Friday, October 05, 2012

This is the Former Governor of Pennsylvania. He was well liked and trusted.

This isn't about politics. It is about exercising the right to vote.

Either the DNC or a PAC should ask the former governor to star in a public service ad to run all over Pennsylvania telling voters about the change in law to allow them to freely exercise their right.

I know it is expensive, but, the radio is also a good place, social media is an option. Governor Rendell is an easily recognized face capable of speaking as a leader to let the people of Pennsylvania know they can now freely exercise their constitutional right to vote.

He is well liked by the people in Pennsylvania and easily recognized as a trustworthy person. He will do a good job to reach the people.

It is unfortunate the current Governor isn't making a speech to the state to clear this up, but, hey he is a Republican, what does anyone expect? 

Updated: 10/02/2012 4:32 pm EDT

...The Camps (click here) are dispensing voter registration forms along with lottery tickets, cigarettes and candy to interested customers who stop by their store in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Visitors often begin talking about politics when they see a photo of the Camps with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hanging proudly by the counter, taken when the couple met the Obamas in Ohio after winning a contest....

One other thing. There are plenty of Pennsylvanians that have spent real money to secure voter IDs for the November elections. The law is unconstitutional, it is up to the state legislature to set up a reimbursement fund for citizens that went through unnecessary expensive due to a political scam. As a matter of fact, since this is a Pennsylvania Republican legislature there needs to be a class action suit of the GOP to set up a fund for reimbursement considering they were trying to hijack the elections.

Congratulations, Mr. President and Vice President Biden, champions of the Middle Class.

Convenient !!!

That is what FOX is saying? This is convenient !

No, sir, these are very hard fought for jobs of which 30,000 have come from the healthcare industry. We can't afford to have it messed up now without someone who is going to trash the one lifeline millions of Americans are now counting on, The Affordable Care Act.

Convenient, I don't think so. President Obama and Vice President Biden have been doing overtime to get Americans back to work. That is hardly convenient. Tell the Americans now working that it is simply an electoral convenience they now have a pay check.

This comes at an interesting time. The summer season is ending. The summer  tourism is slowing down and we are seeing this in October. Like, wow. These are sustainable jobs for the people now working. 

Honestly, FOX is cold and calculating and have little concern for the people of this country.

Media focus post debate is about sensationalism and not dignity.

President Obama HAS TOO talk about the lies and priorities of Romney. Joe Biden needs to carry the message to people, too. The media are ignoring the lies and focusing on the junk yard dog performance. The presidency isn't about performance on a 'stage,' it is the governance of a nation. All Romney can do is add to the dysfunction of Wall Street, leading to greater impoverishment of Americans and the cycle to global economic collapse starts all over again which will never end the national debt. If Romney starts this all over again, which he will; he can't do anything else because he doesn't know anything else; countries globally will abandon their debt to save their people. There won't be any 'availability' of a balance to solve problems anymore.

Basically, the media discussions lack moral content. What else is new? Everyone has to compete with ratings of liars rather than truth tellers.

Ya wonder why the government is so dysfunctional? Guess. Sensationalism wins debate, damn the truth and what is important.

The debates are not going to address the importance of issues. I can't say this enough, Michael Moore was right. This debate was in Colorado and there was not one mention of guns anywhere. The people outside and in the auditorium were expecting something and there was not one mention of it. It is a hideous reality and then add to that the fact this was the President and First Lady's 20th anniversary. It is all pretty disgusting really. 

The question of having the debate on October 3rd should never have even come up. It is a matter of respect for the First Couple and the so called institution of marriage. It was terrible. I find it really interesting I am the only one appalled by that fact, too. Supposedly marriage is so very important to the right and left, for different reasons, but no one found it an outrage this occurred. Get for real. Who organized the debates?

There should not be any medications from this facility in use anywhere.

This is too dangerous to allow any medications from this facility to be in use, yet alone pick and choose LOT NUMBERS for known cases to be RECALLED. This isn't about protecting the company anymore; it is beyond that.

Elizabeth Cohen from CNN reported today vials were found with visual fungus in them at the facility. This is about gross negligence and it is criminal. It could be the Aspergillus was introduced deliberately which is a heinous crime.

Preservative free has nothing to do with this growing in the vials either. The production of this drug was to take place under sterile conditions. Preservatives extend shelf life, not prevent contamination.

There is something very wrong with this facility. This contamination is unprecedented (no records of this type of organism anywhere in the archives of major research facilities or health organizations causing meningitis). It is too, too dangerous to proceed with any of the medications from this facility. All their products need to be recalled and the doors shut. The facility itself has to be inspected to understand how this fungus ever found its way into a person's body. This is a horrid situation, not simply e. coli from lettuce, okay? This should never, and I mean never, should have happened. There are measures that should have prevented this at all costs.

This is a fatal infection. Patients suffering from this meningitis reach a tipping point where the infection appears intractable. I would say physicians should even consider a 'ICP bolt' with tiny injections of Amphotericine B directly into the meninges or into the CSF in the spinal column. The worst that can happen is a chemical meningitis that may abate with body replacement of CSF in a day or less. The body produces about 500 cc of CSF per day. It may be the only way to stop this fungus and entertain saving failing patients is to inject Amphotericine B directly into the same place the drug was injected. An emergency and experimental procedure could be obtained from the CDC. What else is there? Introducing anti-fungal medications through serum dilutes the delivery of the medication to the meninges.

If serum treatment is working then fine, but, in patients reaching tipping points of intractable disease, extreme measures should be considered. There are potentially more patients in the population receiving this drug. I would expect the maximum effected to reach a crescendo, but, having the products from this facility out there is a foolish notion. It only takes one vial of anything to cause a death. It is unreasonable to consider LIMITING a ? recall ? to lot numbers. 

One other thing, patients can be treated by IV infusion of anti-fungal drugs, BUT, the real savior here is for them to be treated as soon as minor symptoms start to show up. A person can be diagnosed accurately in the very early stages of this infection. I would even entertain the thought of CSF examination of suspected patients without symptoms.

This is what CSF looks like. It is crystal clear. Any person can have examination of their CSF at any time. A person does not have to be infected to find out if there is contamination.

The earlier a person is diagnosed the better. IV infusion of anti-fungal drugs at the early stages may very well stop the infection all together. This should not be left up to self-examination of symptoms, but perhaps, a clear instruction  to see a physician immediately for diagnosis or not. It could be made mandatory and not simply, "If you have a fever." The fever may be too late to stop the growth of the fungus.

Basically, urgency in my opinion will end this run on danger to those infected.

...While the investigation is ongoing, (click here) according to CDC, all infected patients to date received preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate from among three lots voluntarily recalled by the New England Compounding Center on September 25, 2012. To date, CDC is aware of infections associated only with the three lots that were recalled on September 25, 2012....