Thursday, July 05, 2012

I really would not expect a speedboat to go to Blueberry Island on Lake Winnipesaukee (click title for video - thank you)

I have a little trouble with the Romney's extravagance. He'd run over top of Manatee and not think twice. They're regatta boats. I feel like the children were human shields for propaganda.

Crimson win Harvard-Yale Regatta (click here)

First contested in 1852, annually since 1859 except during major wars fought by the United States is America's oldest collegiate athletic competition, originally rowed on Lake WinnipesaukeeNew Hampshire,

The first Harvard-Yale boat races were on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Regatta Boat raced by Harvard and Yale are powered by human beings. Rowing. But, Regatta Clubs exist all over the USA. There are power boats, like the ones the Romney's own, or sail boats or row boats. But, they are all competition boats. 

Blueberry Island Eagle Update #2 (click here)

published by admin on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 12:00pm

NH Audubon senior biologist Chris Martin sent us another update on the progress of the Blueberry Island eagles. Here is an excerpt of his April 20 e-mail.

For those of you who may be more interested in the status of the Blueberry Island nest on Lake Winnipesaukee, observer Iain MacLeod has confirmed a new male in the pair wearing a red leg band, and that the birds are currently incubating in a nest re-built since early March in the same tree used in 2010. (Click on the photo for the full-size version.)
Our next update will probably be distributed in early May. Thanks for your continued interest!

This project is made possible through a grant from the Merrimack River Bald Eagle Fund administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. NH Audubon's Conservation Department is conducting this work under supervision of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the N.H. Fish & Game Department.

The thing is, the Eagles dive in the lake to find fish and feed their young. Somehow a speedboat/regatta boat doesn't fit well into that picture. Oh, well.

Jul 5, 2012 2:10pm

WOLFEBORO — Mitt and Ann Romney (click title to entry - thank you) took one of their large speedboats out for a spin this afternoon here on Lake Winnipesaukee loading on several grandchildren, all five sons, and coolers full of snacks before driving off.
It was just around 12:45 p.m. when Romney, wearing a dark blue shirt and black shorts, was seen lugging what appeared to be a heavy white cooler over to his three-boat garage.
Other members of the family filed in and aboard, and what appeared to be a few camera flashes could be seen from afar as they readied the boat.
And then they were off, this time with Mitt at the wheel and Ann by his side, her hair clipped up, and at least 10 grandchildren with life vests on peering over the front of the boat. More children – and Romney’s five sons and one of his daughter-in-laws – were also on board. About 25 people in total seemed to be on the boat....

I'll tell you something here. Romney is a very spoiled man that cannot say no to himself. Lake Winnipesaukee is all of 71 square miles. Those boats can easily go up to 90 miles per hour. They aren't lake boats. Not in the way I think about lake boats and waterskiing. The regatta boats of the Romney's reminds me of the car elevators in that they are out of place for the neighborhood. I really don't see any kind of high speed pursuit on that lake. 

If one realizes this lake is not a flat mirror, it makes a really clear picture of boats out of place.

The navigable lake surface is limited. There are many islands within the lake and a regatta boat would not have a straight shot at speed at any particular place on Lake Winnipesaukee. If it did, it would have to be a competition whereby there was supervision of other boats.

There are many boat launches along the lake because it is surrounded by large highways, so it is easy to get to. I really don't know how a boat that powerful actually justifies its upkeep.

The Romneys are used to having their way iwth most everything in life. There are no financial hurdles for them. It is my guess when complaints come about their activities when they are 'over the top' there are lawyers and bankrolls to make objections go away. 

I don't know if the lake monitors the boat use by permit or not. I don't know if the Romneys received special consideration for their boat preference on the lake. But, the other boat in the film clip looks like a fishing boat of one kind or another. Probably takes folks out for a price to go fishing. I really see those boats as an imposition on the others on the lake. I just don't see fisherman and regatta owners have much in common.
3.0 lb. Landlocked Salmon caught by Brendan Kelly fishing in Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire at the Winni Derby on 05/16/08 (click here)

Ya know what I mean? It just doesn't work for me. Call me crazy.

"Don't be a free rider."

The largest tax increase on the American people was Amendment XVI.

The individual mandate is a penalty in the form of a tax on non-participants. If a citizen opts out of purchasing health insurance for themselves there is a penalty on their incomes tax. It is the only place the federal government can ask each American every year to purchase health insurance. They don't have to, but, in exchange for the understanding uninsured people add to the burden of other Americans by increasing health insurance costs when emergency rooms are substituted for a doctor's office, there is a penalty to be paid for that abuse.

The states do the same thing with their tax forms. Tax forms is an annual event whereby the state, federal government and citizen interface in a way that constitutes exchanges of monies.

In 2014, there will be a new line on the federal tax form. It will ask if a citizen purchased health care insurance. If the answer is yes, proof of that insurance will have to be acknowledged in some way. My guess is if an employee has insurance through their job, the employer will add a box with a check mark to the W-2 form with the period of time covered. If the citizen purchases health insurance independently, the insurance company will probably provide a 1099 or something at the end of the year indicating the cost of the insurance and the period covered.

This is not a tax on everyone, it is a penalty tax on those without health insurance. The debate is silly and superfluous to the issues of our nation.

The USA Trade Deficit with China is about growth for both countries.

There isn't an American today expecting other countries to be the manufacturing countries and the USA, the country of wealth. It is unrealistic, poor policy and offends the USA National Security. ie: military and the example of WWII readiness in the private sector for the USA.

The growth of the sales of GM cars in China is a success story, but, 2.1 million cars sold in a country of 1,338,300,000 people as of 2010 is only a beginning in the potential market in China.

The question in regard to the trade deficit with China and the USA is not about competition so much as what is fair competition allowing both countries to grow while improving the quality of life of the people. The unhealthy relationship in the China-US trade deficit is a self-defeating reality for both countries. If the USA makes China the manufacturing county to the needs of its people, the ability of China to sell their goods decreases with the impoverishment of the American people. 

The USA will never be a country where every American is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Every child born in the USA is guaranteed a life, an education and the opportunity to work for a comfortable life, all their life. China has yet to reach that dynamic, but, it had not discovered capitalism until a few decades go. The 'belief' surrounding capitalism when China embraced the opportunity for their people was very deceptive as to how everything works to support a global economy. The ability of consumers in The West to purchase foreign products is not a bottomless pit if the trade deficit means removing good paying jobs in substitution for poverty. That is what has occurred over four decades of Republican leadership in the USA federal government. 

When China removes jobs from the USA it also removes that many more people from their consumer base. The same is true for India. It is true for Brazil, Russia or Iraq. When a country willingly takes jobs away from a place they are coveting as a CONSUMER BASE, it is defeating their own market share statistics.

U.S. trade deficit up in 2011; China accounted for three-fourths of rise in non-oil goods trade deficit (click title to entry - thank you)

It is a remarkable news day. Something has to be done about Syria. I think Turkey has the catbird seat.

The Republicans stalking President Obama's bus are more an ad for the President than Romney simply because they are lying.

"The job losses in Ohio are higher, the average household income is down SINCE PRESIDENT OBAMA TOOK OFFICE."


Since taking office the American Economy has completely turned around to a status than any given year under the Bush Economic Folly.

Since taking office the American Economy has grown past any performance of the Bush Economy.

Since taking office the American Citizen is the focus of the American economy.

Since taking office Wall Street has recovered beyond any expectations in 2008.

Since taking office the American Economy is based in local economic strength.

Since taking office, water and air are cleaner.

Since taking office we have brought troops out of Iraq.

Since taking office President Obama has done nothing short of a miracle in protecting Americans from an economic depression. He has upheld the citizen's dignity, inspired them to be retrained and re-educated for a new job paradigm and guaranteed Americans' health is a priority.

Thank you President Obama

This is a 2010 survey. What has the majority Republican House done to stop outsourcing of jobs since then? 
They had the majority in the US House, but, they did nothing to stop the outsourcing of American jobs.

...In a September 2010 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, (click title to entry - thank you) 86 percent agreed (including 68 percent who strongly agreed) that U.S. companies outsourcing work to foreign countries is one of the reasons for our struggling economy and unemployment. This was ranked the highest of eight reasons tested in the survey....

Today, Romney complains about the Chinese currency, but, he says nothing about outsourcing, stopping it or legislation he will propose on his first day to aid the American worker.

Similarly, in a December 2010 Allstate/National Journal survey, 67 percent thought outsourcing played a major role in high unemployment, compared to just 28 percent who thought it played a minor role and 4 percent who thought it played no role at all.

Not surprisingly, the public wants something done about this problem. In the August 2010 edition of the same survey, 70 percent thought it was either extremely (39 percent) or very (31 percent) important to reduce the number of jobs being outsourced in order to help the U.S. economy recover from the recession.

I really don't want to hear how WIllard Mitt Kardashin can explain how an ignorant American public/electorate does not understand the beauty of outsourcing and how it actually provides companies with a venue to create jobs in the USA. That would a lie. That would be an insult. And that would do nothing to further trust in government.

The American people have had enough of political lies and manipulation.