Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The police seem to need the support of each other when they decide citizens have no free speech rights.

Los Angeles police officers remove a protester who refused order to vacate park outside City Hall.

We have seen this before. Police act together through a support network that spans the country. Maybe #Occupy should just make it easy on them when they show up and move their belongs rather than have confrontation because they don't seem to do well if there isn't hubris involved to support their egos.

The mayors are not interested in any communication and like to victimize the image of the protesters by portraying them as social sludge, so there seems to me to be a real problem with the way government addresses the problems the majority of citizens face in the year 2011.

I still believe the peaceful protest is the best venue. It literally makes fools of the authorities that seek to ignore the problems of the majority rather than face them. It protects lives, although those violent police actions do damage, don't they?  Unarmed people end up in hospitals and emergency rooms. The simple 'police action' speaks eons of the existing oppression of the current government 'mind think.'

The answer is to rid the system of authorities tainted by Wall Street. Is that best done when people are assaultive, so much as true to their values? The message of #Occupy resonates because it is true. Everyone feels the oppression and lack of opportunity within this country. A lack of opportunity that is profound and well founded in the methodology of Wall Street. #Occupy is the truth within this country and for many globally.

Demonstrating is a method to turn life's understanding into a solid moment in time to convey the truth that exists in the firmament. Truth of oppression is noted in overt ways, but, often hidden from the profound definition of The West. The West likes to hide its truth from public view. That is a fact. Protests, marches form a solidified understanding there are profoundly poor conditions for citizens. The poverty rate is up to 15%. That is not a minor topic. The USA places questionable rankings globally in education, health care and particular topics such as infant mortality. That was not our country ten years ago.

#Occupy Movement has very high moral content. The questionable actions of a few is simply normal statistics. There is malady that occurs in behavior when people do not have resources. Alcoholism and crime are a known quality that fluctuate due to economic conditions. President Obama has provided an adequate safety net for many up to now following the exploitation of the USA Treasury in 2008. Bailing out banks did nothing to benefit the citizens. It didn't improve their paychecks, their health care or their opportunity at the American Dream.

Regardless of how derelict the media and government seeks to paint the movement, the reason it is resilient is because we are the truth. We know it, no one else has to. It has a universal message that has defied oppression.

The #Occupy Movement has achieved huge goals. The future belongs to the people that seek the truth and move it forward. I believe President Obama has tried to secure a nation of fairness and prosperity for the citizens of the country, but, we all know the problem. Those that see the world through their own kaleidoscope of images based in
'profits only' at any cost are the problem, not us. A society is its people and not its profits. There are venues to resolve this and they will be realized, but, they are best realized within the movement through collective power, not venues of violence. I sincerely believe that.

There are reasons to believe we are correct and contain the character integrity to sustain the assault of image makers. I believe we can build our own infrastructure as well. That is power. People are inherently afraid of power, especially their own.

Occupy protesters kicked out of camps in Los Angeles, Philadelphia (click title to entry - thank you)

More than 200 are arrested as cops sweep in

Wednesday, November 30 2011, 8:54 AM

Cops evicted Occupy demonstrators from their camps in Los Angeles and Philadelphia early Wednesday, moving in under cover of darkness and arresting more than 200 people.
The crackdown began after midnight in both cities, with officers urging the protesters to leave peacefully and then immediately beginning to dismantle their tents.
In Los Angeles, 1,400 officers were mobilized for the operation, some wearing riot gear and wielding batons and rubber bullets....

That is a whole lot of money in overtime.  The city will spend it on police time, but, not employment.  Hello?

A light bulb go on yet?

...Bulbs (click title to entry - thank you) built around light-emitting diodes—semiconductors that produce bright light when zapped with electricity—last 10 times longer than conventional bulbs, meaning fewer ladders blocking frozen-food aisles or unsightly scaffolds towering in hotel lobbies as workers change blown-out bulbs. With energy savings not yet enough in some cases to cover the higher cost of the new bulbs, it's lower maintenance costs that are getting sales across the finish line.

"If you think about a 20- to 40-foot tall parking lot light pole, you need a bucket truck and electrician to replace those lamps every two years. Now these will last us 10 to 12 years," said Charles Zimmerman, Wal-Mart's vice president for international design and construction. "The big payback number is on the maintenance."...

Clinton Arrives in Myanmar to Assess Reforms

...Administration officials said Mrs. Clinton first wanted to see whether Mr. Thein Sein’s government was prepared to take his own steps. Officials remain wary, disappointed that the government has not freed more of the 1,600 political prisoners still being held and that Mr. Thein Sein recently denied the existence of any of them. The senior administration official also noted that the administration’s initial efforts to engage Myanmar’s leaders in 2009 were “abysmal failures.”

Another issue of particular concern for the United States is Myanmar’s cooperation with North Korea, and American officials have pressed the government to agree to more vigorous inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency....

...The decision to send Mrs. Clinton was debated among the White House, the State Department and members of Congress, many of whom remained critical. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, the Republican chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Mrs. Clinton’s trip sent “the wrong signal.”...

The mistake the Republicans chronically make is their over abundant concern with IMAGE over substance. The "W"rong signal would be to isolate Myanmar until EVERY demand of the USA is met. That is hideous. We live in the world with Myanmar and the more the current leadership is recognized for improving the civil rights of its citizens the better. The real travesty to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen statement is the fact militarized dictatorships are necessary and not a luxury when involved with countries unable to pay successfully secure munitions of any kind otherwise.

Republicans believe they can wave a magic wand and have the changes happen as if there is infrastructure to allow it to happen, but, the leadership is simply belligerent. That is not the case. It is nearly never the case and Myanmar is an excellent example of a country finding the will 'to trust' civil rights while still maintaining the security of its military.

Simpletons. Republicans are breakfast table simpletons.

I question if Great Britain actually WANTS the Iranian police to respond to the crowd.

It would have been possible that Iranians would have died at the hand of their own police in response to the distrubances. 

Does Britain want people alive or dead?  It doesn't matter if these people are unarmed, they would have died anyway.  Evacuating personnel sounds like a far better option.  Sanctions have consequences.  This is a reaction to something, tensions if nothing else. 

...British Prime Minister David Cameron (click title to entry - thank you) said Tuesday Iran faces "serious consequences" for failing to defend the British compounds from Islamists who barged into them as police looked on. The protesters chanted "Death to Britain" as they smashed windows of the main embassy building, threw documents outside and set fire to a car. Another group of Iranians stormed a British diplomatic complex in northern Tehran.  The assaults followed followed Britain's decision to impose new economic sanctions against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program....

It would appear sanctions are working.  I would think this is activity to be expected when sanctions are imposed.  Does Great Britain live in lulla land?  Cause and effect.  And then there are the trees.  That was kinda lousy.  I rather have living disgruntled people than dead citizens and further bloodshed.  I think the world can handle the indignity of its own actions for the sake of saving lives.  Last time there were protesters in the street and Iran sent out the police there was a notable death the young adults hang on to as a symbol of the violence they face when they oppose the government.  That symbol was a young woman killed for no reason except she demonstrated.  I think Great Britain has come away with a clean record at this point.