Monday, August 17, 2015

Ben Carson is being handled with kit gloves by FOX News Sunday so they can trash him later to benefit another candidate..

Carson states socialism is exactly what is happening in the USA now. "...I want things to be fair for everyone. I don't want to pick and choose who the winners and loser are....(the flat tax)...if you make $10 billion, you pay a billion. Some would say he still has $9 billion...and that is socialism....with elites at the top, a rapidly diminishing middle class and a fastly developing DEPENDENT class. That is not America...."

He then goes on to say it is easy to raise the progressive tax on a few than many. This is engineered ideas that have no basis in fact or in definition. FOX News Sunday's Wallace never states Ben Carson is wrong about his definition of socialism and allows him his deception. 

FOX News is loading up the 'political speech' for Republican voters to navigate the election waters to put their favorite son into the nomination and presidency.

"Good Night, Moon"

The Waxing Crescent

2.3 day old moon

5.7 percent lit

August 15, 2015

PHOENIX -- Much of the West (click here) was smothered in a blanket of heat Saturday with triple-digit temperatures hitting Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.
Above-normal temperatures were expected through the weekend as a high-pressure system centered over New Mexico acted like a lid to block cooler air, leaving valleys, deserts and mountains high and very dry.
Authorities warned people not to leave small children or pets in cars, where temperatures can quickly soar. Los Angeles and other cities were keeping libraries and other facilities open late to serve as cooling shelters for those without air conditioning.
Phoenix broke a daily record Friday, reaching 117 degrees, and the expected Saturday high of 116 would top a 1992 record by 4 degrees, National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Leins said.
"Stay inside if you can," he said. "It's dangerous, regardless of how acclimated you are to the climate, because it can be deadly."
Saturday was Phoenix's 18th day this year with temperatures above 110 degrees, CBSaffiliate KPHO reported....