Monday, September 20, 2010

The joint storm of Igor and Julia are heading to Greenland. Can the President declare Earth a disaster area?

September 21, 2010
0130:15 z
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (12 hour loop at title to entry - click here)

There is an enormous amount of air movement over the entire northwest hemisphere. 

There is another tropical wave off of Africa.

September 21, 2010  0017 GMT Atlantic Ocean Satellite  There was a significant arctic vortex that interacted with Igor and Julia to turn the storms to the Arctic Circle.  That appears to have been severely disrupted upon arrival of the heat from these storms.
Wave in Canada due to Igor.  I am certain these folks are not at all acquainted with these events caused by a tropical storm. 
Monday September 20, 2010 Bay Roberts NL , Canada
It seems obvious to me the arctic vortex is disrupted in the Atlatnic Ocean.  It is fairly consistent around the planet unitl it encounters 'mid' North American continent.  And it is severely interrupted all teh way to southern Greenland in this image.  The disruption extends to Europe and to Western China and russia.  Wow.
September 21, 2010
0124 gmt
North Pole Satellite Image

This is the water vapor satellite of the North Pole.  It is very obvious from this view there is profound disruption of the arctic vortex by Igor and Julia.  Greenland is easily noted.  The 'bright blue' color is noted to be disrupted not only over the North American continent but also over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  To be noted the storms of the Gulf are contibuting to the Pacific 'dryness.'  In this satellite, the water vapor is not disturbed over Europe and Asia.  The navy blue color along the Arctic Ocean is a satellite anomally. 
September 21, 2010
2100 utc
Longitude 0 West and Latitude 90 North Water Vapor Satellite

Below is the 'raw' data of water vapor of the same time period.

Some scientists are now stating the Polar Bear, Musk Oxen and Arctic Fox are among endangered species of the Arctic.

Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010

Arctic foxes, polar bears and musk oxen (click here) are now in the list of endangered species, a U.S.-based eco-system watchdog has said.
Polar bears are not the only species in danger from global warming. The U.S. Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has claimed that 17 Arctic animals are at risk from the melting ice in the region, according to The Telegraph. Sea ice in the Arctic has reduced to its lowest level since 2007 and scientists predict the area could be largely ice free in summer within 10 years.
The CBD also fears that these animals could be in danger if drilling for oil goes ahead in the area.

The opinions of allies matter.

Explorers fear for the polar bear  (click here)
By Cai Wenjun and Li Wei
During the 82-day expedition the 122-member team, including eight expatriate scientists, reached the ...northernmost point of any previous Xuelong expedition, collecting special samples from the North Pole and conducting marine and climate research.
Scientists landed on the North Pole by helicopter twice in August to take samples.
"The biggest impression was the large ice melting," said Yu Xingguang, the team's chief scientist. "Previously, we saw big coverage by sea ice. This time the ice was in small blocks, which is why Xuelong went so far north."
He also said the team only saw one polar bear, while they had encountered the animal many times in the past....

Russia likely to resolve Lomonosov Ridge dispute in its favor says diplomat (click title to entry - thank you)
16:09 20/09/2010
Russia will succeed in persuading the UN to rule in favor of its claim to the Lomonosov Ridge under the Arctic Ocean, an ambassador at large said on Monday.
" I am sure, that the process [of defining the external boundaries of the Russian continental shelf] will be crowned with success," Anton Vasilyev, who is also a senior official in the Arctic Council, said at a press conference dedicated to the forum "The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue."
Russia and Canada are in dispute over the Lomonosov ridge, with both countries trying to persuade a UN commission that it is an extension of its own continental shelf. Russia and Canada's foreign ministers, Sergei Lavrov and Lawrence Canon, agreed on Thursday that scientific evidence should resolve the dispute.
The process of defining whether the ridge is a continuation of the Russian continental shelf or not is unlikely to lead to conflicts between Russia and other countries, Vasilyev added....

The weather at Glacier Bay National Park (Crystal Wind Chimes) validates climate deterioration.

Local Time :: 5:56 PM AKDT on September 20, 2010 (GMT -08)
Lat/Lon :: 58.8° N 137.0° W
Elevation :: 33 feet
Temperature :: 59 degrees Fahrenheit
Conditions :: Clear
Humidity :: 42%
Dew Point :: 36 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind :: 6 mph from the WSW
Pressure :: 29.93 in (Steady)
Visibility :: 10.0 miles
UV :: 1 out of 16
Clouds :: Clear - (Above Ground Level)