Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Senator Rubio needs to pay attention to his actions in regard to Immigration Reform.

Senator Rubio is a young Senator. He needs to make it more and more clear when he votes it is based in fact, not populous opinion. It is sound governing practice that will carry his career forward, not populous rhetoric which in time will prove to remove confidence in his ability with voters. I would hope all legislators would want to be considered to be Great Americans, however, what is proving to be more true is the willingness to be elected for their personal wealth. 

Senator Rubio should set himself apart from those carrying rhetoric as their way of being popular in the next election and stand on his accomplishments instead.

Senator Rubio needs to lead and not follow. Rhetorical stands are touted by followers and not leaders.

Jason Easley
April 13, 2013
Sen. Marco Rubio’s approval rating (click here) is six points lower with Hispanics than George W. Bush’s, so the Republican Party thinks it is a great idea to put him on all 5 Sunday shows.
The Republican “rebrand” strategy is centered around making Sen. Marco Rubio the face of immigration reform. The problem is that Hispanics aren’t flocking to the Florida Republican. A new poll from NBC News/WSJ/Telemundo found that despite months of efforts to elevate Rubio, the senator’s approval rating with Hispanics is 23%. Twenty five percent of those polled were neutral, 12% had a negative opinion, and 40% didn’t know him. On the surface, these numbers don’t seem all that bad. The fact that Rubio is a relative unknown could provide upside for his approval.
Republicans might be feeling good about Rubio if the same poll didn’t reveal that George W. Bush’s approval rating with Hispanics is six points higher (29%) than Marco Rubio’s (23%). President Obama’s approval rating with Hispanics is almost three times larger than Rubio’s (64%), but not even the president can match potential 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval rating of 65%....

Rubio needs to move away from the Republican rhetoric and do what is best for the country. His resistance to vote in effective Immigration Reform is a problem for him. He should not be so worried about what the US House will do, he needs to worry about his own commitment to improving the lives of people longing to be productive members of our country.

May 31, 2013
...The lack of enthusiasm (click here) from Republicans about a McDonnell campaign shows through in numbers that find he is only the fourth choice of primary voters in the state to be their next national standard bearer. 17% support Marco Rubio with Chris Christie at 15% and Jeb Bush at 14% also coming in ahead of McDonnell's 12%. After that it's Rand Paul at 10%, Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan at 8%, Bobby Jindal at 3%, and Rick Santorum at 2%....

Border fences don't work. They have never worked. There is only one thing that stops Mexican citizens or those from anywhere in Latin America, from coming to the USA and that is better quality of life in their homelands. Mexico is proving that to be true. If there are less people crossing the USA southern border is it because they are finding less reason to go north, so much as work at home where their families live.

McAllen, Texas
By Scott Nicol
February 27, 2011
...Nearly 650 miles of solid border wall have already been built, at a cost of $2.6 billion, plus millions more for upkeep and repairs. Unlike the virtual fence, which was scrutinized for a year before being shut down, a recent Government Accountability Office report found that "CBP [Customs and Border Protection] has not assessed the effect of [physical] fencing on border security."...Last month, the Obama administration (click here) finally pulled the plug on the "virtual fence" that was supposed to line the border between the United States and Mexico with cameras and radar towers. After sinking more than $1 billion into the scheme, the Department of Homeland Securitydetermined that it was a complete failure. Mark Borkowski, executive director of the electronic fence program at DHS, summed it up by saying, "It was a great idea, but it didn't work."...

The cost is incredibly ridiculous. This is the cost of a SINGLE line of fence. San Diego claims their fence is effective to 95% effective, however, San Diego has three, COUNT THEM THREE, lines of fence with the second one five feet higher than the first and the third is bent at the top to make it more difficult to climb. All that San Diego's experience proves is that if a state spends enough they will stem the flow of people that cross at that point of the fence. It doesn't mean they have stopped crossing, it only proves they don't cross as frequently at San Diego.

...In 2009, the Congressional Search Service (click here) reported that the Department of Homeland Security had spent roughly up to $21 million per mile to build a primary fence near San Diego. The cost had ballooned as the fence extended into hills and gullies along the line.
The same year, Customs and Border Protection estimated costs of building an additional 3.5 miles of fence near San Diego at $16 million per mile. Even this lower figure would yield a rough projection of $22.4 billion for a single fence across the 1,400 miles remaining today.
These estimates do not include the costs of acquiring land, nor the expense of maintaining a fence that is exposed to constant efforts by illegal crossers to bore through it or under it or to bring it down. In March, Customs and Border Protection estimated it would cost $6.5 billion “to deploy, operate and maintain” the existing border fencing over an expected maximum lifetime of 20 years. The agency reported repairing 4,037 breaches in 2010 alone....

It doesn't matter that scary rhetoric sounds good to angry constituents, what matters are the facts. The fact currently reflect there are less people crossing the border. There are several reasons for that, including the fact, the Obama administration has deported more persons than any other administration before them.

FACT, no matter how many people the USA sends back or how high it makes the fence or how redundant the number of fences are to prevent crossings, it will never stop drug cartels. The drug cartels use submarines and half submarines to carry their illegal merchandise to the USA. The only country in North America that can afford their addictions to the extent there are those addicted. See, Canada has effective drug recovery programs. Government programs.

Senator Rubio should not dodge the issue, but, take it head on. People welcome to become citizens in the USA have been denied their 'belonging' for a long time, it is time to open the door and let them in. Going through a process will take long enough, but, to pin their hopes on a border fence is more than silly. If the fence never passes some arbitrary idea of performance, they will have spent their lives without opportunity. That is a betrayal. People should not be taken advantage of, so much as guaranteed rights by legislation passed by the federal government.

If these folks are required to wait in line, pay taxes, pay penalties and have satisfied any reasonable demand, but, the border fence doesn't yet work; it isn't their problem, it is the problem of the USA and whether or not there is enough funding for border patrol agents and/or maintenance of the fence. That is tragic and unconscionable. Take a stand and stop having a rubber backbone, Marco!

I don't really welcome ocean warming storms in a hot climate. I like ocean algae too much.

June 5, 2013
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

There is a chance there will be first hurricanes of the season. I think the circulation center in the eastern Gulf, south of Florida and northwest of Cuba has a higher energy dynamic to produce a hurricane. If there is a hurricane, the chances of tornadoes over land drops.

The Atlantic circulation center is approaching a small island affiliated with the Bermuda Rise. The island itself is a 'heat center' simply because it is in the middle of a cooler water ocean.

Analyzing seafloor sediments from the Bermuda Rise, (click here) scientists concluded that alkenones made off Nova Scotia were transported southward by the Deep Western Boundary Current. Off Cape Hatteras, the current intercepts the clockwise-circulating Worthington Gyre and the counterclockwise North Recirculating Gyre. The two great gyres act like interlocking cogs, drawing Nova Scotian particles from the Deep Western Boundary Current, channeling them eastward between the gyres, and carrying them onto the Bermuda Rise. (Illustration by E. Paul Oberlander, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Human beings don't create oxygen they collect it. The oxygen found in tanks or oxygen systems at hospitals is from liquified air which has been distilled into liquid oxygen, etc. Humans can't really produce oxygen, unless they intend to use electrolysis to the entire ocean. But, void of plants we are all in rough shape. It is all part of climate, like it or not.

About 98% of atmospheric oxygen comes from photosynthesis, the process by which plants produce sugars from carbon dioxide and water. The remainder results from the breakup of water by ultraviolet radiation.

It is a lot cooler 
today than 2 weeks ago. That is due to the growing hurricane(s).

June 5, 2013 
1315 gmt
The Weather Channel Temperature 

The temperature difference isn't because Autumn is approaching. It is heat distribution of Earth's physics.

May 20, 2013
2015 gmt 
The Weather Channel Temperature Map

I think I already addressed this. The velocity was so high there were many touchdowns vs return to wall cloud.

It was the high velocity the professionals weren't used to and were caught in the high energy, water vapor saturated heat storm. I did already state that. But, I also stated the weather service would be analyzing the data and presenting it's findings. They did and have confirmed my own prescription to death and disaster. I don't enjoy those analysis either. The El Reno heat storm did not 'make my day.' Quite the contrary. 

However, this proves without a doubt there is solid science used in measuring these storms to understand the profound changes occurring in our climate.

by Bill Chappell
June 4, 2013
The tornado (click here) that struck El Reno, Okla., Friday "is officially the widest known tornado in the U.S.," says the National Weather Service office in Norman, Okla., announcing today that at its widest, the storm stretched across 2.6 miles....
...The El Reno tornado's intensity was upgraded to the maximum rating of EF5; the weather agency says its winds reached 295 miles an hour while it was on the ground in the area west of Oklahoma City....

I need to address something, a misuse of the language surrounding these storms. There is a difference between Shelf Cloud and Wall Cloud. If professionals want to be understood by the public they need to be consistent in their use of language.

This is a Wall Cloud. It is unique and only occurs when tornadoes are the prevalent threat. This photo is by NOAA.

Below is a shelf cloud. This one happens to be a thunderstorm. There is a difference. When Wall Clouds are noticed in the area people need to take their safety very seriously. That might be the case with a Shelf Cloud, too, but they do not have the profound danger accompanying Wall Clouds.

Shelf clouds can also result in Roll Clouds. They are all considered Arcus Clouds. They are different from Mammantis Clouds which carry their own prediction capacity.

13 Incredible Arcus Clouds (click here)

But, the public likes to be correct in their language and understanding definitions. It empowers them. As a professional the public should have a place in the definition of the practice. Professionals exist because the public values them.

Northern Europe is flooding.

A cluster of homes are surrounded by water from the Mulde River near Eilenburg.  Jens Wolf, AFP/Getty Images

05/06 04:07 CET
At least 12 people have been killed (click here) in severe flooding that has swamped a large part of central Europe.
The high water is now shifting north from Prague to eastern Germany.
The city of Dresden is inundated. It was last deluged by flood water in 2002.
In the German state of Saxony around ten thousand people have been evacuated from their homes.
Mindful of a looming election, Chancellor Angela Merkel was swiftly on the scene.
“Many people are still in shock from the floods of 2002,” she told the crowd, “and things were just getting rebuilt. The federal government will support the flood-hit areas. For every euro spent by the state, the federal government will give another.”
In Austria, the Danube has not been as high for ten years. 20, 000 emergency personnel have been deployed.

The Netherlands gets ready for floods as river water levels rise (click here)

Monday 03 June 2013

Flood plains along the banks of the Rhine and other major rivers are expected to be under water in places later this week as very heavy rains in Germany have an effect in the Netherlands.
The water in the Rhine at Lobith, where the river crosses into the Netherlands, is expected to reach 13.55 metres above NAP in the coming days. NAP is the base used to measure how high or low water levels are.
A river level of 13.55 metres is considered high but not worrying....

The legislature has no room for criticism of the President for appointing Ambassador Rice to the National Security Advisor. If the legislature is this pathetic about confirmation of very qualified nominees they have no room to criticize anything the President does within his Executive power.

Ambassador Rice does have a more aggressive posture in the United Nations than one might expect.

by Cody Leblanc on Jun 03, 2013
In a welcome move (click here) on May 29, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice called on the Ugandan/African Union mission against the Lord’s Resistance Army to restart operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In remarks at a U.N. Security Council briefing by Abou Moussa, Special Representative to the Secretary General of the U.N. Regional Office for Central Africa , or UNOCA, Rice implored the U.N. to take more action to prevent the LRA from setting up safe havens in the Democratic Republic of Congo....
...This is a particularly welcome statement, as new information has surfaced that the LRA has moved groups of fighters into the Congo in recent weeks.  This must not become a safe haven for Kony’s dangerous fighters. 

This sounds like a commercial produced by Walmart. Walmart believes they are a career choice.

Here is a hint. A career choice often means possessing a college degree. Folks that go on to higher education have a particular career in mind. I would say that is the case 99% of the time. Now, finding a job in their career choice is another issue, but, considering the most recent generation has been mostly unemployed, it really is an empty debate.

This is a bit besides the point, but there are all kinds of critics regarding college attendance. The reason, of course, is that it is inefficient in planning a life of employment. What is the answer for upward movement when one decides to work instead of attend college? Seriously. What is the alternative? Walmart. The argument they make is completely mute. It has no basis, much as the statement by the Mississippi governor. I call him that very loosely.

But, the idea that the women of Mississippi are abandoning their responsibility to their children by not have enough time to help with their homework in a nurturing way is about as hideous as it comes.

In the USA those educated with a bachelor's degree or higher is 28.2 percent. Those with the same degree level is 19.7 percent. That does not mean parents are capable of assisting with their children's homework. It does mean Mississippi have far, far less women seeking careers measured in a meaningful way. This is what happens when public education is treated as an enemy to the citizen taxpayers.

I don't really want to hear how housekeeping and motherhood is a career choice, it isn't. It is valuable work, but, it is not a career choice. A career choice requires some degree of preparation beyond what an average person would do. I don't recall any Housework University.

The median annual income in Mississippi is $38,781 and probably from at least two incomes in the household, while the USA has a median income of $52,762 in the same social dynamic. And that is another thing. The US Census measures median income, but, it does not measure how many jobs the household requires to maintain that income.

So, if the Mississippi governor, I use that term lightly, wants to blame parents for the educational outcomes of their children and nurturing, he can blame it on the fact the household needs at least two or more incomes to sustain themselves in Mississippi while their shopping takes place at cut thoat Walmart and not Main Street.

How completely ridiculous is this! A dress code for the courtroom and secrecy due to the 'nature' of the prosecution.

'Truth' t-shirts are now banned from the courtroom -- have to turn em inside out or stay out. LOL.
It was leaked !!!!!!!!!
By Associated PressPublished: June 4
Updated: Wednesday, June 5, 4:45 AM
...Large parts of the proceedings (click here) are expected to be closed to the public. Many documents have been withheld or heavily redacted. Photographers were blocked from getting a good shot of the soldier and even some of Manning’s supporters had to turn their T-shirts inside out....
Of course, the JAG Corp wants to present material NOT leaked to stress their point of the prosecution in the first place. This is even more hideous than the Senate hearings yesterday with the top brass.