Friday, December 17, 2010

Secretary Jackson and Secretary Solis need to pick up the pieces where the Bush/Cheney Administration completely failed.

As death toll of 9/11 responders nears 1,000, pols want autopsy standards to pinpoint causes  (click title to entry - thank you)

Thursday, November 11th 2010, 4:00 AM

WASHINGTON - The staggering death toll for Ground Zero responders has soared past 916 - and still no one knows what really killed them.
Now, nine years after the terror attacks, doctors and some New York lawmakers are urging the federal Department of Health and Human Services to draft autopsy protocols to pinpoint 9/11-related fatalities, the Daily News has learned.
Astonishingly, there are no written standards to help doctors diagnose post-9/11 deaths, leaving a void that's wreaked enormous emotional pain and conflict on survivors....

The USA Senate is incapable of providing important health care for the responders of September 11, 2001.  The problem is that nine year later the death toll  to those events are still climbing.  I don't see ANY difference between the people that died on 'the day' of violence or the people that died years later 'in response' to the violence.

The death toll to the responders are a full third of the deaths of the victims that occurred on September 11, 2010.  The suvivors to this tragedy were provided with vast support.  There may still be lawsuits by some of the surviving families, but, for the most part the survivors received compensation for their loss.

The Obama Administration needs to consider a dual approach to the lingering 'death toll' from September 11th.  They should tackle the problem of performing forensics to determine the exact pollutants that are causing the deaths of persons nine years later.  For this many people to die of expose to a collapsed sky-scraper complex is alarming. 

The rubble from the collapsed World Trade Towers burned for a very, very long time after the collapse.  In that is the reality there was literally a burning landfill at the site which exposed workers to airborne pollutants that were also 'hot.'  The 'particulates' in the air must have been as much gaseous as well as microscopic as the smoltering continued.

It is up to the current Labor Secretary and EPA Secretary to come to the aid of these people.  It is also up to the Obama Justice Department and possibly the President himself to determine how the survivors to the responders can receive compensation no different than the victimx families.

I have a great deal of confidence the Obama Administration and his cabinet can obtain the best resolve to this American tragedy and perhaps next year, all the victims, including the responders, will have some resolve to their losses.

From a grateful nation, Mr. President.

Perhaps this will allow insight to the USA cities that can't get their minds around the Climate Crisis.

Predicted flooding in Brisbane's eastern suburbs if the sea level rises by 1.1 metres.
Photo: Co-operative Research Centre for Spatial Information.

How about that?  The Plutocracy has destroyed real estate values at the very time they are expecting them to go underwater.


Do any of the CEOs stop to realize BOTH demoralizing events could have been avoided?

...Maps released this week (click title to entry - thank you)  show low-lying Brisbane suburbs, including Hemmant, Northgate, Strathpine, Bald Hills and Tingalpa, are most likely to be affected by sea level rises by the year 2100.

Suburbs along the Brisbane River, including Bulimba, New Farm and Woolloongabba, are also at risk of being flooded more frequently....

"We have had a lot of people move to Brisbane and they have chosen to live near this beautiful, idyllic little creek in suburbia. I'm afraid they don't know that it could turn into a raging torrent " 

Predicted flooding in Brisbane's southern suburbs if the sea level rises by 1.1 metres.

 Photo: Co-operative Research Centre for Spatial Information.

Search continues in rough seas, toll at 30 (click here)

11:30 AM Friday Dec 17, 2010

...Navy and customs officers plucked 42 survivors - including nine children - from the raging surf off the island in the Indian Ocean soon after their boat broke apart and sank.
Australia's Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said the bodies of a man and a boy aged about 11 had been found in the water by divers early today, raising the death toll to 30.
The boat, carrying up to 100 asylum seekers of Iraqi, Iranian and Kurdish origin, smashed into the jagged, limestone cliffs of Christmas Island, plunging the passengers into massive waves that battered them against the rocks.
Twelve men, nine women and seven children - including four infants - were among the dead, the Customs and Border Protection Service said....