department of Agriculture put out an annual year book about the farming community. It was a beautiful coffee table book. 

The US farming community found itself undone by corporate agriculture. If it weren't for the GMO movement, the American people would have lost it's family farms forever. 

Think Monsanto. 

It is real. It was real when the family farm community was laughed at as conspiracy theorists. Think about it. We are a great people, make no mistake about that. It is time we acted like it rather than a puppet to Wall Street.
Senator Dan Coates is imagineering the problems with the Iran agreement. 

"What if this agreement was conducted during the George W. Bush administration. The agreement would have expired already."


He states Henry Kissinger, age 97 years, expressed concern for non-state actors.

Non-state actors? Like Osama bin Laden living within the military university complex in Pakistan? Those non-state actors. 

Hm. If al Qaeda hadn't obtained control of nuclear capacity already, there is no chance that is going to happen. Al Qaeda would have to control nuclear missile sites as well as centrifuges, etc. to be a threat. Dan Coates actually sees that happening in the Iran agreement? That is a joke and an insult to the American people. 

If there were ever any non-state actors with nuclear capacity it would be detected. Which brings the issue to ambassadors and embassies in all countries by the USA. There should be productive relationships with countries around the world to enhance a far better outcome to economic security as well as a country's national security. 

I remind, there was absolutely no movement by George Walker Bush to capture bin Laden. None. He was looking in the mountains for a decade without finding him. But, never once sought to expand his understanding of where bin Laden was living to end the al Qaeda leader. Bin Laden was within reach of a military institution in Pakistan and never once did George Walker Bush find him a threat enough to end his prowess of terrorist attacks. Now, the American people are suppose to believe Iran is going to be a threat because of non-state actors. Given the history of the Republican presidents they might have a point. It actually does depend on the President in the Oval Office to secure the USA.

Senator Pat Roberts is stating the USA should have a treaty. So where is it? There is absolutely nothing stopping Pat Roberts from negotiating a treaty with Iran. Not a thing. 

The only treaties the Republicans know how to write are treaties like TPP or the TIPP. 

In his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, (click here) John Perkins pulls back the curtain to reveal how exactly the globalization machinery works. The signing of the TTIP and TPP treaties create the framework for a one world government....

 I could get into a lot of speculation about this mess, but, the facts cannot be disputed. For decades American family farmers were scared to death of the "Trilateral Commission" (click here) because of it's POTENTIAL to develop a one world government. Those that see the idea conspiracy theories as childishness always called such accusations as silliness and lack of sophistication. 

Today the Republican majority has given the President permission to give away the American economy to other countries. So much for conspiracy theorists and their silliness. 

Membership in the Trilateral Commission is by invitation only. (click here) 

It is not an international organization based in democracy. Every President of the USA have been members.

The point is today in 2015 we are looking at treaties drawn up that is to benefit Wall Street by dismantling the American economy from local control and independent of foreign trade of that is what the people want. There are provisions in the TPP that requires commodities from the partnership be sold in the USA regardless of what the people want. The TPP removes democracy to benefit Wall Street. That is simply a fact. So, was the agricultural community correct to the outcome of decades of stating conspiracy theory? It sure as heck looks like it.

When it comes to treaties the Republicans only see THEIR world through Rose Colored Wall Street glasses that line the pockets of cronies, including the banks of 2008. As far as treaties that actually work to make the world safer? Why? Why do that, when the USA military has a huge shadow over the entire world? The Republicans don't have to understand international treaties for peace and the end of a nuclear threat to the world. As a matter of fact they embrace the idea of 'break out' nuclear capacity of other countries, it provides for their fear mongering. For decades we have heard the Republicans war monger to only see the USA military larger than than all first world nations and China and Russia combined. Along with that military size is just as interesting a budget and wasteful spending such as the F35.

The F35 has had more than a trillion dollars spent on it with no end in sight. The bird doesn't fly without problems.

The Republicans only speak to fear and the 'idea' all people can find wealth in just being an American. Neither are realistic.

It would be really helpful if the USA had an embassy again in Iran. It would provide the USA a way of receiving increased international trade with Iran. It would return function and less fear to the international theater. 

The reason there was a failure of the American mission in Iran is because people like Henry Kissinger backed the lies and deceptions of nuclear power by the USA to Iran. The American mission in Iran failed because the USA backed a leader that never provided for the well being of Iran's people. It is up to the USA to begin to find it's way back to being an economic partner with Iran. Will it ever happen again? We have to try.

It is too easy to be the world's largest and most dangerous military. It is a reputation we cannot afford and it only provides barriers to peace. 

This agreement within the authority of the P5+1 is a beginning, not an end. It would be wrong to refuse the opportunity to define a relationship with Iran. We have to walk back the "Axis of Evil" speech. We have to earn trust again with Iran. Iran finds itself at the center of protections to the Shia. We need to do better in our relationships other than run game into countries like Iraq. The USA was wrong. We need to recapture the dignity taken from us.
The reason Republicans need 11 debates is because they lie a lot and have to fine tune the lies that win in primaries. The lies then become the truth for the national campaigns for office.

Is there actually something about the Iran agreement that places any middle east countries in direct line of fire to nuclear weapons? No, so why the campaign of the Tea Party at the Capital Building?

The Kochs need the Tea Party success to continue their carbon and methane pollution. So, the lies really have to work for them, otherwise, there goes the funding.

Is there any wonder why Donald Trump is a legitimate candidate for the Tea Party? His only agenda is the one reflected by the party for the nomination.

I think the Democratic debate schedule is fine. I am quite sure there is network interest in additional debates if the nominee isn't evident.

August 6, 2015
By Gabriel Debenedetti and Dylan Byers

A total of six debates are scheduled, (click here) with six different sponsors: Oct. 13 in Nevada (hosted by CNN); Nov. 14 in Des Moines, Iowa (CBS/KCCI and The Des Moines Register); Dec. 19 in Manchester, New Hampshire (ABC/WMUR); Jan. 17 in Charleston, South Carolina (NBC/Congressional Black Caucus Institute); and two scheduled for either February or March in Miami, Florida, and Wisconsin, hosted by Univision/The Washington Post and PBS, respectively. The DNC said it would release additional details about debate dates, locations and partnerships soon.

The lineup itself does not come as a surprise for Democrats, but for the candidates who wanted more debates to come sooner, the fact that only four will occur before the Iowa caucuses in February is a disappointment....

Below are the Republican debates. I think it is smart for DNC leadership to set a limited number of debates. The DNC should have a few dates in their back pocket should the need for more clarity be necessary. I see no reason to be a Republican Wannabe party.

The ideology a debate will bring about the sincere candidate isn't where the focus should be. The candidates have to be canvasing the people. I would think the successful campaign of Senator Sanders definitively states where the people like to be in politics. Local and relating. There is nothing like face time.

Is there really something important about debates one week apart? I don't think so. Television has too much power over elections anyway. "The Billionaire Sponsorship" is a defeat of the USA democracy. The power of The Billionaire is based in television commercials. Why invest in ruinous behavior?

The televised debate is a way of seeing a candidate in a measurable method to compare success. It is important, but, should never be the focus of ultimate success.

It makes sense television is where the RNC focuses it's campaigning. It is vital to the Republican Billionaire sponsored candidate. It is ridiculous and removes dignity from the candidate. Why have the electorate hide away in their man caves to decide a president? What is so special 'picture within a picture?'

There are other ways of demanding new leadership in the DNC.

2015 Thursday, August 6, 2015
Fox News Republican Debate

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
CNN Republican Primary Debate

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
CNBC Republican Debate

November, 2015*
Fox Business/WSJ Republican Debate

December 15, 2015
CNN/Salem Republican Debate

2016 January, 2016*
Fox News Republican Debate

February 6, 2016
ABC/IJReview Republican Debate

February 13, 2016
CBS News Republican Debate

February 26, 2016
NBC/Telemundo Republican Debate

March, 2016*
Fox News Republican Debate

March 10, 2016
CNN/Salem Republican Debate

She is having fun. I'll be darn. She can party.

I look forward to seeing Charlotte. Hillary Clinton has a right to talk about and bring her granddaughter to the public without being called an opportunistic candidate. Maybe we'll be seeing the Grandma and Charlotte by the convention.The Clinton's were protective of Chelsey in her young years, but, we did get to see her.

...The former Secretary of State (click here) gushed about her granddaughter, Charlotte. At almost one year old, she can’t say much yet, but Clinton is waiting to see what name the toddler will call her: “Well, you know I’m fine with ‘Grandma,’ I’m fine with ‘Madam President’ – I mean, whatever.”...

The Billionaire "Teflon Don" and what took so long, elections or difficulty indicting a former Secretary of the Treasury?

By Devlin Barrett
September 10, 2015

The Justice Department (click here) is renewing its efforts to charge individuals in corporate investigations, seeking to address long-running criticism, particularly from Democrats, that they treat executive wrongdoing lightly.
In the latest push, Justice Department officials issued a memo Wednesday to prosecutors outlining best practices and recommending that they only consider a company to have cooperated in an investigation if that company turns over information about the actions of individuals at the firm.
Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates plans to give a speech Thursday in New York detailing the new effort and the reasoning behind it....

Is a member or more of the FOX 5000 miliatia out of control?

The shootings (click here) along a busy stretch of Interstate 10 in Phoenix started August 29, when a bullet from out of nowhere struck an SUV, shattering glass which injured 13-year old girl riding in it. On that same day, along the same stretch of road, someone fired at a bus, fortunately empty except for the driver, who was not injured.
But bullet holes were found in some of the seats of the bus. That night, about 10, yet another car was hit, again, with no injuries.
By Tuesday this week, there had been a total of 6 similar incidents and no arrests or suspects, prompting Col. Frank Milstead of the Arizona Department of Public Safety to hold a news conference calling the attacks “domestic terrorism” and offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the “person or persons” responsible....

It reminds me of John Mohammad. 

11 days and 10 victims. 

October 14, 2003
By Alex Johnson

...All told, (click here) Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, 18, are charged with 13 shootings, 10 of them fatal, in Maryland, Virginia and the nation’s capital. They are also suspected in or charged with shootings in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arizona and Washington state....

There is a real discusion about human development.

September 10, 2015
By Amy Ellis Nutt

A new species of human relative, (click here) called Homo naledi, has been discovered deep in a cave in South Africa, it was announced Thursday morning at a press conference in Johannesburg. Three men who led the expedition took part in a Q & A with the National Geographic Society about how the fossils were found, their excavation and their two-year analysis by teams of international experts as to their place in human evolution. Below is a selection of those questions and answers from Lee Berger, an archaeologist and the leader of the expedition, John Hawks, an anthropologist and Paul Dirks, a geologist:...

1. What happens if H. naledi is very old? Or very young?

That ain't no monkey. The question is how far back does human intelligence go. The discovery of ART is an expression of intelligence, status and memory. There is more and more information about a society in South Africa that lends itself to understanding 'the human.' The archaeologic find of art within a cave reflects the early human was sophisticated. It has long been believed 'the human' had a different development than the Neanderthal. 

The remains of an early human and the art were both found in caves.

September 17, 2010

By Dalya Alberge

Striking prehistoric rock art created up to 5,000 years ago (click here) has been discovered at almost 100 sites in Somaliland on the Gulf of Aden in eastern Africa.
A local team headed by Dr Sada Mire, of the Institute of Archaeology at University College London (UCL), made the finds, which include a man on horseback, painted around 4,000 years ago – one of the earliest known depictions of a mounted hunter.
Leaping antelopes, prancing giraffes and snakes poised to strike are among animals and reptiles depicted with astonishing clarity.
Such is the quality of the paintings that at least 10 sites, scattered across semi-desert terrain, are likely to be given World Heritage status....

Did I hear that right?

Jeb Bush has a Spanish speaking wife?

You've got to be joking.

A female Republican pundit is calling Bush's spouse "Spanish speaking" as if she were Caucasian.


Republicans will do anything to draw in the extremists. Absolutely amazing. That is dehumanizing her. 

There is a controversy behind her. She is in the USA due to her father coming here under an Undocumented status. He was granted amnesty, if this information is correcct.

March 24, 2015
By Steve M.

...After World War II, (click here) it was common to cross the border without proper papers, said Columba’s uncle, Antonio Garnica Rodriguez, who made the trek, too. “We just went across the border, worked, stayed there for a while and came back.”
He said his brother later joined the “bracero” program, which allowed manual laborers temporary legal entry to the United States. Jose Maria got his “resident alien” card on Feb. 4, 1960....

But to use the descriptor "Spanish speaking" to diminish her status as a Latina is bigorty. Plain and simple.