Saturday, May 09, 2015

Where in history has there been Midwest tornadoes and an Atlantic hurricane?

May 9, 2015
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (Click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

May 9, 2015
By Associated Press

...It was too early (click here) to determine the extent of damage or whether there were any injuries.

She says the town of Burkburnett set off its tornado siren at 5:55 p.m.
6:15 p.m.

The National Weather Service says a tornado has touched down in North Texas.
Weather Service spotters reported the twister on the ground late Saturday afternoon near Cisco, about 100 miles west of Fort Worth. The storm containing the tornado was accompanied by hail as large as oranges....

I don't recall anything like this. There are tornadoes that occur within the circumference of a hurricane, but, not this. This is a Midwest tornado(es) that developed from an autonomous system than the hurricane. Never. The normal troposphere has a tornado season and a hurricane season, but, never both at the same time. Hurricane season isn't suppose to start until June 1st. It's hot. Earth can't get rid of the heat.

This NOAA satellite image taken Friday, May 8, 2015 at 09:45 AM EDT shows a ridge of high pressure building over the East. Underneath the ridge is a development of a Sub Tropical Storm named Ana. The storm is slowing moving to the Northwest and expected to effect North and South Carolina coastline. The biggest effect from the storm will be heavy rains with winds up to 45 MPH. To the northeast is a cold front with a streak of clouds that extends from Canada to Maine and offshore. This is creating cooler conditions for Eastern New England. Most active weather remains in the Mid-West where thunderstorms are firing up a long a large cold front. (Weather Underground via AP) ( /Associated Press)

May 9, 2015
By Jon Erdman

Ana originally formed (click here) as a subtropical storm off the coast of the Carolinas late Thursday night.
Early Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center said that Ana had made a complete transition from a subtropical storm to a full tropical storm. This was based on the fact that shower and thunderstorm activity was more collocated with the center of circulation, which is a characteristic of tropical storms.
For the latest forecast details on the storm, see our new story on Tropical Storm Ana at this link....

The Huffington Post has an article on elephants. A zoo needs to be sure the animals they house are suitable and benefit from their habitat.

We are entering the "Age of Benevolence." It is the next stop on the train called "Future USA."

March 5 was a good day for elephants. (click here) Not the elephants roaming free in their natural habitat -- for those elephants every day is a good day. I am referring to 43 Asian elephants that Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus keeps in chains and tortures with bullhooks (long poles with sharp hooks on the end) in order for them to do tricks in the circus for us humans and our kiddies. Families have attended Ringling Brothers three touring circuses with their annual 1,000 shows to witness elephants doing completely unnatural acts on command under a colourful circus tent for decades. But these cruel acts will be a thing of the past starting in 2018 as announced by Feld Entertainment in the New York Times.

It's about time, since it was 1870 when the circus started abusing elephants. For 35 of these years multiple animal rights groups protested this cruelty and provided the public with undercover footage of Ringling Brothers abusing baby elephants.... 

Performance animals are not where the future lies. I didn't define it, the younger generations are setting the standard. They are heroes, greater than Captain America with the Avengers. The young generation in the USA sees themselves as a member of a world protected from pain and suffering. It is interesting.

When it comes to zoos, simple spectacles of flesh and bones won't receive a high rating to the purpose of the zoo. The giraffe spots might be odd and interesting to the eye, but, what is that animal doing at a zoo and are they content welcoming the zoo as a home. 

This generation is more sensitive to the 'real world.' They are exposed to a world of hurt over the internet and they understand their own well being and ask why isn't that the reality of all others. Their world of concern and moral content includes the animals in their personal sphere including zoos.

We already know the zoos are not a place where large and/or predatory animals are happy on display. Their need for space and love of freedom with members of a herd or pride they call family is their deepest understanding of their world. When those components are eliminated for spectators and caregivers they aren't necessarily happy no matter their birth in the same facility.  

So the generation of benevolence and conscience will seek information and experience with animals. But, they won't be proud of a zoo that contains animals unhappy seeking avoidance of the human's definition of their life. 

Zoos currently have some magnificent animals and to the end of saving the species they are serving a purpose. But, to make a zoo the destination of a species is not acceptable and the moral content of their values want to know habitat is being protected and the species can be found in their native home.

Developing a local economy can start with a zoo. The economy will take care of itself once the center focus is achieved. I think this is genius.

May 8, 2015

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU)-- Petting zoos, (click here) carnival rides, and concessions, some of the many attractions that were once a part of Myrick Hixion Park in La Crosse.
Nearly 10 years ago the zoo was shut down due to funding reasons. Now, Dawn Potaracke, along with 6,000 other community members are trying to bring back the zoo they once loved.
In April, Potaracke started a Facebook and go fund me page to start raising funds. In that time, the page has received nearly $1,000.
“Right now, as a group, we are trying to get community support. Once we have a firm idea of what we'd like to see happen with Myrick Park, then we can make an official proposal to the city,” says Potaracke.
Potaracke says she hopes to $50,000 from the fundraising pages to get the project started....

Who took the animals from the zoo? I mean, really now.

May 8, 2015

Baby animals (click here) were stolen from the Special Memories Zoo in Greenville, Wis.
A five month baby kangaroo and 4 baby goats were stolen from the zoo, according to the Outgamie County Sheriff's Department.
"A baby kangaroo (a joey) needs to stay with their mother for the first year of life," said the post on the Outgamie County Sheriff's Department.
The zoo reopened on May 7.
If anyone has any information that could assist in solving this incident, they are being urged to contact the Outgamie County Sheriff's Department at 920-832-5000.
The zoo opened to the public in 2000. The animals go during the winter to the owner's homestead....