Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The men being put to death for the crimes they have committed are dying by asphyxiation.

They are not being executed, they are being deprived of oxygen by an induced coma.

The Versed puts the prisoner under oxygen deprivation quickly and lasts for ONLY 15 minutes as the longest. The Versed wears off and there can easily be a renewed awareness of his circumstances, but, the Dilaudid would continue to cause increased sedation and RESPIRATORY DEPRESSION.

The Dilaudid sedation is what is causing RESPIRATORY DEPRESSION as it is given in significant amounts. The prisoner succumbs GRADUALLY to oxygen deprivation. If a oximeter was allied to these prisons as they die, it would be noted the oxygen saturation would be dropping and finally to a fatal level. This is torture, it is not execution. 

I'll state it one more time. The prisoners sentenced to death are dying of asphyxiation.

The death penalty executions in the USA are now torture sessions. They are human rights violations.

It is obvious the USA no longer cares about human rights or the dignity of a nation. Why continue pretending the USA is the moral country it once was? Torture was acceptable during Bush/Cheney administration. Extraordinary rendition victimized innocent people. Now, torture is being conducted as a desperate act of so called justice. Is there any doubt the USA has turned a corner on morality?

Don't count on the Supreme Court to stem any form of torture in the USA, it won't happen. The Supreme Court has proven to accept the idea money can achieve a citizen's standing and also passes on any judgement of carrying out torture in lieu of the death penalty. 

The USA is experiencing the dissolution of government, hence, the anarchy of immorality is everywhere. The Supreme Court has proven itself hostile and anarchic when it comes to the people of this country, this is just another instance of same. The Republicans have learned the people of the USA become disgusted with their government and turn away from elections. That hostile attitude will continue to stall effectiveness of laws and will prohibit civility. Civility would prompt the people to demand more of the same in pride of the country, so don't expect it. Republicans want the power of the federal government long enough to dissolve it.

People consenting to torture as method to carry out the death sentence forget, those in prison are also citizens of the USA and to that lies the responsibility of the country. When Americans consent to torture as a death penalty resolve, the country is lost. 
Update - 8:24 p.m.:
Arizona executed (click here) Joseph R. Wood on Wednesday afternoon, but the execution lasted for nearly two hours as Wood struggled to breathe, according to his attorneys.
“I’ve witnessed a number of executions before and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Dale Baich, one of Wood’s attorneys, told The Washington Post in a phone call. “Nor has an execution that I observed taken this long.”
Baich, still in the parking lot at the state prison in Florence, Ariz., described watching Wood “gasp and breathe heavily” for more than an hour and 40 minutes.
Wood was sentenced to death in 1991 for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend Debra Dietz and her father, Eugene. He was killed by lethal injection at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence, Ariz., in an unusually drawn-out process that immediately brought to mind other incidents of lethal injections going awry.
The Junior Senators seeking to undermine President Obama have really lousy priorities. President Obama is the Commander and Chief and attacking him at a time of emergency both in the Middle East and Europe is completely "W"rong.

US Senator Rubio is sounding like an idiot speaking about how Same Sex Marriage is bigotry. No one is attacking marriage. No one is forcing churches to change their doctrines. He is hideous in his departure from reality.

US Senator Crude or sorry, Cruz is simply proving he has no loyalty to any country except his own politics. Who does is grooming by the way? He always look as though he just stepped out of a Metrosexual Salon, any guesses?

It will be nothing short of a small miracle if anyone steps forward to speak for Hamas to end the confrontation with Israel. The spokesperson most respected by all Palestinians has died and his name was Yassar Arafat. Even when Chairman Arafat was alive he still was challenged by the extremists within the citizens of the Palestine. He did have the authority and in that authority he had the loyalty of the majority of Palestine.

Given the fact Chairman Arafat was able to speak for all Palestinians, The West and Israel have conveniently forgotten what has transpired in regard to the former Chairman and his death. The list of reasons many Palestinians distrust The West and Israel and President Abbas is lengthy. Very lengthy. 

I am no one to speak for Palestinians. There are many among the citizenry of Palestine that can speak for the pains and priorities of the people. But, the facts as to the reason the hostilities persist is clear.

To begin, Palestine still doesn't exist as a sovereign nation. Their borders are disappearing with aggression by Israel in it's continuing invasion of settlements. There is no way to stop Israel from destroying olive groves and moving border lines at their whim. The Palestinians are chronically moved from their homes and lands without regard OR respect for their rights to a homeland both secure and prosperous.

It has been decades of hatred that has passed between these nation of peoples and as time has gone on it has only cemented the distrust and further propagated violence. The ability 'to be heard' for Palestinians can only occur when violence breaks out. 

Additionally, this recent violent episode between the two peoples is Israel's fault. There were two Palestinian young people demonstrating, PEACEFULLY, in May of this year killed by IDF. There it is. When Palestinians demonstrate peacefully they die. 

There is no dealing with Israel. Over and over again the Palestinians are told in every way they are not worthy of a country, a homeland OR LIFE itself. 

There is a lot to do to try to bring about equity between Israel and Palestine. Ending the violence against them would be the first best thing to do. In ending the violence, there would be no reason to end flights into Tel Aviv. 

Life matters to most of the world. Any threat to the safety of airlines is unacceptable. The world was given a wake up call with the violence along the Ukraine - Russian border. Now, with missiles reaching to Israel's airport we are suppose to believe that is not a danger to life. It's ridiculous.

Israel has problems they need to solve and the sooner the better. Israel is not isolated, the USA would be in Israel in a moment's notice to bring citizens to a safe haven if that was at all necessary. The US State Department has given Israel high priority in ending this confrontation. There is never a moment Israel is alone. So, the idea the FAA is acting to punish Israel is idiocy. Pure idiocy.

The profile of the talks have to insure a homeland for Palestinians.

July 23, 2014
JERUSALEM (AP) — Offering the first glimmer of hope for a Gaza cease-fire, the United States on Wednesday said negotiations to broker a truce between Israel and Hamas militants are making some progress even if an end to more than two weeks of bloodshed is nowhere near.
‘‘We certainly have made steps forward,’’ U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in Jerusalem, where he was meeting for the second time this week with United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon. ‘‘There’s still work to be done.’’...
...Kerry also offered ‘‘profound gratitude’’ to what he described as 30,000 Israelis who spontaneously lined Jerusalem streets on Wednesday for the funeral procession of Israeli soldier Max Steinberg, a 24-year-old American citizen who grew up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley and was killed in the fighting. ‘‘That’s a remarkable statement — we’re very grateful,’’ Kerry said.
Kerry also planned to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during what appeared to be a crucial day in the talks. U.S. officials have downplayed expectations for an immediate, lasting truce between Israel and Hamas, which controls Gaza....

While these talks are occurring with conflict at the center of the dialogue, there is no room for backsliding. There have been too many concessions to Israel in the past. Palestine's homeland has to be defined clearly. 

I would not expect the talks to effect the continuing conflict. I sincerely believe Israel and it's focus on Hamas will never end. The densely militarized land has proven never to have influence on the outcome of peace initiatives. The more Israel has been militarized, the more resolve the Palestinians have to jihadist postures. Even today the Palestinians are lining up to confront the IDF as they march on to Palestinian land. 

The approach by Israel is to justify it's actions by hair raising tails of rockets buried near schools. There is no excuse for bombing any schools or hospitals. The rockets were buried and not aimed from the roof of any school. It was an atrocity to bury rockets near any school, but, to compound the horror by providing permission to cause deaths of innocent people and children especially by bombing the cites is a human rights violation.

Israel doesn't recognize the lives of Palestinian children. Israel recognizes reasons to war with Palestine. The problem of buried rockets near schools is best brought to the UN Security Council to find a resolve rather than simply bombing sites Israel decides is a danger at any price.

Israel just doesn't get it. The USA has backed Israel to a posture of near immunity of any deaths of it's citizens by any country including Iran. To that end I, as an American, would expect Israel to find it's security a priority and not the death of Palestinians. The deaths of these innocent people and children is an atrocity the USA never bargained for. It is not a priority to kill Palestinians in the USA. The priority I hold as an American is to find a way forward to bring about the end of hostilities and provide a homeland to both nations of people.

Israel and it's actions is becoming an atrocity to the world. The Palestinian people need help in providing safe bomb shelters to prevent their deaths. The Palestinians need humanitarian aid. Palestine needs a permanent definition of it's borders and the methods to defend them. This current bombing of Gaza is more than any country should tolerate. The so called terror group of Hamas has become a strategy by Israel to the advancement of settlements and expansion of Israel's borders. That can't be acceptable to anyone. Palestine should exist and exist permanently.

Israel's aggressive stance is a faux dynamic used within it's politics to justify the end of any Palestinian nation.

The Dutch have embraced the dead being returned to home.

July 23, 2014
By Fred Pals

The Netherlands, (click here) having its first national day of mourning in more than half a century, today will receive some of the bodies and remains of those perished on flight MH17 on July 17.
King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima and Prime Minister Mark Rutte will gather with relatives of the 193 Dutch victims at Eindhoven airport where two military planes are expected at about 4 p.m., the government said in a statement. A minute of silence will be observed after the landing while flags on public buildings around the country will fly at half staff for the day.
The bodies will be transported to a military base in Hilversum for identification, a process that may take months, Rutte said at a press conference yesterday. The Dutch are leading the investigation into what happened to the flight, which departed from Amsterdam for Kuala Lumpur....

Forty people, forty identical herse to carry them in dignity. No doubt the families will be asked to donate DNA for final identification of the dead. Hopefully, the families have some degree of relief in knowing their loved ones are home and will have a final resting place.