Saturday, April 02, 2016

98% Garlic Water, a perfect potion to eliminate vampires. Oh, sorry, to eliminate mosquitos

Aedes aegypti is the species of most concern. (click here for an interesting article from

"Be Mosquito Free!" Poster at right (click here).

Mosquito Barrier (click here) is an all natural, super strong, liquid garlic based formula that will keep pests like gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and ants out of your yard, golf courses, parks and fields. It does not contain chemicals so it is environmentally safe and safe for animals and humans. It will keep pests away for 24 hours - up to a month. It contains garlic that is stronger and more powerful than those found at a grocery store. Mosquitoes are not tolerant to garlic - so one spraying of this product will keep them away. The smell of the garlic juice will become unnoticeable to humans within a few minutes, but to mosquitoes, they can smell it 10,000 times more than humans. Mosquito Barrier can be mixed with canola oil and water to coat standing water to form a thin film of natural oil that will kill the larvae developing in the water.

The idea behind being mosquito free is to manage the environment where family and children spend time outdoors. You don't have to mist with DDT. Please don't do that.

The Garlic mixture can be a little pricey if repeated uses are necessary. I have not tried this product, but, I intend to do so. There are also customer testimonies listed on the website.

There is one company called "The Mosquito Authority" (click here) that provides their own product as a problem solver for mosquitoes.

At The Mosquito Authority, (click here) we know all things that buzz aren’t bad. In spite of its painful sting, the honey bee is responsible for both honey production and pollination. And those are two VERY important roles. That’s why the Honey Bee happens to be one of our favorite beneficial insects. Just ahead of the honey bee, though, are our children, their health and their safety.... (Page down at this site for free flower seeds.)
I thought the Mosquito Authority had an interesting approach. I am not familiar with the product being promoted, but, it nearly sounds too good to be true. He mentions his product is registered with the EPA. Click here for their website to help decide which product is best for the family. (click here).

Have piece of mind about the choices made in regard to mosquito repellent, but, be sure it works. Invest in the time now time to prepare. Don't take too long to decide what type of protection from mosquitoes are needed. Here are two other products I found interesting.

PIC Corporation (click here) "TWIST-IT Citronella Plus Mosquito Repellent Twistable Armbands"

"No Mo Skeeters" (click here)

"Mosquito Heat" (click here)

A good article from "The Virginia Pilot" (click here) 

Ted Cruz knows nothing about the issues he claims to be an expert because he is from Texas. North Dakota is not a booming economy for petroleum.

Ted Cruz is nothing but rhetoric. He isn't trustworthy.

March 23, 2016
By Paul Ausick
Independent oil and gas producer (click here) Emerald Oil Co. (NYSEMKT: EOX) filed for bankruptcy Tuesday after markets closed. The company’s main area of operations is the Bakken shale play in North Dakota and Montana.
In its filing the company said it had received a “stalking horse” bid from Latium Enterprises, but neither Emerald nor Latium specified a bid price. Emerald said it has $20 million of debtor-in-possession financing available, pending the bankruptcy court’s approval....
...Other independent oil and gas producers that have filed for bankruptcy include Magnum Hunter Resources, Samson Resources and Swift Energy.
Emerald’s stock traded up about 7% Wednesday afternoon, at $1.37 in a 52-week range of $0.39 to $19.00.

The Independent petroleum industry that wants all these pipelines in the USA borrowed 90% of potential income from the banks. Then they watched as their product's value sunk to record lows. They are selling their oil at a loss. That can't go on forever.

Ted Cruz speaks Republican rhetoric and knows nothing about the facts.

The petroleum industry wants a bailout from the federal government as soon as a Republican president is elected in 2016.