Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Matthew has a sister named Nicole.

October 6, 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

Nicole can be discerned in a parallel path with Matthew. Nicole is directly east of Matthew. It might get interesting if the two storms were to form one.

To the Americans along the east coast, including all of Florida, travel north and west when they reach I-40 in North Carolina.

In 1999, Hurricane Floyd at category 4 storm, sent Americans running for cover then. I had the interesting Mother's responsibility to keep three young adults safe and not curious when the storm hit a full day earlier than the eye's arrival. I sent two of them to Greensboro, NC which was west of Wilmington, NC in a new family car. I took a sports car which belonged to the other young adult at least fifty miles west of Wilmington and parked in a rest area in order to call the only family member still in Wilmington. He had an old Chevy pick-up truck in case he found himself in adverse conditions. The Chevy had been a family pet that was exclusively for such uses.

I called the one young adult still in Wilmington when I saw the Americans on I-40. They had license plates from Florida, Georgia and South Carolina as well as North Carolina. I told him it was time to mount the Chevy and ride hard to the west after excusing himself off work with his boss. he did that and I waited worried about the rising rivers and streams. He finally showed up and the two of us drove successfully to Greensboro. There was one area of I-40 near Raleigh that had a constant flowing amount of water across the highway that later was so flooded it became impassable.

My point is the people of the southeast states need to drive north and then west now, no different than when Hurricane Floyd hit the east coast. The water levels in 2016 will be higher. Floyd was a devastating storm that dumped so much water on Wilmington, it returned to it's island status before I-40 was built and the wetlands drained.

The people along the east coast where Matthew will cause rain at the very least need to continue to move north and west to find inland hotels that can accommodate them. The I-40 corridor goes all the way to the west coast. There is enough bed space somewhere.
The USA is not an ally to Syria and never has been.

An attack on Syria by the USA would leave a void of power no different than Iraq.


I would think by now John McCain would have found a far more profound issue to fight for in his elections.

The USA is no longer in imagineering war anymore.

I would expect if inhumane treatment continues of members of the American society the Republicans may find themselves up on human rights violations that will actually end the hate!

US Senator John McCain has sincere needs for his leadership if he would only just lead and stop this insane mess in North Carolina. 


Wall Street needs leadership to abandon petroleum as a cash flow instrument.

Using petroleum as a method to cash flow is a really bad idea. Petroleum has become a crutch to Wall Street's cash flow. That should have ended some time ago.

Energy stocks need to be assessed for it's stability rather than volatility when cash flow is the reason for for the investment. The reign of petroleum is over. It will soak up investment and reduce cash flow. 

October 5, 2016
By Grant Smith

Oil’s rally will stall at $55 a barrel (click here) as U.S. shale drillers get back to work and a “wall of supply” from investments made over the past decade hits the market, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said.
Global oil markets are set to remain “very oversupplied” in 2017 amid the return of disrupted output in Nigeria and Libya, resilient U.S. shale production and the start of major projects commissioned over the past 10 years, Goldman’s head of commodities research Jeff Currie said in a Bloomberg television interview....

The theory of Hurricane Matthew is all rhetorical. It has been proven wrong by previous Hurricane Hermine.

Breitbart is exaggerating the danger. It isn't about facts to date, it is about fear and the November election.

5 October 2016
By Chriss W. Street 

When Hurricane Matthew strikes Florida, (click here) it is expected to boost the volume of Zika-infected mosquitos in the U.S., wipe out the effectiveness of anti-Zika pesticide spraying, and potentially spread the so-called Zika “danger zone” up the East Coast. 

The monster Category-4 Atlantic hurricane, packing winds of 140 miles per hour, is on a path to strike Southern Florida on Friday morning, then drive up the center of the state. The storm appears to have more than enough power to veer right to hammer Georgia and the Carolinas, then move north, bringing torrential rain and flooding to the East Coast....

This is the track (click here) of Hermine from 28 Aug - 03 September 2016.

Theoretically, the issue could be real when adding the potential of the climate crisis adding an important element to the dynamics of Zika's characteristics.

Zika is not found anyplace except tropical and subtropical climates. It does not survive at higher latitudes. When adding the potential of the climate crisis there is a defined equation that applies. However, Zika more of less appears to depend on an ecosystem and not just temperature and moisture. That is a valid reality. Specialty organisms need an ecosystem and not just simply portions of it.

The CDC:

It is easy (click here) to reach false conclusion from this map IF one did not look at all the facts that went into making it.

Laboratory-confirmed Zika virus (click here) disease cases reported to ArboNET by state or territory — United States, 2015–2016 (as of September 28, 2016)§

I think it is great Breitbart is advocating for public health. Please don't stop. However, there are fatal mistakes that end the advocacy if the facts behind the issue are not taken into account.

Had Breitbart looked at the facts from the CDC regarding Zika, Breitbart would have realized where the CDC came up with the blue map above.

There are two columns. The first one to the left states "Travel associated cases" No. (% of cases in states)  (N=3566). 

Said differently, "Travel associated cases" by number of cases and in parenthesis the percentage of the cases in that state of the entire county. N equals the total number of cases in the USA.

Second column 
"Locally acquired cases" No. (% of cases in states) (N=59)

Said differently, "Locally acquired cases" Number of cases with percentage of overall cases in that state in parenthesis. N equals the number of total locally acquired cases that is 59 in the USA.

In the second column the number of cases of locally acquired cases is 59 in Florida and that is 100 percent of locally acquired cases.

Who knows if there was the potential for locally acquired cases after Hermine because the governors of those states took preventive actions to ward of any potential for the virus to infect their state's mosquito population. They did the best thing possible because whether it was climate or prevention; it worked ! 

So, considering the country is protected from locally occurring Zika virus it isn't going to hurt to repeat those preventive measures. Why mess with success! 

Breitbart is now peer reviewed and it is a positive process to lead to expertise and not simply rhetoric and misinformation. But, that may not be the goal of Breitbart. They should consider themselves peer reviewed no matter their methodology.

Immigration can be more a personal issue than a concern of the USA Hispanic population.

There is sincere disadvantage within the USA Hispanic community. Immigration, while important, isn't necessarily a motivation for the community.

Most average Americans would agree on issues of the day, including, national security, the gun culture in the USA which is also a national security issue, education (outsourcing public education) and higher education. The Hispanic community has all the same concerns, but, more through bias and discrimination.

Latinos are more than twice as likely to be food insecure as White, non-Hispanics. 
  • More than one in five (21%) Latinos are food insecure as compared to just one in 10 (10%) White, non-Hispanics and one in eight (13%) Americans overall.[iii]
  • Nearly one in four Latino children (24%) lives in a food-insecure household as compared to one in seven (14%) White, non-Hispanic children.[iv]
  • The 92 counties in 2014 with a majority Hispanic population compose 3 percent of all U.S. counties. Eighteen percent of these majority Hispanic counties fall into the top 10 percent of counties with the highest rates of childhood food insecurity.[v]
  • Of the top 20 counties in the nation with the highest food-insecurity rates for children, two have a population that is majority Hispanic....
The members of the US House of Representatives will have the best insight to their communities, the minorities and what is lacking to help propel Hispanic men and women to the top of our society, no different than any other American. While discussing immigration is reform is very important because the system is sadly and irretrievably broken, the candidates have to reach beyond dog whistle politics and actually show insight to the entire population of minorities in the USA. They have problems beyond immigration reform. What good is immigration reform if once established as a citizen of the USA the problems are insurmountable?

...However, (click here) too many Latino families confront challenges—discrimination, rising costs, limited access to housing education and counseling, and inadequate supply and access to assisted housing stock and programs—in  accessing quality affordable housing. Given the growth of the Latino population in Metro Chicago and across the state, our economic stability and future fiscal growth depends on the extent to which Latino families have access to an adequate supply of quality affordable housing in proximity to employment, public transportation, and community facilities. Quality affordable housing not only meets social equity goals for Latino families, but also ensures community viability and stability for everyone....

It seemed to me some of the most hardest hit during the 2008 global economic collapse were USA minorities and the loss of their homes. 

...Since housing (click here) prices began their precipitous decline in January 2007 and foreclosure rates skyrocketed, no one has assessed exactly how many mortgages have ended in foreclosure or who has been affected. Although a number of useful mortgage databases are available, there is no official, nationwide, publicly available census of completed foreclosures or associated demographic information. In this report, we seek to shed light on the nation’s foreclosure crisis by using government and industry data to estimate the number of foreclosures in recent years and their impact by race and ethnicity. More specifically, we calculate foreclosure rates from 2007 through 2009 for 1,632 combinations of loan types, geography, occupancy types and closing years, and apply these rates to mortgage origination data. The results are these key estimates on completed foreclosures: 

During the first three years of the foreclosure crisis, from January 2007 through the end of 2009, we estimate that 2.5 million foreclosures were completed. The vast majority of these foreclosures were on owner-occupied properties with mortgages that were originated between 2005 and 2008.1 

• The majority (an estimated 56%) of families who lost homes were non-Hispanic and white, but African-American and Latino families were disproportionately affected relative to their share of mortgage originations....

Home ownership is the first step to building wealth. Here again, minority home owners were disproportionately higher in completed foreclosures. They have to start all over in building wealth. That contribution of home ownership to the American economy has to be recognized and their losses registered as issues of the day as well. These issues may be resolved for many Americans, but, have they resolved for American minorities? 

Sea level rise also increases the flooding conducted by these storms. The storm surge is increased by a larger surface area of the oceans.

October 5, 2016

Matthew's water vapor is being heated with the assistance of the "Most Direct" solar rays.

Storms that occur at this time of year are frequently of higher velocity because it is the second trip of those solar rays. Earth receives heat in either hemisphere twice; the trip up the face of Earth from the southern hemisphere and then down again to the southern hemisphere.

The threat is real.

As a Category 4 hurricane, Matthew displaced the entire east coast air mass into it's water vapor hunger.

October 5, 2018
UNISYS Water Vapor of GOES East Satillite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The climate crisis storms of the recent past were really weak when they hit land and diminish in velocity. Matthew did not do that. It literally pulled the water vapor air mass of the east coast North American into it's peripheral winds. Matthew now has a water vapor supply from the ITCZ to the Arctic Circle and plenty of water vapor to regain it's velocity after crossing land.

October 2, 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor of GOES East Satellite

Governor Haley did the best thing a governor could do in alerting the public of the impending dangers, including the potential to dangerous flooding. 

October 5, 2016
By Paul Schemm and Brian Murphy

Emergency teams (click here) in Haiti struggled Wednesday to reach hurricane-ravaged areas cut off by washed-out bridges and mudslides after Hurricane Matthew roared over the nation’s western tip to began a devastating island-hopping path that arcs toward the U.S. coast.

The full extent of Matthew’s blow to Haiti remained unclear with communications almost fully severed to some regions in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation — where tens of thousands of people still living in tents after a powerful earthquake six years ago killed 200,000 people.

At least 11 deaths — including at least four in neighboring Dominican Republic — have been blamed on the hurricane, which packed winds of up 145 mph when it hit Haiti on Tuesday and then moved on toward Cuba and the Bahamas. A weakened Matthew was expected to make landfall in Florida on Thursday.

“What we know is that many, many houses have been damaged,” Haitian Interior Minister François Anick Joseph said. “Some lost rooftops and they’ll have to be replaced while others were totally destroyed.”...

It was only last year when South Carolina received some of the worst flooding in it's history. There is every indication with the diameter of Matthew being so large it will occur again even if the storm doesn't make landfall.

October 3, 2016
By Alexandra Olgin

One year ago, a large part of South Carolina was underwater. (click here) Unprecedented rainfall and breached dams flooded thousands of homes, businesses and roads. After a year of rebuilding, questions remain whether the state has taken enough steps to protect against another disaster....

Tim Kaine won the Vice Presidential debate without a doubt.

Mike Pence was the kind of rhetoric and regression, back to the 1980s and 1960s.

Pence has no vision of the future and he never stated Social Security and Medicare are safe from privatization.

Mike Pence needs a new position to run for, other than Vice President, he should have the title of litigating the Trump Doctrine of Regressive Politics. If I heard the words, "I defend Donald Trump because..." one more time I was ready to call in a jury.

Their campaign is one of fear and war mongering no different than any other Republican candidate before.